Who wrote Talamantes’ speech for him?


(We’re gonna pin this to the top for a while because Big Growth will definitely be the No.1 issue next year. Expect pro-development candidates to go after Gordon during the election by masquerading as “concerned” and “responsible” slo-growthers, and then expect staff to dump a huge number of big projects onto the agendas after the new council gets installed. Don’t let it happen.)


Scary article in the Leader this weekend about the mayor’s recent “State of the City” speech to the clearly odious Chamber of Commerce crowd, the same ones who go to the annual “prayer breakfast” that Ted McConkey was always trying to get rid of 20 years ago.

In his speech, Talamantes was making a clear policy statement about how Burbank had better get good and ready for big growth. Apparently the councils’ granting of earlier approvals to huge projects like the world’s biggest IKEA are now being used as a community precedent for continuing the gravy train. We should have known, right?

The airport project too is also being seen as a mandate for more big construction in town. Did you know that that’s what you were voting for as well, “people”?  You deserve what you’re soon going to get: lots more apartment dwellers in town, tons more “mixed use” buildings on every high-profile commercial corner, and a couple of new charter schools dotted around the Hill to house all the fractured and unruly kids.

And you thought it was just a “replacement terminal” you were getting in return, you fucking morons. No, it was Growth, Inc.

Talamantes is on his own personally inarticulate. So who wrote this policy speech for him? Which staff member was it, and whose vision is this?  We’re sure it was well received by the paid ticketholders in attendance, most of whom do business in Burbank but don’t live here.



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72 responses to “Who wrote Talamantes’ speech for him?

  1. Anonymous

    OMG! Indeed, who wrote the contradictions Talamantes spewed forth:

    Article states: “median price of a home in Burbank is $725,000, while the median household income is about $66,440 annually.

    Additionally, rent in the city has gone up, with a one-bedroom apartment ranging between $1,600 and $2,000 a month and up to $2,500 for a lease on a two-bedroom apartment.”

    Talamantes retort to these facts:
    “This is an imbalance that will need to be addressed at some point,” Talamantes said. “I don’t profess to have the answers today. That is something that we’ll have to work on together as a community, but it will require open minds and the willingness to search for solutions.”

    OPEN MINDS???? People with “open minds” have been screaming for change. A change of stopping high density, over priced, over-build apartments with little regard for codes or negative impact created and stopping too large to fail debacles like the IKEA eye sore the the Airport land grab and give away…..guess that’s what this idiot means by “we’ll have to work on together as a community”…after kicking the can down the road by allowing Burbank to be raped and pillaged with developer greed. Holy Mother of God, is it just mean or is this guy the pinnacle of HYPOCRISY?

    Somebody call him out simply by using his own words against him!

    • semichorus

      Open minds to these clowns means, “We need to build lots more apartments!!”

      You know, “the market” and all that!

      So Cusumanos, please step up to the plate for us!

      (Those rent figures too are highly inflated — which is intended to justify the greedier of the landlord class here in town. And make it difficult for the Landlord-Tenant Commission to say anything when people complain.)

  2. Adrian

    Talamante’s couldn’t care less about the
    majority of Burbank who want to move
    With the times but preserve what is
    great about Burbank.
    He totally feels superior to the small
    peons in the city.
    He may be Mayor but he is a cruel person.
    If you get caught in sinking concrete, he’d be
    the last one to help you if it didn’t help him in
    Some way.
    That contest about best politician in Burbank
    is a joke. He gets his Fifty relitives to vote
    (half of them work for the city) plus firemen.
    And he wins!

    • semichorus

      He is the very definition of “fool.” I have lots more respect for Gary Bric than I do this spoiled, clueless and cloistered ex city employee.

      I love how too how his family’s PR website actively censors any political content that doesn’t follow the company line. It’s so ridiculously and shamelessly blatant.

    • J.

      Adrian here is a response from the Mayor

  3. toni

    Recently i have noticed a huge increase of homeless people living in doorways and now on benches at the Buena Vista library. My sons can’t cross Burbank bridge for school on their own due to pan handlers. I was almost knocked down twice on Magnolia Blvd on the path as punks speed past on skateboards.Where are the cops for this? I feel terrible for the homeless – does this city and its clowns have any plan? You never see any cops on San Fernando when it’s busy. Buskers and the smell of urine is just too much. Ross is a disgustingly filthy store, the mall is a depressing one. I would rather suffer the Glendale galleria traffic than shop or eat in Burbank. Chandler walkway is full of illiterate morons who can’t read the signs telling them what side of the walkway to be on to walk or bike. Fat lazy women on cell phones with their yappers on extension leads take over the four lanes. Ignorant cows.

    • Anonymous

      Skate boarders on Magnolia Blvd. are getting out of control. Once again, this city knit picks on little stuff and then entitles others to do as they please. I’ve seen skate boarders scream at people on the sidewalk to get out of their f…ing way. People step out of stores and almost get run down! It reminds us of the growing tension with food trucks. After the city gives some rope to people they yank it and start to feel totally entitled.
      Let it be said, some of the skate boarders are very dangerous and we are shocked that there does not seem to be any incidents. Also, in fairness, some of the skate boarders seem to try very hard to be cautious.

      • Sharon

        Skate boards are a great means of yransportation and the emit no green house gas. I for one am happy when I see people walking, riding a bike or riding a skate board. Skateboards are not only firiendly to the wnvironment they are far less dangerous than cars.

      • TONI

        Well said. I wish I could pepper spray them. They usually have ear plugs in and just holler to get out of their way.

      • Will

        Skate boarders have as much right to use streets and sidewalks as the rest of you do.

    • Marge

      Homeless population is growing in Burbank and you must be blind to miss it. Where are all the jobs they promised with all the oversized building projects ? People working in them can not afford to live here.

  4. Burbank Bill

    Let’s look at all the development in the pipeline:

    Condo/mixed use on corner of First Street & Magnolia , across from Flappers (already very congested intersection)

    Condo/mixed use where old Ikea is near Mall

    Condo/mixed use on Screenland and Olive,down street from Dog Haus …and not far from Talaopia ..

    the sad thing is..it only takes 3 votes for this garbage to pass.. You just know the Puffer will vote yes,Gabel Duddy will just love all that LEED and bike rack condo crap, and Rogers has no soul and be counted on for a yes vote…just where is all traffic gonna go? school kids? utilities??? this is madness

    • semichorus

      Don’t forget both sides of Glenoaks from Olive to Verdugo. This has been in staff’s pipeline for years, delayed only by estate problems with the Varons and the need to kick out for good the Chevron station across the street.

      Several charter schools btw are now being proposed for the huge new Downtown population vis a vis IKEA and the big Cusumano project on the south. They’ll get them, too, if people don’t start raising hell.

      Or, maybe this town instead will absolutely LOVE the future “Burbank Academy of Finance.” They can even locate it in one of the new office buildings.

      It’d be perfect. Change is good, “people.” And like the mayor says, you better expect it…

      Think I’m kidding? You heard it here first.

      • Franklin

        Burbank needs development. Burbank is behind the times and just outdated. The people who do not like change really need to move to some cow farm someplace because Burbank is growing up and getting with the future. The new IKE will be great and the new Walmart is bring so many shoppers. Time to get rid of Kmart and put San Fernando Blvd through a re-do

        • Burbank Bill

          You are wrong Franklin , Folks are OK w/ smart development,not constant, overdevelopment.Shoving these overbuilt condos on small grid like ours is insane. Just exit the 134 at Central in Glendale, THAT is what we are becoming . Naysayers say Burbank is in a deficit. Well, if we stopped paying the CIty Manager over 300k, only to have him quit . Pay the health insurance for the City Atty ex hubby, etc. these things ADD UP.. may those cuts, not more building

  5. Matilda

    What about the affordable housing component? Come on council hold those developments to a reasonable amount of permanent affordable housing units in all new approvals. If you say let the projects multiply…who will actually step up and lead the way to mandate affordable apartments in a decent number.
    Just listening to developer Caruso on the radio a few days ago (perhaps on npr) he mentioned that his new development in the Los Angeles area(not sure the actual location) would include roughly 50% affordable housing units. He went on to say rents were too high and pricing most out of the new developments. It may not make much of a difference but at least it’s a start!

    • semichorus

      Caruso actually subsidizes many of his good commercial tenants. He’s no dummy.

      He also won’t do business in Burbank. Wonder why.

  6. Observer

    Maybe we should call Burbank – Cusumano Town, of course that would upset Talamontes He would want it named after himself. I can remember
    when Cusumanos couldn’t get a job in Burbank.

  7. Joseph B.

    We have an Election coming up next year for Council members. No for Frutos, No for Talamantes. If you love Over development and all this
    un-necessary building, crowding and congestion than support these Bozos.

  8. Joseph B.

    Many of us who live in Burbank voted for these Council members to support us, we had faith in them, they have failed our community. They have sold out. They are all being paid big money to support the Overgrowth of Burbank. And support their own Policital aspirations.

  9. Battery Charger

    I hope Dr. Gordon runs again. He is the only Councilman who tells the truth to the public and lets us know what is really happening.

  10. Mr. Burbunk

    Change is mostly good for the pocket book of the city of Burbank. What change is in Talamantes’ back yard?
    The problem with city officials is their callous attitude toward people with complaints. Talamantes is the ring leader of this.
    Airplanes are loud and low lately. I hope my family can get used to it.

  11. Anonymous

    What’s with the house paint on Oak and Lima (across from the elementary school)? Now, that’s an issue that needs city intervention. In Glendale, you’d be fined and have to repaint. It’s hot turquoise! It glows at night!
    Small issues like this are what keep people happy living in close proximity.
    The bizarre decisions and behavior of officials in Burbank are yet to be figured. So few people pay attention. That is why they keep winning elections. I think during this time of huge growth and changes in Burbank, people should elect officials with more empathy for the general public.
    I cannot figure what the draw is with Talamantes. His disrespect for anyone not on “his team” is very offensive to me.

  12. Anonymous

    Elections like Measure B will bought and paid for by development. There is no way I’m afraid the incumbents will lose. So far the names showing up are people you’ve never seen or heard of before now. Even a no growth candidate doesn’t stand a chance against the Burbank machine. On the Facebook page anytime a local complains about traffic and development the comments are 75-25 get over it change Is good. I can’t believe how many posts end up “move” then.

    • semichorus

      Those aren’t real outpourings of local opinion. They’re trolls.

      No Burbanker in their right mind would support more crowds, traffic, and commotion. Or overcrowded schools.

      • Henry F

        The schools are not allowed to be overcrowded state laws regulate how many kids can be in a class so get ready for more school bonds butter cup but with all the new projects will bring more money to pay for bigger and better schools. Burbank needs to grow so if you don’t like impeovement then move.

        • Anonymous

          Funny Henry F. You must SLO’s write on that City Facebook site too. Cuz as mention above, you mention no growth and all the snark comes out sayiing to move, move.

        • Anonymous

          ” Henry F
          November 28, 2016 at 4:42 pm
          Burbank needs to grow so if you don’t like impeovement then move.”

          Oh Henry, pull your head out. Whose saying Burbank shouldn’t grow? What I hear, is people are pissed off at the over-build and sweetheart deals, not growth per se ….enough with the misdirects champ….it’s an old tactic that doesn’t work anymore. LOL, reminds me of the Nazi’s calling Jews dogs to dehumanized them, Hitler was an idiot, I’d like to think you are not.

  13. Anonymous

    Burbank is centrally located you can get anywhere quick. With traffic on the 101. Burbank rent should be double what it is. As for the price of homes. That’s the market. Go live in Palmdale semi. And please stop obsessing over Burbank. No one cares what you think, and anyone with a brain knows all these made up people are really you.

    • Anonymous

      ” Anonymous
      November 28, 2016 at 4:43 pm
      Burbank is centrally located you can get anywhere quick. With traffic on the 101. Burbank rent should be double what it is. As for the price of homes. That’s the market. Go live in Palmdale semi. And please stop obsessing over Burbank. No one cares what you think, and anyone with a brain knows all these made up people are really you.”

      Hey, brainiac, Semi talks for himself. But you being the genius you are, you’re talking on behalf of all others i.e., “No one cares what you think, and anyone with a brain….”

      LOL, seems you might be the one with all the aliases.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for chiming in, Jesus, er, I mean Jess.

    • Anonymous

      I have a brain and I know that these comments are real. That’s the sad part. Obviously you have not come up to Burbank with an issue and been totally blown off. Until that happens to you, it’s not really fair to judge others.
      Semi plays hard ball on issues and people know that he is calling out the bull crap that goes on. If he were way off course, people would not even pay attention to this site. He digs deep into issues and does not back off. I love to read his take on things.
      People do use other names because in Burbank if you use your real name, you are attacked for voicing an opinion.
      Actually, Semi is one of the few on this site who own his comments.

      • Anonymous

        November 29, 2016 at 9:32 am
        ……Obviously you have not come up to Burbank with an issue and been totally blown off. Until that happens to you, it’s not really fair to judge others.


        LOL, obviously, you are proving once again, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. So, stop judging ME, brainiac. As to the rest of you rhetoric, can you not interpret? …..you’re speaking on behalf of all others again. Stop embarrassing yourself…give it a rest.

  14. Anonymous

    It’s the market 750k for housing 2k rents makes them want to think they live somewhere hipper than Burbank. With all the winning about low wages these places will fill up. So take your affordable housing dreams with rent control and kiss it good by. Never going backwards with this development friendly state.

    • Burbank Resident

      The city of Burbank fb page is full of people who do not live in Burbank just look at the membership list at the page.

  15. Ray

    Tell the morons speech obviously was written for him. Obvious because that moron can’t string three words together on his own.

  16. chad

    What is the link to the city of Burbank page?

  17. Burbank embed

    I have noticed that the people who say change is good are usually the people who don’t have to change. We need to drain our own swamp of these Big Growthers.

  18. Belinda Lee

    Shame on all the people planning Truck Night.
    Christmas is now about the Food Trucks,
    since there are no rules anymore, how about a
    Porno Shop? Lots of people would have fun with that. A marijuana dispensary is another great idea .
    Since Ashley expects everyone
    To make money around her agenda.we had better
    out how to please the Truck crowd. It’s all about
    Money. Then we’ll all be happy!

  19. Anonymous

    Is Assley a patron of aforementioned businesses. Just askin’….

  20. Anonymous

    Rosemary Campbell White
    November 23 at 10:28am · Burbank
    The Christmas decorating is really feeble on Magnolia! Why not do from downtown all the way to Pass? The way it is now only about Florence to Pass has the decor and Hollywood way to Pass, none of the shops are even decorated

    and then this:

    Ross Benson Rosemary Campbell White You might not know that the decorations in Magnolia Park are PAID by the Merchants Association, NOT THE CITY, and what you see cost several thousand dollars to be put up installed and stored. This year the Merchant Association chose not to have a decorating contest between stores because in previous years only a couple of stores participated. You can go to Magnolia Park web-page donate to help keep the decorations up every year.

    This Benson guy is an A hole, why would customers go and donate to a merchants assoc so the poor things could have a few Christmas decorations ?

    They have their association and they get cash from the city for events and they got a few grand from Target for their holiday event so now we also need t go donate to these A holes for them to get a strand of lights from Walmart to string across their businesses ?

    I am beyond angry at these attitudes in Burbank and my solution is shopping outside of Burbank where the business owners are not pathetic little leaches,

    • semichorus

      This association recently RECEIVED a bunch of money from the city. What did it go for?

      I’m beginning to think that there is a quiet effort to run down the cottage industry businesses in that area so that certain well-connected types can then say, “People, we need change!”

      • Michelle

        The flip side is that Magnolia Merchants are so bad the taxpayers must subsidize them. We need to clean that area up and no more money to keep them afloat.

      • Anonymous

        The Holiday Spirit is obviously starting to slow down on Magnolia. I believe there are a few reasons for that. First off, the Christmas party was on November 18th. So, stores and businesses had to decorate in the beginning of November to get it done. Secondly, Magnolia Park politics have escalated to a point, where I believe, we stopped working together.
        Secondly, the neighbors associate all evening gatherings in Magnolia Park with Truck Night. People not interested, stopped attending.
        Personally, I don’t give a flying leap what Ashley did with the twenty thousand dollars granted to Magnolia for the party. I don’t even care if she stole it! That is just a piece of income lost by some stores due to the mission the organization is on. I care that she is glued to her ideas and couldn’t care less about the growing number of dissenters. There is so much bull shit going on. People are bullied, manipulated and controlled. Having a business is not a sport for most. Many people need to support their families.
        The city council has been totally aware of most of this for the past couple of years. They ignore people who need help and continue to coddle the failing mission of Magnolia Park Merchants Association.

        • Eileen

          Dear Anonymous are you for real ? Do you really think it is the city and taxpayers obligation to make these old run down businesses succesfull ? Sorry bubba that is the obligation of the owners and the owners have started their own association and thats on them and not on the rest of us. I owe them nothing they need to offer things that attract me as a customer. Instead of acting like babies they need to just admit they failed to attract many of us as customers.

        • Al in SoCal

          How many people are in the association? What are the bylaws concerning leadership posts? My thoughts on a lot of complaints like this is to organize … consolidate and simply take the assn over with people that agree with you – or would cooperate with “both” sides.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like our kind of guy! Let it be known that there are a bunch of level headed Magnolia Merchants who are furious with all the crap also. We are thrown into the crap just because of where we are located. We’re in a real mess. Not every merchant in Magnolia Park wears the “It’s all about me hat”.

  21. J.

    and now a message from Mayor Tell the Moron

    • 91502

      Ross Benson is a troll. You know my Burbanj survives with support from city poo bahs. They even had paid vote yes on Measure B ads. Benson rides around on his bike with cheerleader pom poms

  22. Rudy V.

    I was sitting in my car in front of Do It Yourself Center.
    I just watched a guy try all the doors of cars on the south
    side of the street. Why in the hell isn’t Burbank doing everything
    they can to keep crime down in that area rather than promoting
    events that apparently are causing people to be concerned

    • toni

      Rudy, I never see cops anywhere on the streets. I hate going downtown as it is disgusting. Full of panhandlers and wannabe buskers. Where are the bicycle cops? Magnolia blvd is so dangerous now. Skateboarders on the sidewalks and more panhandlers. It’s a disgrace. I have called in to the non urgent poilce number to report something and was treated so rudely I swore never again. Those witches that answer the phones are clueless.

      • semichorus

        Those front desk people at the BPD have always been awful. They’re rude, arrogant, and threatening. Previous councils have been made aware of the problem and have done nothing.

        Some day I’ll re-tell the story of how the BPD could have caught Bianchi and Buono a year earlier than Glendale did. They knew the modus operandi, and got a report of similar suspects driving down Third Street right in front of them. Yet the front desk blew off a personal sighting and incident.

      • Al in SoCal

        Not sure if they can do anything about panhandlers? Is there anything – legally they can do? That is the question … I called non-emergency police number on someone with a bullhorn and they told me that was protected speech, etc etc – I assumed since they were using a bullhorn that would exceed the free speech entitlement – but I guess not.

        • Marie

          That’s absurd because free speech is not unlimited and we have noise laws. Burbank Police have become worthless. A few days ago I was driving on victory and two cars werw cutting in and out and they were both going at least 70 miles per hour. Where were the police ?

        • Slim

          Lazy BPD if it was a tri-pod they’d be all over it.

    • Anonymous

      I hear scanner calls all day about guys trying doors. You only hear the dispatch never here the outcomes.

  23. Anonymous

    Rosemary White is wondering why stores down between Hollywood Way and Pass are not decorated. That’s because they’re almost all gone. It’s a bunch of offices and closed up buildings. The same story on Hollywood Way.
    The remaining stores are mostly congregated between Hollywood Way and Buena Vista. The public would be surprised how many landholders and business owners have a story to tell. One merchant owns an entire block. One owns a few huge buildings. One owns a restaurant. One owns half a block. Two own four buildings. One owns and runs a huge business. These are just the ones who have personally told me how disgusted they are with the progression of Magnolia Park. Everyone whispers because of all the social pressure to “shut up”.
    We were muscled into the redevelopment office being in charge of our businesses for five years. After the majority had enough, they were no longer in control. Then, here comes Ashley Erikson who has changed the entire chemistry of Magnolia Park to the demise of many types of businesses. There is huge in-fighting and a lot of outrage. Who is she anyway? I say get rid of the organization. If people open their stores, offer a quality product, and be kind to their customers, Magnolia would draw all different types of people and regain it’s footing.

    • Al in SoCal

      This is interesting – for those of us not “in the know” can you give us more detail on what they don’t like – or would like to say that they cannot?

      What are the problems – is it just parking, etc? From your post it looks like it is a lot more than the parking drama that was going on recently. Maybe Semi could post a summary of issues along Magnolia for the masses?

      • Anonymous

        Magnolia Park has about 400 businesses and less than fifty are members of the Organization (to my knowledge). That means thirteen percent of the district are infuriating the rest! People are really getting angry.
        Notice all the closed businesses on Truck night? Each one has their own version most of which is not socially appropriate to note.
        I’ll give you a few hints: shoplifting, urinating in public places, spillage in and out of stores, Who in their right mind wants hoards of people hanging around the outside of their businesses at night? Read about burglaries.
        Now, they’re closing the Blvd. off on a business day for the new and revised Holiday party which was a TOTAL bomb for most businesses. They cost big businesses a fortune doing that.
        Magnolia Park Board Members have half dropped out or gone out of business. As a group, they have overlooked important outreach and have offended a lot of business owners.

        • Jennifer Jean

          Anonymous ,

          I totally agree:
          Several of the stores are not appropriate
          For these type of gatherings.
          Events should be placed where they
          Are not putting particular trades or
          businesses in jeopardy!

      • SHARON

        Hey SoCal Al,

        How about emailing Ashley. at M. P. M. A.
        And ask her what’s up with half of her
        Board Members quitting her association ???

  24. Claudio

    Time for a laugh.
    Fronnie has posted about Mag Park.
    She repeats the poor guestimate from Lost Socko of BPD that the crowd in Mag Park was “10,000”?????
    Think of Memorial Field for Burbank vs. Burroughs for Football.
    NOT 10,000.

    • semichorus

      I know. The same 500 walking back and forth 20 times maybe.

    • Xavier C.

      You are absolutely right about about Fronnie !
      She is no longer an unbiased reporter about Magnolia.
      She is a sweets shop owner and is self motivated.
      She is a ‘Ladies Night Out’ fanatic because of her business.
      Her business draws people who want to eat.
      She is a perfect example of the trouble in Magnolia Park with trucks.

      If I carried candy , I’d like huge crowds coming to the neighborhood
      to drop a few dollars here and there.

      The problem with Fronnie is that grin she has as she gloats at the
      disruption the trucks bring to the neighborhood.

      She lies how many stores do well.
      Everyone i know on five blocks complain !

      Fronnie never prints the truth about Magnolia Park anymore?
      She just posts false and outrageous numbers that don’t make sense.

      I give Fronnie’s little sweets shop six months?
      Before she closes her doors and calls it quits !

  25. City Council Candidate

    Semi, Re: The Food Trucks Fiasco.
    With a lot of thought, I think the solution
    Is to take these food trucks and rotate
    them around the city.
    How about giving Burbank Blvd. a shot?
    Or Johnny Carson Park ?
    Maybe somewhere in the Rancho area ?
    I’m sure Luddy would love the food trucks
    Closer to her house ? So she could make
    An appearance for P. R.! Since most of the
    Members in the city council find this food
    Truck situation acceptable. Except for one,
    Dr. Gordon who knows these food trucks
    Are a Blythe to the Magnolia Blvd. stores.
    It’s only fair play for other locations in the
    City to participate and enjoy all the hoopla
    of the food trucks ?
    That would give Magnolia Blvd. a well
    deserved breather.

  26. Anonymous

    City Council Candidate,

    The Rancho is a great idea for these food trucks, people can ride their horses to the trucks

  27. Penelope

    Attention Ashley Erikson!
    Are you listening to the people of Burbank?
    Not your food truck owners & operators?
    Rotate the “Ladies Night Out”event to
    several different locations which would
    makethe event much more exciting!
    You know all the food trucks tweet out
    their upcoming locations to draw a crowd.
    If the followers love their food they will
    find the truck!
    And you will make “BANK!”
    How about it?
    I think it’s a great idea !

  28. chad

    Excuse me but is there really something called “Ladies Night Out?”

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