What a lying, hypocritical sack of shit



You didn’t see him turning the money down, did you? Or repudiating it when it first came in.

See, the poor guy’s actually a victim now that it backfired…

Rizzotti also addressed the steep outside funding that backed his campaign. The National Assn. of Realtors alone doled out nearly $40,000 in support of his candidacy.

“I apologize for the avalanche of outside money from an independent group. I have no control over it and don’t think it’s necessary,” he said. “I feel that I’m a very strong candidate that has the experience and the passion for our city to be a good representative of our entire community.”

Leading up to the primary, he also emerged as the City Council candidate to raise the largest amount of money at about $19,000.

We’re going to quote again what one of his former in-laws told us not too many years ago.

Her exact words were: “He’s evil. No, you don’t understand. He is.”

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Typical right-wing corporatist



So Dems, you still think it’s a good idea to support Republicans?

This latest (preliminary) court opinion on Walmart — which relies in part on the weird idea that the Empire Center we have in Burbank is not the same Empire Center that Wal-mart wants to move into— was quite naturally written by a Republican appointee.

Who else would bend over backwards to ignore CEQA rules, or agree with the negating claim that business-restrictive ordinances are satisfied when someone decides to begin to follow them, instead of after they actually have.

People like her getting appointed to the bench is the big reason why the GOP went after Gray Davis immediately following his popular re-election in 200: to get their people in when they normally would not be able to. The GOP did this same damnable thing 20 years earlier to the great Rose Bird and Cruz Reynoso, and by hook or crook got away with it. As with Davis, the media absolutely cheered them on back then too.

(BTW … can anyone explain exactly why Gray Davis was recalled from office in the first place? Didn’t think so. It was the same “recall” election that saw Jay Leno book Arnold for celebratory appearances two or three times, but not the governor. Instead, Leno refused to have him on.)

Patricia Bigelow

Patricia “Tricia” A. Bigelow is the presiding justice of Division Eight of the Second District Court of Appeal in California. She was appointed to this court by Governor Schwarzenegger on May 16, 2008[1] and nominated by him to be the division’s presiding justice on December 29, 2009.[2] She was officially elevated to presiding justice on February 8, 2010.[3] Her current term expires on January 7, 2019. She was retained in 2010.[4]


Bigelow graduated from California State University, Fullerton and received her law degree from Pepperdine University.[5]

Figures. Northridge by the beach.

Her father was a judge too– and an old Republican Party crony and operative.

Appointed to the Los Angeles Municipal Court in 1969 by Gov. Ronald Reagan, M. Ross Bigelow began his 15-year career as a Superior Court judge in 1973.

After returning to active service during the Korean War, he went into private practice in Long Beach, where he was active in the Republican Party. In 1956, he formed a partnership in general civil practice, Bigelow & Sullivan.


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And speaking of inappropriate…

The fact that about 90 percent of Americans are going out of their minds with joy at this creepy video only proves that we’re all completely doomed.

The best part begins at about 4:00:



This is the same crowd Adam Schiff wants to go after so that he can beat the other Dem; you know, the one that’s not White like him.

How did this country ever get to be so vile and stupid? It’s become deadly.


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The White Guy thinks he’s going to peel off votes from those racist Republicans

This next big campaign is going to get real ugly, and he doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning anyway.

But just like Gatto endorsing the right-wing CJ Rizzotti in order to exploit the lunacy of this state’s new “open primary” system, Adam Schiff will only end up exposing the moral bankruptcy of the modern Democratic Party.

Schiff eyes Senate seat following Villaraigosa announcement

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank) said that former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s decision not to run for the U.S. Senate “means that there is a profound opportunity for a strong Southern California candidate” and signaled he is open to being that person, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“I think there’s a real hunger to have a representative from the south, and so that’s wide-open,” Schiff said in an interview at the Capitol. “I’m certainly giving it a lot of thought.”

Don’t bother. It’s a dumb idea. And we all know what “south” really means.

Villaraigosa surprised many with his announcement Tuesday that he would pass on the race. His decision cemented state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris’ status as the front-runner to succeed Sen. Barbara Boxer (D).

Reps. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) and Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles) have also not ruled out Senate candidacies. Members of the House face a particularly difficult choice in whether to abandon relatively safe seats for what would be an uphill statewide race.

But California’s top-two primary system has not been tested in a major open statewide contest like this, and a candidate like Schiff, who has an image as a political moderate, could appeal beyond the traditional Democratic base that has been coalescing around Harris.

Yeah, like appealing to most everyone in the Republican Party who’d never in the world vote for an African American candidate like Harris. And she’s a woman to boot, so it’s a two-fer.

What a proud thing for Schiff to want to aim at– going after those people for votes.

But our Congressman from Disney has a long history of running to the right of the Democratic Party for his own gain. Remember back when he was a “proud Blue Dog”? It wasn’t that long ago either that his irregular mailers home from Washington were chock full of 100 percent corporate issues like SOPA. That was his big concern for his constituents.

So what will they be now? Whatever the wind blows in no doubt.


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Next time you’re at the library…

…ask them what happened to all of the books they used to have. Between the homeless guys and the computer terminals, where’d they go?

You might want to ask them too why their bookshelves are now also only 1/3 to 1/2 full, especially in Glendale.

If you can make sense of their answers, please translate them for the rest of us. That’s a lot of taxpayer stuff they’ve been throwing out the last few years. The more they toss, the wackier the reasons. And get this … in Burbank they want to build a new one!

For exactly what? Sharon Springer began to ask a similar question just a few months ago.

What is it about libraries that inspires these bureaucratic minds to always want to fuck with them? That includes most of the librarians now, apparently.


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Rogers spent $3 a vote; Rizzotti, almost $30

If we’re understanding the Leader’s (deliberately?) confused numbers and oddly incomplete tables/articles, Rizzotti’s combined support was over $60,000 for just the primary alone.

This includes campaign contributions and outside realtor money. It was about 1/3 him and double the outsiders ($19,358 his total, $39,696 from Chicago, and $1,828 from Bizfed.)

Will on the other hand spent under $10,000 — all his own doing internally, including contributions to his campaign– and he received considerably more support from the voters.

Note: don’t click the candidate’s name at the top of the table on the Leader’s web site. For some reason it adds the total to the total. But it’s not the total. It’s a doubling.

Why too don’t these tables include the outside contributions? All it would take is one more bar on the right. The result of this omission is that Rizzotti and EGL look much more like the others than they really are, contribution-wise.

Or better yet, make it the total of everything when you click on the candidate’s name in each column, rather than some fubar result.

Also, what’s “fundrasing”?


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EGL, Rogers, Guillen, and Rizzotti

It shouldn’t be hard to knock out the two Big Growth candidates. They’re both obvious schmucks and liars who are also dumb enough to want to run together. Rizzotti will bring the other one down for sure.

Jesse T. definitely needs to run again. The idea of having an  actual CSEA field rep on the local school board is a dream come true. It would terrify both management and their anti-union attorney/advisers. The Burbank Teachers Association was nuts not to have endorsed him.

Either that, or they’re way too parochial and self-centered for their own good.

Dumb move, BTA. You must hate your rank and file. Come to your senses and learn that for the last 30 years the CSEA has always been much more savvy politically than you.

Sousa btw is a nut. How’d he get 30 percent?


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Who needs this? (and an update about “Why now?”)

Really Burbank, come on.


Jesus H. Christ. Did we miss something here over the last few weeks? Why in hell would the Leader wait almost a full month before highlighting an important voters’ forum?

City Council forum highlights

February 24, 2015 | 3:59 p.m.
The seven Burbank City Council candidates answered questions and presented their views during a forum held Jan. 28 at Woodbury University. Burbank Leader editor Dan Evans served as moderator.

During one portion of the forum, Evans asked each candidate a different, often pointed, question about their background and views. The clips below are from that part of the forum.

Yes, and after watching all the clips the reason is obvious.

Will Rogers easily blew them all away, and so of course there’s no way in hell that Evans and the Leader are going to do anything that would help out this old columnist right before the election. Especially when such publicity could obviously harm Christopher John Rizzotti — the proud choice of the people responsible for at least 97 percent of their total advertising revenue.

The videos of this January event were only just posted four hours ago ! They haven’t even shown up in the search engines yet.

BTW… has Evans or anyone else over there said anything yet about Rizzotti refusing to resign from (or even speak out about) the anti-gay Young Life group?

It’s been what, almost two months? So it’s OK in Burbank to discriminate against homosexuals? And by written policy no less? They need to be kept away from the kids, too?

Apparently so.


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Why can’t we just let kids be kids?



All sentimentality and feel-good intentions aside, what this is really about is the BUSD setting up an elaborate system of meddlesome motivational coaches who will dedicate themselves to institutional grade-grubbing and test-preparation:

Educators report success of pilot guidance program

Parent-funded endeavor to provide counselors could expand next year.

Burbank educators may provide more guidance counselors across its 11 elementary schools, following positive preliminary findings about the impact one guidance counselor has had at Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt elementary schools this year…

Since Derek Starleaf was hired to work between the two schools, officials said, he has given more than 80 lessons on several topics such as bullying, drug use and Internet safety, and he’s spoken to parents about motivating their children and addressing their anxiety.

He has also moderated small-group sessions on the campuses where students openly discuss their challenges.

A total of 170 students have participated in small-group sessions, so far.

“I have my pulse on the school,” he said, adding that students have grown comfortable coming to him to address conflicts their friends have had with other students.

Teachers have also referred their students to meet with him one-on-one, and he’s become a visible figure to address issues among students during lunch or recess, which are the times when students often report they are being picked on by other kids.

Oh, come one. This is Burbank we’re talking about, not the south side of Chicago.  What is he, a cop?

And what kind of “bullying” could possible be going on that can’t be handled by the yard supervisors or regular teachers? This is just an elaborate excuse for more administrative meddling and make-work.

And at Jefferson School of all places? What bullshit. What are they getting teased about up there, the color of their new alpaca sweaters? The family BMW that’s two years old?

“I knew it was going to be a good program. I really didn’t know how great it was going to be,” De Barros told the school board. “You don’t know what you’re missing until you actually have something.”

In the 1990s, Burbank Unified paid for guidance counselors to work in all Burbank schools, but by 2004, all of those positions had been eliminated.

We’re not aware of them ever being at the elementary schools. Sorry. this is a new one.

Now, with the emerging success of Starleaf serving two schools, officials have started to explore how they could expand the program. Earlier this year, they estimated it would cost $300,000 to provide guidance counselors in all Burbank schools.

But Meglemre brought a new suggestion to the board, saying the district could hire one full-time counselor to oversee graduate school interns, who would be paid to work at the elementary schools with a stipend as they complete hours toward their counseling degree.

In April or May, the matter will return to the school board. At that time, it will come with a hiring recommendation.

First of all, those aren’t counselors. They’re grad students. So parents, you really want them going through your kids’ files looking for possible family problems to write up and investigate?

No, let’s leave the kids alone. They don’t need any more of this institutional nonsense inflicted on them just to get the District’s test scores up, or some new hire’s brownie points re-tabulated. Because that’s what this is all heading towards:

School Guidance Curriculum

Academic support, including organizational, study and test-taking skills
Goal setting and decision-making
Career awareness, exploration and planning
Education on understanding self and others
Peer relationships, coping strategies and effective social skills
Communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution
Substance abuse education

In elementary school? K-5? Hardly. That’s parent stuff anyway.

And when it comes to the necessary at-risk services, the District already has those people on the payroll:

Multicultural/diversity awareness
Individual student planning
Academic planning
Goal setting/decision- making
Education on understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses
Transition plans
Responsive Services
Individual and small-group counseling
Individual/family/school crisis intervention
Conflict resolution

None of this stuff is necessary for kids that young. Nor does any of the following rhetoric about these new employees make any sense, at least in the English language.

It’s the same old educational boilerplate about this wonderful new era of ours — one that from the list above we must also be very frightened about at the same time:

They provide proactive leadership that engages all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to help students achieve school success. Professional school counselors align with the school’s mission to support the academic achievement of all students as they prepare for the ever-changing world of the 21st century. This mission is accomplished through the design, development, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive, developmental and systematic school counseling program.

Actually, professional yentas are what these new hires will turn out to be, each one of them wandering around their campus looking for trouble.

So let’s leave the younger kids alone, at least for now. Keep the adult crap away from them as long as possible.

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165th and Broadway





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A check of the BPD arrest logs shows a lack of PC on this recent pullover arrest

Oh yeah?

The local newspaper apparently didn’t bother to check the actual arrest log to see what the hell bullshit the Burbank Police were trying to shovel at them this time.

But we did.

Suspect who barricaded himself in stolen car IDd

February 18, 2015 | 11:12 a.m.
The man who barricaded himself in a stolen car for more than two hours in downtown Burbank Tuesday afternoon was identified as a 28-year-old from Burbank.

Brandon Degourville was arrested on suspicion of grand theft auto, burglary and resisting an executive officer after he refused to exit the car when he was pulled over at 2:38 p.m. near Third Street and Magnolia Boulevard.

Burbank’s crisis negotiators, along with the city’s SWAT and mental-health evaluation teams, had attempted to convince him to get out of the car, but he did not comply, police said.

Police eventually shot a chemical irritant inside the vehicle, which had been reported stolen out of West Los Angeles on Monday, said Burbank Police Lt. Eddie Ruiz.

Stolen car? Grand theft auto? So how come the guy was only charged with a 10851 A/VC?

That’s joyriding-- it’s also the accusation that you took the car initially for one reason but then kept it out for something else. There’s never an intent to keep the car permanently. You can get a 10851 just by borrowing a friend or relative’s car without telling them about it ahead of time.

He was also charged witha 459PC and a 69PC. Those attend to his resisting arrest and failure to submit to a police order to leave the car, as well as building structure “burglary,” which makes no sense. 459 is not a vehicle charge or crime.

We thought from the beginning that there was something fishy about this case. An obviously non-white guy is seen driving around in the Hills, the cops follow him to Magnolia and Third, contrive a reason to pull him over, and then turn it into a federal case when he resists. That sounds like classic Burbank — the kind of bad behavior that’s made our police department famous the world over.

So what really happened here? When the guy doesn’t get out, the BPD eventually calls the car’s owner (like a family member) who tells them, “Yeah, I want that car back from him”?
They then proceed to lie to all concerned about how the BPD caught a dangerous criminal on the loose with a “stolen car” that they then don’t charge him for under grand theft auto?

Why else wouldn’t they? How did the BPD know it was only a 10851 A/VC?

Another question. Why did the cops run his plates in the first place when he was up there on the Hill just driving around?

Because he wasn’t obviously White? Again, classic Burbank. What, they run everyone’s plates? If there’d been a previous stolen vehicle report they would have at least initially charged him with grand theft and then let the DA sort it out. Not joyriding– a 10851 sounds like pretext just to excuse the detention.

And doesn’t the Burbank Leader ever check these things out before they print the propaganda and the lies? According to the official police report there was no grand theft auto at all — which raises serious questions about what in fact was actually going on.

Is there another arrest log somewhere with the missing information? Where?

Needless to say, the local numbskull/moron crowd always has to chime in with their mindless, racist crap:


Suspect who barricaded himself in stolen car IDd   Burbank Leader







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Week four. Why is candidate Rizzotti still on the local board of directors of an organization that actively discriminates against homosexuals?

So far as we know he hasn’t resigned yet. No has he repudiated its anti-gay governing policy.

Which apparently is designed to … protect the kids? Make a point? Keep purity in their hearts?


Mr. Christmas Tree   Facebook


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Bad-faith alert. The Landlord-Tenant Commission obviously doesn’t want to help tenants

Here’s more proof that the City of Burbank goes out of its way to help the big boys in town.

The following changes here benefit no one but the local landlords. And talk about wanting to play down your supposed legal role of being helpful, Commission members…

From last month’s CM summary about a recent LTC meeting:


www.burbankca.gov home showdocument id 29183

Now why would a member “from the public” make a big effort to fill out a questionnaire and go all the way down there on a Monday night and then not want to take further action on their landlord problem?

What the hell did they tell him or her that prompted this decision? That the Commission could be of no use in their situation? So you’re wasting your time coming down here?

And why a new time limit for public appearances? There’s rarely anyone at those LTC meetings to begin with! Plus, it can easily take more than five minutes for a tenant to explain their often complicated problems.

So why the new rush job, folks? Why the sudden new restriction on oral communications?

And, city staff does NOT now want to keep making a detailed log about the tenant phone complaints that come in during the course of the month? Just a “snapshot” ?

Who does that benefit? Why, the Burbank landlords of course. This big change means that there will be fewer formal records of complaint for anyone to see.

Which — btw– are also subject to instant Open Records disclosure once they show up on the LTC dais.

But not any more. What a coincidence!

Wonder who’s bad idea that was? It’s great for the landlords though because it cuts down on the bad publicity and scuttlebutt. There’ll be no big city list any more of specific tenant complaints.

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City feeds the Leader more self-serving propaganda, which the paper then tries to pawn off as public information

Try as we did tonight, we don’t know where the hell the Leader newspaper got this information today about the supposedly wonderful success of that private, city-subsidized “Holiday” ice rink. You’ve gotta read the whole thing — it’s a total puff piece. You’d think by its tone that Jesus Christ had been down there helping fit the skates.

Here’s what’s interesting:

Last year we wrote about what a financial disaster the 2013 event was, being that the city (through its downtown P-BID) spent well over $200,000 to sponsor this ridiculously inane attraction. That was money down the drain.

Even worse, when we tried to find out how much the final gate revenue was we were completely rebuffed, let alone informed about who had gotten to keep it all. And when we then asked Dr. Gordon if he could find out how much was received by the rink (and where it went), he told us that staff was refusing to tell him both where the money went and what the total receipts were.

Naturally then, it shouldn’t surprise us this year that the Leader would help promote this outfit with some blatant and quite contrary PR about this so-called “skating rink.”

They obviously don’t like us here — especially now that we’ve successfully confronted them about the way they’re facilitating the Rizzotti campaign by refusing to criticize this clown about that anti-gay youth group of his — and so if we said that the Pope was Catholic they’d find some snide reason to write a contrary piece or accuse us of ridiculing religion. That’s how Evans rolls.

Report: Temporary ice rink sees uptick in revenue

Rain may have kept some visitors away from downtown facility, city official says.

Rainy winter weather may have been a welcome visitor to deal with the state’s ongoing drought in recent months, but it also may have kept some other visitors away from a temporary ice rink in downtown Burbank.

However, revenues at the holiday attraction were up more than $20,000 this year compared to its inaugural season last year, but the first year the rink wasn’t open as long.

That’s according to a staff report published on the city’s website last week. The rink, which was located in the parking lot behind Burbank City Hall from Nov. 28 to Jan. 19, saw a modest bump in traffic over the holidays — about 18,000 people came out during the eight-week season, compared to roughly 17,700 for last winter’s six-week season.

Hold on. The only relevant thing we can find right now on the city’s Web site is the CM’s Management Report from last week. Interestingly enough, unlike last year’s report on the 2013 rink, this year’s information appears to completely omit the budget breakdown. More on this in a bit.

Here’s the blatant PR bit in their article:

Attendance was lower than expected, said Mary Hamzoian, the city’s economic development manager. She said 10 days of rain — including one day during the rink’s opening weekend — kept some would-be skaters at bay.

But she said downtown businesses were still thrilled with the attraction, part of an effort by the Business Improvement District, also known as the Downtown Burbank Partnership, to draw shoppers and diners to the area. In feedback to the partnership, several business owners raved.

“Opening night was great,” said Brian Slaught, owner of Story Tavern. “We saw about 40 people in the restaurant because of the rink.”

OK, now where was the specific financial information for this year? In  column form?

Funded by businesses in the downtown area, the partnership paid Los Angeles-based Ice America about $95,000 to set up the rink. The company then ran it for a share of the revenue, and the partnership paid for water, electricity, decorations and other expenses.

What share? How much? (And again, why did Burbank pay them anything just to set up? Hey, we want that kind of deal…!)

The first year, the rink cost about $221,000 to operate, Hamzoian said, but this year’s costs were 30% lower because some infrastructure improvements that were one-time expenses paid for in the first year.

Here’s what we found last year in the relevant Management Report:

www.burbankca.gov home showdocument id 24835


It’s a complete (and we think, quite culpable) breakdown. All that thrown-away money just to subsidize a private rink.

Here’s what we found on this year’s Management Report:

www.burbankca.gov home showdocument id 29551


That’s it. Just the summary. Unlike last year’s Report, there was no budget breakdown attached directly afterwards.

Instead, all you get is this:


FireShot Screen Capture #337 - 'showdocument' - www_burbankca_gov_home_showdocument_id=29551


A blanked-out page.

If anyone has better luck in finding this new information we’d sure love to see it. Right now it appears to be mostly anecdotal. And quite agreeably so, natch.

Our theory?

1. Last year the Management Report about the rink attached the budget breakdown to the summary.

2. We nailed their ass on the absurd expenses in the breakdown.

3. This year, they only run the summary, and keep off the $$$ breakdown.

4. The Leader sees the Report summary, calls about the rink for a story, and is given lots of fun anecdotal facts about what a glorious success this year’s was.

Is it our browser tonight? Is it not working properly? Where’s this year’s ice-rink budget breakdown in the Report?


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It’s always a laugh a minute with this Rizzotti crowd

Who can make this stuff up?



Here’s a recent press release from the Protectorates:

Shelley Rizzotti, co-founder of The Animal Protectorates – TAPS™, slated to speak at the 2015 Helen Woodward Animal Welfare Center’s Business of Saving Lives Conference

Shelley Rizzotti, co-founder, The Animal Protectorates – TAPS™, will be speaking alongside leading animal advocates from all over the country at the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s third international Business of Saving Lives Conference running February 5th through 7th, 2015 at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside Hotel.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, also known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” and renowned for instigating one of the most impressive and controversial programs in the world of animal welfare today, will join the slate of diverse speakers.


Like we’ve said for years, these local characters care nothing about people. They brought up Arpaio in their own promotional statement!





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They’re putting on a show! (updated)

More proof that without taste, talent means nothing. Sorry.

[UPDATE: Someone just brought up a great point about how much more expensive the licensing rights are for LB as compared to older, better shows– a great issue that should be pursued by the higher-ups. This mediocre show was a big waste of money. And yes, we know that LB is all about exploding these old cultural stereotypes, but still…]

JBHS Legally Blonde Musical Ups The Whip Smart Factor

Burroughs High School’s drama, choir and instrumental music departments join together to produce Legally Blonde, a Broadway and international-touring musical inspired by the popular movie and novel of the same name.

Drama head Guy Myers works with choir director Brendan Jennings and instrumental music teacher Taylor Arakelian and a host of production talent to produce one major musical theater show every year at JBHS.

Legally Blonde tells the story of UCLA sorority president Elle Woods, portrayed by senior Robin Mazer, as she uses her smarts and positive attitude to follow her ex-boyfriend Warner Hungtington III, played by senior Sawyer Patterson, to Harvard Law School in an attempt to win him back.

Whip smart? Or a “Huntington III” at UCLA? How does that character make sense at that school?

It’s not the kids’ fault, it’s a stupid show. Someone in charge should have put their foot down. Back when we had real adults around they would have.

“I love the character Elle Woods. She is such a kind, compassionate and optimistic individual and it is a true pleasure to play such a likable role,” commented Mazer. “It is often easy to misinterpret Elle as dumb, but actually she’s very smart and bright. She may have shallow tastes but she has strong convictions.”

The problem we’ve always had with Legally Blonde is that,

a) It bears no resemblance to any “UCLA” we’ve ever heard of,

b) The female characters bear no resemblance to any women we’ve known (or even known about) since at least 1962, if then,

c) The character types of both sexes are based upon overtly bigoted (and by now, extremely trite) cultural stereotypes,

d) There’s a difference between intelligence and ambition, they’re not the same thing and never have been; and that intelligent women don’t act like this unless they’re crazy, and would never have gotten into UCLA behaving in such a way in the first place, even in 1962, let alone Harvard right now,


e) The main female protagonist (who everyone in the audience is apparently supposed to love) is an obvious near-psychotic stalker type who needs to invest her best energies in the opposite sex no matter how she tries to swing it in the end. This play reminds us of cretinous old TV shows like Mr. Belvedere, where the sharp young cookies always have to get sexually humiliated by the attractive males before they’re allowed to do anything else.

Outside of all this, why,  have fun kids! Next time though you might want to ask your teachers to force you do something that isn’t on DVD  or the current news. Because right now they’re completely wasting your time in school.

Is there any way we can hire another Deane Wolfson to take over? Because great teachers like her could not abide the easy stuff.


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Speaking of dipshits…

Evasive and hypocritical dipshits, that is.

How the movie ‘American Sniper’ could have ended differently

Hollywood’s rendition of the life and work of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle might have looked very different if the sniper’s widow, Taya Kyle, hadn’t appealed to “American Sniper’s” director Clint Eastwood and other film execs not to depict Kyle’s death.

Screenwriter Jason Hall told New York Daily News Kyle’s widow “called and said, ‘This is going to be how my children remember their father, so I want you to get right.'”

“It’s a heck of a responsibility. We hope we get it right,” Bradley Cooper told a group of veterans.

Those are words Bradley Cooper, who portrayed Kyle, echoed during screenings and tours promoting the movie.
The movie’s creators planned to depict the murder, but at his widow’s request, ended up dropping the scene. Those who’ve seen it know the film ends with Kyle alive before the shooting that took his life.

Yeah, so it’s OK for the kids to see how their father shot and killed dozens of foreigners in their own country and then boasted about it to anyone who would listen. But let’s leave out the details of his own identical sort of death.

It’s such bullshit anyway. The film left out his shooting because it would have completely played against the stupid heroism. Even morons can catch that obvious an irony. The just-desserts aspect of his death wouldn’t have gone over as well in the theaters, and so let’s ignore it.

The public’s head-up-your-ass reaction to this story is of course insane:

Only a great Army veteran like Eastwood would be sensitive to this aspect of the making of the film. Spike Lee wouls have had half the movie about the murder of Chris especially if his widow had made the same request. of course he would have screwed it up totally anyway. Thank you Mr. Eastwood for presenting this film in such a respectful way you are a true American hero.

Respectful to whom?

BTW, isn’t Bradley Cooper still young enough to enlist himself? He’s so devotional and all.

And speaking of “Clint’s” own military service as a swimming instructor at Fort Ord…

Clint  The Life and Legend   Patrick McGilligan   Google Books



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Local scholars


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What dipshits.



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Happy President’s Day!



“It is not surprising that hard-nosed politicians, not least in the United States, are given to shaking with sobs and bursting publicly into tears, since this theatricalized form of emotion is the only version of feeling which someone unused to the stuff would be likely to understand.

In this sense, sentimentality is often the flip side of hard-headedness … It is really a brand of narcissism — an emotional self-indulgence in which you revel in your own feelings rather than in what occasions them. Sentimentality is the feel-good factor of middle-class society. This is one reason why company executives who beat their wives or throw thousands out of work can be moved to tears by images of ageing donkeys or starving children.”

-Terry Eagleton


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