It’s official



Whatever works.








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Fuck. You. All.





Dream on. There will be a Trump nomination by the end of next week. Whatever works.

There goes everything.





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This is why people hate cops


Fuck ’em.  Fuck ’em all.



You don’t think half the Burbank police force would act the same way if they could get away with it?

And who in city hall would do anything about it?

Oh that’s right. There’s no mask rule in Burbank.





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Whatever works





Use the football stadium to vote.





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The idea of a socialist running for Burbank City Council is just so great



Anything to tweak these clowns.



This guy’s done more for the public dialog than the last four city councils combined.





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This is straight from QAnon



The decline continues.





It’s hopeless, isn’t it.



“No More Lockdown

No more lockdown

No more government overreach

No more fascist bullies

Disturbing our peace

No more taking of our freedom

And our God given rights

Pretending it’s for our safety

When it’s really to enslave

No more lockdown

No more threats

No more Imperial College

Scientists making up crooked facts

No more lockdown

No more pulling the wool over our eyes

No more celebrities telling us, telling us what we are supposed to feel”



All this paranoid shit is alarming. It’s what happens when you hang around stupid people.




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Do these Burbank critics realize that the “nigger Jim” is the most sympathetic character in Huckleberry Finn?





He’s one of the big heroes of the book (the above character is the subject of some pretty funny run-ins with him too). And no one calls him Nigger Jim. It’s not his name.

There’s nothing at all racist or harmful about Huckleberry Finn. Quite the exact opposite. Same with the other titles, and so whoever’s complaining here in Burbank is stupid.


NCAC is urging the Burbank Unified School District in Burbank, CA, to retain several books in their curriculum and allow teachers to teach the books while they are under review. The challenged books include Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, Theodore Taylor’s The Cay, and Mildred Taylor’s Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Burbank USD policy states that, when a book is challenged, the book should remain in use while the challenge is pending. The District has apparently violated its own regulations by instructing teachers to stop using the books while it assesses the merits of the challenge. Parents who file complaints are permitted to ask for alternative assignments for their own students, but should not dictate what all students in the District are allowed to read.


The complaints shouldn’t be listened to. These people are making fools of themselves. They’re totally full of crap, and their objections were already asked and answered years ago.


The books in question grapple with complicated and difficult realities of America’s past and present. But curricula have been developed that make it possible to teach the books with sensitivity and compassion. Both The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird are included on the Library of Congress list of “Books That Shaped America” and have been taught in schools throughout the country for many years. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry was awarded the prestigious Newbery Medal in 1977. The Cay is an award-winning young adult novel that tells the powerful story of how an 11-year-old boy learns to reject the racist views of his upbringing and to recognize the humanity of those normally deemed the “other” by society.


There’s no need to apologize for these books. The only apologies due are from the people who are foolishly objecting to them. They’re completely missing the point.


At a time when hundreds of thousands of Americans are in the streets protesting systemic racism, it is more important than ever for educators to teach books that help their students understand the role that race has played in American history and how it continues to shape our society. The Burbank schools have an obligation to help its students understand why the books are so painful and their responsibility for confronting racism. To do so, they must provide teachers with the resources and support they need to teach these books successfully.


These books aren’t painful.

Grow up people and get a brain. Learn to read critically. You’re all as bad as the Trump supporters.

Here’s a clue. Most of the “n” word usage in Finn comes from the other non-whites. Just like today. And this is the only time the term “nigger Jim” appears in the entire book:




Great passage too. But who cares, right.





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Then why don’t they just ask them?




No one’s stopping anyone from picking up a book on their own, either.

We also seriously doubt that most kids growing up in sheltered Burbank have much to cite about “lived experiences.” It’s a pretty wimpy place, all considered.

It ain’t the Bronx.




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Burbank Unified School District wants to dumb down its curriculum even more than it already is





The Canon-ball hits Burbank at last.

Who actually wrote this article today in MyBurbank? Because it’s not news, it’s a statement of advocacy. Every single premise here too is completely faulty. The current BUSD curriculum is not racist, exclusionary, or traumatic…


Diversify Our Narrative” Students Join Burbank DEI Subcommittee

Following a petition to expand classroom reading curriculum throughout the Burbank Unified School District, two high school students are now members of a district committee with a similar goal.

Burbank students Sophia Moore and Adelina Hernandez are local proponents of the Diversify Our Narrative campaign, which contains guidelines for implementing a required reading list with more novels telling stories from people of color in schools throughout the state. After receiving a heavy flow of petition signatures, the city reached out on behalf of the BUSD Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, offering the two students spots on a subcommittee to tackle the lack of diversity in Burbank educational programs. 


Hold on. Why is “the city” getting involved in school matters, especially curriculum? There are actually firewall laws against that in California.


This Curriculum and Instruction Subcommittee consists of discussions between teachers, parents, and other administration personnel in which techniques to structure a diverse and anti-racist school program are being explored.

Moore, now a senior at John Burroughs High School, says that the subcommittee experience has opened up an extensive dialogue regarding how class readings impact the Burbank student body. 


(Like … we don’t want to read this old stuff because it’s boring?

We used to say the same thing back in the 60s at John Muir. You know what the teachers told us?

“Too bad.”)


“We talk about…the student experience dealing with the books that we read,” Moore said. “How does that kind of book and the way the topics of that book are dealt with, how does that impact students of color?”


Who cares, and exactly what “color” is that.


Discussions are set to continue through the year, and May of 2021 is a prospective date for the subcommittee to submit a proposed list of books to incorporate in K through 12 classes, although the timeline is predicted to be ongoing for the group.

Local teacher and subcommittee member Emily Weisberg joined the gathering, which began earlier this summer, in order to gain knowledge on how the BUSD can improve the traditional teachings that reside in California classrooms. Weisberg says she has seen first-hand how static, limited class modules can affect students and notes the value of representation. 


Folks, this isn’t 1959 in Burbank.  The current curriculum is quite wide-ranging. So this local feel-good exercise in self-righteousness is based upon a complete fallacy.


As a teacher, there is nothing more important for our students than to see themselves in the history we teach, the literature we read, and the scientists, mathematicians and artists we explore,” Weisberg said. “Curriculum and instruction have remained pretty stagnant in regards to what, and how, we teach so this was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the work being done within our district and find ways to deepen, and support that work.” 


We remember discovering Faulkner and Brahms at Burbank High, and it wasn’t because we saw or had to see ourselves in those two worlds. Thank goodness. Otherwise there would have been a run on corncobs and snuff in the cafeteria.

Asian and Jewish kids did too, and so how do you explain that one?


Not only is the subcommittee geared towards discovering beneficial additions to curriculum, but also how current teachings can create lasting experiences for students of color.

 “I’ve learned how some books are actually harming children, or the way the books taught have brought on trauma for some students,” said Nadra Ostrom, subcommittee member and BUSD parent.  “The lack of diversity in literature and lack of sensitivity in teaching books with challenging content around race is very harmful to our students.”


Yeah, we used to hate reading Shakespeare too. We never pulled the “harmful” angle though.

(Btw … they’re talking about Huckleberry Finn here.)


Beyond literature, another subject which may be a focus in future talks is history. Like English classes being addressed with novels that display accurate experiences for people of color, classroom history texts often have a narrow point-of-view which subcommittee members hope to broaden.


Examples? Again, it’s not 1959 around here.


“In general… the curriculum can do a much better job of teaching accurate U.S. History, showing more perspectives besides the predominantly white male perspective, include more groups of people, include more individuals who have made contributions to our society,” Ostrom said.


Bullshit slur on anglos btw. And, it already does.


BUSD parent TeAnne Chennault became involved in the DEI Committee in 2018 after experiencing personal ignorance and racism within the school district. Chennault initially formed a group with two other local parents raising children of color who shared similar experiences, which later evolved into interactions with BUSD members regarding the best ways to introduce a committee for inclusivity and equity for students of color. 

“So many of us had experiences in the schools where our children were exposed to racist encounters or, at the very least, instances that clearly showed there was an intolerance and an ignorance in how to treat children of color, specifically black children,” Chennault said.


That has absolutely nothing to do with curriculum.


Following BUSD Superintendent Matt Hill’s initiative to create a stronger framework for the committee, which took place at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, Chennault has seen a greater amount of participation in the DEI Committee. Chennault hopes this shift will indicate a move towards equal representation for all children in the BUSD.

“I want to make sure my daughter, and all the kids who look like her, receive a well-rounded education within the Burbank school system,” Chennault said. “I also want to make sure their unique identity as black and brown children are respected and they see themselves reflected in materials, curriculum, teaching staff, administration, all touchpoints that help children thrive.


By reading and studying the easier stuff. And well-rounded now means let’s deprecate all those dead white males.

That’s exactly what it means, and these people don’t see the crazy irony in it. These discussions are not just about adding things, they’re about elimination.







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Move over John Glenn


What a moron.



This is why we hate sports. Actually, it’s only one reason.




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Always hated sports


They’ve always been corrupt. Corrupt and corrupting.






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How would they ever know?


Because you just have to go, don’t you.



These companies are using this story to force Newsom to let them reopen in California. But there’s no way that anyone can make this claim below because there’s no way in hell of determining or even tracking what happens to all the guests.


There have been no reports of COVID-19 outbreaks at the 20 largest amusement parks in the United States as California theme parks continue to await reopening guidelines from the state after six months of coronavirus closures.

No COVID-19 outbreaks have been reported at Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Legoland and Cedar Fair parks in Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia and Michigan, according to state health agencies and theme park officials.


They mean among the employees, the “cast members.” But that means nothing. The public is what counts, and they’d not be getting it from Disneyland, they’d be getting it from each other.

There’s big money in making people stupid, isn’t there? These companies have all discovered this within the last 40 years. And look where we are.





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Where do they get these crazy ideas?



An excerpt from a council candidate’s website…



The Challenge

BURBANK is a wonderful place to Live, Work & Play. We’re known as the “Media Capital of the World”. We have unique picturesque Family-Friendly Neighborhoods and are one of the Safest Cities in California.

But our Public Safety, Quality-of-Life & Media/Film Industry are all under attack from radical “outside” forces that want to tear down & destroy our City & Community; They want to Defund our Police, allow Multi-Unit Housing in R-1/R-1H Neighborhoods, and keep our Media/Film Industry, Small Businesses & Churches closed. 



It’s Twilight Zone time in Burbank. This new crowd makes the paranoid imaginings of some of the old gadfly class of the 80s and 90s look like Russell and Whitehead on an especially good day. Roll the tape!

Where do you begin with this madness?

There are no radical outside forces trying to do anything, for one. Burbank’s biggest threat is from the locally entrenched booster class, such as the landlords and other big property and business interests. They want growth and lots of it.

No one wants to keep anything closed, either. Like why would they?

This is all close to Q country here, what with its weird collocation of whatever this and that is in the air.  What a depressingly stupid and destructive country we have become. Didn’t take long, either.





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Yeah. That’s why she lies about the horrible dangers of rent control



And shamelessly repeats the fraudulent and long-discredited sob stories engineered by rich out-of-town landlord interests.



Is she a landlord herself?

Almost all of her cited endorsements are either property managers, local business proprietors, proud entrepreneurs on the make, construction company wives, management school grads, or local landlord interests and their families.

We checked them out.




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(They left this part out.)





From a recent candidate interview in MyBurbank…


What was the most memorable or character-building part of your upbringing?  

My parents taught me the values of hard work and determination. I learned from them to  give my all and never to take anything for granted. I developed self-discipline, focus, and commitment to completing my goals. I graduated high school when I turned 17 years old and graduated with honors from college. The work ethic imparted to me from  my parents has taken me through a successful business career, a second academic  career earning a Master’s Degree, and now a commitment to public service.  



Gag us.

We’d be a lot more impressed if she’d been a local high school dropout from a broken family who hung around cool people and had lots of fun when she was young and was extremely smart to begin with, and then learned to do interesting things on her own and at her own pace and level of interest until she finally found her niche. That instead of all of this phony, creepy cant about “discipline.”

Yes, we actually have known women like that. Burbankers, too. They never talk that way about themselves either, about how much “work ethic” they possess. They don’t have to.





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Why does the official city-paid FAQ on the city’s official website lobby against Measure RC?


Here’s a page from it.





This alone is an advocacy statement, and it’s illegal. It has been expanded from their staff report last month concerning the negative court hearing and what the council should do about it. This staff report was for a specific agendized council meeting.

While it’s perfectly ok for staff to issue any kind of memo they want for a city council meeting, it is not ok for them to publish such an obviously biased position on the city’s actual public webpage, especially as some kind of objective voter “FAQ.”  With an election coming up, it’s now illegal lobbying.

The above page is also factually inaccurate, which is a whole other issue. Even the judge preliminarily rejected these arguments when she ordered Burbank to place Measure RC on the November ballot.

One of the problems for the city here is that the landlord-tenant commission under RC won’t be 1/10th as independent as they’re trying to make it out to be. Albano cribbed this legal argument in the FAQ from the Sacramento rent control case in July, which was a completely different situation that involved an elected rent board with all sorts of expansive powers.

The judge though didn’t buy this argument in Burbank’s case. That’s why Sacramento’s rent control initiative was tossed out before the vote and Burbank’s wasn’t.




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Cusumano shell companies donated $100,000 last week to anti-rent control campaign



These four are all Cusumano outfits.

Note the name of the organization? They’re not Burbank citizens. They live elsewhere.





Perfect, eh?

EMC is run by Roger Cusumano, JAC is run by Michael Cusumano, DJC is run by Charles Cusumano, and “Twin Oaks” is run by Charles Cusumano.

Interesting how the combined total arrives at an exact figure like that.





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Mara Wilson was never “sexually exploited”


She’s not Brooke Shields. But she is full of shit.




No doubt there were creeps who went off on her, which she no doubt is exaggerating.  But she was never sexualized or exploited.

Brooke Shields and Jodie Foster? Another story entirely.

This is all about that French “Cuties” movie btw, which few people have seen but most want to condemn.



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They’re Russian


Jesus Christ.




Those are MiGs. And it’s misspelled.

Yeah, fuck you too Republicans.  You’re going to lead us to hell.






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Any Burbank police in there?





The Burbank City Council isn’t going to do shit tonight about masks.  Not a thing.

By the way, where’s the 9212 report that Albano said they were going to do about Measure RC? It was supposed to have been done — legally, if one was wanted — over a week ago.



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