Blame the cops? Blame excessive growth instead

Now why would anyone blame the BPD for yesterday’s armed robbery at that antique store on Magnolia? What are they supposed to do, anticipate a major crime before it happens, or somehow provide security guard service at every local business?

As long as Burbank insists on being Little Big Town and tries to bring in every low-class attraction it can find this is going to happen. Beer and sports bars and mainline movie theaters proudly showing subliterate crap are always going to attract big trouble.

Where do you think you’re starting to live?

Either get used to it or start speaking up. You want lots more apartment towers in Burbank to attract and shelter the low-life cousins from out of town? Great, you’re a moron. But don’t blame the police for that.

Also, smooth move, merchant for getting ahead of the Department today by publicizing your crime video on the local Facebook booster page to garner sympathy from the neighbors. Don’t be surprised if you helped botch the investigation.



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Just watch. They’ll blame the old terminal

News travels fast. Sitting here in New York for a couple of days and we just heard on TV about that plane collision at the airport 30 minutes ago.

What can you say. Isn’t it great that we’ll finally be getting a whole new terminal that’s safe? (they said.)


Btw. What’s going on with that big new voter-approved project? Will it still be costing the same amount of money?

(They asked, sheepishly.)


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Starbucks’ solution to bad publicity about accessibleness? Cut down on available space, replace chairs with high stools, and then turn up the volume


Leave it the well-hyped “Dollar Coffee!” joint that never was to pull a cynical stunt like this. They can’t help it– it’s in their bloodline. Remember those couches they hauled in and out a few years ago to make it look like they actually cared about coffeehouse customers and wanted to keep them around?

Contrary to all of the sudden sad words coming from their board chairman after that mess in Philadelphia, Starbucks’ sudden new design solution to their racist-employee problem is not to make the place more inviting to the public, restroom access being the least of their problems back there (which btw have still not been opened up to everyone, heavy duty PR work notwithstanding).

Seen it yet? Their new interior design plan reduces customer space and replaces the regular sitting-down chairs and tables with elevated backless stools. How’s that for comfort, let alone elderly and disabled access?

We’ll be waiting for those bathrooms to open without having to stand in line to get a code. It’ll be an everchanging one, too.

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Still waiting for Adam Schiff to sign the Discharge Petition

Schiff talks a good line about Net Neutrality. But until he goes on record to get it back in session he’s full of shit about his concerns. Instead of waiting until January he should have been one of the first signatures on the list.

Keep in mind that our local congressmen are ALWAYS the Congressmen from Disney. And “global” cable-company-holding Disney/Capital Cities has already figured out a way to make a fortune from the demise of Net Neutrality.
Uh-huh. The company he keeps doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence:

More info here on what it’s all about:


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This wouldn’t have stopped us

Nor anyone else we knew.

Speaking of oldtime Burbank, a kid named Larry Leib once called us a “pussy” back in the sixth grade because we insisted on stopping by the Central Branch to report our library card getting lost down at Weinerschnitzel.

From that alternate reality Burbank

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: I Want to Ride My Bicycle Burbank Style

By Burbankia Mike On May 18, 2018

I remember one of the most stressful times of my young life was to go to the bicycle rider training and having my bicycle safety checked at the Fire Station Headquarters on Olive Avenue.

Questions popped into my mind like what if I fail the training? does my bike have what it takes to be safe and earn my Burbank bike registration sticker?

Like who cared about that. We were always creeped out by that odd Burbank preoccupation back then with organized activities and adult leadership.

My brand new Schwinn Tiger was the pride of my young life. It was candy apple red with white pin striping and the envy of my kid friends in the neighborhood.


In our world it was Continental or Varsity. The Sears bikes had already fallen apart.

Anyone ever heard Jerry Seinfeld’s great story about how his father got him one of the first Stingrays in the neighborhood?


But what if I did not pass, and did not get my sticker? I could no longer ride!! The Horror!

This gripped my young mind as we went to Olive Rec for the parking lot test track made of chalk in the parking lot. You may have well guessed that this was less of a big deal than I had built it up in my mind.

The instructor read to us about what we were going to be doing, staying between the lines, making turns in the lines, stopping inside the lines and not falling down! I passed and then we headed back up Olive to the Fire station that was just below Glenoaks.

There my bike was put through its paces and a rigorous visual inspection. The Fireman performing this inspection pronounced my bike safe and awarded it the coveted Burbank Bicycle Safety Sticker which he placed on the seat column support near the bottom about 6 inches above the pedals.

I was so proud! I passed and so did my Bike!


Our Burbank could have cared less. This must have been a Flatland thing — even as five-year-olds we knew there was something creepy and contrived about all of those organized kids’ happenings down at Olive Rec or McCambridge. Neighbor parents would always have to drag us kicking and screaming to some songster or finger-painting class down there.

But a nasty segment of Burbank has always had an oddball preoccupation for teams and group activities and adult supervision, and they’re usually the ones who are in charge.

Speaking of Olive Rec, it turns out Larry had been unjust. About two days after we reported the card as missing, one of the coaches  down there called the house to ask what we’d done with their basketball. Seems some big kid had apparently found our card on SF and used it to check one out from their gym.

How diabolical those Flatland kids were back then, yes. But the fact that we’d already officially reported the card as missing got us off the hook. Leib though wasn’t impressed.

We learned two things that summer. Sometimes it pays to be a pussy; and unless you just want to go to the Hobby Shop stay the hell out of the Flatlands. We did learn later on that the pussy was better in the Flatlands, but that’s for another day.





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Schiff talks a good line on Net Neutrality. So how come he didn’t sign the Discharge Petition?


We’d be more convinced of his feelings here if he’d made an effort to sign the specific Discharge Petition that will force an overturn vote of the FCC ruling.

Ninety of his fellow Democrats did.




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What a completely fucked-up value system.


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And all its dominions






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Why is Burbank only going after tenants for Airbnb violations? Not owners and landlords

Such as this rental opportunity, which appears to be listed all the time. It’s obviously no one’s “primary residence.”


This blatant favoritism results in more apartment units getting taken off the local market.


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Btw, we suspect there’s more Spanish being spoken in New York City than in Los Angeles.

It always surprises California visitors how much there is. It’s heard everywhere.


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There’s no good reason to be doing this

Sorry, but this confirms people’s fears about what happens when Armenians take over. It’s just so amazingly, hamfistedly hegemonical:

GLENDALE On Tuesday, March 13, the Glendale City Council unanimously voted to initiate the process of renaming a public right of way in honor of the Republic of Artsakh. Among the several alternatives provided by the city staff, was the option to rename the stretch of Maryland Avenue between Harvard and Wilson Street. The Armenian National Committee of America Glendale (ANCA Glendale) expressed strong support for the option to rename Maryland Avenue to Artsakh Street.

Referring to the option of renaming Maryland Avenue, ANCA Glendale, Community Outreach Director Margarita Baghdasaryan stated that, the area, which is situated in the Glendale Arts and Entertainment district sees significant foot traffic, attracts thousands of shoppers every day, and is home to several local Armenian American business who would welcome the name change.

Glendale City Mayor Vartan Gharpetian stated proudly that tonight we are making history, 50 years later they are going to talk about this night. I am so proud to go towards this route and to name the first street in our City Artsakh.


You mean there’s going to be more?

How ridiculous. What’s the reference point here, besides that of taking an inappropriate political stand against Azerbaijan? (You just knew something like that was going to be behind this stunt.)

Like this name has to do with exactly what locally? If anything, change it to a historic Hispanic name.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t they rename Glenoaks “Yerevan Blvd” while they’re at it? Might as well. It makes about as much sense.

Btw … how come you never see any non-Armenian employees working at the Glendale library any more?

But for a few old souls behind a reference desk here and there they don’t get hired.

Anyone want to dispute this? Don’t even try. Just look around.


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The right decision?

Tim Murphy is by far the best choice for this temporary fill-in council position. Anyone else would constitute a huge ideological pro-growth statement on the part of the other four.



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Speaking of Burbank Moms

Not that anyone necessarily is right now; but if they were still like this we’d be doing it all the time.

Ida Lupino, longtime Rancho resident.


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It was Gabel-Luddy who initiated council approval of this blatant giveaway of city property





Like it was a fire sale.

Incidentally, Rogers agreed with Gordon on this. He said that the whole characterization of “remnant properties” at the site was phony.



He’s right.




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Is Gabel-Luddy still drinking?

We’ve always had pretty good radar when it comes to detecting older female alcoholics, and so we’re wondering if this current mayor is still going on her occasional binges. Some of her mannerisms and aggressive hesitancies and hostilities last night suggest to us that she’s still hitting the bottle.

It’s probably been staff’s worst kept secret over the years that Gabel-Luddy’s serious absentee problem as a board and commission member — and early on in her current job — was due to her drinking problem.

Whatever’s been going on with her lately, someone who knows what they’re doing needs to keep her in line. She’s obviously on some kind of reckless warpath. What a smug character she indeed is.

And btw. If they’re going to pick Carolyn Jackson for Rogers’ slot — an absolutely odious choice — then what’s the point of taking applications?

Jackson is by far the worst applicant on the list. She’s a shameless booster of the establishment; a crony among cronies; a pro-development zealot intolerant of active criticism and dissent; and she has a long history of using sexist name-calling and innuendo as a substitute for debate.

Though this may make her perfect company for Emily Gabel-Luddy, she’s a disaster for Burbank. Talk about “haters.” Rizzotti for instance would be 10,000 times better than Jackson if only because he has a demonstrated sensitivity towards protecting the neighborhoods.

By comparison, Jackson is a company boy through and through. She’s not just a credulous nincompoop like several of the others, she’s willfully arrogant and destructive. Talk about obstinate.


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It’s not a savvy crowd up there




He was always too smart for Burbank. That was his problem. Been thinking of him today.

Btw … it’d be a major fuck-you to Will if the council appoints anyone else but Tim Murphy.










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Murphy, right?


There’s such an interesting list of candidates putting in for Will’s job that we kind of wish the Charter could be instantly amended to allow for a sort of temporary “visiting” representative on the council.

That’s not a bad idea, really — have this interim council member position rotate among a large group of these residents. You could end up having a wide range of interests getting involved in the operation of local government. Maybe the new mayor can take it upon herself to just appoint a temporary three- or six-month slot if they can’t agree on one choice? Then they can go back later on and substitute someone else.

For real. We’re serious about this — a rotating council slot might be hell on staff, but it would provide some new voices in town. Many of these applicants should be seriously considered and allowed to show what they’ve got going.

Such things won’t be of course, and so the obvious choice for the council right now is Tim Murphy. We’ll forgive him his longtime association with Rogers, but appointing Murphy would satisfy the idea of an emotional and political continuity. He’s also incredibly well qualified for the job, if only because he once served on the council 25 years ago where he was forced to suffer an immense amount of ill will from a majority membership that we could only dream of having around right now to hate.

Some those guys were truly up to no good back then. They make today’s bad-faith actors look like Dr. Gordon.

The other valuable candidates should wait and run for the continuing slots. Murphy’s not going to try and run again after this is over, but some of the other ones should. They need to wait.

A couple of them also need to have someone look at their application paperwork before they turn it in to make sure everything’s all neat and clean and without errors. No names, please.




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While the stars were out last night


The Metropolitan Museum of Art held their annual fashion gala last night. Everyone who is anyone attended.

The chosen exhibit this year is a display of historic Catholic ecclesiastical garments. Kind of neat. But we’re sure we’re not the only ones who were reminded of this..








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Staff’s supplying the interview questions for the council (!)


This is sleazy– talk about putting a box around the discussion. It’s from the interview instructions in tonight’s agenda:


Per City Council’s direction, a list of potential interview questions will be provided to the Council…


Of course. Can’t have any uncomfortable or maverick-like behavior there with those renegade questions about forbidden topics. Gotta keep it in line.

Why does the council need or want to do this? To make sure that “growth” and “a sustainable future” is on the question list? Or can they not think of any questions on their own? (Imagine giving Ted McConkey or Dr. Gordon a list of “potential” questions. Or them desiring one!)

Staff will probably also tell the council who they want selected for the position, just like they do with the city’s board and commission appointments. And then be thanked for it.

Wonder if there will be any rent control questions on their “list”?



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