More reasons to hate Republicans and their fans




These people are so fucking stupid. Just horrible.







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An actual editor wrote this mangled and misleading paragraph


From today’s Leader, an annoyingly confused paragraph.


A man was arrested early Saturday morning for an alleged restraining-order violation in Burbank, causing the need to use a helicopter and K-9 unit in his apprehension and sparking a house fire, according to authorities.


Doesn’t this lede make it look like the BPD helped to set the fire? What goofballs they are, yes. That damned K-9 unit.

But that’s not what happened at all. Two paragraphs later…


When they arrived, officers heard shots being fired, and a fire was observed at the house that eventually engulfed the structure.


So is this just incompetence, or deliberate misrepresentation for the sake of increased eyeballs?







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They’re lying


From the Leader this weekend about those illegal Domino’s pavement ads.


The campaign, called “Paving for Pizza,” was announced on Monday, but dozens of streets have already been repaired. There have been 150 potholes repaired in Athens, Ga., 40 in Milford, Del., and eight in Bartonville, Texas.

Domino’s also tended to five potholes in Burbank on Pass Avenue between Burbank Boulevard and Hatteras Street, a project city officials didn’t know about until after it happened, said city spokeswoman Simone McFarland.

She said the work was done at the end of January after officials representing Domino’s pulled a film permit from the Burbank Police Department and an excavation permit from the city’s Public Works Department.

McFarland said those in charge of the project in Burbank used PaveCo Inc., a paving business Burbank often used for its street-repair needs.


How could the City of Burbank grant an excavation permit and not know what it was for?

They didn’t ask? Nobody was aware of what was going on down there?

No, the City is now trying to play dumb about the project because they know damn well that we’re right about how both state and local law forbid the placement of any kind of promotional signs within the public right of way of any street or highway.

That’s why you’ve never seen such a thing. Until lately. So get used to more of these public-private “partnerships.” They’re the “In” thing.

How embarrassing for Burbank. The city obviously agreed to have it done, and now they’re running for cover. Other local cities obviously turned down the offer.






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Millennial Alert: Most ideas should just stay ideas


Knowing the difference between a good one and a bad one is a rare thing. In every part of this wonderful new “21st-century!” world.


A woman has died after falling off a swing at the NeoCon design trade show in Chicago earlier this week.

Jacqueline E Albertine, aged 57, hit her head in the fall at the Merchandise Mart venue on Tuesday 12 June 2018, and was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital nearby.

The accident occurred in the afternoon at the David Edward showroom on the third floor, where the swing was on display. The company offers several swinging products for commercial and office environments.

The brand was presenting in its own showroom in the Merchandise Mart for the first time, after exhibiting at the fair for 50 years.


MySpace angle!

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Tell this to the local library


Which by our estimation contains about 1/2 the number of books it had 25 years ago. The Central Branch in particular has been decimated.

A local reader takes issue with a recent news story in the Burbank Leader:


To pick up on one small point in the aicle, “Local Rotary clubs donate little free libraries to Burbank,” the statement which begins the article, “In a time when most people read books via a tablet or e-reader…” is patently untrue. As reported in the Los Angeles Times in 2017, among major publishers, ebook sales have plateaued or been on the decline since 2015. Since 2016, sales of hardcover books have outpaced ebook sales…

The Burbank Leader has no need to propagate untrue statistics or fearmonger about the decline of print books. Print books began mass production in the 15th century, and as the above numbers reflect, are still doing just fine.

Lauren Bauer



Good point. But it conflicts with this current corporate jargon about how everything is so wonderfully different now. It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow we’ve got going. Doesn’t she know?

Just wait until they put that MakersSpace into the new Central Branch they’ve got planned after they sell off that Glenoaks property for mixed use. We won’t need any books!






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What a waste


Shallow, screwed-up value systems abound.

These kids get no guidance from mature adults. Are there any still around?


For recent Burbank High School graduate John Yee, acing most of the five Advanced Placement tests he took during his junior year seemed like no big deal.

He received a 5 — a perfect score — on his AP calculus BC, chemistry, computer science and U.S. history tests and a 4 on his English-language exam, all in one year…

However, his ace on the AP computer science test was more unique. Yee said he received his AP scores last July and thought nothing much of them, but then he received a letter in December from the not-for-profit College Board, the organization that oversees the SAT and AP programs, informing him that he was one of 112 in the world who earned that perfect score…

The perfect score wasn’t just for the grade, however. Yee said he plans to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and major in computer science. He added that he hopes to become a video-game programmer with that degree.


Can you imagine.


I like computer science because it’s logical and mathematical,” Yee said. “Those sorts of things come quickly enough to me, and I enjoy doing that stuff.”


So let’s waste it on trivialities.

This would be like an award-winning English major and literary scholar saying that after graduation, “What I really want to do is write greeting cards.”

Aim high, kids. Aim high.









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This is not “honoring” contributions. It’s a slanted political statement


This was such horseshit in the News Press yesterday. Drumming up these kind of phony rationales is an admission that you know deep down you’re on the wrong track.


In Glendale, there’s a Dublin Drive, a Calafia Street, a Baghdad Place and an Eulalia Street — all named after places in the world, some of which have a connection to the city and others that don’t. But despite being home to the largest Armenian population outside of Armenia, Glendale has no streets named in honor of Armenian American contributions, according to at least one city official.


Saying that “Dublin Drive” is a recognition of the Irish is like trying to claim that “Ayers Way” is a recognition of the plumbing business.


That will change soon, after the City Council made the historic 4-0 vote Tuesday to move forward with changing the name of a two-block portion of Maryland Avenue between Harvard Street and Wilson Avenue to Artsakh Street after the Republic of Artsakh, a disputed territory between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


No, calling it “Yerevan Way” or “Saroyan Place” would be recognizing or honoring Armenians. This instead is the City of Glendale taking political sides in a border dispute. The chosen place name is no coincidence. It didn’t come out of a hat.

This would be like Burbank suddenly naming a street after the Gadsden Purchase while these Trump border policies are so in dispute, and then claiming that what they were really doing was honoring the wonderful Mexican people.

No, you’re making a political statement. Who’s fooling whom here?

And what does this disputed border area with Azerbaijan have to do with “Armenian-Americans” again? Or their “contributions”?

These Glendale people can’t even lie well.





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Funniest local news story of the year



Like a needle in a haystack.

Btw. Are any of these new apartment developments in Burbank planning to accept Section 8?








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More proof that people in Burbank have become morons


It would take a more than human effort to adequately describe how awful this place is.

And, it’d obviously be pointless.






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Domino’s pothole advertising violates the Burbank Municipal Code







Nobody in the City of Burbank has the authority to grant a street-pavement advertising permit to a commercial profit-making business; or, waive the express requirements of this provision.

Public Works can’t allow this if it’s happening. Nor can anyone else in the City. And who would anyway?

Commercial advertising on street pavement? This also violates 5403(a).




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It was so much fun having adults around


Taking Amanda Marcotte’s advice about how to spend the day today, we remember how Killeen’s on the Mall used to sell these.

The Golden Mall.






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It never ends


It’s fun what you can learn from that **WeLoveBurbank** Facebook page.







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The world’s worst idea


It already does flow.



So what’s the agenda here?

Somebody wants that street property someday? The street easements belong to private interests with big plans? Because you know that if this scheme does end up going in that direction and the streets do get closed off, a street property takeover is what will eventually happen.

No? Anyone else remember “Warner Blvd”?

Or the little transition street that used to be at Pass and Olive?




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Here you go


Hello, Burbank!

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They paid how much for that fancy name?



This is why consultants should be outlawed.






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Burbank can do that to you


It’s been 72 hours.


June 11, 2018

Critical Missing 18-Year-Old Male NR18161dm


Panorama City: The family of Miguel Angel Quintero and detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Mission Area are asking for the public’s help in locating him.

Miguel was last seen on June 8, 2018, around 12:30 p.m., near the intersection of San Fernando Road and Olive Street in the City of Burbank. At some time between 12:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., Miguel returned to his home in the 8600 block of Willis Avenue in Panorama City. He was upset from an incident that occurred earlier in the day. He changed his clothes and left a note stating he was going to go to the mountains and kill himself. Miguel’s family is concerned that he hasn’t been located.

Miguel is described as an 18-year-old male Hispanic with black hair, brown eyes, thin build and medium complexion. He stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs approximately 127 pounds. Miguel’s family stated he could possibly be around Veteran’s Park in Sylmar, and may be wearing a yellow hooded jacket with “Polo Cross Country” or “Pokeman” on it.


If he was last seen at 12:30 p.m. in Burbank, how does anyone know what he did afterwards?

Thanks to celebrity assholes, this suicide talk is going to catch on.


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Who’s going to “make” what?



Staff wants the council this week to divert $270,000 in CDBG funds from capital works to capital projects. This is one of their plans:


3) Community Maker Space – provide for the design of a maker space and purchase of technology equipment at the Central Library. The concept is to provide a location for library patrons to utilize the maker space for professional or recreational purposes that lead to the creation of small businesses. The total funding requested is $70,620.


There’s an unfortunate and quite obvious contradiction here about “recreational” and “creation of small businesses.” That’s not recreational.

Worse, and equally mangled in concept, exactly what are these library patrons going to be making? Is this going to be like the woodshop room at those old “Boys Clubs” they used to have everywhere?

You know it will.

Remember that expensive “Language Lab” fad the schools had back in the 50s and 60s? The only thing the kids got out of it was conjunctivitis and lice from the headphones.




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Those Democrats are making a big mistake by being so vulgar







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Anything to prevent foreign cultures from being polluted by Disney?


Can’t believe we missed this at the time. From the American Chemical Society:


Artificial ‘nose’ sniffs out pollution to protect Disney art on international tour


SAN DIEGO, March 14, 2016 — Original drawings and sketches from Walt Disney Animation Studio’s more than 90-year history — from Steamboat Willie through Frozen — traveled internationally for the first time this summer. This gave conservators the rare opportunity to monitor the artwork with a new state-of-the-art sensor. A team of researchers report today that they developed and used a super-sensitive artificial “nose,” customized specifically to detect pollutants before they could irreversibly damage the artwork.

“Many pollutants that are problematic for human beings are also problematic for works of art,” says Kenneth Suslick, Ph.D. For example, pollutants can spur oxidative damage and acid degradation that, in prints or canvases, lead to color changes or decomposition. “The ability to monitor how much pollution a drawing or painting is exposed to is an important element of art preservation,” he says.


You can’t make this stuff up. Is there a better word available for an irony that goes beyond bone-crushing?


However, works of art are susceptible to damage at far lower pollutant levels than what’s considered acceptable for humans. “The high sensitivity of artists’ materials makes a lot of sense for two reasons,” explains Suslick, who is at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “Human beings are capable of healing, which, of course, works of art cannot do. Moreover, human beings have finite lifetimes, whereas ideally works of art should last for future generations.”


What was it Lenin said about reaching for that pistol?


To protect valuable works of art from these effects, conservators enclose vulnerable pieces in sealed display cases. But even then, some artists’ materials may “exhale” reactive compounds that accumulate in the cases and damage the art. To counter the accumulation of pollutants, conservators often hide sorbent materials inside display cases that scrub potentially damaging compounds from the enclosed environment. But it is difficult to know precisely when to replace the sorbents.


The cultures themselves are dispensable too. And all this anal-ity for what?


To protect works of art, including this image of Disney’s Steamboat Willie, scientists developed an optoelectronic “nose” to sniff out potentially damaging compounds in pollution. – Steamboat Willie, 1928.





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