A Christmas bonus


Because, why not?

From the Age of Whimsy:


Boys will always be boys. Remember that, ladies.

For much of his career O’Hanlon lived in Burbank, btw. 


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Say what?

From the this week’s Library Board agenda on unfinished business:

II. Unfinished Business

A. Library planning and design process

What planning and design?

Burbank doesn’t need a new Central branch, in case anyone’s plannin’ and schemin’. There’s barely one left as it is.

The current mid-century building is great. A little spit and polish and it would be even greater. Given Burbank’s history in this area we can only imagine what kind of architectural monstrosity this city would come up with as a substitute.

From the same booster mentality that brought you the new Burbank High, a notorious wreck of a failure. We also predicted this at the time as well.

Want to build a new library? How about replacing the old Glenoaks branch that was promised to the nearby Hillside residents 40 years ago?

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Build a Better Burbank! That’s whether anyone wants one or not (besides the moneymen)

Staff’s obvious fluffing of big money interests in their push to get through the city’s new “economic” development plan would be funny to observe if it weren’t so disastrous in effect. It’s just so blatantly pro-development and “transformational” in intent.

Who are these city people working for? Among the hot topics in tomorrow night’s staff report is this attempt of theirs to become Field Marshall Rommel for every big project that comes along:
Examples of strategies and programs include:

1. Attraction

a. Identify and market opportunity sites in core commercial areas appropriate for development. 

b. Work closely with brokers, developers, and property owners to attract new retail, restaurants, and office users.

c. Promote responsible development of new housing in Downtown, North and South San Fernando, Media District, and Golden State area while protecting single-family residential neighborhoods.

How about protecting what’s left of the dignity of our R2 to 4s? People live there too.

And why do they need to identify or “promote” anything? Who’s job is that? The Legislature recently banned local redevelopment agencies, btw. That’s obviously what they still want to be.

How about identifying the need for a Better Burbank that doesn’t involve huge injections of outside investment capital looking for a cheap return?

How about the need to protect?

More later on this. Especially nutty is their desire to “harmonize” residential parking needs with those of the big new outside business interests that they want to invite in next door. 

For the residents’ sake, of course.

That’ll be fun one to watch. We already know who’s gonna win.

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It’s because there are no good female directors under the age of 70, that’s why



Because of a general lack of breeding and education — the reason there are few if any decent male directors under the same age.

Female Directors Shut Out of Golden Globes Nominations

Despite a best picture, comedy or musical nomination for “Lady Bird” and widespread acclaim for its first-time director, Greta Gerwig, the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. stuck with an all-male group for the 2018 best director nominations.

In a year in which Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman” and Dee Rees’ “Mudbound” also received universal praise — and in the case of “Wonder Woman,” massive box office as well, the slight was seen as significant.

Gerwig, who has acted in numerous films, had never directed a feature before “Lady Bird.” The push to hire and recognize female directors has intensified in the wake of the Academy’s efforts to improve diversity and the massive sexual harassment scandals that are gripping Hollywood.


Hey, that’s a good reason to make someone a director.
It used to be the brother-in-law. Now it’s the potential victim. Sign ’em up!

Instead, the HFPA nominated Guillermo del Toro, whose “The Shape of Water” had the most noms overall, Martin McDonagh, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg. Spielberg previously won Globes for directing “Saving Private Ryan” and “Schindler’s List.”


Past winners? That’s no good reason for why they might be good. Or even better than the competition.

And who cares anyway. It’s just the Golden Globes.

Sorry, but people need to face the fact that these young “female directors” now are back to making junk women’s pictures. It’s insulting and certainly nothing to reward.

It was really never any better in this country, ever, unless they were also making war films too. If you call that “better.”

They don’t even know it, either, which is worse.

See what’s behind her? It explains a lot of it. The rest is hopeless.





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It’s back!

We love Rochester NY.

Beautiful stuff. The greatest corporation in the history of the world.

George Eastman changed everything. He invented the whole idea and process of consumer hi-tech. 

Burbank btw has two of the only wet labs left in the world.

The team at the film factory has been working hard over the last year to bring back Ektachrome film. Recently, their work was put to test with the first wide roll coating of the film. It’s hard to sum up what it means to us at Kodak to see this film stock rolling through the factory again. But we know all of you out there feel it too. ⠀ Here are some of the photos from that day, some even taken on Ektachrome film produced in this same building before 2013. ⠀ See more behind the scenes from the control room on our Instagram Story and listen to this week’s episode of #TheKodakery podcast for a full update on the progress (link in bio). We look forward to again seeing what you create with the beautiful colors of Ektachrome film. ⠀ #EktachromeIsBack

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Jerry Ragovoy, Christmas 1967

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(This one will never get old.)

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“My father, Woody Allen…”




Can someone please shut those two Allen kids up, Ronan and Dylan? They’re both completely full of crap.

You know why? Because trying to compare Woody to Harvey Weinstein and then angrily asking why Hollywood mysteriously treats the second one differently than the first is so incredibly irrational on its face that you can’t take anything they say seriously. And that’s regardless of any “evidence” put forward.

Irrational is actually the nice word to use here. What kind of mentality could possibly compare the two?

Go see Wonder Wheel. It’s a great movie. Woody’s one for the Ages.

Next week: Back to Burbank!


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Murder by cop

Defense attorneys call this a classic “Simon Says” excuse to shoot the suspect.

They put them through an impossible series of instructions to comply with, and then they shoot them for failing to comply.



Fuck Arizona. No, fuck this country.

Burbank cops know this is improper procedure. But you think they’d speak out about it?

Wouldn’t it be great if the council or police commission asked about this?

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Gloria Allred is so full of shit

So apparently are many of these so-called “progressives.” And we’re left wing around here. We hate Roy Moore.

At her news conference today, Allred tried to claim that the alleged victim only added explanatory “notes” to Roy Moore’s original signature.

Here’s a broadcast picture from her explanation:


See what’s missing in the red circle? The woman also added in the printed “D.A.” initials to Moore’s actual signature (!)

So, she did indeed partially forge the signature itself, which Allred is trying avoid by not noting it specifically. In fact, it’s being left completely out of the illustration and verbal analysis!

Jesus Christ. And again, it raises serious questions why this woman would embroider the yearbook in any way to begin with. She was obviously trying to cement Moore in there at that restaurant, and it backfired because of the dumb “D.A.” printed signature move. She got caught.

Now of course Allred’s claiming that Moore’s life is in danger. What a sleazeball.

Bar Association? Get moving. Allred is part of an obvious public fraud. She knows that, too, which is why she finally went public with the news. It’s a legal CYA move on her part.

Which, the “progressive” press is trying to play off as a vindication of the woman!


Nice try, dude. In court this would be called an impugned witness, morons. Like, if she embroidered one thing, what else is she embroidering?

She clearly tried to make it look like her “explanatory notes” was part of his original inscription, you “liberal” assholes and phonies. There’s no way out of that conclusion.

Here’s the rule. Don’t believe ANYONE. Male or female.

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If she embroidered this, then what else did she embroider?


Mr Burger, your witness has been impugned.

Knew it. Watch how hilarious it’s going to be when that old “Burbank attorney Gloria Allred” tries to play this off as a plus.

And, when no one in the media will ask her any probing questions that violate the company line. Believe the women!

Beverly Nelson admitted on Friday that she wrote part of the high school yearbook inscription used as proof in her accusations against Roy Moore.

Beverly Young Nelson, the ex-waitress who alleged the Alabama politician groped her when she was just 16 years old, told ABCPolitics on Friday that she added both the date and place to the then-30-something Moore’s inscription.

Which is exactly what we said had happened.

It also explains why no one would sign a high school yearbook at Christmas time, as well as the little problem with the court assistant’s initials from 20 years later.


Her notes read “12-22-77” and “Olde Hickory House,” which was the restaurant Nelson reportedly worked at and where she said the GOP Senate candidate once frequented. Nelson and her famed attorney, Gloria Allred, later presented the note as evidence in court that Moore sought an inappropriate relationship with her in the 1970s.

However, Nelson has also insisted that Moore still wrote the majority of the message and signed it.

Nelson and Allred will hold a press conference later on Friday, during which evidence will reportedly be presented to confirm that it was Moore’s signature in the inscription.

“We’re going to present evidence that we think is important on the issue whether Roy Moore signed the yearbook,” Allred told ABC News.


Of course he did. But so what? So he might have known her. But now she’s been caught making things up, which seriously calls into question her general credibility. We never believed her “He was going to hurt my family!” story anyway.

Mr. Mason, your witness. And then afterwards, let’s disbar the attorney.

Believe the women? 

Hell. We’ve known too many of them! We also like them too much to put on a pedestal or treat like delicate flowers. Talk about demeaning. They’ve also filled us in many times about how some “other” women are.

Hello! Women lie too. Especially about sex.





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Serves them right


This whole Franken move is going to be seen as both a huge strategic and moral error. Soon.


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You’d never know it watching the news and listening to self-righteous politicians, but it’s other women who are the hardest on these accusers

Because they know.


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Bye bye, Dems




They really are such foolish and destructive idiots.

Pious as all hell and liars to boot. They’d never be seeking this for instance if the Minnesota governor was a Republican and would appoint a GOP successor.

And again, exactly what did Franken do wrong? It’s insane.

Seems like a lot of women Democrats are upset by this as well. The media of course is feasting.


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Hope you’re happy, ladies

Hope you can “recover.”


She’s obviously an idiot. They all are:


Like, what?

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It’s because Pasadena and Glendale (and now North Hollywood) have more upscale attractions. Burbank has declined or stayed static, which attracts the low-class

Eric Rosoff has been beating this drum for a while now. He partly blames current BPD policing practices for the recent upsurge in Burbank crime.

From that **WeLoveBurbank** Facebook page:

From time to time I comment on what I feel has been a dangerous and unnecessary unilateral shift in operational philosophy at BPD, undermining quality of life matters in our city. This commentary has been met with dismissals at the city level with an inference that I’m “pining for the good old days.”

The referenced article about LA County crime rates speaks for itself. Absolutely there are crime factors such as economy, staffing, Prop 47 etc that we (Burbank) can’t control. However, Michael Males, the interviewed expert, simply confirms what many of us in law enforcement already knew to be true. “Males says the variation in crime patterns resulted from local policies and practices rather than statewide justice reform.”

The article goes on to say that overall crime ROSE in Burbank by 6.1%. However, facing all of the same outside factors as Burbank, crime in Glendale, Pasadena, and Monrovia FELL an average of 18%!

He’s not specific about what exactly these current practices are, or how they can be improved.

But look. Burbank’s clearly a downscale town compared to what Glendale and Pasadena have become. They’re both much more upscale than Burbank now (parts of them always have been). Minority crime is way down everywhere (seen Harlem lately?), which accounts for Pasadena’s resurgence as a generally great place to be everywhere. It always had the bones for that old and famous reality.

Face it. Downscale attractions attract downscale people. For over the last 20 years Burbank has been eagerly developing that critical mass of sleaze, dumbness, crowding, traffic, junk attractions, and downscale compression which results in all sorts of characters wanting to travel through it. Even North Hollywood (of all things!) has become a much more desirable and attractive place for affluents to want to locate.

While our local policing practices might stand for some improvement, we can’t ignore the fact that Burbank is more blue collar in origin and appeal than either Glendale or Pasadena, and which we’ve done little to alter. And nowadays that means that the clowns and the crooks and the cheap opportunists will be flocking to here rather than there. It’s much more their kind of place now, and a richer target area for their sort of cheap and easy crime.

The way it’s going it’s gonna get worse, too. Wait until our new “sustainable” apartment mega-complexes go slum with roommates.



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Does anyone honestly think that this is sexual harassment?

If so then you’re out of your minds.


At worst it’s just a misplaced joke, where the guy is obviously goofing on the idea of doing such a conventionally pigheaded thing, especially with the flak jacket. He’s a comedian on a comedy tour for chrissakes. As well as a classic ironist. There’s absolutely nothing “sexual” about it.

This country’s fucking nuts. Worse, it’s dishonest as hell. Its institutions are obviously decadent and intellectually corrupted. They’re beyond hope. They can no longer function in any realistic or good faith way. It’s over.

And what can you say about the Democrats? They deserve every fucking thing that’s going to happen to them. Pious, self-righteous, humorless, unctuous, hypocritical little monsters. Such stupid shits, the whole lot of them. They deserve to lose.




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North Hollywood’s closed. Why not Burbank?

Yeah. Rainy Day Schedules.

Message from Superintendent Hill: Schools will be Open on Thursday, December 7

We are continuing to monitor the fires in the area. Based on the current information that we are receiving, all BUSD schools will be open on Thursday, December 7. There will be no outside activities tomorrow; students will remain indoors in the air conditioning.

We realize that the fires are impacting families in many different ways. If families make the personal decision to keep their children home tomorrow, please note that the absence will be counted as an excused absence.

We will provide updates as soon as we receive any additional information.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all families that have been impacted by the fires.
The air’s bad. No one flies or gets magically transported to school. There’s fire all around. The schools should be closed.

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