Funny, funny stuff

Jesus. Now we know why we stay mostly away from Burbank.

The Leader weighs in…


Mourners share stories and laughs at Mayor Will Rogers’ memorial service


Yeah. This was an example of the humor. It’s meant to be cute, clever, witty, and funny.



Especially showcased at the event, too.



He also contributed to his own memorial:

His brother-in-law, Pete Smith, began the service with a message written by Rogers before his death, opining about his memorial.

Of course. It goes on and on, but we’ll spare you the humorous details.

It’s kind of sad, really. Kids, get out while you can. We’re here to warn you.



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Uh-huh. It must run in the family 

This is from the official obituary filed with the Valley Funeral Home. It’s online right here.

Will Rogers born June 21,1957 in Neenah, WI. Raised primarily in Bloomington, MN. After graduating from the Goodman School of Drama, he moved to the Los Angeles area in 1979 where he continued dual roles as actor and writer. 

These are his own words from that application he filed for the city clerk vacancy in 2012:

No wonder people in Burbank hate us. Tough shit.

His smug attitude there (or whatever it was) was also pretty odd as well. As we pointed out last spring, it’s something we simply can’t understand. We remember every class we took in college.

A strange duck. That clerk application btw is classic Rogers. It’s so bumptiously overwritten that you’d think he was running for Poet Laureate.

This is from one of the testimonials. Hilarious.

Friday morning on my way off to work, I felt him riding above the sky, the same way the flight path from the Air Port…
Maybe the Airport finally hired him. They might as well have.


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That damned Ghost Bike has gotten more attention from the media than Rogers


We saw the notice on Facebook, which we normally never look at. Somebody sent us an image file of the announcement, apparently from the city’s official FB page.

But how come the local news media failed to publicize the service for Rogers up at the Castaway?


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Just in time for all those young and new non-union employees to get to practicing








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Ok. So where were they shot?


3 missing Bakersfield men found in Burbank car were shot to death, coroner says


You’d think that Journalism 101 would then prompt the reporters to ask the next obvious question:

Where the hell do the authorities think they were they shot? Was it in Burbank, or Riverside?

So either these reporters never think to ask such questions (the death of curiosity), or the Burbank authorities don’t want its residents to know that point-blank assassinations like this take place not too far from their neighborhoods.

Right near those “transit centers!” we all keep hearing about.









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“Safe Streets” means stay out of traffic, cyclists

Enough with the morbidity and mass self-pity. And the misplaced moral outrage.



You want the only solution to this? It’s easy.

Stay the hell out of traffic. We all knew that as kids – we never used the big streets. The way Burbank is laid out it’s full of great alternatives. So use them.

Don’t these people have parents any more? Or were they all out getting tattoos instead of doing their job.







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So it IS a creepy cult


These bike fetishists need to get a life. And the significance of this whatever-it-is eludes us:


A white “ghost bike” was placed near the spot where Lenny Trinh, 52, was killed when he was riding his bike early Monday evening. Trinh worked as a letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, and a light blue work shirt was placed over the bike.


That’s even creepier. Doesn’t it also clash with the significance of the imagery, whatever it’s supposed to connote?


Mike Hollis, chairman of the nonprofit Walk Bike Burbank, said the ghost bike was donated by a local cycling advocate and was painted white for the memorial.

“They are a visible reminder of a person who lost their life while riding,” Hollis said.

He said it’s unknown how long the bike will be kept at the site. It’s typically up to individual cities whether to remove such memorials, but he hopes it will remain as long as possible.


They should get rid of it right away as trash and a public nuisance. People actually think this thing is beautiful? Apparently they put these up all over the place whenever there’s been a fatal bike accident.

Better stock up, Burbank. Safe Streets!




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Does anyone honestly believe there would have been a big change in the rules if Wiggins had beaten Gordon back in 2006?


Of course not. The old council member succession rule required an actual voter election if there was still a lot of time left in an unexpired term.

But the local establishment/booster crowd went absolutely bananas in outrage when David Gordon had the temerity to actually beat their big choice with the voters, businessman Bill Wiggins. So a year later they went out of their way to immediately seek a gigantic change in the rules.

Now the remaining city council members get to pick the successor no matter what. And you just know it won’t be a dissident-questioner kind of guy like Dr. Gordon.


This is not the first vacancy of an elected office that the City Council has needed to act upon. How the Council handled past vacancies was dictated by the Charter requirements in effect at the time of the vacancy.

For example, in February 2002, Mr. Kramer’s resignation from the Council caused a vacancy. The City Council had 30 days to appoint someone to the position. The Council advertised the position and held interviews in open session and appointed Mr. Vander Borght to serve out the remaining term through May 1, 2003. When Ms. Murphy resigned from Council in 2005 with nearly 4 years remaining on her term, her seat was filled by a special election. In 2005, the Charter required that if 16 months or more remained on the term, then a special election had to be called to fill the position rather than the Council making an appointment.


Think there will be “interviews in open session” like before? If Rogers was still around and it was for someone else’s slot, maybe. Keep in mind too that with less than a year left in his term the old Charter rule wouldn’t have applied to his vacancy anyway.

But if Will had retired a year ago like he should have, and didn’t try to stick around for their big life insurance payout as he did, it would have.

Btw … note how in their example above staff makes no mention of David Gordon as a successor? Vander Borght, sure.

Instead of mentioning who the voters’ choice was in 2006, they just refer to it as a “special election”(!)




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No, she wasn’t. Barbara Bush was an arrogant and over-privileged asshole


She was also one of the most lazy and  unaccomplished First Ladies in American history.



This is an example of why “Burbank’s” Adam Schiff is ultimately useless.

Just don’t say anything, Democrats. The Bushes were all horrible. And the son stole an election from you. Remember that one?

And the news media? Their mindless hagiography this morning proves that it’s all useless. They’re corrupt and corrupting. It’s why we’re in the fix we’re in.



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Wit and self-awareness was not this guy’s strong suit, was it?


Yes, we promised not to do what he once did in taking the easy route afterwards. But this recent video made for local teenagers has to be seen to be believed.



For someone who made it a professional practice to go after other people for their (in his view) overweening sense of public morality and unctuous posturing about proper behavior, this is pretty ridiculousness. And we’re not even getting into his own slickster behavior over the years.

Yes, bumptious Will Rogers lecturing us about virtue itself. Burbank’s favorite mensch.





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Well that’s too bad


He was always a worthy foil. Never a foe. And very brave.





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Hold on. Barbara Bush WAS a racist



That talk of hers about how things were kind of working out well for them at Katrina pretty much establishes this fact.

And that she was an over-privileged, over-entitled rich woman who never worked a day in her life in a real job only compounded the problem with her bad behavior. Everybody in those old Republican circles knew what a total bitch she was.

In terms of real -world experience, Barbara Bush made Nancy Reagan look like that Hazel Burke character in the old TV show.



It wasn’t even on campus. The professor’s been on sabbatical since January. And the last we heard, the First Amendment doesn’t have a “But you also have to respect them” clause.

But they’ll get her. Of course they will. You know how?

Someone’s gonna dig up some phony “plagiarism” allegation from 30 or 40 years ago. The university will then of course express their complete horror over how anything like this could have possibly happened

Or, “unprofessional conduct.” They love that one, even though it abrogates the whole idea of free speech rights. Speaking your opinion is perfectly Ok as long as it’s professional.

Why’s she even being suddenly “investigated” right now anyway? They say it’s a confidential “personnel matter.”

She’s clearly being investigated for her speech. Welcome to America.












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America the Beautiful


Just rememberin’.


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Burbank’s Cultural Ambassadors

Only the best.

ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi hopes the opening of a US$1 billion Warner Bros theme park in July will help it in its bid to nearly double the number of tourists visiting the emirate over the next few years.

Oil-rich Abu Dhabi is investing billions of dollars in tourism, industry and infrastructure to diversify its economy away from oil.

It is already home to the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Ferrari World and the Yas Water Park. Two more museums – the Guggenheim and the Zayed National Museum – are being built as well as a SeaWorld theme park.

Something for everyone.

Features of the 1.65 million-square-foot Warner Bros park on Yas island will include a DC Metropolis, Gotham City, Cartoon Junction, Dynamite Gulch and a Warner Bros Plaza.

“We have worked with Miral to faithfully bring iconic franchises such as DC Entertainment, Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera to life in a truly immersive and authentic environment,” said Pam Lifford, president, Warner Bros Consumer Products.



Hey, maybe they need a sister city. Do a lot of biking there?


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Helen’s great, but Kim Rhodes has never gotten the credit she deserves

Not quite so here. From today’s MyBurbank:

The Burbank Parent Education Program held its annual Spring Gala on Saturday, April 14. Founder and honored guest Helen Von Seggern was in attendance along with approximately 250 Burbankers to support the long-running parent and child education program.

Von Seggern founded the Burbank Parent Education Program in 1966 and was program director until 2000. At age 104, Von Seggern has attended almost every Spring Gala.

Although Helen definitely created the modern parent ed program that Burbank knows and loves today, an incipient program had actually been around for years bouncing from one borrowed bungalow and log cabin to another. And it was Kim Rhodes who brought Helen in to help run it back in the late 1950s or 1960 or so. For years the Adult School had no real centralized location anywhere aside from the old John Muir campus on Grinnell and Third and so it was scattered all over town.

Kim later transferred her efforts (and interests) to Burbank’s equally well regarded English as a Second Language program, which of course made her a pariah in the eyes of many establishment Burbankers. Where Helen had all the political constituency and young mom and dad interests, Kim only had the Mexicans from North Hollywood.

And don’t think she was wasn’t forced to feel that way either from most of the old and reactionary BUSD administrators and board members. Many of them were actively hostile to the whole idea of ESL. The program though was quite lucrative for the district, what with all of the state and federal funds it was receiving and then siphoning off for other uses, and that of course was the only reason why it was allowed to exist.

So why do we mention this now? It’s because Kim Rhodes — for all of her efforts and dedication — was in the end treated very, very badly by the BUSD, as had been the late David Bayer the year before. And for much the same reason. In many ways Kim Rhodes was the heart and soul of the Burbank Adult School and she deserves to be remembered at least as much as Helen.

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See ladies, it doesn’t pay to hang around Republicans


Wow. What happened?

Republican women can be hot, but only if you get them at the right time.

That means either very early on, or maybe at or near the end of their first marriage.


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