The Leader makes a funny

Among Dan Evans’ jokey predictions about Burbank and Glendale after the elections, this one draws blood:

– In other Burbank Council news, Rogers will have an amusing anecdote published in the Reader’s Digest section “All in a Day’s Work” in February 2016, allowing him once again to refer to himself as a working journalist.

Ouch. No love lost there, eh?

Hopefully Rogers can refrain from his bad habit of wanting to confute people for being the fools for whom he cannot not suffer gladly. Or at least not attack the people that he knows are right– and who he agrees with.




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Documented nonsense — but Applebaum continues to let the cat out of the bag

From KPPC’s website yesterday:

In 2011 former L.A. Unified Superintendent John Deasy hired Hill to push initiatives such as the massive iPads for students project and the district’s new student data system, know as MiSiS. Both projects encountered serious setbacks. But the Burbank school board liked what Hill said he’d done to fix the problems.

“I’m very excited because he has an exceptional skill set that dovetails with what Burbank’s needs are right now,” Applebaum said.

What does that mean? Just what are Burbank’s needs? Universal iPads? Contracting out services? Results-based teacher evaluations?

Specifics, anyone?

We’re also going to ask this basic question again, because as of yet no one has. Is the Broad Foundation helping to pay this guy’s salary in any way?

If so — and we  deeply suspect that they are, or that some kind of quiet deal has been made with Burbank — it would easily explain,

1) The board’s terrifically hostile and defensive behavior the other night during their meeting,

2) Their obvious siege-like mentality and lack of forthright explanations about the hire,

3) The fact that they’re paying an inexperienced administrator like Hill such a large sum of money, much more than Jan Britz is now getting, and,

4) Their need and desire to engage in such general secrecy about this action.

The Broad Foundation has been paying Matt Hill’s LAUSD salary for years, and so it makes no sense that someone in the chain of negotiations would not have approached them about Burbank. It would be the natural and logical thing to do.

Such a decision on the part of our school board would of course require formal noticing on one of their official minutes. That’s because it would have been part of their decision and vote. Failure to do so would constitute a clear violation of the Brown Act that could be attached to the other earlier allegations coming from the BTA.

But does anyone honestly think that our BUSD school board would ever admit to such a controversial move? Now of all times?

Here’s one of the fundamental rules of life: whenever you see people going out of their way to generate such a tremendous amount of outrage over being questioned about something — such as what we saw our school board do the other night — it always means they’re hiding something.


mr natural




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It’s been a long week



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The people in charge (updated)

From the LA School Report, April 17, 2015:

Among the many complaints expressed by teachers last night is a fear that Hill, with his ties to the Broad Foundation and other so-called education reformers, will help usher in an era of charter school proliferation and strive to weaken the teachers union.

Those are claims Applebaum, a nine-year veteran on the board, dismisses.

“We have great, high-achieving schools in out district and charter school operators won’t be interested in coming here because they won’t get any of our students,” he said.

From the Burbank Leader, June 13, 2014:

According to the petition, the [Giligia] charter aims to serve students in the greater Burbank community from kindergarten through the twelfth grade, and strive to make students college- and career-ready and able to compete in a global economy.

Parents who filled City Hall chambers supporting the charter erupted in cheers and applause when all school board members voted in support of the charter. The item will go before them again on July 17 for final approval.

“I will support this and wish you all the best of luck,” said school board member Larry Applebaum.

Still trust ’em?


Somebody just pointed out a fact that was evaded this week by the school board, and which we’d forgotten about. Burbank HAS a charter school already. It’s not a town immune to the impulse.

Options for Youth is chartered out of the BUSD, not Pasadena as we had once thought. So Applebaum’s doubly full of it.


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The aggrieved business class

They’re just treated so unfairly!

“It hurt. Trust me it hurt to be here tonight,” Hill told the board.

“People knocked me and said I wasn’t good enough; The same arguments people have been making across the country saying teachers aren’t good enough. I, personally am sick of it,” he said.

“But I still have the conviction that here in Burbank we’re going to something things differently. We’re going to accept somebody that has a different background that can lead and work together with a team. We’re going to see somebody with a business background work with the unions and change the national narrative.”

You have to be a certain type of perverse personality to compare your six-figure job plight and on-the-run reputation problem with that of workaday teachers in the classroom. But then, that’s why these guys get paid the big money. They have no shame.

And congratulations Burbank. You’re now a national narrative-changing laboratory. Have fun.

Two questions that were never answered:

1) Why specifically did the Burbank School Board choose this candidate over all the others? What do they want out of him?

2) Is the Broad Foundation (or anyone else) helping to pay his salary?




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The typical Burbank cant and stupidity

The shills cometh.

If last night’s school board meeting didn’t convince you that the people who are running this town are a pack of incompetent phonies, the following comment posted on Diane Ravitch’s blog will leave no doubt:


A witness

This evening Burbank teachers made a display of prejudice and hatred against a man they knew little about, other than his association with the Broad Foundation. This week teachers lectured their students, about the evils of schools privitization, handed out flyers to children and scared them into imagining that their beloved schools were going to collapse if this terrifying man came to Burbank. Their manipulation of children crossed ethical lines as educators. The hysteria they generated was unprecedented in our community, based on rumor and innuendo, hearsay and accusations. Those few who actually spent time with the individual in question had to agree, he was a good man, “friendly and open” as noted by a previous comment, and not the devil incarnate. Here’s the thing – to teach we must have an open mind. To learn we must pay attention. To be human we must show compassion. The display of hostility at the school board meeting was shameful, embarrassing and did little more than destroy life long relationships. And that’s not a lesson to teach our children. He was hired, but not until after the damage was done. And truth to tell, none of it was his fault.


Yes, we owe it to “Matt” to help him foster his career. He’s a good man and that’s what counts. Plus, he goes to church and he wants to live in Burbank.

That’s the level of argument this stupid town is at these days.

Anyone can see that this guy is a nightmare hire, out of his league at best, and the more it became apparent last night the more the school board members and their defenders tried to change the subject and lash out at the critics. They know the BTA is right and that they fucked up royally on this one, but the realization only galvanized this gang of five into barricading themselves even more behind their wall of phony sanctimony and outrage.

They’re also liars, too; about Dave Aponik and his work history, about why they really hired this candidate from the private sector world, about how they hid the selection until the very last moment, about how they made false statements on their agendas about what was transpiring in secret behind the scenes, and especially about their newly inspired ideology to want to keep up with the educational Joneses of the world. It’s no wonder that they don’t want to talk about any of this; it’s much easier to change the subject and get high and mighty about someone else’s alleged deportment instead. And then be wrong about it!

Yes, last night was an outrage, but it had nothing to do with the BTA and the critics. Kemp alone was disgusting and senseless, as well as a rank liar and hypocrite. It’s a nasty group we have up there on the dais — yes, it is — and it’s been this way for years. They’re stupid, they’re uneducated, they’re hamfisted in how they deal with the public, they’re unused to any kind of real criticism, and they’re retaliatory as hell. The last time we had a decent board member was Paul Krekorian.

For years these school boards have been getting away with murder in their behavior and bad judgment because no one’s been looking after them (or their advisers) since the late 90s, at least in any kind of real political or critical sense. It’s because most of us got very tired of doing so.

But that will be ending. The stakes are now too high.


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Let’s talk about Dave Aponik

Yeah, ok board members, let’s talk about Dave.

— When Dave Aponik was hired in as superintendent he had at least 12 years of experience with the BUSD, and about half of it as assistant superintendent.

— Contrary to what was said tonight — that he was “not an educator,” he in fact was indeed. He had substantial experience in curriculum, testing, counseling, and dealing with the highest level of certificated personnel matters. He was not just a “psychologist.”

— He was not as “beloved” as some people now try to claim he was. Tell that to David Bayer, Keiko Hentell, Bill Kuzma, or Tim Buchanan. Etc. He had a lot of faults (in particular his unattractive sycophancy), but he was vastly better than his predecessor, and he also respected the employee unions, which was a total new one for Burbank.

— Dave would never have allowed the board fiasco that we saw tonight. He would not have tolerated the board repressively blaming everyone else for their troubles tonight. He would have stepped in and changed the subject pronto, at least for the sake of decorum.

There is no comparison with this present selection, whose inaugural speech tonight after getting the job was as rambling as it was nightmarish.  We’re going to be changing the national debate here or something? Lead together? Get things done for students?

What does that mean? Are we some kind of troubled, reformatory lab experiment?

Yes, we are. We are now.

Btw– there was some insinuation from the board members tonight that Superintendent Britz had an involvement with this new hire, or somehow with the process. They kept talking about what a good job she’d helped to do.

If so, isn’t that illegal? Isn’t it against the rules for the old super to be involved with helping to hire the new one? They can’t be involved at all, in any fashion.


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Now Applebaum’s accusing the teachers of “academic dishonesty”

Someone needs to explain to this guy that cutting and pasting opinion statements from elsewhere en masse is not “plagiarism,” it’s a long accepted form of levying your opinion as a group effort.

The point of doing so is not to create original statements, but to make a point in numbers. The position is the same.

Applebaum actually said that many of the critical emails he received from people about Hill were of this nature, this copying, and that if “the kids” did something like this they’d be expelled.

Are these board members for real? Do they know what protest is? Do they even know what the Broad Foundation is? Do they realize that they owe allegiance to the teachers as well?

And do they always have to hide behind “the kids” whenever they screw up, or are about to?

What kind of group psychosis goes on in those secret boardroom meetings? We see this all the time with our Burbank school boards. The absolute arrogance of these people, bolstered always by an ignorance and lack of sophistication that really has to be seen to be believed. Who the hell are their advisers and attorneys?

Ideologues, obviously, and leading them by the nose. We’ve seen that, too.

So fuck this school board’s “disappointment” in their employees. They’re the ones with the clear problem. Matt Hill is a terrifically bad and problematical  hire and anyone can see it. It’s a no brainer.


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Dave Kemp, racist lunatic

Here’s another little story about Dave Kemp.

Back in the late 70s when the BTA actually did things like go on strike (those were the days), Kemp and his wife — both Burbank teachers — received a substantial amount of money from the union’s strike fund in order to get by. So much for his gratitude and sensitivity today. Let alone fidelity.

His behavior tonight was — how can we put it? — about as nutty and purposeless as anything we’ve ever seen in those council chambers. Nobody knows how he’s gonna vote? Then it must be some other guy talking to the papers.

Kemp is a major asshole — and after tonight, an ex-board member lunatic — and this is an absolutely terrible hire. Anyone can see it.

BTW– if we hear one more person talk about “doing it for the kids” as a reason to keep quiet we’re going to scream the Scream Heard Around the World. This kind of piety is all so god damn phony and evasive.

The BTA has NOTHING to feel bad about tonight. They’re betraying the board members by not going along with Hill, as Ted Bunch says? Are these board members for real? Bunch used to be a BIG union guy, and now he comes off as a major repressive type. He’s just defiant in his contempt for this very legitimate BTA position.

And apparently they all are, especially Applebaum. What thin skins they have tonight, and how fascist they are in their response. How DARE you teachers defy our decision!

Recall people. Recall. If these board members are acting this way in public– so averse to community and employee opinion, so blind to logic — then just IMAGINE what they must be like behind the scenes.

Now wonder they violate the Brown Act.




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Go to the sandbox

The Burbank School Board got an interesting visitor tonight about the Matt Hill job.

[We’ll go into it a bit later what a lunatic “Coach” Kemp is acting like tonight with his odd and legally dubious podium meltdown speech. We’ve always detested the guy — and we knew him 45 years ago when he was a loud and racist Black-hater in front of the kids. He thinks too that this is a “mob mentality” tonight? Or that we “don’t know how he’s going to vote”? He’s a clear asshole and we tried to warn people about him years ago when he first ran for the school board.]

About 30 minutes into the oral communications segment an LAUSD employee of Hill’s suddenly appeared to speak. Her comments have to be heard to be believed — it’s the most fun we’ve seen at a BUSD meeting since back when Keiko Hentell sent a process server dressed as a cheerleader down to drop subpoenas on a couple of the recalcitrant board members who’d been hiding out from the courts. Boy were they surprised.

Hill’s unctuous comments during the Tuesday afternoon “open forum” were also enjoyable. He was born premature, believes in God, and wants his kids to live in Burbank. Sign him up!

We’re going to ask this question again. How much money is Burbank getting from the outside for this contract?

Not to believe the Board on this — what with their lack of transparency about the deal, who would? — both the BTA and CSEA unions need to send their forensic accountants down and examine the books if this guy actually gets hired. It makes no sense that the Broad Foundation and the outside hiring consultants and lawyers wouldn’t come up with some kind of subsidy deal here to sweeten the pot.

You think the Board’s gonna tell us if they have? Now? They kept everything else secret as long as they could.

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Is the Broad Foundation going to be paying Matt Hill’s salary?

Why not? They’ve been paying his way all through the LAUSD — and through much of Oakland we hear. They might as well get something out of the deal.

This is such an aggressively hamfisted decision on the part of our Burbank board members that there just has to be some kind of secret financial payoff somewhere. The critics from elsewhere are certainly suggesting this possibility as a likely motive behind the hire.

At the very least, the BUSD would be stupid not to demand this of Broad. He’s gotta find a place for one of his boys after this last fiasco in LA.

If not, people need to check how quickly Applebaum engages in some big remodeling of his house. Kemp too. Nothing else explains those two and the others’ stupidity with his hire.


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Required reading

And viewing:



A great article right here about what misguided lunatics our school board members are.

Applebaum in particular– his comments are frightening. He admits what we’ve known for years too, that he wants results-based teacher evaluations and more crap technology in the classrooms. Just like the big boys.

So it’s ideological indeed, this choice. The only real “longstanding issues” we’ve had in Burbank is foolish leadership.

Be sure to read the comments.

Diane Ravitch is on the story as well. Good comments too.


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BUSD won’t put the contract online (updated)

It’s a case of, “Too bad, suckers.

Transparency? What’s that?”

Recommendation: Dr. Roberta Reynolds, President of the Board of Education, will facilitate a discussion of the finalist’s qualifications and provide an overview of the terms of the proposed employment contract leading to a vote to approve the contract. Copies of the proposed agreement will be available at the April 16 regular Board of Education meeting.

This is clear bad faith. There’s no excuse for them refusing to post the superintendent’s contract as part of the agenda package a few days before the meeting. They just don’t want to — just like they (and their attorneys) don’t want the newly elected school board to be making this important decision.

The only document they provide right now is the staff report summary. They could easily have attached the proposed contract for Hill.

None of this was properly noticed either, and so the BTA’s lawyers are absolutely correct. The board members cannot ever meet together in secret unnoticed and then refuse to divulge what it is they’ve been doing, let alone the vote outcome.

The application period closed on February 20, 2015, at which time 18 potential candidates were identified during the paper screening process. On February 27, the Board of Education held a meeting to select those candidates whom the Board and search firm felt exemplified the majority of the qualifications sought in the next Superintendent. Five candidates were selected and brought forward to interview with the Board during all-day meetings held March 14 and 15. As a result of those interviews, a finalist was chosen. 

We strongly urge the BTA to immediately commence legal action against the Burbank School Board for these serious violations of the Brown Act. This has happened before with the BUSD. It’s become a bad habit with them from the days when they first allowed Dick Currier to darken their doorway.

Where the hell are the newly elected board members on this? They like their power being usurped? They should be down there raising hell tonight.

Stop this hire.

From the Open Records Act:

Under Section 6254.8 of the CPRA, every public employment contract between a state or a local agency and any public official or public employee is a public record. Cal. Gov’t Code § 6254.8; see Priceless, 112 Cal. App. 4th at 1517-18 (holding this provision did not apply to compel individualized salary information of most classified civil service employees because their employment is pursuant to statute not contract). – See more at:

This already approved contract should have been made part of the agenda package for tonight’s board meeting —- days ago. Not just pulled out at the meeting.





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Keeping up with 21st-century technology

What with the imminent arrival of this latest school superintendent from the outside, we’re all going to have to learn to adjust to the big and exciting new changes that will be going on in our classrooms and the world. The stale old methods of the past just won’t do any more.

The future is truly limitless.

Remember, it’s always for the kids. The learning of the future is here today.


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Back to his old self

Will Rogers should get on his hands and knees and thank us and everyone else who harped and harped and harped about Christopher John Rizzotti’s refusal to repudiate his local leadership role in the clearly anti-gay Young Life group.

In a progressive place like Southern California this issue was clearly the deciding factor in R’s defeat, and if it hadn’t come up over and over again Will would be looking at a third-place showing behind Emily Gabel-Luddy.

Instead, we get this pious piece of crap from him today on his website:

I’m a voter, and have been for almost 40 years. I know how fragile that trust can be, and how often I’ve found mine was seriously misplaced. There is so much cynicism and bitterness about the people we elect to public office, I simply will not contribute to reinforcing or feeding that cynicism for others.

My thanks also go to the other candidates, through both the Primary and General Election processes. While it surely frustrated those whose job performance is now apparently judged by on-line “clicks,” and those who routinely conflate scandalous accusations and name-calling with a passionate debate of the issues, every candidate did their part to make this easily one of the most civil contests between candidates in recent memory.

Go fuck yourself Will. There isn’t anyone in Burbank who engaged in as much ad hominem scandal mongering as you did back when you thought it would have some effect. The last two weeks of the final McConkey campaign are a perfect example. Or your ridiculous and odious comments about him after his death.

All piety aside, you owe most of your victory to the Young Life controversy. Your friends Golonski and Loutensock were also very much onto this issue as well, especially the latter. It was completely legitimate. So it’s false and hypocritical for you to be tsk-tsking about those who you think are below you when it comes to a sense of ethics and decency.

Will’s obviously back to his old phony self. We were warned this would happen, too. It’s going to be fun taking him down a couple of pegs. It won’t be hard.


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He’s just a home-spun technocrat, that’s all

Today’s Leader article about the new hire being foisted on the district by their lame-duck school board makes it sound like the guy just wants to settle down to a nice little genteel pre-retirement job some place warm and cozy. No, he’s not about big change, he’s about Burbank!

But don’t be fooled. This was an ideological move pure and simple. He’s being hired in to drive this school district of ours kicking and screaming into someone else’s nightmare version of the 21st century. He’s also what happens when you let management search services pick your people for you. It’s always going to be about business and business ideology.

So let’s do a little review. Every time our school board has pawned this super selection task off on others it’s been a total disaster. Here’s a rundown:

— The first time in our memory that a search firm actually picked a Burbank superintendent was after a reactionary anti-labor early-80s school board allowed Dick Currier and Littler Mendelsohn to basically take over the district’s personnel functions. The result was the lackluster and definitely out-of-his-element Wayne Boulding, who lasted about 2 1/2 years. Oh, and there was something else. Madeline Hunter, anyone?

— With that success under their arm, the same board membership then hired a search firm to “look all over the country” for a suitable replacement. What they came up with was the disastrous Art Pierce. Another proud provincial (this time from “Bah Harbor”),  he’d never let you forget that he wasn’t from Burbank. And it showed.

It was under Pierce that Burbank commenced its awful and unnecessary program of “reconfiguration,” a useless scheme (at best it was useless — at worst it was a sleazy property sales plan) which instantly increased the size of our high schools by 25 percent. Which then of course necessitated the expenditure of giant sums of money in order to create a bigger place for all the new crowd. It also threw our younger kids into the junior highs, which they then renamed to sound better.

— Temporarily coming to their senses, as soon as Pierce was booted out the board members then  picked in-house Dave Aponik to take over. Though he had no teaching experience, we do think that Dave did have an administrative credential along with extensive background in district personnel and educational counseling matters. He was a successful replacement, basically, and leagues above Pierce when it came to dealing with people.

— Perhaps knowing that they were on to a good thing by going it alone, the board then picked one of Dave’s assistants to replace him. Bowman gets more plaudits for his performance than we’d give him, but at he least kept the district afloat with a minimum of angst and ideology.

— A management search service picked his replacement, another guy who had no experience in a metropolitan school district. He lasted only a year. He was also professionally undercut when the board first told him to be a hardass change agent and then hung him out to dry when all hell broke loose. You can blame Applebaum for that fiasco.

— His successor was also selected by outsiders for pay. He lasted not much longer than his predecessor. Apparently he was most excited about moving  to Burbank from Visalia because he said  his son wanted to get into show business and so he thought it would be a perfect way to stay near him. He quickly moved off to the Sierra foothills and barely said good bye.

— Jan Britz was then brought in as a semi-temporary interim type, later made permanent. A BUSD veteran, she’s worked out pretty well we hear. A traditionalist, Britz has gone out of her way to keep the more lunatic versions of modern educational technology out of our classrooms. No management search firm there.

So what’s the moral here? Hire within, Burbank.

BTW, speaking of Dick Currier and the BUSD, the council’s own Will Rogers wrote a good piece years ago about what he was all about.

But Will only touched the tip of it. If Currier was that perverse about the Brown Act, you can only imagine what he was like behind the scenes.


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Fronnie gets it wrong again

Considering that this is from the same local blogger who thought that the critical hub-bub surrounding Christopher J. Rizzotti’s leadership role in an anti-gay organization was a lot of nonsense (forgetting of course what it would be like if you substituted banning Blacks for gays), this shouldn’t surprise us today.

For some reason Fronnie now also thinks it was perfectly OK for the city clerk and City of Burbank to go of their way to avoid implementing the new “election day” voting requirements of SB 29…

It’s Election Day in Burbank and there’s some chatter on the Internet about how recent additions to the California Elections Code requires city officials to extend the mail-in only ballot deadline. Don’t believe it. Yesterday Burbank City Clerk, Zizette Mullins, sent out this response to all the questions, conspiracy theories, and whatever else is being batted around as fact.

Fronnie goes on to cite the city clerk’s ridiculously question-begging letter to us here about how Burbank made no effort to get the new rules in place before this current election season.  She then repeats the heart of their legal argument:

As a charter city, Burbank is allowed by the state constitution to establish its own election dates, deadlines, rules, and procedures. Burbank is not bound by the California Elections Code. In other words, a charter city’s control over municipal affairs, including elections, trumps state law.

If Burbank did not have its own charter, it would be a “general law” city required to follow state law on municipal affairs like elections. The city council may vote to include new provisions from the state code into Burbank’s Elections Code. However, that’s something that isn’t going to happen overnight. Here’s what Mullins had to say about it…

If only it were that easy.  So tonight we wrote Fronnie back with this:

Sorry Fronnie, but charter cities only have sole jurisdiction when it comes to issues where there are no “statewide” or Constitutional concerns — such as vote count and voter enfranchisement. They can’t just do anything they want.

That’s one reason why our neighboring charter cities of Glendale and Pasadena quickly amended their rules to account for SB 29 and the new three-day postmark allowance. And why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t anyone?

The fact that Burbank ignored this very serious and quite fundamental change in the law raises serious questions. It makes no sense to toss out a vote that was cast on election day, and it’s incomprehensible to me how anyone can defend such an action. It was for this very reason that the signing of SB 29 was welcomed all over the state – it remedied a mail-vote problem that had been noticed for years.

As to “conspiracies,” someone or another at city hall made the deliberate decision to make it difficult for last-minute voters to have their votes counted in Burbank. The reason? They didn’t want last-minute voting.

Why not? I cited an excellent reason from the past, and I suspect that if people had been allowed to vote per SB 29 during this election today then Juan Guillen would have done much better.

Makes more sense than disenfranchising votes we say. And again, how in the world can anyone defend the City of Burbank discouraging or even ignoring mail votes cast from the 9th to the 15th?

They had plenty of time to do the right thing, but — as often happens around here — they didn’t want to. And then they lie about it.



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Fewer managers, more educators



Btw, here’s one of his cronies from “Great Schools”:

That’s because you keep testing them!

And then convince them to be frantic over the results. This corporate crowd of hucksters and intellectual property brokers has got to go. None of this has anything to do with real education.

The programs these characters come up with are all designed to foster the same kind of child. College and career ready! Their overriding ideology is as corrupt and conformist as hell.

Among the other achievements listed on this guy’s C/V is his board leadership of something called “The Mandarin Institute.” For real.

Lord, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like Dickens everywhere. The irony’s gone positively psychotic with all of the ignorant, nutcase, pejorative connotations (like Mandarin of all things). And these are the people who are running the show.

Full Definition of MANDARIN

a : a public official in the Chinese Empire of any of nine superior grades
b (1) : a pedantic official (2) : bureaucrat
c : a person of position and influence often in intellectual or literary circles; especially : an elder and often traditionalist or reactionary member of such a circle.

Fools. These people are FOOLS! And they’re really ruining things…

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What did the BUSD ever do to deserve this?

Like we told you, this is what happens when you rely upon management search services to pick your employees.

Burbank is not a large and troubled district just ripe for whatever kind of “reform” is currently in fashion. It’s basically a happy place full of productive teachers and kids with good test scores. So what’s going on here? This is clearly an ideological move from somewhere.

The guy also had to get out of Dodge quick, what with those big problems in LA this past fall with the missing iPads and database fubar. So we get him?

From the BTA president, a memo yesterday to all teachers:

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, remember tomorrow (Tuesday, April 14th) is the last day to drop off your ballot at the City Clerk’s office in City Hall at 925 E. Olive Ave. This last week has proven that a teacher-friendly school board is vitally important.

Never in my time as president have I been so concerned about a decision by the BUSD Board of Education as I am about their choice of LAUSD’s Matt Hill as their top choice for Superintendent, and we have been through A LOT. Attached is a flyer that will be in your boxes very soon. I had to quickly call in our site reps to pick them up and distribute them, so I am sending it again here to be sure that everyone receives it.

In brief, Matt Hill has never been a teacher, principal, or even worked at a school site. He has no curriculum or HR experience. Matt Hill played a significant role in the iPad and MiSiS scandals in LAUSD. For the past 10 years, his salary has been paid for by the Broad Foundation, which is responsible for turning public schools into charter schools. BUSD is an island, surrounded by a sea of charter schools, so it is no mystery why a “Broadie” would be interested in us. It is only a matter of time until he will bring in more of his network to replace our staff.

There is a town hall meeting TOMORROW (which was called this afternoon) at 3:30 PM in the Burroughs auditorium. If you can come, please do! Ask the tough questions.

All BTA and community members are encouraged to email the board, call the district and attend the School Board meeting at 6:00 in City Hall this Thursday to let the Board know that BUSD deserves an experienced, highly qualified and scandal-free superintendent. None of these apply to Matt Hill.

Please wear black to show our solidarity.

There’s still time to reverse this horrible decision. A lame duck school board has no business picking a new superintendent in the first place. Let the new members do it– the BUSD has had many periods of time in its past where there was either an interim super. or none at all. There’s no rush.



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