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  1. 99r

    A national day of mourning ? Something tells me that the Californian Indians have nothing to do with it at all. They have a very different history from the indians who encountered the Brits bsck east.

  2. chad

    It’s an interesting tradition that has been going on since the early 70s. They’ve expanded their scope to include all indigenous people at this point. It’s not a hokey, gimmicky thing at all and if you consider what’s been going on in North Dakota, their education workshop on water was strategic bringing the Native American tribes together across the country. Of course, you wouldn’t know too much about any of this as journalists are more concerned about making the rounds in the next cocktail party.

  3. DixieFlyer

    We collectively have much to be thankful for.

    While chad may choose to reflect on Indian Troubles from before he was even thought of, the rest of us can be thankful for so much more.

    Is Burbank perfect, of course not.

    Many of us try in many ways to improve our City.

    Others sit on their hands, or “play” in other ways.

    We can be thankful for this Blog and the opportunity to share.

    Our work is still necessary, but the alternative is to rot.

  4. chad

    I thought I was being on point to Semi’s above posting. While I’m here, Viva la Revolucion Cubana!!!

    • semichorus

      Si. Viva Fidel. Viva free education and health care for all.

      I am absolutely astounded by the total dishonesty being displayed this morning by the American news media. Trudeau for instance makes a fairly balanced comment about Castro and they all go running and crying to the Republicans. What a horrible preview of our future.

  5. DixieFlyer

    “Fidel Castro is dead!”

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