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January 23, 2017 · 10:33 am

You can’t serve two masters

Someone might want to ask our council members this week why it is that they won’t allow their own board and commission members to serve in dual roles by virtue of an express ordinance, but the same prohibition doesn’t apply to  them. Even ethically.

Rogers wants to explore the idea of appointing council members to the airport commission. Since commission members have a legal, ethical, and fiduciary responsibility to oversee the operations of the airport, what happens when the needs of that institution conflict with those of the City of Burbank?

Which one wins out? 

Here’s an idea for this week’s Charter Commission meeting. Instead of allowing staff to spoon feed you their own laundry list of amendments and wishlist goodies, why don’t you come up with one that bans council members from being on the airport commission? Put it to a vote.

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Sorry staff, but property managers are indeed “landlords.”

Big council meeting this week.

One of the items of interest tomorrow night is the selection of a new Landlord-Tenant Commission member. Staff says in their report that of the four current LTC members, only one is a “landlord.” The others they say are “renters” who are not, they claim, landlords.

Not true. Several of those same “renters” work in property management:


Their day job is to represent the interests of landlords. To maintain balance, the council thus needs to appoint a true tenant advocate to this position. Those others are not.

Renter status does not automatically deem one a tenant advocate. Why does staff play such evasive games with the council? You’d think they were on the landlord’s side. 

They also claim that the LTC membership rules haven’t been changed since the mid-1980s ordinance, but they were. There used to be a membership balance requirement and a mandatory written report on each questionnaire/complaint to be filed by the individual commission member chosen to handle it.

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Every Wednesday

But, no more.



Here’s the New York Times correcting itself in an old article about the Voice. Hilarious.

Correction: An article yesterday about plans by The Village Voice to begin free distribution in Manhattan misspelled the surname of a longtime contributor. He is Jules Feiffer, not Pfeiffer. It also misspelled the given name of the poet who was among the paper’s early contributors. He is Allen Ginsberg, not Allan. An article on Thursday about plans by The Village Voice to begin free distribution in Manhattan referred imprecisely to another Greenwich Village weekly, The Villager. While it was overshadowed after the founding of The Voice in 1955, it continues to appear; it has not ceased publication.

What’s in a name, eh? Or, not knowing about where you live and work, or what’s been up for the last 40 years.

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Trump’s nasty. So why is being “nasty” a good thing?


If you want to see why Democrats lose big elections, one look at today’s Washington, D.C. protest will explain it.

Most of the speakers are dumb and incoherent, the issues are self-pitying and marginalizing, and but for Michael Moore there’s little if any talk about economic disenfranchisement.

Where are our great satirists these days to help keep people sensible? Are there any?





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January 20, 2017 · 1:14 pm

Clean the swamp!



From now on it’s just lectures and cantatas. Fuck politics and fuck people.


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The guy should have put on a dress.

The Office of the Pardon Attorney has announced President Obama has denied clemency to imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier. Peltier is a former member of the American Indian Movement who was convicted of killing two agents during a shootout on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1975. He has long maintained his innocence.

Amnesty International condemned the decision.

As we saw in his remarks last night about how “the world isn’t going to end,” Obama’s too-cool-for-school schtick leads to nowhere. This is the same mediocrity who for the first four years of his presidency refused to use the “R” word when it came to blaming Congress for its intransigence.

They rolled him then, and because they got away with it they rolled the rest of the country in November. Hillary was right when she ran against him back in 2008: he’s no match for what he will be up against.

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More info here.


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Market Solutions are the way to go



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What’s in a name?


This is always hilarious to read about.

Hollywood Burbank Airport will soon be gearing up to take its rebranding efforts to the next level.

David Freedman, the airport’s director of business, property and administrative services, told commissioners in the operations and development committee on Tuesday that he and his staff are finalizing a few key elements for the second phase of the rebranding project.

During their Feb. 6 meeting, committee members will be reviewing the next steps of getting the airport’s new name out to the public. Caltrans, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the city of Burbank have all been contacted to change the signage on the freeways and streets to reflect Hollywood Burbank Airport instead of Bob Hope Airport, Freedman said.

Like how in the world does that help anything or anyone?

This past May, the Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena Airport Authority voted to change the airfield’s branding name from Bob Hope Airport to Hollywood Burbank Airport as a way to attract more travelers east of the Colorado Rockies. However, the legal name of the facility remains Bob Hope Airport.

There’s no such things as a “branding name.” So what’s the airport’s name?

Where too is “Hollywood Burbank,” and why the Hollywood reference? Why not Pasadena? It’s closer.


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Let the shitstorm begin






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The sad thing is that she’s not much different than so many school administrators these days.

Ever heard some of them philosophize about how MakerSpaces work?




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Republicans are the flakes of the world


And the media insists on treating them like they’re the adults in the room.

Always have.



Remember when they actually were sometimes?

Btw, it’s been almost a week now, and each of the institutional news sources in Burbank is still completely ignoring the BHS abusive text messages story.

We’ve heard that the Talamantes-run “City of Burbank!” Facebook site is actually going out of its way to censor and remove any mention of it.

Protecting the protected. What are they going to do when the BUSD gets hit with a federal or state (or both) consent order about it? Ignore that action as well?



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So how come Burbank hasn’t done this?


You know why?

It’s because they don’t want to know.



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Three months ago, MyBurbank ran a 1,000+ word puff piece about “Carroll’s Cookoff.” But they refuse to cover the news of Carroll’s abusive text messages


It must depend upon whose Burbank you’re talking about when you decide to put a “My” in front of your articles.

Not too long ago this same outfit ran another one of those insipid Joyce Rudolph stories about some singing chili festival that the BHS Vocal Music Association put on for its fans and boosters.

Parents with the Vocal Music Assn. cook up two varieties of chili — meat and vegetarian. Guests pile in shoulder to shoulder at tables in the lunch shelter while students take to the risers and perform Western songs like “Oklahoma”, “Buttons and Bows” and “Don’t Fence Me In”. In between numbers, small groups of students assigned to tables take orders then serve up salad, chili and cornbread along with lemonade or soft drinks. And let’s not forget the brownies and chocolate chips cookies for dessert.

Or the donkeys. Something fun for everyone.

So last week we challenged the founder of MyBurbank to cover this latest blockbuster story about Carroll’s abusive text messages regarding some of those same “kids,” which is now subject to several formal complaints with government agencies.

A tradition for several years, the event affords students several lessons, said choir Director Brett Carroll.

“It’s a good learning opportunity for us because we have been doing some of the pieces every year which is great because the older kids can help mentor the younger kids and it makes it very exciting for the new kids to get to instantly make relationships with the older kids which is awesome,” he said.

Uh-huh. Waiting on tables full of check-writers.

Here’s what we got in response from MyBurbank:

Lastly, I’m sorry that you would rather see me write about something at BHS that affect a few instead of the upcoming elections that will affect all. I guess I came to the wrong place.

It’s nothing but shill-ville here in Burbank, that’s what is is. Both this and the $50,000 illegal bequest to the airport boosters prove that the city and school district lack competent leadership. Who else wouldn’t see that these particular interest groups and local partisans for instance are chock full of problems?

Just one look at those VMA shows and none of this is a surprise. So where are the reporters?




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How come not Chicano Studies? Or a real academic class?


Some offering.


High school students in Glendale and parts of LA by the way have access to many other college classes than this. Their districts have consortium agreements with the various JCs.

Burbank hems and haws on this obvious student need, and has always been jonny-come-lately about it. Glendale’s been letting their kids go to college part-time for years. We long ago questioned Burbank about this discrepancy in policy, and were only met with silence.

Burbank’s offerings are inadequate, and have long been so.




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Honky Chateau






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