Is the Magnolia Park booster association ignoring Small Business Saturday?

We’re finding no mention of it anywhere, on either their Facebook page or website.

Are we missing something, or are they?



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27 responses to “Is the Magnolia Park booster association ignoring Small Business Saturday?

  1. Anonymous

    Here’s why saw this on another site. Get used to it small business bad bring in the big boys.,amp.html?client=safari

    • semichorus

      Telling the ticket buyers what they want to hear– many of whom were from out of town. Their kind of change is good

      Pretty stupid too, during an election season upcoming. You know what needs to be changed? The political complexion of this city council.

      The airport victory is being used as a mandate for big development. Figures.

      The guy’s an obvious asshole — who we now know is on the take.

      • Burbank IMHO

        Funny Semi. I thought the very same thing the day after the election. This Measure B win will just embolden the council to build big, build fast and either ignore or run rough shod over anyone who tries to get in the way.

        They now know that whatever the development is that it must have new Shiny things to distract from destruction of Burbank. Things like free wifi, car/phone/tablet charging stations, bike racks, an overpriced coffee shop or some organic health food thingy. And most importantly, don’t forget to use the word ‘sustainable’ ad nauseam in the staff presentation and development literature.

        I knew the way the Talapia project was (mis)handled was just the beginning. Good bye Burbank – it was nice knowin’ ya.

        • semichorus

          Don’t forget “LEED certified.”

          I think there’s still hope. But these Big Growth clowns need to be confronted on it all. And exposed for what they are.

      • 91505

        Fruitoes, I heard him say that Measure B shows that Burbank is ready for more growth and opens the way for many projects that were on hold. Fruitoes was a booster for Talaria and a bigger airport. Wonder what he is getting from selling our city out.

  2. Edith

    Utter (or udder) brilliance from anon3, as per usual.
    Much too complicated for her to comprehend.
    Rubber stamp is great, just add more ink.

  3. Cordelia

    Remember Media City Groove?
    It used to chronicle NEWS.
    The author, Fronnie cited all of her credentials as a journalist.
    Then she called out the Police if they failed to satisfy her.

    Now, she is just another cheerleader for Ashley, romancing the bean, et al.

    She is just another rent payer with a parking shortage.

    She can live with it, for how long???

  4. Franklin

    Small business Saturday is a joke. I did shop on Black Friday and on Saturday however I was at Best Buy, Target and Fry’s . Magnolia Park had a crowd did it ? I doubt it without the food trucks. People go there to eat and the food trucks tweet they are there and that is what brings a crowd of shoppers.

    • semichorus

      Who don’t shop.

    • Mel Goldberg

      Businesses used to flourish for decades. The huge turnover of stores tells the story. Why would so many businesses be forced to leave in the last couple of years? Dozens have been forced to leave within blocks of Hollywood Way and Magnolia. It’s actually astonishing and the city is funding this organization’s vision of Magnolia Park.

      The formation of Magnolia Park Merchants Association coincides with the mass exodus. They formed a board and over half of THEM dropped out.

      Their policies are geared toward a certain type of business and clientele.

      If your business does not have the same needs as a relatively small number of businesses controlling decisions, you can lump it. Hoards of businesses are furious. Some of the larger establishments are included in the fury. It’s a bunch of bull shit and something needs to change.

      • Penelope

        Another Magnolia Park board member exposed :
        Guess which one sold their business and
        left the new owner with a very expensive
        debt that was not devolged?
        Not all of them are quality people!
        Especially ASHLEY!

  5. TONI

    The area is full of panhandlers and kids on skateboards. It is dangerous to walk there. There is no way I am spending a penny in RTB or The New deal.


    By the way, regarding the food trucks. I’d like to know if Talamantes
    thinks this is fair ? Does he realize the negative impact on most of the merchants? Lots of merchants are furious about the closing of Magnolia Boulevard at noon for the Christmas party, .
    Stores who dislike truck night and do not participate are one thing.
    Now, you have pissed us off also.
    We are one of the stores who do very well during the day for regular
    That Magnolia group stole our entire Friday income by closing the Blvd.
    at noon . What a bunch of inconsiderate people.

    • semichorus

      I can’t figure out how importing dozens of non-Burbank food trucks does anything for Magnolia Park, nor why the City of Burbank helps subsidize it.

      • Eli

        The food trucks bring people when the food trucks are not there Mag Park is a pathetic ghost town. The stores, if you want to call them that, have nothing the customers are interested in.

        • Anonymous

          Eli to me Magnolia Park is so much like a shopping trip to Tijuana, only prices are higher so it makes more economic sense to use the gas and drive to Tijuana if that’s you type of shopping preference.

          • Adrian

            Anonymous & Ely
            You took the words right out of my mouth. Magnolia does look like Tijuana since all the food trucks keep coming to town.
            Since you are so opinionated about the stores down there . Why don’t you pull out your millions and buy a small building.
            In your imaginary ghost town!

    • Cynthia

      Your store does good biz ? You must be pimp my pooch. That store is awesome .

    • GIGI

      I think Tellafuckface would say:
      Better find out how to please the food truck
      crowd. They are in charge of Magnolia Blvd.
      Our Mayor with absolutely NO CONSCIENCE !

  7. chad

    Pinocchio’s better not leave.

    • Megan

      Pinocchio’s is nothing but an outdated eye sore and should be condemned. What we need in Magnolia Park is to clear some lots for a community garden and stores surrounding the garden could be pie and coffee shops and stores with seeds and things you need to garden. Native planrs that attract naturak insects and animals would be wonderful and what a great place for a dog park instead of a few thrift stores.

      • semichorus

        You were never funny.

      • Gwen

        How much money is Megan planning to spend on the purchase of the property alone, then the businesses and other goodwill?
        We don’t have Redevelopment anymore.
        Sheer lunacy to plan how to spend other peoples money and rebrand their property.
        Pipe dream from eating from out-of-town garbage trucks.

  8. Road Wonk

    Police today sought witnesses to a fatal vehicle-versus-
    pedestrian crash in Burbank that took the life of an 86-year-old woman.
    Burbank resident Arzelia Pisani was in an unmarked crosswalk when she
    was struck at about 12:30 p.m. on Nov. 17 at the intersection of Lima Street
    and Magnolia Boulevard, police said.
    She suffered “a significant head injury” and subsequently died at a
    hospital, according to Burbank police Sgt. Claudio Losacco.
    Pisani was crossing Lima Street and was struck by a black Dodge Charger
    driven by a 32-year-old Sylmar man, who stopped at the scene and cooperated
    with investigators, the sergeant said.
    The Dodge driver was going northbound on Lima Street and preparing to
    make a right turn onto Magnolia Boulevard when Pisani was struck, according to
    Losacco, who said neither alcohol nor drugs were factors in the crash.
    Anyone who witnessed the crash was urged to call Burbank police
    Detective Sam Anderson at (818) 238-3103.


    Road Wonk,
    Is this in the Burbank Leader?
    I feel sorry for the guy who hit her.
    I almost hit someone who stepped right in front of my car there.
    She looked like she was on the phone and not thinking about crossing.
    It was on that night where the stores are open on Magnolia Park.

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