City to create almost 100 new speed traps around town


(Do the residents of Burbank really want a 15 mph speed limit that extends as far away as 500 feet from the schools? How about new statutory limits on 82 other city streets, based upon exactly what legitimate prevailing-speeds study?

Do their opinions even matter? We’ll find out tonight…)





Hope you’re not planning on using Glenoaks during a school day.

Sneaked within one of tomorrow night’s formal exhibits for the “Safe Schools” program is a brand-new BMC ordinance that will reduce the allowable speed limit on a large number of Burbank streets. And not just in school zones.

The main part of the ordinance will reduce the speed limit around schools from 25 to 15 mph. This means on all adjacent streets, such as Kenneth Road. Not just in front of the schools.


.15 Mile Per Hour School Speed Zones

To reduce vehicle speeds, staff recommends reducing the speed around each school to 15 mph when school children are present (during pick-up and drop-off times). When children are not present, the speed limit would remain at the current 25 mph or 30 mph limit. Staff proposes that the City Council modify the Burbank Municipal Code (BMC) to reduce school zone prima facie speed limits to 15 mph.

These streets would include 16 segments around the project schools and 82 segments in the entire City (Exhibit I). Establishing a reduced school speed zone limit will require a commitment to enforcement, which will be a long-term goal.


They don’t need prevailing speed studies to justify a reduction in a school zone. It’s up to the community, based upon criteria like number of accidents and pedestrian safety.

But tacked on to this proposed school zone ordinance is a dramatic revision of a number of main drags in town.  What prevailing traffic studies were used to justify these speed limits?

The staff report language is also confusing. Read literally, some (or all) of these same streets will turn into 15 mph zones for part of the school day if they’re 500 feet from a school.

Many of these streets actually warrant an increase. And why are they being appended to what should be a school-zone study?

What does this ultimately mean for drivers? Is Burbank seriously going to enforce  a 15 mph speed limit on parts of Glenoaks?

Here are some screenshots of the exhibit chart.

BMC 6-1-1501



Most of these streets are about 5 mph off. For instance, all of Sunset Canyon at 25 mph?

Why? The only justification for patrolling up there at 25 mph would be to hand out more speeding tickets.

It’s called a “speed trap.” Something that street was once notorious for.





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Sure do miss KRLA





(But miss this more:)




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On, Wisconsin







UW-Stevens Point Chancellor Bernie Patterson proposed Monday to reorganize his institution into a “new kind of regional university,” one that pushes high-demand career paths and eliminates six liberal arts majors in what would be the university’s largest shakeup since expanding in the 1970s.

Last spring, UW-Stevens Point proposed eliminating 13 programs to address a projected $4.5 million budget deficit. The announcement sparked a sit-in in front of the chancellor’s office, a student march in Madison and nationwide attention from the higher education circle.

The long-awaited report bluntly states: “In an era of fiscal constraints, UW-Stevens Point can no longer be all things to all people.”

Instead, Patterson proposes reorganizing his Wisconsin institution to infuse liberal arts into career-focused programs.

“The whole idea here is to make those courses more meaningful, to make them more impactful and to make them related to the major,” Patterson said in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal. “That’s what’s really unique in the path we’ve charted here at UW-Stevens Point.”



Yeah. Unique.


UW-Stevens Point officials propose cutting French, German, geoscience, geography, history and two bachelor’s degree concentrations in art based on low enrollment numbers going back years.

The other seven majors that were on the chopping block — American studies, English, music literature, philosophy, political science, sociology and Spanish — can be salvaged because of faculty retirements and resignations resulting from deficits and declining enrollment, the report said. 

Courses in each of the six majors will still be taught at UW-Stevens Point as part of the general education program, as required classes in other majors, and through new interdisciplinary majors. 

Patterson proposes creating an “Institute for the Wisconsin Idea” that will house faculty members in humanities disciplines to create a curriculum to complement the career-minded majors. The proposal also includes a new Center for Critical Thinking to provide the same training through outreach to local high schools, employers, nonprofits, and other community partners.


Irony alert.


The College of Letters and Sciences, which isn’t explicilty named in the report, would be eliminated. The College of Natural Resources and Sciences, the College of Professional Studies, and the College of Fine Arts and Humanities would remain. 

Asked to respond to criticism that a jobs-focused plan veers from the Wisconsin Idea, Patterson said, “My response would be they might want to read the Wisconsin Idea. This is about promoting knowledge beyond the classroom. That’s what the Wisconsin Idea is all about. It’s about sharing the knowledge with the state.”


Hey, just change the “Idea.”

It’s easy! And then share it with the state.




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Happy Veterans Day







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This comes along about what, maybe two or three times a century?





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Always remember…






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Leave the kids alone


Stop pressuring them. At this age keep the adult crap to yourselves. Let kids be kids.


Dreams of careers in government, medicine and movies met with experiences told by people employed in those fields as students from David Starr Jordan Middle School welcomed about 20 professionals to the school’s career fair on Thursday.

Former longtime Roosevelt Elementary School teacher Linda Walmsley, now a retired volunteer, was the event’s chief planner.


Oh, no wonder. She’s the same one who last month paired up high school kids with those Leadership Burbank and other local business types. To chat and share whatever.


“I would like the kids to understand you cannot have a career without an education,” Walmsley said. “I want them to understand that the ability to make good money is everywhere. If you get a good education and follow a good career path, you can do anything.”


Money. That’s what the future is about, kids.

It’s also not a true statement. Lots of good careers can be learned without much so-called education. Did they hear about those ones?


“That’s all Linda; she did everything,” said Sean McCallon, Jordan’s assistant principal. “I’ve been seeing the kids walk by, and I’ve been telling them, ‘It’s nice to be out of the classroom’ and a lot of them said, ‘Yes, it is.’”


Of course. It’s a great excuse to not do any work for a while.

“… and a lot of them said.” How hilarious.




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You don’t say?




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The Good Neighbor Program


From an EPA press release last June.

It’s obviously gotten worse down there.


LOS ANGELES—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized three orders with Lockheed Martin Corporation and Honeywell International, Inc. requiring the companies to expand groundwater treatment and conduct additional groundwater contamination studies at the San Fernando Valley Area 1 Superfund site. The work is expected to cost more than $21 million.

“These important actions bring us ever closer to ensuring safe groundwater supplies for decades to come,” said EPA Pacific Southwest Regional Administrator Mike Stoker. “We will continue to work with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the Los Angeles Water Quality Control Board to implement a full and thorough cleanup.”

The first order, with Honeywell International, Inc., will require the company to construct four extraction wells on the western portion of the North Hollywood Operable Unit (NHOU) site and build a treatment system for 1,4-dioxane, hexavalent chromium and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the area that will prevent additional groundwater contamination. The project will cost about $10 million and will be completed in 2019.

The order with Lockheed Martin Corporation, will require the company to design, construct, and operate four extraction wells for the eastern portion of the NHOU that will address VOCs. The system will prevent further migration of existing groundwater contamination. It will be completed around 2020 and will cost approximately $10 million.

In addition, EPA is modifying its 2009 record of decision to clean-up groundwater contamination at the NHOU portion of the site. The modifications are detailed in a document called an explanation of significant differences, or ESD. They include increased groundwater extraction; expanded treatment plant capacity that will treat the additional extracted water; and the decision to transfer some of the extracted groundwater from NHOU to the Burbank Operable Unit (BOU) treatment plant.

In the final action, Lockheed, will be required to conduct a focused feasibility study at the BOU site. Groundwater conditions and contaminant migration at the site have changed due to fluctuation in water levels. As part of the focused feasibility study, Lockheed will collect data from the site to determine the most current extent of groundwater contamination. The data will be used to develop and evaluate any necessary alternatives for remedial action to prevent further contamination of the site. The study will be completed in 2019 and will cost up to one million dollars.

Both Lockheed and Honeywell are owner and operators of former aerospace manufacturing facilities which released contaminants including TCE, PCE, hexavalent Chromium, and/or 1,4-dioxane into the groundwater.



What’s the BOU?


EPA has been working to clean up groundwater contamination in the San Fernando Valley area since the early 1980s when solvent pollution was first discovered. The site was placed on EPA’s Superfund list in 1986 and consists of two areas: The Burbank Operable Unit (BOU), located primarily in Burbank and south of the Burbank airport; and the North Hollywood Operable Unit (NHOU), located to the west of the BOU. Groundwater treatment systems have been operating since 1989, removing TCE, PCE, 1,4-dioxane, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from groundwater in the North Hollywood area.


The “Stack” isn’t just history. This is just the first step. Wonder what Lockheed will find?

Wonder what the City of Burbank and the Airport Authority have learned recently about B6? And hey, isn’t that “Northwest Quadrant” right near the still-troubled “NHOU”?


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Happy Anniversary! They’re already planning to violate the Measure ‘B’ voter mandate



This is Ted McConkey (cq) former Burbank City Councilman and now a Burbank Airport opponent. (Photo by Boris Yaro/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)


Ted was right. Don’t ever trust this booster crowd. Never ever ever.


An official from BuroHappold Engineering presented a report during an authority meeting on Monday regarding the feasibility of a 14-gate, 355,000-square-foot terminal on an area known as the B-6 site.

Although it was determined that constructing the terminal in the northeast quadrant of the airfield — which was formerly where Lockheed Corp. had its Skunk Works operation — could be done, BuroHappold conservatively estimated the entire project will cost roughly $1.24 billion, said David Herd, the North America managing director of the consulting firm.


“Could” be done there? Sorry, but that was part of the voter deal. Remember? It was exactly two years ago.

And over a billion dollars in cost? From $400 million?

Insert laugh here ___.


BuroHappold estimated construction costs, which include building the new terminal and demolishing the existing facility, at about $844 million alone. Originally, the the terminal was expected to cost about $400 million, though the demolition was not part of that estimate.

Herd added that soft costs — some of which include designing the terminal, inspections and permitting — came in at about $285 million. Being conservative about its estimates, the firm also factored in about $110 million as contingency.

Herd said although the report determined that a terminal can be built on the B-6 site, it was merely an exercise to see if it could be done.


Where’s it gonna be then? Northeast Quadrant was the agreed deal. Why’s it more expensive?

Gonna put it back on the ballot if a different project?




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Republicans live in an alternate reality




Trumpists are convinced that Acosta assaulted HER — even though she ran up and over and totally grabbed him. Their phony video clearly exonerates the guy, that’s how stupid and dishonest they are.

What can you do with these people. Wait for them all to die?


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But it’s not





Hilarious. It’s not open yet.



Calling all Cocktail Connoisseurs, Bon Vivants and Taste Makers! You do not want to miss out on the opening of LA’s newest cocktail lounge, The Green Room!

A nod to the celebrity VIP rooms housed in entertainment studios, The Green Room is a unique, adventurous destination for the cocktail connoisseur and those looking for an elevated experience with creative small bites and stunning views of the city.

Be one of the first to experience TGR during the opening weekend this Friday and Saturday evening!

Make Your Reservation Here!
Friday, November 9th & Saturday, November 10th from 6pm-11pm

Spots are limited and will sell out! Reservations are required. Must be 21 and over. For more information


That light. And all that glare. Exactly who is this place for?

They’re also about a dozen years behind on this absinth gimmick…



Stick with Pernod.





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Glendale School District doesn’t want to admit that Armenian kids are at fault


And that the Black, Brown, and White students are finally standing up to them.


An admission of racism at Hoover High School and an apology for inaction surfaced somewhat surprisingly during a Glendale Unified school board meeting on Monday.

“The first step is to admit when there’s something wrong,” said board member Shant Sahakian, who shared his experience of having Latino “racist epithets thrown” at him when he was with Latino friends as a Hoover High student.

“A little bit of what the parents want is straight talk, so I want to give a little bit of straight talk,” he added. “Does Hoover High School have a racism problem? Yes. It’s a very simple answer.”


Thanks, but it was a different problem 30 years ago.  With different perpetrators.


Since the beginning of the investigation into the incident, district officials have staunchly said the brawl was not a “race riot,” and the fight had nothing to do with race, instead pointing to cultural differences and a miscommunication.


Ok, so it’s bigotry. But, you don’t stand up to Armenians in Glendale. It simply isn’t done.

But this kid did:


The report, press conference, and various district releases since Oct. 3 contradicted the experiences shared by some Hoover High parents and students.

A few voiced their concerns Monday.

Hoover senior football player Jaiden Forster countered the district’s assertion that a special-needs student’s involvement before the fight was “conjecture” and “hearsay.”

The fight, according to some students, stemmed from members of the football team defending a special-needs student they allege was being bullied by an Armenian student.

“I firsthandedly witnessed the bullying, so the district and its members will not continue to tell the community of Glendale that it never happened because I watched it,” Forster said. “[The special-needs student] only looked to make new friends, but the other students thought otherwise.”

Forster said he did not think the alleged episode and reaction by football team members led to the fight.


From the news reports, it was later retaliation from Armenian kids.


“The cause of the brawl was something much more than bullying. It was racially motivated,” Forster said followed by a burst of applause from the audience.


Like we’ve said many times here, no one’s going to stand up to Armenian hegemony in Glendale. They’ll always be allowed to be the victims.

The GUSD is covering for what really happened here, and who the culprits are. There’s one group that’s the big troublemaker.





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You’re lying, Republicans (update)





Update: even this doctored, sped-up version seen above still doesn’t show Acosta doing anything culpable.

These Republicans are such wanton idiots. In a court of law — tort case or criminal — she would be the clear perpetrator here. No matter what video is used.






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Greetings from Burbank


A fun reminder.
















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Sorry, you sack-of-shit Republicans. It was ACOSTA who was assaulted


The tape doesn’t lie.

This woman physically confronted Acosta in order to grab the microphone away from him. His moves (minor as they were) were completely defensive in nature.

She was seriously out of line, typical of her employer.



How do work with people who are so dishonest?




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Now the Eurotrash have another place to hang in Burbank




They must want more speeding BMWs down Walnut.


The Castaway restaurant in Burbank will soon be opening a hidden door to a secluded lounge experience at the hillside landmark.

The Green Room, which is tucked away near the front of the main restaurant, is a reservation-only lounge that focuses on premium cocktails and appetizers.


Oh boy! We’re already there.



If only.

More like Late Sleazeball.


When you walk into the lounge through an unmarked door, you are immediately greeted by head bartender Phil Felton, who is busy concocting cocktails behind a marble-topped bar counter. The main room offers plush couches and chairs and seats 80 people.

For those who want a more picturesque scene, guests can make reservations for one of the 25 seats on the patio, which is separated from the restaurant’s patio via a fireplace.


We’re jealous already. That’s where all the new brow jobs will be sitting and desperately avoiding eye contact with each other and the guys on the separate patio.


Marcus Cascio, Castaway’s general manager, said the lounge is a completely different concept from the main restaurant. With the exception of a few dishes, most of the food and cocktails on the menu are exclusive to the Green Room.

Even if someone knows about one of the specialty cocktails offered in the lounge, Cascio said guests cannot order those drinks and have them brought to them in the main restaurant.

“The lounge and restaurant are separated by 6 inches of walls, but it might as well be 20 miles,” he said. “It’s a completely different ethos in here.”


That’s the word for it, huh?

More phony class distinctions in Burbank among the unwashed and the unlettered. Just wait until it hits the schools.






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We tried this before in the late 70s. It’s too dark in the morning


Apparently Burbank voters are wild about the moronic idea of year-long “Daylight Savings Time.” Sweep out the old, yeah..

We tried this once before. We even had a few months of “double” Daylight Savings Time.

Here’s what happened:


…And making the switch to permanent daylight saving will cause its own headaches, said Democratic state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, who represents Ventura County.

If California goes to year-round daylight saving, the sun won’t rise until 8 a.m. on some winter months, forcing children to walk to school or bus stops in darkness and likely leading to an increase in car and pedestrian accidents, Jackson said.


Not “likely.”  It will.

People are stupid. They don’t think. Most are their own worst enemies.

With the defeat of Prop 10, they must also want their rents raised — or that of their kids and elderly parents who live in apartments.

Fuck’ em. Raise it high, landlords. And send your kids out in the dark, parents.



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