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From the country we grew up in






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Blame it on grandma and grandpa


Of course they’d come to these conclusions. Look who’s leading them.

The John Burroughs High School chapter of Junior States of America gathered inside the council chamber at Burbank City Hall Wednesday afternoon to hold a mock council meeting. On their agenda was a discussion of the lack of affordable housing in their city.

Sophomore Jaden Gerard was the mayor for the meeting and senior Oliver Eccleston served as vice mayor. Junior Gabija Petrulis and seniors Kody Fields and Nickolas Markou played the remaining three council members.

The pseudo council members duked it out with sophomores Ari Kretz and Rawan Markarem, who were portraying two city staff members.


And they did it well. They sound just like Burbank staff.


Ari and Rawan had a few suggestions they thought could help address the housing issue in the city. They suggested more housing in the Downtown and Media districts as well as in the proposed Golden State Specific Plan area just east of Hollywood Burbank Airport.


Naturally. The developers will save us all. Let’s build!


The teens serving as mock council members voted unanimously to support this plan and added that parking in these areas should be studied as well.


Now here’s an awful idea.


Their staff members suggested the city should look into home sharing, in which seniors living in single-family homes would be given the incentive to sell their house and live with other seniors in another house or a retirement home. The idea was to free up these houses so they could be put back into the market, but the council members thought it was not feasible.

“There are senior living residences all across Burbank and other adjoining cities,” Gabija said. “I see the validity of [this proposal], but I don’t think that we should make it a priority.”


No, there’s nothing valid about trying to blame grandma and grampa for keeping that nice house away from the younger folks, and then thinking that maybe we can force them to shack up with their other elderly neighbors.

What kind of youthful mentalities traffic in such fascist ideas? Maybe we can force the older folks to retire early too and then hand their jobs over. That’s only fair.

Btw. Any talk about rent control as a measure to help keep housing costs down?

We remember the days when Boys State get-togethers we’re all about bedding Girls State, usually in Sacramento or wherever they had those conventions of theirs. The stories followed them all the way back to Burbank.

They should go back to that.

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This just in



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They’re constantly tormenting the kids about it. Why?


Look, what happened a hundred years ago was a terrible thing.

But please. Get…over…it.


The Downtown Central Library will host two simultaneous art exhibits that explore the concept of generational trauma associated with the Armenian Genocide.

The main exhibit, “Nonlinear Histories,” is co-curated by Ara and Anahid Oshagan as well as Isin Önol and features the works of seven artists who examine their generational ties to the Armenian Genocide by reimagining inherited artifacts…

Ara Oshagan said there’s been no “post-memory” exhibit on the Armenian genocide, adding that it’s one of the most important concepts that tries to address ways in which second- and third-generation survivors deal with trauma.

“We sought out artists who work in this mode, dealing with grandparents and how their trauma is transported across this chasm. There is an attempt to reach across and connect with things that happen before [the] disruption [of genocide],” he said…

“I hope the public will see what we are trying to see,” she said. “People need a space to reflect and see because lots of second and third generations were silenced by trauma, but our grand kids can now articulate a lot of things — it is necessary.”



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Big News? Anything to this about Burbank’s ace “Protectorate”? (Updated)



Just got this in:


word on the street the pet store everyone loves to hate is going to be forced to close its doors soon. despite exorbitant fees to adopt. ms. rios also forced to sell her 2MM house it seems. perhaps she is finally being driven out of town?

home has been sold for nearly 2MM dollars. ms. rios pet store will be the next to fold. finally something we can all celebrate.


We usually don’t traffic in gossip around here unless it’s policy related, which this woman has long insisted is the case with her activities. She has actively inflicted her beliefs on the rest of us for years. Just ask that old Magnolia Park pet shop that’s no longer around.

So if anyone knows, what’s going on?

Sold yesterday:

Interesting article about how these pet shop bans on non-rescue animals are only causing customers to go underground:

It would figure that private breeders would end up meeting the demand. Now effective statewide, it’s a silly and counterproductive law.


We dug up a great interview here with Ira Lippman from Peggy Woods. It originally appeared in the old BurbankNBeyond site, now MyBurbank. He makes some great and very wise points.

So sad what they had to put up with. Those animal activists (like Shelley R.) were absolutely awful. It was disgraceful.

Burbank Takes on Puppy Mills – A Pet Store Owners Perspective



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Life and light be thine forever






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Burbank has turned into such a creepy and dishonest town


The a-holes never rest.​

Just checked in on some of the latest Yelp on Dr. Gordon. Notice the several problems here?



Here’s the deal:

— No longtime customer of Dr. Gordon (“many years”) would suddenly dismiss him in this way, or suddenly mistrust his work. And what does that mean, a two-day exam?

— Gordon wasn’t doing “mayor” work in late 2017 -2018. So that’s a lie right there, and an obviously gratuitous and political one.

— Who Yelps on New Years Day? And why would someone wait until then to give Gordon a bad review?

Here’s another. Why would someone give a professional a one-star review over this? You’d actually  say this about your “10 year” eye doctor?




Why such a bad review? A highly derogatory one-star for your longtime eye doctor? Really? These are the two most recent reviews.

There are a lot of horrible people screwing around with your town now. Beware.







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It’s been fun to watch the council’s face-saving moves over having to now allow granny flats in the Rancho


(Why does any mention of the Rancho always remind us of this?)



Just a quick note about tomorrow night’s meeting.

Attitude wise at least, Rogers deserves some credit here on this one, if only because he’s never been a fan of the kind of unquestioned respect and attention that that horse prison of a neighborhood off of Alameda has always gotten. The fact that this horrid little enclave now has to accept the existence of granny flats in literally its own backyard is a terrific breach of its own sense of self-worth and independence. And they’re definitely going to be feeling it with no sympathy from the mayor.

But two years the council was adamant that any state-mandated liberalization of local ADU restrictions would have absolutely no effect on R-1-H, simply because they weren’t going to be allowed there. That was that. Even last spring they still tried to ban Rancho granny flats in their required interim ordinance, of which we wrote at the time:


Here’s one aspect of what they’re trying to do:

Permitted zones: ADUs are now allowed as a by-right use in all single family residential zones (i.e., R-1) and multifamily zones (i.e., R2, R3, and R4) that contain an existing single family dwelling unit. Interim Ordinance No. 17-3,892 does not allow ADUs in the City’s R-1-H zone.

The problem with the last sentence is that it’s a completely new rule being slipped into the books in order to circumvent the clear intent of the Legislature in liberalizing the use and construction of ADUs in California. Never before have granny flats actually been illegal in the Rancho district itself, but thanks to Gabel-Luddy’s lobbying that’s exactly what Burbank is trying to accomplish tonight.

This is blatant, wholesale favoritism towards one and only one local neighborhood in Burbank: the Rancho.  EGL’s reasoning last month for such an exclusion was specious at best (we can’t have people living near our horses now, can we council members?) But the problem with it legally (besides her obvious COI here) is that Burbank can’t cook up a completely new exclusionary rule that’s designed to circumvent the clear intent and purpose of an  already chaptered state law.

That’s exactly what Burbank is trying to do tonight. They don’t like granny flats, the state does, and so let’s do something about it now to keep them out. Problem is, such a blatantly sudden new effort at blocking them in an entire neighborhood zone is illegal.

And why stop with the Rancho? If the council can successfully exclude the R1-H neighborhood, why not all of our R-1 completely? Why not R-2 to R-4 as well?

It was obvious we were right. And so what we’re seeing now is an attempt on the part of the city to complicate the rules just enough to make it look like there’s still some special protectionism going on for that favored crowd. If you can figure out how to correlate the actual proposed language with the varied chatterings that have been going on around the dais — and echoed in that oddly detailed article in the Leader — then you’re a better reader than we are.

But the bottom line is that this time Rancho protectionism lost. The Rancho’s gonna be getting granny flats. Just like the rest of Burbank, it’ll soon be seeing an increase in the kind of nontraditional backyard housing that made Burbank fun.

Now maybe kids will work on cars again next to the kitchen?


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Council to now allow granny flats in the Rancho neighborhood

We can only imagine how much Emily Gabel-Luddy’s head must be exploding over this upcoming change in the rules. That’s because the council is expected on Tuesday night to ratify a big new ordinance amendment for Burbank which vastly liberalizes a local homeowner’s right to have a granny flat on their property, including in the sacrosanct R-1-H zone, which means the Rancho.

This is huge news. Even when faced with recent state requirements to encourage the construction of more granny flats in town — and not roadblock them as usual — Burbank was still trying to exempt their beloved enclave of trapped horses from the same state-mandated allowances, with EGL of course leading the way. (Everyone knows we simply can’t have granny flats around horses!)

We objected to this exclusion at the time as being completely arbitrary if not illegally broad in scope — for them to want to exempt an entire single family zone — and apparently we were correct. Burbank now has to allow granny flats in its most privileged neighborhood.

As we’ve been saying many times around here for years, we’re big, big fans of granny flats. We remember the old Lockheed days when Burbank was chock full of them, especially in its nicest neighborhoods, and nobody complained, nobody was bothered, and nothing fell apart.


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Ask Schiff to explain his terrifically stupid vote for SESTA/FOSTA

We will. He’s always been a sanctimonious panderer.
A smart progressive? Uh-huh.

This is a truly awful bill that will do nothing to solve the problem. It’d be like making the Joslyn Center legally responsible if it turned out that some terrorist cell of seniors  had been plotting revolution over the mahjong tables. But Schiff’s always been a critic (and ignoramus) of the nature of an open internet.

It won’t be open for long, which will make his local corporate friends very happy.


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That’s how white people used to think


Before they turned to trash.



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It’s because most people are sick of seeing nothing but kids on TV


The media of course would rather blame angry old white people and their hatred of #MeToo for last Sunday’s Oscar fadeout, but the media’s also part of the big corporate problem here. So of course they’re not going to ask around for the truth.

But we have. It’s become perfectly pretty obvious: Everyone with a brain is getting sick to death of turning on the TV and seeing nothing but pre-35-year-old ingenues and douchebags masquerading as adults. It’s gotten beyond weird and creepy to see nothing but unfocused young actors everywhere you look, and usually posturing in place for the camera (the women), or slithering around the increasingly dizzying scenery that the director couldn’t decide what to make central  (the men).

They’re even being used to sell incontinence supplies. Some obviously 28-year old woman was just promoting a badder leakage product on TV today, an oddball item she’d only need if there had been some horrible accident down at the Bikram parlor.

Who are they kidding there? That’s not their customer base.

Besides the old ladies fumbling with their Crickets after falling down in their bathtubs, or grampa marveling at how big those handy new keys are on that rubberized tablet they just got him — after he just gave his house away to Tom Selleck — when’s the last time you say a post-45 on TV? It’s like the old people were all killed off during the last 20 years and nobody said anything.

Check the reruns. Perry Mason rarely has a younger person on it, and when they do it’s usually a victim of bad luck or a fraudulent heiress on the make. And even then they look like they’ll never see 40 again.

No one’s saying we need to get back to the geriatric days of the Jimmy Stewart crowd down at the Santa Monica Civic (who weren’t always that old btw). But  what we’re seeing everywhere now — and only seeing — don’t look or act like adults. People in old shows and movies always looked like grownups of an often advanced age.

Especially when they got together in public.


​LOS ANGELES — The doomsday ratings scenario has hit the Oscars.

A record low 26.5 million people watched Sunday night’s telecast, a nearly 20 percent drop versus last year.

It also represents a startling drop off: As recently as four years ago, the Academy Awards had an audience of 43.7 million viewers…



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He insisted on a separate enclosed classical section in each store

Most of the time an entire floor.


Founder of Tower Records dies at 92 while drinking whiskey and watching the Oscars


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Just a young Mexican boy with a dream

America truly is the land of miracle and wonder. We saw it last night.

But … hold on … ah … wait a minute. You don’t say?

Before del Toro started school, his father won the Mexican national lottery. Federico built a Chrysler-dealership empire with the money, and moved the family into a white modernist mansion. Little Guillermo haunted it. He raised a gothic menagerie: hundreds of snakes, a crow, and white rats that he sometimes snuggled with in bed. Del Toro has kept a family photograph of him and his sister, Susana, both under ten and forced into polyester finery.  

Imagine wasting such opportunities. Great brains these folks aren’t.

And doesn’t this change the story about him just a little bit?

Creature movies were so tired by then anyway. Supposedly unique spins even more so. Super 8 Filmaker and Cinemagic had exhausted that woeful genre by at least 1977.

The terrible education system in this country — and it’s getting much worse now, what with its No.1 emphasis on group work and classroom “presentations” — is the reason why few people have the knowledge any more to realize how derivative so much of this movie and TV product is.

If not outright imitative.

He also owns two separate houses exclusively to house his books, poster artwork and other belongings pertaining to his work, explaining, “As a kid, I dreamed of having a house with secret passages and a room where it rained 24 hours a day. The point of being over 40 is to fulfill the desires you’ve been harboring since you were 7.”[16]

No, it’s not. At all.

If so, then we should be going out right now and buying as many cap guns as we can.

Did these people have decent parents? Maybe they’re just full of shit because they think they sound creative. That’s more like it, and it’s everywhere.


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Some of these people have way too many issues (Update: it was a false alarm)



It’s always something, isn’t it?

She’s also way to old to be talking the way she did last night. She sounded like a spoiled, not-too-bright 17 year old.

Turns out the culprit was some drunken Black guy who was horsing around with it on the display table. He got caught by a photographer when he picked it up and tried to walk away from the area.

She doesn’t want to press charges, but the police do. Think that would be the case if it was some young and playfully drunken #MeToo ingenue instead?

Of course not.


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#MeToo #WeToo means you’re out of luck if you’re over 40

Count how many Academy presenters and audience members are over the age of 40.

Done yet?

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Sports 1; Varda nothing

You expected more? Oooo, Russia cheats!

Who’d a thought?



Anyone else realize that the supposedly lovable creature in The Shape of Water looks and sounds suspiciously like the Predator character in the great 1987 Lawrence Gordon film?



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