So Will, Mia Farrow’s a loon, isn’t she?


If there’s anyone whose opinion would be worth hearing about Woody Allen it’s our very own Mayor Rogers.

That’s because Will was lucky enough to have a job back in the 1980s where he was a personal assistant to Andre Previn, Mia Farrow’s ex-spouse.

No doubt Rogers had contact or knowledge of the family and children. So he’d obviously know the scuttlebutt about both Woody and Farrow, and possibly what A. Previn himself thinks of these old allegations about Woody, even though they supposedly happened later. Or what Previn thinks abut Mia (we know from the Howard Stern show that he doesn’t like Allen).

So what’s the deal with Mia Farrow — we’ve heard from people in the business that she’s both nuts and impossible to deal with. Woody too was cleared of these allegations in two separate investigations.

So who does Will Rogers believe? Ronan, or Moses? Someone on that Facebook site should ask him.




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The lunacy continues

Talk about missing the point.

Woody Allen faces backlash for saying it’s acceptable to wink at women in the workplace

Woody Allen still thinks that men wink at women in offices. He’s a whimsical degenerate,’ says critic


… Allen has also sparked fierce criticism for saying he hoped the Weinstein allegations would not lead to a “witch hunt atmosphere” in the world of work in which winking at a woman becomes wholly unacceptable.

He said: “You also don’t want it to lead to a witch-hunt atmosphere, a Salem atmosphere, where every guy in an office who winks at a woman is suddenly having to call a lawyer to defend himself”.

The remarks prompted fury on Twitter and critics of Allen argued that winking female colleagues in the workplace should never be tolerable.


Woody was joking about small incidents becoming capital offenses. Which irony of ironies is exactly what his remark has become. He wasn’t supporting winking.

And btw,

a) Is winking always bad?

b) Is it always sexual?

c) Do men never wink at other men?

d) Does anyone even wink any more?


People, we can’t survive this kind of stupidity. Fortunately, some of the British comments on the article are hilarious:


But they often wink at me!


Yeah, what about that?






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Let the tears fall


No one’s denying incidents occur, but there’s nothing remotely sexual, assaulting, or harassing about the following:


That included Jennifer Lawrence, who during her speech at the event Monday recalled producers on one of her films who asked her to lose weight. “And, during this time, a female producer had me do a nude lineup with about five women who were much, much thinner than me,” Lawrence said. “And we all stood side-by-side with only paste-ons covering our privates. After that degrading and humiliating lineup, the female producer told me I should use the naked photos of myself as inspiration for my diet.


From tragedy to farce in what, about four days? Many of these people are absolutely ridiculous.

No, just not very bright. But terrifically self-involved.

Ah, so here’s what it’s really all about:


She added: “For the young women sitting in this room, life is going to be different for you because we have you, we have your back. And that makes me feel better because, gosh, it’s about time. I just also want to say as a course of action because sometimes people, they talk about things but I was really thinking last night, what can we do, what can do we do? And I just want to say, there’s a lot of people here who negotiate quite frequently with different companies and heads of companies, and I think maybe during your next negotiation, this is a really prudent time to ask important questions like, who are your top female executives? Do those women have green-light power? How many women are on the board of your company? How many women are in a key position of decision-making at your company? Asking questions like that, I found, it seems so obvious, but people don’t ask those questions.


Business advantage. Thought so.

(Hmmm … wasn’t it a female executive who Lawrence said humiliated her? Like we just noted, ain’t too bright to think things through.)




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Exactly what does the Burbank Housing Corporation do?


Unless you’re into wi-fi transmission towers and church steeples, tomorrow night’s council meeting with the BUSD governing board looks pretty lackluster.

Oh, the kids no longer have to get library cards any more, that’s right, which we know was a major stretch for both them and their parents. We remember how hard it was to drag ourselves down to the library for that back in the old days.

One item of interest is on the agenda– the selection of a new BHC member. A new guy is up against an establishment veteran from the ranks of the City of Pasadena bureaucracy, and who specializes in going along to get along with the development industry.  She’s been on the BHC board for 19 years already and so guess who’s gonna get the job.

But it’s time for a question. Exactly what is the current purpose of the Burbank Housing Corporation?

Much is made of their lobbying efforts — or facilitation or planning or whatever they call it now — for “affordable housing.” Which in Burbank means $2,000 a month and no rent control. So exactly what have they accomplished in this area?

They seem to be used now instead as a proxy Redevelopment Agency with pretenses of social activism, Burbank style; a gleam that still glimmers in the mind’s eye of the local booster crowd. In Burbank we’ve seen that activism over “affordable housing” really means working side by side with big business to offer as many easily filled incentives as they can get, and nothing more.

Oh, and re-branding singles and efficiencies as “micro units,” but at a 50 percent+ more rent differential than anyone tried to get 30 years ago. Singles used to be a lot cheaper than the regular housing stock in the same building, at least before the BHC and BHA got involved. Some buildings had nothing BUT singles but without the fancy new name.

They’re mostly gone now thanks to Redevelopment. So are the still could be very useful SROs that once lined Third Street between Angeleno and Providencia. Talk about affordable, especially when General Relief would cover the whole rent.

That’s why there’s so many homeless now. By comparison, GR now pays nothing. 

Here’s what the BHC used to do in the old days:

  1.  They’d help buy up older and cheaper apartment buildings in town where the rents were low and the neighborhoods were not as nice as where the council members were living (they’re called “Focus Neighborhoods”),
  2.  They’d kick out all the old tenants who were paying those cheap rents,
  3.  They’d spend a million dollars a unit “refurbishing” those older buildings that were still pretty ok,
  4.  Then they’d make a couple of Channel 6 TV shows about how wonderful they and the BHA are as an agency and how beautiful the new facilities look, which were now charging about twice what the old rent was with the original tenants.
  5.  Oh, and quite often there would be fewer units in the new reconstructions than what the same  building had once contained. Dr. Gordon was good at ferreting out this information.





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“I began to weep”


You just know there’s another side to the story on this one…



New York activist Tamika Mallory says she was booted from an American Airlines flight in Miami after a pilot inserted himself into a dispute over her seat assignment.

Mallory, a co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington, was traveling home to New York when the pilot followed her down the jet bridge to scold her over an argument she had with a gate agent.

He then had her summoned from her seat and kicked off the flight, she told the Daily News.

“It definitely was white male aggression. I was singled out, I was disrespected, and he was trying to intimidate me. I was discriminated against,” she said. “It was so egregious, if you will, and there was no way that I could allow it to happen without me saying something.”


Yes, we’ve heard that only women are getting kicked off of airlines. Those Black flight attendants that kicked that chick off another flight several months ago as seen on YouTube were actually White men in disguise.


Mallory, who is active in movements for gun control and civil rights, was in Miami for the Revolt Music Conference and had planned to attend the wedding of Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter Sunday afternoon — which she missed.

She said she arrived at Miami International Airport and used an airport kiosk to change from a middle to an aisle seat, which she was able to do at no charge as a platinum airline member.

At the gate, she was issued a new ticket that put her back in the middle seat. She asked an agent why, and said the employee’s response was “nasty” and “disrespectful.”

But Mallory thought the customer service dustup was over and headed onto the plane, until a pilot who had overheard the end of the exchange stopped her.

The pilot told her the airline worker had “nothing to do” with her seat getting changed and that she was the one who behaved disrespectfully.

“Then he said to me, ‘Can you get on this flight? Are you going to be a problem on this flight?’ I said ‘No, I’m not. Actually, I’m fine. But I will write my complaint down,” Mallory said. “He looked at me and said, ‘You’re going to get yourself a one-way ticket off this plane.’”

 Mallory was allowed onto the flight and settled into her middle seat, but an announcement was made telling her to come to the front of the plane.

When she got there, the pilot she had tangled with pointed at her and said, “Her, off.”

“I began to express my outrage,” Mallory said. “Then I asked why I was being removed. I asked why was this happening to me. I told him I felt completely disrespected. I began to weep.”


These people are obviously too stupid to realize the irony here with that last exclamation, and their ridiculous inconsistencies overall.

Btw, you know what people in Harlem call Reverend Al? They call him “Big Head.”

They universally hate the guy.




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Local Walmart plays the role of morality police — and then lies about it


The Authoritarians at work. Better get used to it.

Someone just sent us a Facebook link today about this poor girl’s humiliating experience at the Burbank Walmart:



There is NO such California law requiring the checking of IDs of everyone in a party.

If so, then mom or dad could never buy a bottle of wine if they took the kids along to the market.

So Walmart’s lying to her. Such a policy is completely discretionary on their part — they’re just being their own chickenshit selves.




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What in the world is she talking about?



Apparently she’s likening women getting individually bothered by men (or, allegedly assaulted) to the historic plight and continual hassle of being an African American.

How offensive. And that interpretation makes more sense than her own use of language here. You apparently can’t joke about anything either.

These people are fucking cracked and nobody notices. Whatever good comes from these discussions they ruin.

And again, do only white males go after other people for sex? Women never pursue men in Hollywood? And never aggressively, or exploitatively?



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It’s great

Don’t believe the liars.



Says the same woman who helped to create a notoriously hostile work environment by fucking her director-boss on the shoot and then breaking up his marriage.

Apparently Woody now too is getting more condemnation for using the term “witch hunt,” which supposedly is anti-women because it references male violence towards women.

Even though,

a) A lot of women were in on those historic witch burnings, and

b) Woody’s obviously against them.

Apparently cash though does the trick for her:

It did 20 years ago with Weinstein. What a hero.


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Give back the money


In order for them all to be ethically consistent with their own sense of moral outrage, they’re going to have to.

Part and parcel of the next big story:


… Sources on the amfAR board said that after the Weinstein auction item went for $900,000, rather than the expected $1.2 million, Weinstein – who raised $11 million that night through his friends and contacts – himself agreed to host an extra starry fundraiser in Sept. 2015 attended by the likes of Jay Z, Leo DiCaprio and Ryan Reynolds, which raised an additional $2 million for amfAR.

Weinstein – who is not a member of amfAR’s board but is a longtime donor and is said to have raised more than $50 million for the organization – also made a personal donation of $1 million to amfAR in the name of his late mother Miriam Weinstein, who loved their galas and died in November 2016.


Harvey gave and raised a lot of money for a lot of good causes. People who supposedly knew about him — and are oh-so-outraged about him now — never said a thing publicly. Women who claimed they were raped by him never went to the police.

For a closer, Maureen Dowd in tomorrow’s NYT cites this:


When David Carr wrote about “The Emperor Miramaximus” in 2001 for New York magazine — several years after the unpleasant experience Paltrow described for the first time this past week to The Times — he quoted her saying: “I think that for every bad story you hear about Harvey, there are three great ones. People are complicated, and nobody’s all good or all bad.”


There’s an illness in the land. People are losing their minds.




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Let’s check in



Using Black people for “keeping it real” purposes is a classic modern-day advertising tactic. By now it’s become more than an offensive cliche.

Just think of all the commercials where some Black woman suddenly pipes up about the inner value or inherent worthiness of the product at hand. This crowd is shameless. All of them.

Here’s another fun story about the daughter:









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Now it’s time to give back all the money you made off of and with him


Donate it to charity.

That’ll be the day, right? We can’t be self-righteous and holier-than-thou about everything



Harvey Weinstein Ousted From Motion Picture Academy





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Harvey Weinstein asked me out!


Now it’s getting desperate:


My Encounter With Harvey Weinstein, And Why We Must Also Talk About Actresses At The Bottom


A number of years ago, I landed a gig as Penelope Cruz’s stand-in on the Rob Marshall movie Nine at Shepperton Studios. A starting-out actress, I thought it would be a great experience to be on a huge film set with so many actors whose work I admired – Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Day Lewis, Kate Hudson, Judi Dench, and Marion Cotillard. Perhaps even Penelope and I would become bezzies.

In the end it wasn’t that great and I didn’t get to hang out with Ms Cruz, but I did meet Harvey Weinstein himself. I say meet but it was more of an encounter. I didn’t really know much about him at the time but soon got the impression from the mixture of excitement and trepidation on set that this was a very important guy.

The first thing that struck me about him was that he’s a big man. Tall, broad, so he stands out. Coupled with his powerful position I can see how he could be intimidating. One day, when I wasn’t needed on set I went to use one of the mobile toilets. On my way out there was Harvey. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t following me, he must have been on his way somewhere, maybe to the toilets too, but I was surprised to see him in front of me, and then he spoke!

Now it was unusual to be spoken to by anybody ‘of any position’ on set (stand-ins were barely noticed), so I was taken aback by this large famous figure talking to me outside the Portaloo. He asked who I was, which was even weirder and so I mumbled nervously and with embarrassment, “I’m just Penelope’s stand in”. He then asked me if I wanted to go out with him, but I felt so awkward and couldn’t believe my ears, that I rushed off pretending I didn’t even hear and, after a couple of days, if I remember correctly he was gone.

Perhaps you’re feeling disappointed that this isn’t one of the more shocking stories that have appeared in recent days like Ambra Battaliana’s or Ashley Judd’s and that the headline has misled you, but perhaps if I hadn’t been so frightened, or the circumstances had been different, I might have found myself in one such awkward position. I don’t know whether anyone else on the set of Nine had similar encounters with Weinstein but there were lots of beautiful, young, Italian female dancers there – it being a musical – who may have had their own experiences. Since that time, out in the acting world I’ve consistently heard rumours and stories about him all tallying with the exposes that are now appearing. That’s why no one I know was surprised when the story broke.

When they start getting down to the “may” and the “might” you know they’ve reached the absolute bottom of the barrel of storytelling.

Don’t you love too how she’s just mortified at the idea of being asked out? Naturally, most of the comments attached to this article are breathless in their outrage and sense of indignancy.

No wonder movies are so insipidly awful these days.




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How come none of the pictures show the guy in action stealing wallets?



Although this may be the guy, nothing about this story as described sounds convincing. Especially considering how the Glendale Police Department already has a proud and active policy of going out of its way to harass local parolees and get them back in jail.


On Thursday, October 11th, 2017, Pasadena Police Detectives, along with a Glendale Police Detective and State Parole Agents arrested a man who is allegedly the “Office Creeper” in El Monte, CA. Parolee Anthony Fierro, a career criminal, was arrested in connection with a string of wallet and credit card thefts from office buildings throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Burbank.

The suspect in the surveillance photos was dubbed the “Office Creeper” due to the stealthy manner in which he crept through office hallways, stole wallets from women’s purses and later fraudulently used their credit cards, causing victims and retailers thousands of dollars in losses.


You’d think there’d be at least one supplied picture of him in action? No?


Detectives from Arcadia, Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena Police Departments put out “Wanted” flyers for Fierro, who at the time was unidentified. A break in the case came when Glendale PD Detective Kelly Kramer received an anonymous tip identifying Fierro, after the tipster saw Glendale’s “Wanted Information” on the TV news.

Sounds phony, and the “anonymous tip” rationale sounds like a convenient way to hide the fact that someone on the Force had already thought they recognized the guy as a potential suspect but lacked enough PC to go directly after him.

No, such things really happen? Say it ain’t so!

Of course they do.

Again, where’s a juicy photo of him in action? And what direct evidence was found in his home that physically ties him to these crimes? You’d think as well that these combined police forces would be stressing the actual specifics which nailed the guy.

Unless there aren’t too many. In that case innuendo and accusation always seem to be enough for most people.




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A salute to the patriarchy


Enough with morons this weekend.



Russell’s at 1:30. Russell in Malibu, while he was teaching at UCLA. He’s laughing.

A bonus:

When Susan Sontag was going to North Hollywood High in the late 40s she and her friends would drive over the hill after school to visit these people.

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Harassment Alert. Oliver Stone sent her flowers !


Now it’s getting nuts:



He sent her flowers. Then backed off.


Naturally, there’s triumph in the air.  The comments to this Jezebel article have to be seen to be believed:




Hey, you know, maybe men should do the same thing. Start outing the asshole women they’ve been around as well.

Especially the confused ones. Name names, like 40 years later.

Oh, that’s right. Women never grope; have sex with their bosses and co-workers for fun; have sex with their bosses and co-workers to get ahead; go after bosses and co-workers; harass men for their attention; or exhibit aggressive sexual moves to the men they’re interested in. Or unwanted ones.

Never happens.






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This is why the Democrats are going to lose the next 20 elections


Eating their own.




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Now it’s Tina Brown



A giant “Fuck you” to these sanctimonious has-beens.

This is going way beyond trying to address sexual assault. Now it’s about trying to eliminate the competition.

Which is what it was always about anyway. Thuggish business advantage.


Yes! Because Queers and feminists never use people, nor do they sexually bother anyone.

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Who would have thought that it’s only men who use “the casting couch”?


Big news! Actress Emma Thompson sets everyone straight in today’s Variety about how Hollywood works…


Citing the process of the “casting couch” and confirming how women sometimes won’t get the part if they don’t agree to male producers and directors and their sexual demands, Thompson said, “This is a gender dysfunction and the other thing it is is a public health issue. This is not about one man’s crimes against women. This is about our system’s imbalances, our systems gender crisis and we have to act on this. What it means is naturally vulnerable people are going to be preyed upon whether Harvey Weinstein goes to jail or not.”

Because women have never used the casting couch to get parts on their own. And by approaching on their own. The poor things have no agency.

Who’d a known?

(She gets worse) …


Thompson also admitted that she was persuaded by director Mike Nichols to sign a petition in support of Roman Polanski against his extradition, until she was called on it by women who brought his rape accusations to her attention. “I had been wrong. I had been bamboozled not only by Mike’s influence over me but also by my respect for his art,” she said. Her fear is that people will only remember the names of these men, including Weinstein’s, and not say, “What we need to do is change this.” 

The victim in that case has long told people to leave Polanski alone. She’s been adamantly against having him extradited.

But what do her feelings and opinions matter, right? She’s only the victim. What does she know.

(And btw, what did Thompson think he was being possibly extradited for, until someone later brought the accusations to her attention? So right there she’s a liar. What did she think she was signing? Everyone has known about the Polanski case for years.)





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Does Burroughs say it’s great to be “an Indian”?

(Pinned to make a point. That racist Burroughs mascot has got to go.)

They better not.

This is a sample phone call from BHS to — apparently — the home. It was from last Friday.


Good Evening Burbank High School,

This is Dr. Bertram calling to remind you that this coming Monday is an Early Out dismissal for teacher professional development. School ends at 1:44 p.m. Please remind your student that they are not to visit other BUSD campuses during the school day.

PTSA is looking for more artists to enter the annual Art Reflections showcase. Deadline is October 20th. Artists can pick up entry forms in the Student Center.

Lastly, I ask that you follow us on social media. You can find us on Instagram and Twitter by searching for @burbankbulldog. You may also follow our Facebook page by searching for “Official Burbank High School.” All of this information can be found on our BHS website at

Have a great weekend and always remember, it’s great to be a Bulldog.


Besides this creepy new 21st-century obsession with that Bulldog crap team-identity thing  (except for football games that nobody went to, we NEVER used to call ourselves “Bulldogs” at BHS back in the 70s), this phone call raises an interesting question.

Does Burroughs do the same thing with “Indians”? Does their school identity label get plastered all over their own selves over there?

No? Wonder why.

“It’s great to be an Indian!”




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