Miller was the first Burbank K-5 to have an “assistant” principal. That’s because it had TWO campuses


Just to note…

For a while there Miller Elementary had a separate kindergarten down on San Fernando Blvd, and a total student body of about 1300 kids.

This is something that’s been completely forgotten in the current debate about restoring both it and Jefferson’s. And you know why Jefferson got an assistant too?

Because Miller had one! Those influential BenMar Hills parents pushed for the same thing, necessary or not.

Keep in mind as well that Alhambra and Pasadena have much bigger school/student needs than does Burbank, and which explains why they have MORE classified employees. The Asian population alone in Alhambra requires lots of extra language assistance.

Most of the schools in both districts are also much dirtier than Burbank’s. With more custodians, explain that one…

The only exceptions are the predominantly Asian schools. Interesting.




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Such nonsense. Burbank and Glendale used to be FULL of granny flats





The oldtimers are laughing out loud at these spoiled nimby-newbies.

That’s because both of these towns were once absolutely teeming with granny flats. Nobody complained about them and they never caused a problem. Burbank’s nicest and most affluent neighborhoods had two or three on every block.

No? Hey, we were there, bud.

And shhh! Burbank and Glendale once had lots of boarding houses and SROs as well. Which they should have again. Both options provide highly civilized living for the lower-incomes.


Glendale officials are rushing to get ahead of several state housing laws that will loosen the city’s restrictions on building accessory-dwelling units, or ADUs. State lawmakers have billed the legislation package as a tool to combat California’s housing shortage.

On Tuesday, Glendale City Council members introduced a temporary emergency ordinance that will allow the city to enforce some of its ADU regulations — including maximum unit sizes — even as the laws going into effect Jan. 1 will supersede or negate many others. A vote on the ordinance is scheduled for Dec. 10.

“This is going to create a huge issue for us,” Councilman Vartan Gharpetian said during the meeting, as he and his council colleagues reckoned with the impact of the laws. Burbank is also weighing how to go forward in light of the new legislation, with an emergency ordinance expected to be presented to its planning board on Dec. 9.


Thank god the state finally came in and pre-empted these silly local restrictions. And it’s hilarious to see how Burbank’s grave concern about “Mom and Pop” landlord only seems to extend to the big property owners.

Mom and Pop at home can apparently let grandma rot someplace else.


A handful of public speakers showed up to the meeting to express their dissatisfaction with the state mandate.

“[State legislators] want to turn quiet streets of single-family homes into [teeming], low-rise tenements lined with double parked cars,” Mike Mohill, a Glendale homeowner, said during the recent meeting.

Cathy Jurca, also a Glendale resident, called the coming changes “really distressing because they threaten to upend the city’s ordinance, which she said residents were happy with.


Bull. Granny flats are great. These scaredy-cats don’t even know what a tenement is.

And tenements too are great. They’re nothing more than six-floor walkups that are about 25-feet wide. Highly civilized living as well. Some of the old ones on the Lower East Side are going for a fortune, the few that are left.



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No sympathy for her, and it was “Saint” Nancy who helped force her out


Ex local Congressperson Katie Hill’s on TV right now complaining about how badly she was treated by the conventional political system, and how what happened to her only happens to women because they’re always being singled out for revenge porn.

She should never have quit; and tell that to Anthony Wiener.



Hill should have stayed in there. Tell her Canyon Country constituents that she likes to party and smoke pot and that her ex is a douchebag. They’d understand.

But, she’s full of crap instead. She says too that she doesn’t know “what else” is out there. How can that possibly be unless you’re an amoral idiot? And if you are one then knock off all the piety about others.

MSNBC of course is not going to do anything to upset the Pelosi Admiration Festival that’s been going on all day today — such as ask Hill if, say, Nancy Pelosi was the one who told her that she’d have to go. Which is what Chuck Shumer foolishly forced Al Franken to do two years ago with his own photos problem, and to Franken’s quick regret.

Democrats. What can you say? It would serve their overly pious and “prayerful” souls right to have Hill end up getting replaced by a Republican.



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But she’s got a heart full of love


Readily on display here.




“Don’t mess with me!”

Yeah, we remember that line from an old Rod McKuen song. Warm fuzzies.




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Wonder how many of these are from that Burbank crowd



The one that sweeps the boards over at the Talamantes’ “City of Burbank” site.



We’ve been getting reports that the nuttiness over there is worse than ever.



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We don’t remember this unflattering story about the Airport getting covered by the local media


Corey Doctorow from Boing Boing has it today.

The public relations people who feed the local media all these puff pieces we’ve been seeing lately must have somehow overlooked the story…


Last September, Jessica Lundquist passed through a body-scanner at Burbank airport and was told by a TSA screener that they wanted to conduct a “groin search” on her.

Lundquist refused to allow the screener to touch her vulva, whereupon the screener summoned two colleagues. The “officers” (the TSA styles its employees as “officers” even though they do not have any law-enforcement powers) told Lundquist that if she did not allow them to touch her genitals, they would use physical force to perform the search, and also told her she was not allowed to leave. They also refused to allow her to make a video-record of the search.

All of this conduct was illegal. The TSA is not allowed to detain travelers who wish to abandon their trips. The TSA is required to allow passengers to record their searches. The TSA is absolutely not allowed to use physical force to effect searches when passengers object to them.


More here:

Woman whose vulva was probed by Burbank TSA “officers” who ignored her refusal sues







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So let’s all visit her for the holidays


She likes us so much!



George at least would be cool.






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America the Beautiful


Wonder how long it will take before 90 percent of the crowd over at that Talamantes’ *WeLoveBurbank!* Facebook page start cheering about these drawings.





Mr. Zubaydah, who is not known to have formal art training, drew himself in a hood, shackled in the fetal position and tethered by a chain to a cell bar to constrict his movement. In granting the C.I.A. approval to use a technique similar to this, Jay S. Bybee, a former assistant attorney general, noted in an 18-page memo dated Aug. 1, 2002, that “through observing Zubaydah in captivity, you have noted that he appears to be quite flexible despite his wound.”





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And those shameless Democrats







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That Liberal Media







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And yet, they’re praising Nancy Pelosi for jumping on some conservative reporter who was merely quoting someone else


Biden’s reaction today was justified. The guy was lying.

Pelosi’s was not. She was unprofessional and highly sanctimonious. We’ve also known LOTS of Catholics who hate. There’s nothing wrong with “hating” Donald Trump, either. It was a good question that could have had a great answer.

People accuse Biden of being “doddering”? Look at Pelosi. Also, liberals go totally nuts when conservatives parade around their religiosity. But she’s ok?




Mayor Pete! Mayor Pete!




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Don’t worry. The BUSD makes plenty of money on assigned overtime


Because almost all OT is paid for by the outside users of these school facilities, it’s been a district cash cow for years.

As cited in the Leader today, this woman’s just being a nudge, an officious pest. Check out the glaring headline:


First 100-days report shows Burbank Unified isn’t paying off vacation accruals


Rising vacation accruals and overseeing overtime, primarily from Burbank Unified School District classified staff, were listed as “areas to watch” on a financial report compiled by Debbie Kukta, the district’s new assistant superintendent of administrative services.




…However, in her [Kutka’s]  presentation, she noted “a large volume of overtime” being paid out by the district, primarily in janitorial services, and suggested the need for a review of overtime assignments, job responsibilities and use of facilities permits.

“I brought up overtime because it’s an area I’d like to look more into,” Kukta said. “I’m approving these blocks of overtime and mainly they’re tied to use of facilities permits.”


Who the hell is she? OT is also required for these use assignments. So she has no choice.

The Leader here does a good job of examining the reality:


When an outside company wants to use district facilities for events such as a play or filming, they are required to apply for facilities permits.

Burbank Unified, for instance, charges $2,500 for basic filming rights for up to 15 hours.

Often district custodians work overtime to clean up after events, and the district charges film companies a rate of $55 per hour for facilities use on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, before 6:30 a.m. or after 5 p.m.

While the district bills film companies these fees, Kukta said she wanted to make sure Burbank Unified isn’t losing money.


They aren’t. Quite the opposite. Kutka’s grandstanding. Since the Burbank custodians make nowhere near $55 an hour on these jobs, the district makes about a hundred-percent profit on the deal.

That’s right.

And which actually violates state law — they can only charge for direct costs for nonprofit functions.


“It’s mainly looking at the process to make sure that these amounts are supposed to be billed to the people who are applying for these facilities permits,” Kukta said. “We’re just making sure we’re covering our costs.”


Kutka’s being a pest. In another part of the article, she’s also wrong in trying to dramatize the classified employees’ accrued vacation.

Why? Because unlike the teachers, most of these employees aren’t replaced by subs during their vacation periods, and so “cashing them out” would actually cost the district more money than just paying them their regular salary while they’re gone from work, which is what happens. They’d be paying them double money for that “accrued” time period.

Cashing out also defeats the purpose of a vacation. We’re not sure either if the CSEA contract allows a cash redemption on vacation days. They have to be taken as vacation, or are eventually lost.

In fact, as far as we know, it’s been almost 40 years since BUSD employees could actually cash out their sick or vacation days. Leftover vacation days can only be cashed out upon departure from service; sick days never any more.

You know what used to happen in the good old days? Before about 1983 or so school employees could cash out their accrued sick days upon retirement or resignation. At 12 earned sick days per year, some people would accrue 200 or 300 (or more) sick days during their career.

Anyone remember Joe Recchia, the old custodian at Edison (and almost every place else)? In 45 years of BUSD employment he never took a sick day.  That was quite a check he got cut when he finally retired.






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The Central Branch has ALWAYS been used in this way


(They all just love their new buildings, don’t they?)



The head librarian here ends up makIng the best case in the world about why Burbank does not need a new Central Branch building…


Updating the aging Burbank Central Library is not a new issue. Goldman said city officials first recognized the need for an improved facility in 1989, yet there has been little progress made on turning it into a modern-day asset.

“A replacement building on its own will not meet this promise, which is why the Burbank Public Library staff have been working hard to understand and adapt to the trends that are shaping libraries,” Goldman said.

The library services director focused on current library trends, one of which is the changing use of space.

Goldman said that today’s libraries have evolved from book-focused facilities into spaces where people can study, have access to the internet, hold meetings and be used as a public venue.


We grew up near this branch. We and everybody else used it as a meeting, project, and gathering space.

Most of the time the surrounding books had absolutely nothing to do with why we were there, but we were still glad they were around. So were the then-librarians.

The library as gathering and work space is nothing new, and you don’t need a new “space” to continue the same use.


Technology is another area in which libraries are adapting to the times. Goldman said many people thought the advent of Google and other internet search engines would spell the demise of libraries, but that wasn’t the case.


No one around here ever thought that, because libraries still had books.

The idea that this library is somehow used differently now is bogus. It’s just an excuse to build an unnecessary new one.


She said millennials and younger generations of children continue to flock to libraries to study or to work on projects with classmates.


So…the current facility still works then. Great–then leave it alone.


Goldman said it is important for Burbank’s libraries to continue educating the public about traditional literacy as well as teach people of all ages how to use various types of technology.


The library is not a school. And how many people still need to learn about that new “technology”? It’s not 1989 any more, with lots of hapless oldsters running around not knowing the difference between a keyboard and a typewriter.

The current library facility is nice. It does the job well. It’s also a very fine example of midcentury modern architecture and should thus be locally preserved as such. Even crazier, Burbank doesn’t use it as a “central” anything any more, and so this pedagogical experimentation they want to engage in would be better suited to Buena Vista.

Here’s an even better idea. The city wants to build a new library facility?

Why not replace the old North Glenoaks branch we’ve long been promised? It was stolen from that underserved neighborhood right after Prop 13.








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That Talamantes’ toxic stew of a Facebook page


We’ve been getting a number of private comments here about what in hell is going on lately at that Talamantes’ family *”WeLoveBurbank!* Facebook page.

What can we say? A good part of Burbank is composed of toxic morons and racists. Nothing new there. It’s a dumb, reactionary town and always has been. Half these clowns boast about never leaving the place.

But what is new is that the Talamantes are allowing these hardcore idiots to engage in an incredible amount of overtly political nonsense on an FB page that is supposedly dedicated to what a harmonious place Burbank is. Wasn’t that always against the rules?





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Not too many Black people in that little Kingdom there, no?





It’s like one of those creepy Scientology videos. All that’s missing is the yacht.



That’s more like it.




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They’re really shameless


And stupid.








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A real tunnel? Or cut and cover?


It’s almost like someone wants to doom this worthy project, doesn’t it seem so?


The complexity of building a bullet train through Southern California’s urban maze is leading state officials to consider two major additions: a tunnel under the Burbank airport and a project that would help a freight railroad expand its switching yards in the Inland Empire.

Frank Miller, executive director of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority, said the agency has had recent discussions with the state about the tunnel.

“If they want to go under the runway, we need to have some discussions about how that would work,” he said. “There are some issues with takeoffs and landings. It would have to be put in place in such a way that we wouldn’t have any issues with the Federal Aviation Administration.”


Real tunneling wouldn’t create a problem, so it sounds like cut and cover. Boring a hole would be tremendously expensive.

Cut and cover is how they built the Hollywood Blvd subway, BART, and most of New York’s. They dig a big ditch, put everything in, and then cover it up. Nobody actually tunnels everything unless they have to.


The rail authority announced a plan in 2018 to align the rail from Palmdale to Burbank along Highway 14. The 38-mile route would traverse the San Gabriel Mountains via five separate tunnels, numerous bridges and various at-grade sections.

The route was determined to be easier to construct and cause less harm than two other alternatives, though it is somewhat longer.


But the current plan bypasses serving Canyon Country, which is absurd.

And remember “The Stack” and all of the old environmental concerns? The problems with that contaminated soil have been completely left out of the P.R.

This is all becoming so convoluted. How come other countries have had bullet trains for years? Why can’t America do big things any more?






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So don’t cut it short



Finishing this impeachment process in a rush will turn out to be the dumbest political decision in this young century’s history.  Within three months it will be forgotten, within five months it will be popularly deemed a vindication.





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Trouble in Paradise?





The “I wish” is interesting. They’re obviously not getting along well enough to agree.

Update today:






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They can sell all that old stuff and buy everything new!


From this week’s agenda for the city’s Art in Public Places Committee:




Why do they want to know? Who cares how much it’s all worth?

Did this idea actually come from the Committee itself? Or was it suggested to them by staff as something worth doing?

One thing they should do is see what kind of correlation there is between the required private party investment versus the actual price of the art, for those pieces that come under control of the city. And, even for those that remain in private hands but were required to be installed through ordinance.

That would be fun to see. Are these developers investing enough in public art?



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