This is why Democrats lose






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More proof that Democrats are idiots


Yeah, Joe Biden was praising segregationists. That’s it.

And forced busing is great policy! If you were against it, you were a segregationist.

The Purity Patrol strikes again:


Biden slammed by Dem rivals for highlighting ability to work with segregationist senators

Former Vice President Joe Biden faced scorching criticism Wednesday from his Democratic primary rivals for invoking his ability decades ago to work with two segregationist southern senators to “get things done.”

Two of the three black candidaes running for the White House — Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California — raised serious concerns.

Booker said in a statement he was “disappointed” Biden had yet to issue an “immediate apology.”


Generational gap? How about a stupidity gap.

Talk about “reparations” is also going to doom Democrats for sure. Where would that even end?

At least some sanity is breaking through. From the older people:


Black lawmakers get Biden’s back amid  ‘segregationist’ uproar

‘I worked with Strom Thurmond all my life,’ Jim Clyburn says.


Senior members of the Congressional Black Caucus leaped to former Vice President Joe Biden’s defense Wednesday after he touted his bipartisan work with known segregationists as a time of “civility.”

Progressives pounced on the remarks, and two other White House hopefuls criticized the 76-year-old Democratic presidential poll leader over his comments at a fundraiser Tuesday night. But more than a half-dozen CBC members argued that Biden’s remarks were taken out of context and that the former senator’s call for decency is needed now more than ever.

“I worked with Strom Thurmond all my life,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the highest-ranking African American in Congress, said of the infamous segregationist senator. “You don’t have to agree with people to work with them.”


So what?

What was Biden supposed to do? Pull a gun on Eastland?


Forced busing was an awful idea. It also led to numerous Democratic defeats in the 1970s and 80s. Biden was on the correct side of the issue back then.

Are Dems now in favor of busing? Put that on the list right next to reparations.




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How much worse can it get?




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It’s Moe’s birthday!






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A really smart and funny guy


Sad to see this.




He liked his sake, too.

Didn’t he live with the Segalls at one time up on the hill when he was between colleges? What a great group of Burbank kids.



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The lie begins: Airport boosters are now giving out phony excuses about why the “replacement” terminal has to be built





From today’s article in the Daily News…


The reason for building the new airport is that the current old terminal doesn’t meet current earthquake standards. It’s also too close to the runways and taxiways, according to the Federal Aviation Administration safety guidelines.


Nope, that’s not the reason. There was no legal imperative or environmental necessity to build a new airport.

Even the voter campaign two years avoided positing a mandate for new construction. But because of the (apparently immense) popularity of the current terminal, an after-the-fact rationale now has to be conjured up to justify its demolition.

This was always an optional project. Some well-connected individuals and business interests simply wanted a bright new shiny object down the street, and so they were (finally) able to convince an increasing number of new residents to think the same.

The old and more politically aware folks — the ones who knew better — were gone. So the boosters finally got their pro-Airport approval vote.

This whole project has been immersed in lies and bad faith from the beginning. From before the beginning really, if you know anything about Airport history. Even the Measure B vote was illegally based, because the original law behind voter approval required a citizens initiative to be up for a vote and not a referendum on a prior act of the council. There was no place for council intrusion.

We pointed this out, Golonski pointed this out, and eventually Rogers came to the same conclusion: The Burbank City Council had no legal business pre-approving an airport facility ahead of the voters and then turning the residents’ vote into a mere referendum on their action. The original 2001 law was very clear about this.

Check Golonski out at about 1:50 on the video. He’s right. The original Measure B from 2001, “Clearly took the decision-making out of the council’s hands and put it into the public’s hands.”

At about 3:45, Golonski hints at the reason why Albano made the improper change for the 2016 vote. A simple referendum would allow the council to first pre-approve a huge package of terminal proposals (term sheet). But a proper Measure B initiative in front of the voters would have also required every detail to go in front of the Burbank public for THEIR approval first.

Talk about beaucoup opportunities for debate and rejection! Everything in the package would have been a bone of contention, and the odds of voter approval much slimmer than if they just had Burbank residents rubber-stamp a prior council action.

As Golonski put it, “What you shouldn’t be doing is granting formal approval to an Airport terminal project without having the public weigh in prior to that.” But that’s what in fact happened.

Bad faith and a billion dollars. Welcome to Burbank!




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From movies to muck




This is so perfectly metaphorical for Disney. They turn their backs on the movies in favor of hawking cheap merchandise, and then get to wallop one of Walt’s original attractions at the same time.


Disneyland fans are upset after TheMain Street Cinema, a Disneyland attraction since 1955, has been turned into a gift shop. Now known as Cartoons and Collectibles, the longtime movie theater previously offered parkgoers a comfortable respite away from busy Disneyland crowds.

One of the oldest attractions in Disneyland just received an upgrade, but fans are not happy about it. In fact, some of them are actually “livid.”

The Main Street Cinema has been in the park since its opening day in 1955. It was a place where guests could go and take a break while enjoying some old cartoons and air conditioning. While Disney is still showing the old animated films, they have reportedly added merchandise into the location, much to the chagrin of many fans.

Disney has confirmed that the attraction is still called The Main Street Cinema. They have added a cash register and several displays selling headbands, coffee mugs and other souvenirs, The Orange County Register reports.

Fans were quick to voice their displeasure online, with many taking to social media to passionately let Disney know that they didn’t like the change.

As one fan put it, “This is a disgrace to what Walt intended the Cinema to be used for. @Disneyland Do the right thing and put everything back.”


Who’s “Walt”?


Another fan went into more detail about their problem with the change, posting, “Not a fan. This used to be one of the dark and calm places families could with an overstimulated child to decompress and escape the crowds. It was so relaxing to sit and watch the cartoons. There are plenty of stores on Main Street. Leave the cinema alone.”


What’s “cinema”?


Some people kept their responses short and simple, like one user who simply posted, “I am LIVID. The Main Street Cinema is now a GIFT SHOP.”

Others seemed upset at the apparent commercialization of the attraction. One user posted, “Does every single corner of the park have to turn a profit now? The Main Street Cinema is an original feature and should not be a store. Why not make Walt’s apartment a hot dog stand? Ridiculous and blind to your own heritage.”


What’s “heritage”?


Another user shared a similar sentiment, posting, “I still can’t believe @DisneylandToday put a SHOP in the Main Street Cinema. #CinemaDisaster2019 Not every square inch of Disneyland should be churning out profit. There are PLENTY of stores already! This was such a quaint glimpse into times gone by.”

Others wondered how far the changes would go, with one fan questioning, “I wonder when @Disneyland / @DisneyParks is gonna turn Walt’s Apartment into a Starbucks or Uncle Walt’s Main Street Treasures gift shop, I mean they couldn’t leave the Main Street Cinema Alone, so obviously nothing is sacred.”

It seemed like several fans were just upset that Cinema won’t feel like an escape from the park anymore. One fan posted, “NOOOOO! It’s the end of an era! Everyone’s not-so-secret escape at Disneyland has been turned into a store.”

Lastly, some people seemed to take offense at the idea that the Main Street Cinema didn’t attract enough visitors. One passionate fan took to Twitter and posted, “Anyone else who comes to me saying (in bad faith) ‘No one was ever in the Main Street Cinema!’ will get instantly blocked. Yes, since it opened with the park in July 1955, guests have gone inside and enjoyed the Main Street Cinema. It has been there *since day one*.”

A spokesperson for Disney provided Fox News with the following statement: “We continue to operate Main Street Cinema as a theater and there have been no changes to to film showings. We’re looking at a variety of ways to drive interest in this beloved location. ”


That means there will be big changes on the way. They claim selling merchandise is just a “test” now, and that other “options” are being considered.

Cinema to Disney now means Star Wars. They’ll soon be using this venue to hawk their upcoming “film” product at the park’s entrance. Just watch.





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If Burbank had had its way, Bob’s Big Boy would be long gone





Oh, the hypocrisy.

We always like to remind people of this story every time the civic lights begin to praise the TL Bob’s.

No one was in favor of saving Bob’s from destruction when its number came up.  Most people laughed at the idea. Worse, the City of Burbank was outraged — OUTRAGED — when the county stepped in to save Bob’s via a legal loophole.

They went positively ballistic.


Landmark Big Boy Case Ignites Rights Debate in Burbank: Preservation: Council considers drafting a local ordinance that would give historic designation only with the consent of property owners.


In the wake of a state decision to add Bob’s Big Boy to the list of California points of historic interest, the Burbank City Council is considering a historic preservation ordinance that would allow landowners to veto any effort to designate their property a landmark.

Several council members said the ordinance, which was discussed Tuesday night, should include a provision to assure that “there will be no more Big Boys.” They were referring to a decision by the State Historic Resources Commission on Friday to declare Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Burbank a landmark despite opposition from the property owner, who wants to tear the diner down.

The landmark designation will make it legally more difficult to raze the 1950s restaurant at Riverside Drive and Rose Street and replace it with an office building or shopping center, as the owner had previously proposed.

“I personally feel that the rights of the owner of Big Boy were not honored,” Councilman Tom Flavin said. “We should adopt some type of preservation policy, but the rights of property owners need to be protected.”

Interestingly, it was preservationists who sought a local preservation ordinance, while business leaders have opposed it.

The Burbank Historical Society initially proposed an ordinance that would create a commission able to recommend landmark status regardless of the wishes of property owners. But the society backed away from that proposal because members felt the generally pro-development council would oppose it.

At Tuesday’s meeting, city planners asked the council to put off consideration of the issue until August. The council voted to have Flavin meet with representatives of both preservationists and business people during that time, and then come up with his own recommendation.

Tuesday’s City Council debate over Bob’s Big Boy stems from an earlier council decision not to take a stand on the issue of landmark status for the diner when it was under consideration by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in July. The supervisors voted to recommend landmark status and then forwarded their recommendation to the State Historic Resources Commission for final approval.

On Friday, the state commission declared Bob’s a landmark that preserves the look of 1950s Southern California car culture. Bob’s joined 53 other sites in Los Angeles County on the official list of State Points of Historic Interest.

Under state law, if a city does not have its own procedure for nominating state landmarks, then the county handles such issues. If Burbank had had such an ordinance in place, it could have prevented Bob’s from receiving landmark status, preservationists and city officials agreed.

Preservationists, who want some type of landmark protection ordinance as soon as possible, are divided on the issue of giving historic designation only with the consent of property owners.

“The balance for public good outweighs private whim,” said Vance Pomeroy, a member of the of the Burbank Historical Society. “The wishes of the owner shouldn’t be allowed to overpower the public good.”

But other members of the same group took a more moderate approach.

“We don’t want to be in a continual hassle with property owners. If the property owner doesn’t want it to become a landmark, then it’s a dead issue,” said Mary Jane Strickland, a co-founder of the Burbank Historical Society.

And Gary Sutliff, vice president of the historical society, was even more blunt: “Bob’s Big Boy does not fit my criteria for a historic landmark.”

The Burbank Chamber of Commerce believes even the modified proposal is too strong during a recession.

“The implementation of a heritage ordinance at this time is not in the best interests of the Burbank business community,” Zoe J. Taylor, executive director of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce, wrote in a letter to the council. “As businesses struggle to emerge from our current recession, this ordinance poses a potential obstacle to growth and development in the city of Burbank.”


You can thank the Road Kings for ultimately saving the TL Bob’s.

More here about what Burbank did to counter this preservation move. No more Bob’s!


Burbank has a legendary history of shortsightedness and stupidity.





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Happy Father’s Day



He’s clearly nuts.







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Yeah, let them get sick around us instead!


And stay that way!

How these FOX and friends can live with their stupidity is beyond us. Such horrible people.

Those “illegals” btw also pay plenty of taxes in return.






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How did the BUSD get the Burbank Leader to take down their old derogatory news story about Monterey Continuation?


Speaking of Monterey High, these things always stay up. But somebody got the Times to take this one down:



Nothing shows up in Google search either. The article appears to have disappeared.

So what happened?

The state a few years ago shut down the school’s  STAR testing for investigation because the kids weren’t being adequately proctored. One of them had doodled on his test booklet and then posted a picture of it online. The story quickly went public.

We referenced the problem here, as well as a few others:


This was during the Dan Evans reign.



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The principal didn’t attend her own school’s graduation? And why the awful motto?


Never our favorite BUSD administrator, we especially want to point out this little oddity. It does sound like her kind of arrogance:


Monterey High School graduate Hermine Keshishyan delivered her graduation speech, “Believe in Yourself,” during Friday afternoon’s commencement on campus.

The graduation was also the swan song for principal Ann Brooks, who estimated she has graduated 1,500 students and sent another 400 back to their original comprehensive high schools.

The 20-year Monterey administrator wrote a letter to her final class, read by English teacher Jamie Reeves, suggesting they must always manage to decompress.

“Find some time to turn off the phones and computers,” Reeves said. “Spend that time with your family, with your friends or alone. Play a game, watch a movie, share a meal, take a walk, go for a hike [or] breathe.”


Is that what Ann Brooks was doing by not attending her own last graduation for the kids? Unless she’s terminally ill she SHOULD have been there. According to the implication in the article, she wasn’t.

She wrote a letter instead that was read by someone else. If she was there then that’s just weird.

We also have a problem with this, which was obviously ushered in during her reign.


The school’s motto, “A Second Chance for Success” hangs above the doors to its main entrance and offered many of the 46 graduates a chance at redemption.


Monterey is continuation. It’s a state-mandated alternative for high school age students. Some are drop-outs, but most are kids who have different personal needs and situations.

So not only is this motto false, it’s also highly demeaning. Imagine having to mark yourself in this way by walking through the door. How can that make anyone feel good?

This motto applies much more to the Adult School, but they’d lose students with such an unnecessarily dorky tag. Who’d want to go there with that sort of loser-school identity?

Has this Burbank school district lost all sense during the last 30 years?





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So … let’s tear down that popular and convenient airport!


What hypocritical assholes these airport people are for taking a bow over the clear advantages of a terminal facility that they’ve been pushing for years to destroy.

There’s no way in hell that their big new “replacement terminal” is going to be as compact, closely situated, or easy to access as the current site. Give us all a break. The boosters have repeatedly claimed as well that they want to make the new airport less open and more “secure”!

The casual funkiness of the current airport facility has always been viewed as highly culpable. Who do these boosters think they’re now fooling?


Jun 14, 2019 | 5:35 PM
Hollywood Burbank Airport ranked best in the country

Hollywood Burbank Airport was named the best airport in the United States by Fodor’s Travel Guide. (File Photo)
Despite not being the prettiest, newest or most technologically advanced facility, Hollywood Burbank Airport has at least one factor that sets it apart from its competitors — convenience.

Fodor’s Travel Guide announced this week the winners for its inaugural Fodor’s Travel Awards, and the publication selected Hollywood Burbank as the best airport in the United States. On the other hand, Fodor’s ranked Los Angeles International Airport as the world’s worst. The publication divided the rankings into different categories, such as the United States and the world.“When you fly to a city like New York or D.C., you choose an airport based on location, quality and the amount of added time airport shenanigans add to your travel plans,” the editors of Fodor’s Travel Guide wrote. “In Los Angeles, you also have a choice: between the behemoth time-suck that is Los Angeles International Airport or the straightforward, shenanigan-free experience that is Burbank airport.”

Frank Miller, executive director of Hollywood Burbank, said on Friday it’s gratifying to be recognized by the publication and the work being done at the airfield. “It tells us that things are being done right at the airport,” he said. “We know it’s an old building, but it reinforces the fact that we have the most convenient airport to fly out of in this area, and now apparently in the entire country.”

Hollywood Burbank will celebrate its 89th anniversary this year, with the main terminal being the oldest part of the facility.

Although it is not a state-of-the-art airport with all the bells and whistles, Hollywood Burbank has solidified its reputation for being one of the easiest airports to get into and out of.

Because of its small size, checking in and going through TSA can take a matter of minutes, something Miller has experienced firsthand.

“I was flying out of [Hollywood] Burbank last month and my flight was at 8:15 a.m.,” Miller said. “I left my house in Burbank at 6:30 a.m. and, at 6:47 a.m., I called my wife to tell her I was at my gate with a cup of coffee.”

Miller took the airport’s helm in September 2016 and has helped oversee several improvements to the facility, such as improving vehicular traffic flow and adding amenities at the gates.

However, Miller said Hollywood Burbank’s philosophy of providing convenience has been the fundamental core of the airport for decades.

“From the time I arrived in Burbank, people were coming up to me to tell me how much they loved the airport and the ease of getting through the airport,” he said.

Hollywood Burbank is currently in the process of replacing its aging facility with a new one that will be located on the northeast side of the airfield.


Oh, really?


The project to build a replacement 14-gate, 355,000-square-foot facility is currently in its public-input stage, and, at the past several public workshops residents, frequent-users and those in the aviation industry have let local airport officials know the key features that should be retained to keep the airport convenient.

“We’ve recognized from the very beginning that whatever we do, we don’t want to impact the convenience,” Miller said.


So why change?

Nobody has a good reason for this $1 billion B6 boondoggle. Like that other local piece of civic foolishness — the “new” and now-falling-apart Burbank High School — certain well-connected types got it into their craw that the old one had to go and that was that.

The more resistance to the idea, the more the arrogance and dishonesty. Nobody’s gonna tell these local institutions and their backers what to do.

It’s gonna be fun to see how much everybody hates the new airport.





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Attention, you righteous Burbankers. Luther Burbank was a eugenicist too





We mentioned this uncomfortable fact a few weeks ago.

Apparently none of the local righteous ones see the inconsistency here. It’s not just “David Starr Jordan.” We’ve noticed they’re still going at it on Facebook with the praise and self-congratulations.

If anyone too can come up with evidence that Jordan advocated mass sterilization and the “ethnic cleansing of communities,” or any place else, we’d love to see it. Otherwise you’re just making it up.

All of these eugenicists — and there were many — had varying ideas on how to implement ideal selection. Luther Burbank in fact actually praised America’s vast gene pool of natives and immigrants. He thought it gave us more to work with. Rather than being a “white supremacist,” he instead advocated a glorious (but planned) intermixing.

They weren’t all the same and none of them were like Nazis. But whatever makes you feel good about yourselves, thou worthy ones. You’re such good people!

No, the BUSD should have kept our middle school’s name intact and formally changed it to that of his daughter if they had a problem with the father. She was a well known and quite historic local educator. Too smart an idea for Burbank we know.

She’s also not Amelia Earhart, yes. Anyone want to bet against this dumb rename of Jordan?





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But it’s not the “City of Burbank”




That ridiculous “white privilege” debate going on right now at the Talamantes family’s PR site again raises the question:

Why are they allowed to call their Facebook page the “City of Burbank?

What would happen if we started a powerful anti-Burbank site and called it the same? Maybe we should.

Its origin btw lies in a deliberate effort to combat both this site and several others back during the beginnings of the police mess 10 years ago. It was a lawyer-led, city management PR effort ridiculously described as suddenly coming from Talamantes himself, and that’s why it was and is still allowed to co-opt the Burbank name. Anyone else would have been immediately blocked from setting up a squatter site like this, especially a critic.

Pretty sleazy. But, just look around.

Remember too when Jess Talamantes uttered his famous line that, “People, nepotism is what Burbank is all about!”

Somebody posted it on YouTube for fun, and Barlow instantly took it down by citing a (legally irrelevant) copyright infringement claim. It was only online for a day or two.**

Fortunately, Talamantes’ family-friendly comments were memorialized in print:


“Some of these people that are being very vocal towards the nepotism policy I don’t think get the family concept in the city of Burbank,” Talamantes said.


** Though Burbank can copyright its own broadcasts, state law separately allows public distribution of any such public meeting. They can’t be blocked under a federal copyright claim.




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Start a war


And the corporate media will cheer it on.



Every time this cretin spouts off his nonsense the corporate media absolutely sprints to him in attention. He’s their TV creation and it’s hopeless.



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