Hometown Honeys

(This should be kept pinned to the top for a while. As a reminder.)


Photograph caption dated May 19, 1964 reads, “Admiring flag, from left, are James A. Black, North Hollywood; Mrs. W. H. Stroud, Burbank, and Mrs. Lynn A. Weber of Burbank. They will take part in the California Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy Convention May 21-23 at the Huntington-Sheraton Hotel, Pasadena.”
LAPL 00124168

W.H. Stroud was a longtime Burbank councilman.

Some younger gals, too. Look who’s here!



Photograph article dated May 18, 1965 partially reads, “A Valley youth group will perform for the United Daughters of the Confederacy when the California Division holds its 65th annual convention Thursday through Saturday at the Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica. Pamela McKee, Deanne Adams, Kathleen Smith and Diana Lynn, accompanied by Sheryl Sherwood, will sing “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” in honor of the division president and “The Yellow Rose of Texas” in honor of Mrs. Lynn A. Weber, Burbank, division historian, who is originally from Texas.” Pictured are, left to right, Adams, Lynn, Smith and McKee.
LAPL 00124169


There’s more:



Photograph caption dated January 11, 1964 reads, “Mrs. Herbert L. McKee, chairman of pages, left, gives instruction to pages Pamela McKee, 16, and Holly Walker, 15, as Mrs. John L. Quinn, division president, looks on. All reside in Burbank.”
LAPL 00124167


No wonder people around here hate us. Right?





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That’s right



Btw … why are the comments on the Hollywood Reporter story about VV tonight so incredibly vile and right wing?

Bots? They’re all really unbelievable — and not found anywhere else.

Does the HR have so many asshole readers or something? Was there a link to it somewhere?


Still exciting to see on the street.






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Jesus H. Christ



You Republicans should all be ashamed of yourselves.

The guy’s an obvious nut.


He obviously has to be removed. Tonight leaves no doubt.


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O Lord, let us pray that this ad is real


And hey, Franklin Gray-em is there!





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Another phony and useless effort to help the homeless


If this is where the Measure H money is going then the voters have wasted both their sales tax and their vote.

Why is that?

It’s because Burbank (for example) sets up its Section 8 program in such a restrictive fashion that few people will even be able to fit through their selectivity filter in the first place. Even worse, there are almost no affordable apartments available to low-income renters in town, and even fewer local landlords now who will participate in Section 8 at all.

(For example, we’ve heard that the Cusumanos won’t take it any more for new applicants.)


LA Gears Up to Help Homeless People Pay Rent

The push is on in Los Angeles to find help with rent for tens of thousands of homeless people whom the county has pledged to house over the next few years.

As part of that effort, a handful of the county’s myriad local housing authorities have agreed to dedicate part of their allotment of federal Section 8 vouchers to rental subsidies for the homeless. In exchange, the county will provide social services for each voucher holder in the program, as well as extra cash to incentivize landlords to participate.

The memorandum of understanding launching the program is up for a vote by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

Emilio Salas , deputy executive director of the Housing Authority of the County of L.A . (HACoLA) said at this point, eight of the county’s 18 housing authorities have signed on. In total, the group is pledging 2,089 vouchers to go to homeless in the next year.

Long Beach , Pomona , Burbank , Glendale , L.A. County, the City of L.A., Redondo Beach , and Pasadena have all agreed to participate in the program. Compton , Culver City , and Torrance have also expressed interest.

“We’re still reaching out to the remainder to see if they’re interested,” Salas said.

Among the incentives to participate – beyond helping alleviate the region’s growing homeless problem – are funds to help make Section 8 a more attractive program to landlords. Housing authorities in L.A. County have been struggling with a tough rental market, and voucher-holders have been struggling to find apartments. An increasing number, Salas said, have been forced to give up their voucher for lack of a place to use it.

The new program, funded with dollars from Measure H, a sales tax for homeless services, gives landlords who agree to rent to homeless tenants an additional security deposit and in some cases, a signing fee.


Won’t work. The landlords still won’t go for it, if only because Section 8 also mandates just cause eviction and regular safety/site inspections, as well as strong adherence to local safety and habitability laws. In other words, they get inspected all the time.


The City and County of L.A. have already been utilizing such incentives in their own programs and now those housing agencies that agree to participate will be able to dish out the same benefits.

“This is a very significant step forward to honor the commitment to the voters who so generously supported us in facing this crisis,” said L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas . “Literally, it means over 2,000 individuals and their families will be lifted out of homelessness.”


Families? What about the single homeless? In Burbank, the single homeless always get sieved out of the process by express policy.

No? When’s the last time ANY single person in Burbank got a grant who wasn’t either disabled or a vet? Even then they’re rare.


The county is also looking for ways to increase the number of vouchers housing authorities dedicate to developments to house the homeless in permanent supportive housing. The county has an estimated shortage of about 15,000 permanent supportive housing units, with a building boom potentially on the way with new city and county funds dedicated to construction.

The only other substantial program that offers long-term rental assistance in L.A. is the Department of Health Services’ Housing for Health program, which gives rental assistance to homeless public health clients who are heavy users of emergency rooms and other costly county services.


Unlike New York, LA has no shelter housing for the homeless. And it’s a total and complete “Let them eat cake” joke for anyone to claim that Section 8 apartment housing will do the trick instead. It’s like someone having the bright idea of substituting Cadillacs or Land Rovers for MTA bus passes.

(They must also think there’s enough homeless applicants around with beaucoup 700+ credit scores to qualify for a rental in their own name. Because that’s what it takes now to get an apartment.)


Section 8 vouchers in Los Angeles are the primary rental support for formerly chronically homeless people. They’re also intended to serve the working poor.

In the City of Los Angeles alone, where the wait list for Section 8 has been closed for 13 years, an estimated 800,000 people would qualify for Section 8 rental support because of their income level. When the waitlist last opened in 2004, about 300,000 people applied.

Only about 2,400 vouchers in the City of L.A. become available each year, through attrition. Increasingly, as with many jurisdictions in Southern California , they’re going towards addressing homelessness.


Proof alone that this “new program!” will be useless.




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Something more for Jeremiah



Although Jeremiah’s mostly into buildings.

Remember how excited we’d get when we’d find this in our mailbox?

Vale the Village Voice: New York bible axes print edition


The Village Voice, for 62 years the poster child of American alternative journalism, is set to end its print edition.

Although the title is to disappear from news stands, it will live on digitally.

Peter Barbey, who bought the New York weekly in 2015, said the “business has moved online – and so has the Voice’s audience”.

A Voice spokesman said it had not yet been decided when the title would stop being printed.


His big mistake actually has been to aim it at Millennials, because they don’t read. They look at pictures and captions.

Last covers like this don’t help either…




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Btw, anyone else notice the big shift last night in MSNBC’s attitude towards Trump? The hate and fury of the last few weeks has suddenly disappeared…

Obviously now by policy. Some liberal media they got there.






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The Rich will always be with us


(P.S., Naturally, the corporate TV media this morning is all but ignoring this story. That’s because Trump’s the populist candidate. Remember, “folks”?))


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Interior work


So far it’s on the way…



Wonder if it’s gonna go the food court route, like Bryant Park? Big emphasis on separate stalls and prepared food, a la Eataly etc.




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It’s a start

Not much to see on this week’s council agenda except maybe that Target Express has dropped their second use Starbucks. But at least the city’s property negotiators have gotten broker’s licenses.

We wrote about this a few years back regarding another property deal:


As part of a follow-up to our story on tomorrow night’s closed-session, we’ve discovered that none of the principals in the negotiations between the City of Burbank and the Cusumano Real Estate Group actually hold a valid real estate broker’s license, nor are any of them licensed attorneys. Yet, they are all still being encharged with negotiating the sale of these multi- million-dollar real estate properties.

The only person who has any kind of license at all is Michael A. Cusumano, who holds a simple real estate salespersons license. The city’s chief negotiator (as named on the formal agenda) is someone named Ross Young, who doesn’t even have that, at least under this name. And the city’s own Greg Herrmann lacks any kind of real estate license or attorney’s certification as well.


Apparently no one in the old Burbank RDA had a California broker’s or sales license. Pretty mickey mouse.

Things have changed.



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What’s that about a superior race?






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Mrs. Ripley didn’t make $6,000 a year in 1937


From a recent piece about the old Burbank library…


The budget projected for the 1936-1937 fiscal year was expected to be $6,000, more than half of that in salaries. Mrs. Ripley, the full-time librar­ian, earned a salary of $120.63 a week. A full-time Assistant, two part-time assistants, and a Page rounded out the staff of the new library.


Does anyone think around here?

From beer bar patrons being officially encouraged by the City to get onto bicycles out in front tanked, to ridiculous employee salaries posted for historical figures, where does it end?






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Republicans. The party of the little guys!



Whose next big role will be to convince the news media that rich right-wingers are the true “populists.”

He’ll probably succeed, too — they’ve already started.




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Another nonsense make-work program for six-figure City of Burbank management employees


Everybody’s extolling the big news….


Under pilot program, Burbank students gain access to the city’s libraries

More than 1,000 Burbank sixth-graders now have the ability to check out books and access online materials from both their school and any Burbank public library by using just one ID card.

The school year kicked off on Monday along with a new pilot program called BConnectED, which is a joint initiative between Burbank Unified and the Burbank Public Library that allows students to use their school identification cards to check out materials or access online resources at any Burbank public library.

The pilot program will only include the 1,148 sixth-grade students in the district this school year. However, should the program prove to be a success, Burbank Unified and the public library system will work on integrating more grade levels into the program, said Cathleen Bowley, the children’s supervising librarian for the Burbank Public Library.


Love how it’s just a “pilot program.” Don’t want to bend that envelope too far, no.

(And why do sixth-graders have “ID cards” now anyway? Talk about officiousness. That institutional whip comes down early around here, doesn’t it?)


Bowley said that it had always been a dream of hers to see the school district work with the library to give students access to more materials in order to help them with their studies.


Yes, because until now it’s always been next to impossible for Burbank kids and their parents to get their butts down to the local branch and get a real library card of their own.

Dream big, Burbank.



If a kid doesn’t have a library card on their own by the time they’re in the sixth grade they’re hopeless.



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Wonder how many people in Burbank agree with him?


More than you’d think.

That’s why the always revealing **We Love Burbank!!** Facebook page just censored over 200 comments about Burbank’s vicious reaction to Charlottesville.



Historically it’s not true, either.


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Censorship is alive and well at that **We Love Burbank!!** Facebook page


Since when do people think think they have the right to block others?



Love how dissent = trolls.

Must have been a doozy of a pic.  We can only imagine, being the screwed up history over there. Burbank’s a sorely bigoted town indeed. Some of those women get going, and damn…

Anyone have screenshots?




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Moments after a press conference demanding amnesty for protesters, sheriff’s deputies arrested Takiyah Thompson, who placed a rope around a Confederate monument Monday night.




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