The two current Landlord-Tenant Commission applicants work in property management


Too funny. We thought we’d bring this up again. Both applicants for tomorrow night’s open LTC slot work in property management.

Both of them, and only them.

So the fact that they may or may not be “renters” in Burbank is irrelevant to the issue at hand, which is proper representation of conflicting interests. Status as a renter doesn’t make anyone an instant tenant advocate, which is what the city clerk is trying to imply that these many “renters” on the Commission indeed are.

The addresses of the two are redacted, and so we don’t know where they actually live in Burbank. But so what. They’re landlords.

What’s really hilarious is that this staff report for tomorrow night is clearly written to rebut the valid points we made last month about LTC improprieties. Nice try.

Btw … are they renters? That would seal one of our points.


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How many of these “renters” work in property management?


Some LTC slots are up for grabs tomorrow night, and staff has this to say about the process:

Please note Ordinance No. 3008 [the establishing law for the Landlord-Tenant Commission] has only been amended once on January 13, 1987, when Council adopted Ordinance No. 3058 (Exhibit B) which renumbered the code.

The Commission has been active for 37 years and meets on the first Monday of every month in the Community Room located in the Burbank Community Services Building. The Commission consists of five (5) members. Of the current four (4) members, 1 is a homeowner and 3 are renters. The homeowner is a landlord for two properties, not in Burbank. The three (3) renters are not landlords. Currently, the Ordinance does not specify how the make-up of the five (5) members shall be.

First point:

1. Until about 2002 or so the LTC  had strict operating rules that required a 2-2-1 tenant/landlord ratio and an investigatory/report policy where one of the reps would be assigned to each complaint. They then had to later report back to the full Commission in writing with whatever the outcome was. These rules though were quietly eliminated about a dozen years ago.

So why was that? And we also clearly recall seeing a different BMC on this topic back in the late 1990s–early 2000s that spelled out the same operating policies. It was back when Victor Wolfe was on the commission.

2. Staff may claim that three of the LTC members are “renters,” but how many of them work in property management? You don’t have to be a “landlord” to represent landlord interests, and the last few years we’ve been seeing almost only LTC applicants from the world of property management.

Such as last month’s open selection for the guy who was recently tossed out for absenteeism. Most property management employees live in apartments now, not houses, and so rental status doesn’t necessarily equate to being on the tenant’s side of a dispute.

It is though a great way to slide landlord interests onto the backs of the supposed tenants. Hey, they’re renters, so don’t worry! Just why are so many of these LTC applications now coming from property management employees?

Years ago much was made by critics that one of the old “tenant” slots on the LTC was held by a woman who was only a tenant because she’d been renting a house from her parents, and that it was a sham appointment because of her clear favoritism towards landlords. So there’s a history here with shady LTC representation in Burbank that isn’t all it seems to be.

This following citation is also misleading. The LTC was originally set up because at least one of the city’s old HUD grants required it, and much was also made of this fact back in the mid-1980s.

Why else would Burbank establish such a tribunal against potential landlord interests? Where do you think we live, Santa Monica or West Hollywood? It wasn’t totally voluntary for Burbank to do so, and it’s nonsense for staff to state such now.

According to the City Council minutes dated December 18, 1979 (Exhibit C), the Landlord-Tenant Voluntary Arbitration Committee was established by the City Council “as a panel to attempt to solve some of the problems of the renters and the landlord.” The makeup of the committee did not distinguish a specific composition.

On July 2, 1985, the City Council formally changed the Committee to the Landlord-Tenant Commission by adopting Ordinance No. 3008 (Exhibit B). The Commission often addresses a wide variety of issues, including conflicts involving property maintenance, repairs, lease disagreements, evictions, rent increases and at times mediate between the landlord and the tenants. The Commission has limited ability to solve all problems unless the issue involves a potential violation of the Municipal Code or other local regulations. However, the Commission can often resolve issues involving property maintenance by referring the complaint to the Code Enforcement Division to determine if a health or safety violation has occurred. 

You know what happens when they do? Inspectors come out to “work” with the landlords. There are rarely any citations.

Where do you think we live?


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No politics, please


A fair sampling of recent Leader headlines:


Screenshot 2016-08-27 at 1.37.33 PM


Screenshot 2016-08-27 at 1.37.10 PM


Screenshot 2016-08-27 at 1.36.41 PM


Screenshot 2016-08-27 at 1.43.09 PM


They all sound like promotional PR releases. There’s nothing conflictual or politically disputatious about any of these issues. And if there were — which there certainly could be — we don’t ever hear about it in the stories.

It’s not like people in Burbank aren’t speaking out about non-crime-related things in town. It’s just that the local paper won’t carry any news of the conflict.

Compare this to the Leader of 15 or 20 years ago.  That paper was almost too bitchy about everything. It literally generated conflict. But nowadays it’s either all happy talk or done-deal time. Rarely is there any note of controversy or conflict or community disagreement.

Political disputes? People complaining about various city or school board policies or actions?

What? You mean it’s happening somewhere in Burbank?






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Hillary finally starts to call out Trump and his supporters for their overt bigotry, and the corporate media suddenly claims “it’s a race to the bottom”


Jesus H. Christ. Trump finally gets countered for his bad behavior by the Dems, and the national news media immediately wrings its hands about how awful both of them are.

Instead of responding to what she’s saying and considering whether her criticisms are valid or not, it’s a pox on them both.

Enough is enough! We just can’t have this any more!



Screenshot 2016-08-26 at 5.21.18 PM




Digby’s right.

This though is standard operating procedure for the American corporate news media: let the GOP get away with ridiculously awful behavior with maybe a bit of negative comment in response; but then as soon as the Democrats as a campaign strategy start to counter these same Republicans by using their own ugly words against them, it’s suddenly how dare they all both drag us into the mud.

Never trust rich people in control, especially when they’re on TV. That’s the clear lesson here. They’re also not very bright either, because that’s not why they were hired.

Screenshot 2016-08-26 at 6.00.37 PM



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A hard-sell effort — masquerading as a “survey” — that not much was said about at the time


In anticipation of that upcoming “informational” brochure the city will be sending out to help inform sell the voters on this ridiculously unnecessary new airport terminal it wants, we thought we’d review the last official sales effort.

The Authority itself performed a telephone survey about four years ago, and from their later published report on it, they initially came up with this alarming response from those Burbankers who were willing enough to answer the phone and not immediately slam down the receiver…


Screenshot 2016-08-25 at 11.23.56 PM


Naturally, this was not very good news for the boosters. The results are way too close for comfort. And so these very same phone survey people then instantly began a sales effort on the respondents in order to get them to change their minds.

The report illustrated the process by this graphic:

Screenshot 2016-08-25 at 11.28.00 PM


And that was it. What they did not do was include the actual sales script/spiel in their report so that we could know exactly what “knowledge” was being imparted to the other end of the line, or how fearsomely apocalyptic full of crap this motivational information was, and with what urgency it was being pushed upon the listener.

Instead, the report quickly glided over to a much more satisfying conclusion just one page away:



Screenshot 2016-08-25 at 11.27.31 PM


That’s quite a change, and we can only imagine what was in the interviewers’ phone script to elicit such a dramatic change of heart in their listeners, and in just a few short minutes. They certainly earned their money.

Now this was basically a push poll anyway, because the report also effectively admits that it was just a promotional effort to get across a desired point of view about the supposed need for a new terminal. There was nothing impartial or objective about this official “survey,” if that’s what they want to call it. It wasn’t news gathering, it was telephone sales, like how hawking toner and copy paper was back in the late 1970s. Remember those ads in the throwaways?

But still.




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We’ll take Kiko’s instead


Or the old Pippity-Pow taco truck that used to sit on SF and Alameda every weekend night.

Guisados Wants to Dominate Downtown Burbank Next

Local taco favorites Guisados just can’t seem to stop opening restaurants. It says a lot about the homegrown company’s product and perseverance in a market already saturated by tacos that owner Armando de la Torre and his son Armando Jr. are willing to drop a fifth location in nearly as many years, this time right in the thick of downtown Burbank.

Signage is up as of yesterday on the space along North San Fernando Boulevard, across from Tender Greens and deep in the suburban core of the neighborhood. The storefront is a former juice shop that’s currently finishing up construction both inside and out, which means that by the end of September guests will be able to mosey in for a sampler platter themselves — or to eat the whole menu.

 Like some of the newest iterations of Guisados, this 2,000 square foot location will also carry beer and wine at some point in the near future. It’s become a strong component of the late evening side of the restaurant, whereas lunch at the other locations in Boyle Heights, Downtown, West Hollywood, and Echo Park have always been top billing.

It figures that Burbank would get a big “taco” place exactly when the bottom is starting to fall out of the taco market.

Don’t tell anyone, but the new thing in this direction is what some in Southern California used to call antojitos — cheap combination plates with tacos, rellenos, tortas, tamales, and enchiladas etc. in any big or small combination. That’s what’s needed.

Tacos? Find a truck. Like La Viagra!
Screenshot 2016-08-24 at 8.50.27 PM

You can grab some Yolanda’s while you’re there.



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It’s showtime


Some people just have to live in Brooklyn.

Screenshot 2016-08-25 at 5.38.42 PM

A wacky woman released a cloud of crickets and urinated on herself in a subway train on the Manhattan Bridge, sending horrified straphangers into a frenzy.

The bizarre incident took place on a Brooklyn-bound D train about 6:05 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

“Woman just let crickets out on the D Train as we went over the Manhattan Bridge,” passenger Ezra Mechaber wrote. “Panic ensued. Someone pulled the E-Brake. Stuck. New York.”

The deranged woman opened and waved around the container of bugs, causing her fellow riders to freak, police said.





Don’t take the D Train.

Notice how it’s always the Black guys who come to the rescue?


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There’s no connection between Agent Orange and ALS. And yet…


According to the American Bar Association’s handbook on the legal aspects of this topic:
Screenshot 2016-08-24 at 3.17.04 PM


Say what?

Local Vietnam veteran posthumously honored

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund recently honored a Burbank veteran and hundreds of others who served in the war but are ineligible to be inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Army Sgt. Sal Silva, a recipient of a Silver Star and a Purple Heart among other medals, died Jan. 28, 2013, from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a disease that developed later in his life after exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, said Silva’s wife, Jeannette.

There were 312 other Vietnam veterans who died after being exposed to the toxic chemical who were honored during the VVMF’s annual In Memory program, which is in its 18th year.

Jeannette Silva said that her husband and many others were ineligible to be immortalized on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial because they all died after the war and not during the conflict…

“The trip was very nice and touching,” Jeannette Silva said about her trip to Washington, D.C. “There were other families there whose husbands, dads, brothers and uncles passed away because of their exposure to Agent Orange.”

Jeannette Silva said that she did not know that Agent Orange was affecting so many veterans and was surprised to find out that her husband’s illness had been caused by the chemical.

“He never took a sick day working for Disney,” she said.

That because it wasn’t caused by Agent Orange — although you’d never know it from this fawning corporate institution we still call “journalism.”

Falsely connecting ALS with Agent Orange is nothing more than a legal gimmee from the highly politicized and fetishized military influence in this country. We know Vietnam vets who actually were directly affected by Agent Orange, and this is a gross insult to them.

It’s one thing for the VA to designate ALS as service-related in order for vets to get treatment, but it’s totally unacceptable for Vietnam War fetishists to be handing out phony celebratory awards and recognitions connecting Agent Orange with the disease. This is an offensive sham.




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Why is there a news blackout on this once-covered story? (updated)

(UPDATE: Turns out what happened is that Persinger filed a lawsuit against the coffee house after those “bathroom” allegations didn’t pan out. In response, the coffeehouse filed an anti-SLAPP action against him as part of their response, claiming that he was improperly retaliating against their protected activity of speaking out and going to the police. The judge agreed and threw out the case, and most likely sanctioned Persinger as well for his “SLAPP.”)

Got this message today. What the hell is going on down there in Magnolia Park, and why are the Burbank police apparently helping this woman out by withholding the “evidence” after the “investigation” into the matter has concluded?

And we’ve got another good question to ask, and which no one else is.

Where is this alleged “surveillance” camera located inside the shop — is it inside the actual bathroom itself? If so, that would explain why no one over there wants to let it out, including their friendly BPD. It would be instant invasion-of-privacy lawsuit time for anyone who’d ever used it.


It’s totally disgusting that Kerry Krull of ” Romancing The Bean” won the malice lawsuit over Ralph at Burbank Antiques.

Her lawyers hit Ralph’s attorney with the SLAPP suit just after the the B.P.D. was subpoena’d? The SLAPP suit froze all information pertaining to the case.

At that point NO ( CD AUDIO TAPE ) or any other information could be added into evidence!

The CD AUDIO tape that was full of lies from Kerry and her manager which were inadmissible because of the her SLAPP suit!!

In the audio CD provided by the BPD after being subpoena’d and recorded by officer ASHLEY JOHNSON and SGT. KENDICKS A.K.A.(KERRY’S COUSIN)?

On the taped interview with officer Ashley Johnson, Kerry stated that she believed Ralph put screws under all her tires behind the Bean to give her multiple flat tires. Then she said Ralph has screamed at her and her employees. Then coming down to her coffee cafe to use her bathroom and take “THE DUMP”!!!!

Also on the CD Kerry stated that Ralph came down to her cafe and asked for a glass of ice water and said he wanted to party with them?

Lastly, she accused him of explicit sexually oriented prank calls to her manager an many hang-up calls? wheres her caller ID?? to prove this OUTRAGEOUS LIE????

Everything KERRY told the officer was a BIG lie after lie after lie!!!!

No wonder the first words out of officer Ashley Johnson ‘s mouth to Ralph that was as recorded on the tape was…..
“I know you did it? Even though I haven’t seen the video tape yet!!!!

Ralph has never stepped foot inside the infamous coffee cafe! Ralph has never spoken to Kerry ( NOT ONE WORD)!!
Also a handful of merchants on” KERRY’S block “,too scared to speak up.

( Yes! Kerry has bulldozed her domain ) they have verbalized quietly and privately to him that they had hoped Ralph would win his case so that Kerry would essentially back off!! ONE guy (a merchant) on the block shook Ralph’s hand and said please get that bitch!!

However the lawsuit needed at least ( ONE WITNESS) to prove her vindictive and MALICE behavior! Even though there were several merchants who have experienced or witnessed her disgusting behavior & wrath, NONE were unwilling to step forward and risk their business. SO…..HE LOST!!!!



One moral of this story is to ALWAYS get a change of court venue on any local legal matter. These area judges are way too friendly and familiar with the local status quo. In most cases you are not going to get a fair hearing.

Although a SLAPP or anti-SLAPP action wouldn’t involve getting into the detailed particulars of a dispute — it’s just a question of malicious reprisal or not — it does raise serious questions why a judge wouldn’t at least want to know if the original complaints on his (or her) part were justified.



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Combined Chaucer, MLA Convention set for local venue


Unfortunately, this year the Dickens and Quiller-Couch societies will be meeting in nearby Saticoy.

We only attract the best, don’t we?


son of monsterpalooza 2016 - v104

Checked on your kids lately? Are they still learning anything?



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Get ’em while they’re young

It has a name!


Now this is odd. Or is it obtuse?

That school/business combine is becoming even more incestuous around here. Imagine the family dinner table conversations on this one:

Overton Moore Properties (“OMP”), the firm that is developing the large parcel adjacent to the Hollywood Burbank Airport called Avion Burbank, approached the District with a plan to introduce students to the careers involved in the project. Mr. Timur Tecimer, the CEO of Overton Moore Properties has proposed what he is calling the A Day on the Job program. He successfully solicited partners and consultants working on the project to participate in the program. The students will be able to tour the various companies involved in the project and have the opportunity to hear from the executives about their individual career paths.

Overton Moore Properties has agreed to serve as the umbrella organization to coordinate activities with District staff and to provide funding for the buses and lunches for the students.

Umbrella organization? So what’s in it for them?

“But Dad, they really need that variance!”

Exactly what kind of high school kid wants to job shadow a bunch of guys in hardhats at a construction site? Movie studios, maybe. What a ridiclously absurd idea.

The following companies have volunteered to participate in the A Day on the Job program:

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 11.20.55 PM


Glamour careers all. The kids are lining up for it at this very moment — we’ve heard that Invesco already has a big waiting list.

The A Day on the Job program would be implemented over a span of two years with approximately two to four field trips per month. OMP hopes to bring in other companies as the program develops. In some cases, the business representatives would visit the Burbank Schools. Once Avion Burbank is under construction, the students will also have the opportunity to visit the job site.

Overton Moore Properties will be the first business to participate in early fall. The partnership, because it involves many different businesses, will provide District students in a variety of career pathways, the opportunity to see potential careers and to ask questions of current executives.

A future as developers?





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If only Orson Welles had had this


Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 6.13.34 PM


Proof indeed that film making is a collaborative conformist art:

China could become the world’s largest movie market as soon as 2017, but many of its screenwriters are still using Microsoft Word to compose scripts.

That is exactly why screenwriter and programmer Guy Goldstein decided to take his WriterDuet software to the Asian country. He saw their use of outdated and clunky software that isn’t even meant for screenwriting — not to mention the hockey-stick growth China’s movie scene has shown in recent years — as a huge opportunity. He also had a big advantage: the main piece of competing software, Final Draft, isn’t compatible with the local language.

“The market is getting bigger and bigger,” Goldstein told TheWrap. “Our competitor, Final Draft, cannot write in Chinese characters. Because of that, they didn’t have the opportunity to sell in China.”

Chinese screenwriters are finding themselves in higher demand lately, as the Middle Kingdom’s surging box office has made it a much more viable career. Chinese actors and actresses are getting raises and studios are even beginning to open their pocketbooks for behind-the-camera talent, although there’s still plenty of “sticker shock,” according to Sky Moore, a partner at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan who’s worked on several U.S.-China entertainment deals.

And in this burgeoning industry, Goldstein said a lot of the filmmakers he met were notably young and successful for their age, and tended to come from upscale backgrounds.

“There are a lot of wealthy parents who have done well to where the children have the opportunity to make films,” Goldstein said. “Some of those people turn out to be extremely talented.”

Hilarious. You’ll never go broke selling fantasy tools to the pampered and privileged.

Goldstein initially developed web-based WriterDuet as a way to make collaboration easier — hence the name — and avoid emailing drafts to writing partners. He built the software from the ground up to make real-time collaboration seamless, and it eventually morphed into a full-blown standalone writing software, which he debuted at South by Southwest in 2013. There’s a limited free version, as well as a Pro version that costs $8 a month or $139 for a lifetime subscription.

After building a substantial user base at home, the exploding film scene in China beckoned — but Goldstein knew he couldn’t go it alone.

“What it largely required was a partner in China,” Goldstein said. “In China, we needed someone on the ground who take care of things we couldn’t do — and most U.S. companies really can’t.”




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Happy Birthday




Here we go:


Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 5.50.03 PM
(To be fair, they also have a couple of other recordings. Not as many as they did 40 years ago, but that’s true of everywhere.

No one has what they had 40 years ago now, do they?)

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Viva San Rocco !










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When they used to grow into their roles





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Protecting their PR buddies


Guess what Times’ headline isn’t showing up in the local Leader?


Screenshot 2016-08-20 at 2.22.35 PM


You’d think to cover the beginning of the story would also motivate you to want to cover the rest of it, no?

Not when it’s embarrassingly bad publicity for one of your main story sources, and when we finally get to see how ridiculously tame the ad is.

These Burbank airport people are clear morons, and so let’s tamp it down.







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Can you imagine the movies and television shows of today making fun like this of businessmen?

Or cops? Or (lord forbid), service comedies that poke fun at our brave men and women in uniform?

It would never happen. And yet, these were common targets of lowbrow satire all through the 1950s and 60s.

Or how about rich people?



What a sick assortment of sacred cows we have in this unctuous, dried up, hypocritical, dishonest, and hard-sell culture of ours. How did it ever get this way?

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OMG !!!


This is what Burbank is censoring:


Screenshot 2016-08-20 at 2.34.15 PM


Yes. You’ve got to be fucking kidding.

Still trust this stupid crowd? They’re an embarrassment.





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The precious, sensitive darlings


Burbank looking like an ass again.


Screenshot 2016-08-20 at 2.22.35 PM


The government panel that runs Bob Hope Airport in Burbank said an ad for a series of Mariah Carey concerts in Las Vegas needed “more coverage.” The ad will run, starting Monday, at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana.

What Carey should do is sue this “government panel” for rank and illegal First Amendment censorship. The bad publicity will doom this little upcoming election of theirs.

It’d be a smart move for her.




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