Rogers has the best suggestion

It’s the obvious solution, too. In a comment to the original Leader news story, Will Rogers says that they should call it the Hollywood-Burbank Airport, with the Bob Hope Terminal building added on if need be.

The Hollywood part was always goofy, and most people back then thought it was a jerky ripoff of someone’s else’s idea of showbiz glitz, but no one could think of anything better. Just like now.

It’s certainly better than Los Angeles, and much less misleading geographically. By now too everyone knows what and where Burbank is.

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Maybe Burbank should get a “brand name” too

So when is a name not a name? When the local airport authority is so afraid of offending the Hope family that they have to create a phony distinction between a “legal” name and a “brand” name in order to keep them on the building. Where else has this ever happened?

Apparently a Mounds Bar is just a brand name, and its legal name is something else. Those Craftsman tools are just a brand name too, and the hell if Sears will ever tell us what the official name is.

Get the point? If these people are going to be so falsifying about something as basic as the name of their damned airport, what else are they going to lie about or misrepresent?

They can’t even play straight about it. Either change the name or don’t.


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After all the Twilight Zones





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What’s in a name?

The Authority’s branding adviser says that they should now call it the “Los Angeles Burbank Airport.” There was earlier talk about going back to the old “Hollywood-Burbank” name.

So what should it be? They’ll be meeting about it on Tuesday morning.

— Hollywood-Burbank

— Los Angeles-Burbank

— Pasadena-Glendale-Burbank

— Burbank

— Bob Hope

Any other suggestions? Amelia Earhart maybe? Los Angeles Burbank would turn into a “LAB” identifier tag instead of a “BUR,” but would that look right?

Probably not. It might look to some unwary travelers like we were doing vivisection work out West.

Or worse…







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Let the kids do it instead


ca. August 1976, Burbank, California, USA --- Painted Fire Hydrant at America's Bicentennial --- Image by © Henry Diltz/Corbis

ca. August 1976, Burbank, California, USA — Painted Fire Hydrant at America’s Bicentennial — Image by © Henry Diltz/Corbis



No, because we’re just too good for that now!

So, let’s come up with a typically bureaucratic way to make sure that there won’t be any surprises and that everything which has to do with “art” will be kept under strict control.

Burbank seeks artists for city program

A new beautification program is moving forward in Burbank, and the city is seeking artists who want to help bring visual art out of museums and galleries and into open spaces.

The Burbank Parks & Recreation Department is now accepting applications from artists interested in participating in a new program to decorate pad-mounted electric equipment boxes throughout the city with unique murals. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on July 17.

Seven artists will be selected to receive a $1,000 stipend to cover the cost of the design and installation of the artwork. A selection committee consisting of Burbank representatives and members of art communities, including muralist Kent Twitchell, will review and judge the submissions. Twitchell’s work can be viewed at

Can you imagine if this stupid mindset had been around in 1976?  They would have had the police driving around making sure people weren’t deviating from the design specifications on each hydrant. Those amateurs.

Grants and judging. The modern way.


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We used to turn the searchlight on them to quiet them





Ernest Hemingway left a gross estate of $1,410,310, of which his widow, Mary, is expected to receive about $1 million as the sole beneficiary.

The rest of the estate will go for taxes, past and present, various debts, funeral expenses and legal fees, according to an accounting that was filed yesterday with the Transfer and Estate Tax Section of the State Tax Commission at 80 Centre Street.

The author, who won both the Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, was found dead of a shotgun wound at his home in Ketchum, Idaho, on July 2, 1961.

Mr. Hemingway would have been 62 years old that July 21.

The author’s assets were divided in the accounting into three categories — stocks and bonds ($418,933), miscellaneous property ($801,766) and mortgages, notes and cash ($189,611).

The adjusted gross estate was listed as $1,289,336 after deductions of $62,545 for funeral and administrative expenses and $58,529 for debts.

All but $918 of the debts are owed to the Internal Revenue Service, and New York State Tax Commission and the Florida Tax Commission for past tax bills.

Mrs. Hemingway presumably will receive outright half of the adjusted gross estate, or $644, 618. The other half is subject to estate tax by the Federal and state governments.

One tax expert said yesterday that taxes on the amount would be “about $250,000.”

Mr. Hemingway had holdings in 36 companies. They were mainly blue-chip securities that apparently provided him with more income in the five years preceding his death than did his published works.

The author’s holdings on Wall Street seemed more consistent with a banker’s portfolio than with a rugged writer who found so much of his literary inspiration in the bull rings of Spain and the jungles of Africa.

Some of the larger holdings included common stocks in Eastman Kodak, 304 shares valued at $32,233; General Motors, 540 shares at $24,088; Bethlehem Steel, 240 shares valued at $10,081,and 336 shares of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, valued at $39,447.

Mr. Hemingway also owned 50 shares of common stock in Gimbels, valued at $3,581…


Q: Welles based Jake Hannaford, the character you play on Ernest Hemingway and you were friends with Hemingway and spent time with him in Cuba. Were you surprised when he put a gun to his head and shot himself?

JOHN HUSTON: No, I wasn’t. It was exactly what I would have expected him to do under the circumstances. And I say that with profound admiration for both him and the act.

Q: Really?

JOHN HUSTON: Oh, yes. He was on his way out mentally, and he had tried once before. He was very canny about it. He had these flashes of sanity. Once they were taking him to the Mayo Clinic on a chartered plane and he tried to jump out of the plane. They subdued him. Then he talked his way out of Mayo and got home. And if you saw the pictures of him near the end, you could see it in his face. The smiling one—the flesh was gone—that was somebody else.

Q: You say “with profound admiration for the act under those circumstances.”  Do you think you would consider doing something like that?

JOHN HUSTON: I wouldn’t dream of doing anything else. If I didn’t, it would be out of cowardice and nothing else. I mean Hemingway wouldn’t have done it had it been cancer. But he was on his way to imbecility. That is a hell of a thing to have around. I’m intrigued by the way suicide is approached by different cultures. In some places it’s the thing to do. But the bourgeois of the United States legislates against it. In this society, death is a kind of a shameful thing and is to be concealed even after the spirit has left.


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That’s why they hired her

No surprise here. It’s part of Forbes’ reward for being such a willing corporate suck-up. No one would be getting such a plum job like this for maintaining a cautious anti-development philosophy.

Isn’t it amazing too how the Times/Leader treats this sleazy revolving door between government and big business like it’s a good thing?

The “front-line experience” Burbank’s staff members get on the job has made them attractive to other organizations, including the cities of Irvine and South Pasadena, which “have recognized the talent in my team,” Scott said. The silver lining in all of the turnover — and that’s what he said he has to look for — is the opportunity to build a fresh team.

Four replacements have already been hired and three more are being recruited. An executive recruiting firm has started the search for Forbes’ successor. In the interim, Deputy City Manager Justin Hess has taken the reins of the department…

Marrying into the family made her one of a long line of Forbes who have worked for the city. Her departure brought an end to that nearly 50-year streak, noted Councilman Jess Talamantes earlier this month when the City Council said their farewells to her.

Leaving wasn’t a choice that she made easily, she said, but only after deciding she could continue “doing good” and as an employee of a corporation rather than the government. Part of what swayed her was the fact that she will be doing much of the same type of work, but from the perspective of someone involved in “actual development.”

We doubt much mental gymnastics will be involved in the transition. Like we said, Universal didn’t hire her because of her slo-growth beliefs.

One aspect in particular that she said she looks forward to is community engagement.

“You really are doing that here, too,” she said. “It is like a mini city — an almost 400-acre [one].”

Plus, she said she knows from experience that she’ll maintain the relationships she developed at the city. And she can still keep an eye on it from her new office.

“I can see Burbank from my window,” Forbes said.

They’ll be hearing from her, too.


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The BPD’s preoccupation with “oral copulation” and high school kids

Why is it that these targeted sexual relationships between high school girls and their slightly older boyfriends revolve almost exclusively now around allegations of illegal blowjobs? Is that all they’ve got?

You’d think there’d be lots more activity going on if these affairs were as awful as they’re being made out to be by the upper-level community leaders. And how do they end up counting them by number?

Also, is this fellatio or cunnilingus? The reports on Clarke are vague, but if it’s the latter, the girls are the ones who are doing the complaining?

Really? It must be a generational thing.

Something else doesn’t ‘add up’ with these latest incidents. Why are we now going after the older boyfriends in Burbank? Sounds like there’s some retroactive sting operations going on too.


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Proposed new parking rules will hurt Burbank businesses

If Burbank is truly serious about wanting to have real prestige businesses come to our more quaint areas like Magnolia Park, the last thing they would do is lower the permit requirement for residential street parking to a 50 percent non-resident threshold.

They also wouldn’t be wanting to submit the resident’s request for such consideration to a one-step “permit only” initial process, nor then subject the surrounding blocks to an automatic parking restriction of their own just because they’re nearby.

All of these ideas are on the table for tomorrow night’s council meeting. Burbank the friendly town for business?

Certainly not friendly for the outside customers. Where are they going to park?

You can’t have it both ways, Burbank. Selfish residents who freak out about having strangers on their streets, and nearby vital businesses with real customers, won’t mix.

There’s nothing more offensive and wasteful than having to drive around Toluca Lake looking for a place to park and seeing nothing but empty streets that are only this way because of a bunch of spoiled and selfish residents who were able to convince an old city council to ban outside parking. Is this the new vision for all of business-adjacent Burbank?


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She also did this



Good article today in the Leader about Corita Kent.

No mention though of how Cardinal McIntyre went out of his way to successfully destroy both her calling and her college. The concluding last paragraph that mocks her left-wing politics is also typically reactionary and embarrassing.

What else do you expect — it’s a corporate rag. They probably also thought the love stamp was silly too, and so left it out, even though it is by far her most famous work.



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Happy, but not too happy




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A Tree Grows in Burbank

Isn’t it funny how Emily Gabel-Luddy gauges “success” as having to do with becoming a big development consultant?

The success Forbes has had in her career with the city is also a great American success story, Gabel-Luddy said.

“She is a daughter of an immigrant … she worked her way up from an internship all the way to Assistant City Manager and then become the Director of the Community Development Department, so that is also an American story of fantastic achievement. I’m so glad I got to know her and so glad I got to work with her over the last 14 years,” Gabel-Luddy said.

What vision!

You know, when Joy Forbes was first hired there were other young entry level management employees who couldn’t and wouldn’t put up with being groomed in the same Burbank style. They left.


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Burbank 101


Currier said he’s preparing to respond to the D.A.’s letter, but added, “They’re not going to do anything.”




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It’s basically over now for Republicans, isn’t it?


Oh, they’ll still be putting up a fight for sure.




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So true

bernie sanders



Hooray, Plutocrats! You never stop, do you.



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What the hell is a bottle of codeine?

There ain’t no such thing. Which means the City of Burbank is making things up again.

Straight from the BPD’s press release, via the local Leader

Rapper Nipsey Hussle was arrested Wednesday in Burbank on an outstanding warrant, after which officers reportedly found a bottle of codeine in his car for which he did not have a prescription, police said.

At 11:20 p.m., officers stopped the rapper, born Ermias Asghedom, for traffic violations and discovered an outstanding warrant for his arrest for driving with a suspended license, said Burbank Police Lt. Adam Cornils.

During a consent search of his car, officers reportedly found a bottle of codeine without a prescription label. Asghedom was reportedly unable to produce a prescription. Next to the bottle, officers found a cup of ice and a bottled soft drink, Cornils said.

He was booked for allegedly possessing a controlled substance, as well as for the outstanding warrant, and released after posting $1,000 bail.

Yeah, we’d love to see the on-board video of this driver “consent.” Oh, you mean our police cars don’t have that ability yet?

Look, at worst the guy was mixing cough syrup with codeine in with Mountain Dew or something. That’s an old rapper drink. But, it was NOT a “bottle of codeine” he was drinking from. Saying so though makes it sound like he’s about 10,000 times as bad– and which means also that our police department is still not playing straight about the truth.

Having grown up in Burbank, here’s what we know really happened:

1) BPD sees a scary looking ghetto nigger driving through town like it’s 145th St. on a Saturday night

2) Cops run a plate check, find he has a warrant

3) Cops pull him over, search his car, find the elixer, then claim he consented to a search that they wouldn’t even have to get anyway because he was already under arrest for the warrant. So that right there is fishy as hell.

4) The local newspaper then accepts everything their cop friends say at face value — including that “bottle of codeine” — and doesn’t even bother to find out what the “traffic violations” were that they originally pulled him over for.

The BPD doesn’t mention it either, which proves that enforcing the VC was the last thing they were concerned about when they first saw him driving down the road.

A Black guy. In Burbank. At night. Did we mention that?


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Rogers once wrote about how the BUSD violated the Brown Act regarding another superintendent choice

More about this topic later — and we also mentioned it several months ago — but we strongly recommend everyone read Will’s quite good piece about how this same thing happened before in Burbank.

Right now we’ll just quote their attorney at the time’s final comment:

Currier said he’s preparing to respond to the D.A.’s letter, but added, “They’re not going to do anything.”


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Douchebag quote of the decade

It’s official. From an old puff piece we found today about Bud Ovrom:

The Maryland native spent most of his professional life in Burbank, where he was city manager for 18 years. His chief accomplishments included helping to broker the development of the Empire Center, a big box shopping mecca, and revitalizing downtown Burbank, said Dave Golonski, a Burbank City Council member for 17 years.

“Bud was definitely a driving force in the economic development efforts of Burbank,” Golonski said. “When Lockheed left Burbank, Bud and his economic development team are largely to be credited with not only replacing the jobs we lost, but replacing them with good paying, clean jobs that have a lasting benefit to Burbank.”

Yeah. Like Target.

This is the same Dave Golonski who mocked the mid-90s skeptics and claimed that this huge piece of abandoned Lockheed property would “not be Big Box.”

The critics back then were absolutely right about being suspicious. As they are today.


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More Airport propaganda — thanks to a misleading Leader headline

First the phony, pathetic, makes-no-sense “Bo-Ho” branding attempt. And now this.

Today’s Leader headline says…


Bob Hope Airport gets high marks on Twitter
Online trip calculator ranks the Burbank airfield as having the least negative tweets


Sounds great, right?

Problem is, the story isn’t about the Burbank airport at all. Instead, it’s only about the TSA branch!

Negative comments about the Transportation Security Administration are common among Twitter users at airports across the country, an analysis of geotagged posts from the first four months this year found.

However, one airfield stands out for bucking the trend — Bob Hope Airport — with positive posts outweighing negative ones, according to the analysis by Travelmath, an online trip calculator.

The authors of the study collected thousands of tweets directed to the TSA or including related hashtags, such as #thankstsa, from January through April, and sorted them based on location. Then, using an algorithm to analyze the sentiment of each of the nearly 7,400 posts, ranked them as positive, negative or

Not all airports had enough TSA-related tweets to be included in the results, but of those that did, the Burbank airfield ranked highest and was the only one with a majority of positive sentiment tweeted about the TSA.

So why the phony, pimping headline?

And why have we been getting so many ridiculous fluff pieces on the airport lately? Half the paper gets filled with stories like how the candy machines down there are selling more gum and Mounds bars than ever before.


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