Which might be hard to do with a school superintendent who’s already been going around and telling people that there’s plenty of room for all those new kids


BurbankViewpoints has a good article this week about a possible discrepancy between potential BUSD building costs vs. the amount of developer fees the district is allowed to charge in order to recoup those same expenses under state law. The upshot is that our Burbank schools could end up losing money on all of the fancy condominiums and apartments that staff and a few of our city council members have no problem seeing get built.

That is, unless these new developments magically begin and end as Swinging Singles units without kids, which apparently is the dream of our current booster class.

The BUSD’s official outside analysis was glum on the matter. Viewpoints goes further:

It’s important to note that the analysis prepared for the district was a cost projection — the actual cost impact on schools could, in fact, turn out to be much less (or much more).

Also, the school district must meet certain legal requirements before imposing the fee on new construction in the first place. They must:

1. Determine the purpose of the fee;
2. Identify the use to which the fee is to be put;
3. Determine how there is a reasonable relationship between the fee’s use and the type of development project on which the fee is imposed;
4. Determine that there is a reasonable relationship between the need for the public facilities and the type of development project on which the fee is imposed;
5. Determine that there is a reasonable relationship between the amount of the fee and the cost, or portion of the cost of the public facility attributable to the development on which the fee is imposed; and
6. Provide an annual accounting of any portion of the fee remaining unspent or held for projects for more than five (5) years after collection.

With Matt Hill going around recently and claiming that the district already has room on the Hill for those 1,500 dream units at Old IKEA, this could be a touchy thing to accomplish.


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Schiff says evidence on Trump admin link to Russia “more than circumstantial”


What a bombshell. He also had this statement about Chairman Nunes’ ridiculous action today in tipping off Trump about “incidental” evidence recently uncovered:




— Isn’t Nunes leaking information here?

— Why is it that so many of the top people Trump has hired over the years have strong connections to Russia? Being the good businessman that he supposedly is, and being in New York, is that all he could get? So far no one’s been asking this basic question. Actually, it seems to be the No.1 question.

— If this “incidental” evidence somehow vindicates Trump’s statements two weeks ago about Obama supposedly “wire tapping” him — or as Greta Van Susteren just put it, “it gives him cover” — why then did Trump need to be briefed on this today by the GOP intel chairman? If Trump was referring to this two weeks ago then he would have already known about it.

— If the FBI has been investigating the Trump people since July of last year, as Director Comey revealed on Monday, wouldn’t Trump have been apprised of this by his own AG the minute he entered office? Could this then be what Trump was referring to — evasively of course, by leaving out the real reason for the surveillance — when he claimed two weeks ago that Obama was having him watched?

Prediction. If the GOP agrees to an independent prosecutor on Trump/Russia, they will quickly try to turn this investigation into one that involves the Obama administration as a target. That way every single administration Democrat that Rep. Gowdy named the other day as potentially culpable about “leaks” last fall will have to spend millions on attorneys fees. Obama too. And the media will love it.

By now it’s obvious that the GOP is desperate to distract. So far it’s been working all the time.



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A guy who can’t even update his own blog with the latest election results calls Gordon “clueless”


From another local site less than half as bright:

For the final council seat Sharon Springer takes David Gordon into a runoff. This was quite the shock since the other incumbents cruised to such easy reelections and because a majority of voters did not vote for an incumbent councilmember, David Gordon. We’ve made no attempt to hide our distaste of the creepy and clueless Gordon. City workers often quietly apologize to citizens for his bluster and how much he embarrasses the city by constantly speaking about things he just doesn’t know diddly squat about. Burbank residents would be better served by Ms. Springer.

Apparently the new thing too is to call Gordon creepy. The Pet Parents tried to pull this a few years ago back when they were alleging a nefarious Jewish conspiracy between Gordon and a local pet shop owner to sell tortured animals from under the floorboards or wherever.

Gordon wasn’t too keen to write new law for a non-concern that relied upon an equally disingenuous interpretation of the supposed breeding conditions of retail animals. Conveniently, this group also had admitted plans to start their own pet business in town. And so they went after him.

They even tried to drag Gordon’s kid into it, who later made a masterful appearance from the dais in his Merchant Marine uniform thanking everyone for their concern.

Btw … which city workers badmouth their own city council person to others?


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The same Glendale that once pressured Sears to remodel its original art deco look now claims the building is undistinguished

In honor of the soon-to-be demolished Sears store on Central that no one apparently wants to save, keep in mind that the City of Glendale all but ordered the company to shed the original mid-30s look back in the late 1970s. It clashed with the civic renewal.

From the corporate archives…

Another milestone was passed in 1932 when Sears established the store planning and display department. Before merchandise had been fitted into buildings, now buildings were built around merchandise. The first store to be built from the inside out was the Glendale, California store opened in 1935. The new store planning and display department concerned itself with all elements of the store – tables, fixtures, space requirements for the different merchandise lines, customer flow and width of aisles. The store shell was built around the selling floor plan.

When Sears opened its Pico Boulevard store in Los Angeles four years later, a rival merchandising executive paid tribute: “In my long experience in the retail field,” he said, “I have yet to witness a retail unit which equals Sears Pico Store in practical efficiency, merchandise engineering, operation, layout and presentation of merchandise.”

Pico, Boyle, Hollywood, they’re all long gone. Boyle at least is in the hands of a restoration developer.

Don’t expect the same of these local towns.




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You just KNOW that his successor will ruin the great format



​Taking time away from the phenomenally disingenuous and phony folksy Neil Gorsuch– who, after telling us about his early morning Jimmy Stewart visit to the Lincoln Memorial then made the ridiculous claim that his parochial school nuns of the mid-70s used to beat their students — we thought this story was more important:

We’re sad to hear that Robert Silvers has died, after a brief illness, at the age of eighty-seven. It is hard—both painful and disorienting—to imagine the world without him. The New York Review of Books, which he founded with the late Barbara Epstein during the newspaper strike of 1962, and which he continued to edit until his death, was an experiment whose like we will never see again. And it has remained exactly what it was from the beginning: a journal of criticism and ideas that can speak on equal terms to scientists, poets, philosophers, novelists, and politicians, but in prose the common reader can understand.

When called upon, The New York Review was like a news magazine and a think tank rolled into one. Its reporting on Vietnam and Iraq, for example, helped turn the tide of opinion against those wars. Yet it was open to essays, poems, and even the odd short story. For half a century, it has remained authoritative, lively, surprising, and utterly personal. Notoriously modest and discreet in manner, Silvers had supreme confidence in his editorial judgment, as did his readers—and his writers. “He’s the person I trust more than anybody,” Joan Didion told us in her Art of Nonfiction interview. Whoever assumes the job of editing The New York Review will have the highest standard to live up to.

Yeah. More pictures. Literacy be damned.




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How does Schiff handle these assholes?


It’s astounding how all of the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee this morning are trying to turn a pre-publicized hearing on potential Trump administration malfeasance regarding Putin’s Russia into a “Get Obama and his Leaks!” campaign.

Or, that disinformational “Russian surrogates!” were the source. Yeah, that’s it.

How Schiff can keep from physically throttling clowns like Gowdy defies comprehension. The GOP members during Watergate had far more of a sense of personal shame. This current incarnation is just defiant as hell,  and it’s frightening.

Let’s hope the now grossly antagonized British and German intelligence agencies will do a complete investigation of Trump and his possible ties to Russia. They won’t have a problem in the world releasing any derogatory information they might find. Comey and the GOP won’t do shit. They’ll try to keep the investigation open and bottled up for years.

In fact, we predict Trump’s eventual downfall — and that of everyone around him — will be accomplished through foreign intelligence from our allies.




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Rogers misleads again

As quoted at the end of this Leader excerpt, your future mayor makes a ridiculous statement…

During the meeting on Tuesday, residents Mike Moynahan and Roy Wiegand criticized the timing of Albano’s raise, stating in a video they submitted that it was not the right time to give any top official a salary increase. Moynahan and Wiedgand were in the audience while the video was played.

Additionally, both men said they thought city officials planned to have the item regarding Albano’s compensation hike come before council while Gordon was out of town.

“What’s the rush?” Wiegand said in the video. “Ms. Albano is well taken care of here. She’s going to be OK for a few weeks, a week even, without a raise. What is the rush? Why are we doing this?

Vice Mayor Will Rogers said each council member receives an agenda forecast.

“All [Gordon] needed to do was say, ‘Hold on to that until I get back,’ and he would have been participating in this,” Rogers said.

Nope, it’s not that easy. They’d all have to vote on this change first before it could be placed on a future agenda. And what if Gordon wasn’t there early enough to seek the postponement?

Rogers is also ignoring the real issue here. Gordon’s not the problem on this one. Instead, why did staff place this item on the agenda — or worse, allow it to remain there  — when they knew Gordon would be gone?

Like that bogus Cusumano campaign contribution, the real question is why someone would want to dick around with Gordon in this way, and not Gordon’s response or alleged lack of one — which we’re sure Rogers will try to transmute into some straw-man accusation about his character and competence.

Even better, since they knew there wasn’t full attendance on Tuesday night, why didn’t the rest of the council hold off on this decision ? They have before. 

Staff never suggested this nor did Rogers. But, as quoted in the Leader, the speakers obviously did. Rogers could have done something about it but chose instead to be a dick.


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The biggest obit of the year, and…

It gets minimal news coverage today.

This reminds of how the last Xmas season had no Beatles or Phil Spector to speak of.  What the hell is going on these days?

Who and what’s responsible for this?  The current commercial culture’s deep love and admiration for — and blatant pandering to — our sacred Millenials? Who are also apparently running most of it as well.


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So what’s in a name?

Colony Theatre Launches New Colony Kids Programming With Popular Kids’ Entertainer, Twinkle Time


Apparently a bilingual artist with experience on Hispanic TV, the connotation to her name is unfortunate. We’re sure it comes across better in Spanish.



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Anti-Muslim Burbank police want you to spy on your ethnic neighbors


Someone just sent us this in the comments section. If it’s official then it’s absolutely appalling. And it’s also clearly nutcase in length.

Who’s running the show over there? The same crowd that let Tom Angel skate by on his bigoted anti-Muslim email screeds? Which we all damn well know went to some of his employee buddies downtown there as well, shielded as they were by Albano and Company.

Even worse, there are no threats to warrant such paranoia being exhibited here. It’s just fear and hatred. Designed of course to be pro-Trumpery in timing.

You think this is OK, Will? You should call for an investigation on this, especially the timing.

Community: Burbank Police Reminds You to Report Suspicious Activity

Dear XXXX,

*This is a public service announcement. It is not in reference to any current or specific threat, nor is there any current threat. It is for informational purposes only.

Have you ever wondered who to call, or what to do when you see something that just does not seem right, or makes you feel uncomfortable? This public service message contains tips on what to look for, what to do, and how to report suspicious activity.


With law enforcement and the community working together, we can help prevent terrorist activity in our neighborhoods. By now you’ve probably heard the saying, “If you see something, say something.”

It is your awareness reported to police that can help predict and prevent attacks before they happen. Since 9/11, we can and must work together to prevent future attacks. It is always better to report behaviors and activities that do not seem right. Remember, it is all about behaviors and activities, not individuals.


Here are a few examples:

– People drawing or measuring important buildings.
– Strangers asking questions about security or building security procedures.
– Briefcase, suitcase, backpack, or package left behind and unattended.
– Cars or trucks left in “No Parking” zones in front of important or high-profile buildings.
– Intruders in secure areas where they are not supposed to be.
– A person wearing clothes that are too big and too hit for weather.
– Chemical smell or fumes that worry you.
– Questions about sensitive information such as building blueprints, security plans, or VIP travel schedules without a right or need to know.
– Purchasing supplies or equipment that can be used to make explosive devices or weapons, without having proper credentials.

Possible Scenarios –

“There’s a chemical smell coming from my neighbor’s apartment.”

“I! saw someone taking measurements. I don’t want to get them in trouble. What should I do? The activity may be repeated at a number of locations, and you may be reporting one piece of the puzzle.

Maybe someone just forgot their backpack on the bus?
– Do not check it yourself; it may be a test.

Important Places to Watch:

– Government buildings
– Mass-gathering locations – parades, fairs, etc.
– Religious facilities
– Hotels
– Amusement parks
– Schools
– Sports and entertainment venues
– Shopping malls
– High-rise buildings
– Bridges
– Theaters
– Public Transportation

To report suspicious activity, contact your local law enforcement agency and describe specifically what you observed, including:

WHO or WHAT you saw;
WHEN you saw it;
WHERE it occurred;
WHY it’s suspicious
If there is an emergency, call 9-1-1

Trust Your Instincts:
If it doesn’t look right, report it.
If it doesn’t smell right, report it.
If it doesn’t sound right, report.
We ALL play a role in keeping our community safe.
For full details, view this message on the web.

Ginning people up against each other is not a “public service.” It’s authoritarianism.

It’s also un-American.

Remember, it is all about behaviors and activities, not individuals.

Bullshit. It’s about watching people. And just certain ones.



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Y’all should have been nicer to him

(click to enlarge)




Yet I am here a chosen sample,
To show thy grace is great and ample;
I’m here a pillar o’ Thy temple,
Strong as a rock,
A guide, a buckler, and example,
To a’ Thy flock.




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Attention, oldtimers. Which Cusumano was it that they had to sneak into Burbank schools to play football back in the 1980s?


An article in MyBurbank today about that 90-year BUSD celebration piqued our curiosity…

Longtime Roosevelt teacher Linda Walmsey [sic] and former Burbank student and now successful developer, Michael Cusumano co-chaired the sold-out event that was successful in raising their goal.

The old time teachers will all tell you btw that Walmsley is a notorious brown-noser and Establishment shill. In fact, they used to bring her up on the dais to help bolster support at old school board meetings every time that hapless group was on the hot seat about one thing or another. Which in those glorious days of dissent used to be all the time.

But this is our real interest:

Besides Cusumano who talked about his journey through Burbank schools and why he chose them for his children…

Back in the mid-1980s one of those Cusumano kids was sneaked into Burroughs so that he could play football for the team. His family had apparently been living in Sherman Oaks at the time. It was quite controversial too, this relocation, if only because such a practice might have violated CIF rules about home residency. The topic re-emerged during the similar mid-1990’s Stavropoulos controversy.

Anyone remember who it was? We also heard that there was a Cusumano who knocked up his BHS girlfriend in 1987. Good looking, she used to do work experience at a local doctor’s office where a lot of the BPD cops would go because the office lady was married to a Burbank cop. Her name was Sheryl we think.

Anyone remember? At least that’s what she told people who the father was.

Same Cusumano? One of the girl’s Class of 1987 friends later told us that it was a daughter, and that a big financial arrangement with the family had been made.

“Don’t worry about her,” she said with a smile. “She’s set.”


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Local Hero



We’ve always loved this judge.

He’s responding here to an internal Ninth Circuit Court Appeals attempt on the part of five or six Republican appointees to “rehear” the February decision against the first Trump Executive Order en banc.


Reinhardt btw is the same guy who wrote that absolutely brilliant opinion in the old Newdow Pledge of Allegiance case which claimed that it is clearly a violation of the Establishment Clause for the government to insert the words “under God” into a government-led pledge.

In fact, Reinhardt’s forcefully written majority decision about this so terrified the Supreme Court back then that when Newdow finally reached them on the defendant’s appeal they refused to rule on its merits. Instead, they ridiculously claimed that Newdow lacked basic standing as a parent-plaintiff — an idea that even his most conservative judicial foes at the lower court levels refused to entertain.

In other words, SCOTUS was afraid of having to agree with Reinhardt that “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is in fact unconstitutional. And so they wimped out. They wouldn’t hear the case and dismissed it all outright.

A brilliant guy and a good liberal. He’s also 85 years old.

Cry the Beloved Country, yes.


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Fuck you, BUSD. You’re such lying sacks of shit

This is absolutely outrageous. And it’s all based upon lies.

When Burbank High seniors walk across the stage to receive their high school diplomas in May, they’ll do it on their own turf instead of at the Starlight Bowl, where most of the school’s graduation ceremonies have been held since the 1950s.

“The big issue is the tradition,” said Mike Bertram, Burbank High’s principal.

Burbank High students began receiving their diplomas at the Starlight Bowl in the late 1950s, and every senior class has graduated there except for a year in the early 1980s when a fire prevented a class from holding its ceremony at the location, Bertram said.

With a sizable graduating class of 650 students this year, and limited seating for their family and friends at the Starlight Bowl — on top of the cost for city services, such as fire, emergency and police personnel — Bertram surveyed parents and students recently about changing the venue.

Why survey them at all unless your intention was to change it? And what this really means is that the City of Burbank wants to give up on the Starlight entirely. They could easily comp the expense as well — as they have in previous years.

The cost for the ceremony at the Starlight Bowl last year came to $42,000, paid for with district funds.

Bertram estimates it will cost $20,000 to hold the event on the high school’s sports field, where graduating classes accepted their diplomas before the Starlight Bowl was built.

For what, custodial cleanup? What a crock of shit.

In years past, students could invite only four friends or family members to the bowl. This year, however, students will be given six free tickets and the option to purchase additional tickets for $10 each, Bertram said.

Another impetus for holding the ceremony on the field was easier accessibility.

So he boosts the tickets for an admittedly bigger class, and then claims that they can’t have it at the Starlight because there’s not enough room.

Do people in Burbank buy this shit? That’s some “tradition,” eh? Do the people here in Burbank care about anything to be allowing something like this? Who in their right mind would rather have a graduation ceremony on their school field instead of the Starlight Bowl?

Not the kids. And it’s their graduation.

This town’s obviously a total and complete disaster. It just seethes with dishonesty and raw-dealing.

(Btw … what was the real result of that survey? Go nerd-like on the BHS field? Yeah, right. Why don’t you have the Prom there too on campus while you’re at it. You can use the gym.)

“For the students, it’s mixed,” Bertram said. “There were students who were very emotional. I don’t want to discount anybody’s feelings. I want to honor traditions, but also make sure everybody is safe.”

Bertram said some students want to help with planning the graduation ceremony.

“It will be very dignified and respectful,” Bertram said. “I don’t think people will be disappointed.”

Fuck you. Btw dude, you still using those outside search dogs to do body checks on the kids in the classrooms?

If so you’re breaking the law, asshole. And you goddamn well know it, too.


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Since there are never any Big Ideas coming out of these council meetings any more — just staff-generated trivialities and bureaucratic self-dealing and rubberstamping — we thought we’d go international today.







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March 13, 2017 · 1:20 pm

What’s missing here?


Besides of course I.Q. points and sanity.

Jesus H. Christ.





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