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Add a beer bar and it’ll be complete


Here’s an idea for that mixed-use paradise staff has planned for the Flatlands.


You probably think you’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to crazy building amenities in NYC. But a new development on the Upper West Side is about to take things a step further.

The Lincoln Square mega-development known as Waterline Square has just announced they’ll be the first residential building to feature a skate park and half pipe.

The half-pipe is close to 42 feet long and 4 feet high.

And next to the half-pipe is a 10 foot mini-ramp for the more advanced skaters.


They might as well. Throw in a few scooter charging stations and a bike-path reception area and the council is bound to fast track it. The future is here!

(Remember the days when they used to put little libraries and reading/reception areas in these large residential complexes?)






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It’s the illegal aliens’ fault!



The Republican Right of course is claiming that “illegal aliens!” are at fault. All those billions of dollars they’re costing us, etc. etc.

Not thinking — because they can’t — that not only do “illegal aliens” pay sales tax and income tax and property taxes through their rent, they also do not — because they can’t — have any way of redeeming the services they’re paying for because of their lack of documentation. Except with the schools, who can’t and never check.

In other words, “illegal aliens” are paying for them too.








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Photograph caption dated November 11, 1964 reads, “This is the inside of the William Miller home, 949 Country Club Dr., Burbank, showing a lava flow of mud covering the floor. Miller’s wife, Aimee, apparently lost her life in the flood.”




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BPD harassed medical marijuana patient, then destroyed his stock after a judge threw out the case



So what’s the city council’s position on this debacle?

Burbank tried to get this lawsuit tossed last spring on a summary judgment motion and failed.  The last we heard the judge was taking it under submission during the summer, after first deciding to toss it eight minutes earlier. Recent closed-session council agenda records appear to show the council’s desire to continue to want fight this losing cause. Why?

Settle, kids. And then tell us about it per the state’s Open Records laws. Your people did wrong, and you have to tell us what your specific actions have been all along the process. There have been further actions on this case since March and yet it’s been crickets from the dais.

You’re fighting it? You have to report that decision out. It’s the law.


Ryan Royten v. City of Burbank


This is a civil rights action arising out of the allegedly unlawful search of Plaintiffs’ home and allegedly unlawful seizure of Plaintiff’s medicinal marijuana. Plaintiffs Ryan and Shauna Royten (“Plaintiffs”) allege that Defendants illegally searched their home and vehicles without a warrant on March 5, 2015; submitted falsified and illegally obtained evidence for the purpose of obtaining a search warrant on March 20, 2015; and wrongfully detained Plaintiffs without probable cause, and searched their home on March 24, 2015. Plaintiffs were subsequently transported to Burbank Jail.

Plaintiffs allege that Defendants illegally seized Plaintiffs’ medicinal marijuana despite Plaintiffs paperwork authorizing Plaintiffs’ right to cultivate and consume medicinal marijuana. On April 14, 2015, the District Attorney filed criminal counts against Plaintiffs. All charges were dismissed on July 23, 2016.

Plaintiffs alleged that on October 18, 2016, Defendants sent a letter acknowledging that Defendants were still in possession of the property seized on March 24, 2015, but that when Plaintiffs attempted to claim the property, Defendants stated that it had been destroyed.

Plaintiffs bring this action against Defendant City of Burbank; and Defendants Sergeant Ross, Officer Chang, Officer Henneberque, Detective Kendrick, Detective Edwards, Detective Turner, Detective Dickard, Detective Jimenez, Detective Barcus, Detective Brimway, and Detective Baumgarten. Plaintiffs assert causes of action for (1) 42 USC § 1983; (2) failure to train; (3) Monell claim; (4) 42 USC § 1985; (5) 42 USC § 1986; (6) Civ. Code § 51.7; (7) Civ. Code § 52.1; (8) false arrest; (9) conversion; and (10) negligence.


Burbank. It never learns. They like to punish, too. Show you who’s boss.

Two more things. Dennis Barlow is back in town handling the city’s defense (really ? according to records), and the Leader left out about 80 percent of the story in their original article:

They also uncritically reprinted the BPD’s hilarious exaggerations. Could that explain why the Leader hasn’t followed up on this big story? No medical marijuana case would be dismissed if you were really growing “200 plants” at home.


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But, emails







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Pablo Casals it’s not




But the candles are a nice touch.




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Everywhere’s the same



This leaves how many used bookstores in Manhattan? Wonder what’ll happen to their used classical records store down the street and around the corner.

Amazed that nobody’s been asking this question yet (or maybe it’s not so amazing).

LA’s actually a better town for old books. Burbank used to be great. The best.

So far it’s still Christmas over there:





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While LA teachers protest charter schools, the LA Times celebrates the creeping privatization of Glendale


Here’s a glimpse of your future.


Sometimes long-distance relationships can be good.

That’s what Glendale Community College officials think, at least in terms of student online learning.

Distance-education learning and teaching continues to rise for Glendale Community College students and instructors, according to a report released last month.

Perhaps the only setback is that the school can’t staff educators quickly enough.

“We’re trying to keep up with demand for students that want to take [distance-education] courses,” said Alexa Schumacher, the program’s coordinator.


They’re obviously not real students.


Overall, there were 169 distance-education courses this past spring. Although some departments at the school have been quick to embrace the technology, others have balked. The business department, for example, leads with 17.8% of its classes offered fully online or as a hybrid.


Figures. How perfect.


As the number of online courses and students continues to increase, so, too, does the need for instructors.

“I should say, though, that demand for online education is growing rapidly, and we’re seeing a move by instructors to get their [distance-education] certification so they can fill their classes,” said Michael Ritterbrown, the school’s vice president of instruction services.

Ritterbrown added, “For general education classes, like speech and English 101, we can’t open the classes fast enough.”


The Times wrote a similar uncritical “rah-rah!” article last year about Glendale K-12 “needs.” By uncritical, we mean no quoted comments from critics. No negative talk at all.

These insidious “distance learning” classes are 99 percent for-profit business schemes. They offer an inferior, though expedient, educational experience.

No wonder teachers elsewhere are going on strike. It’s not just money. They know what’s up.

We learned a long time ago btw that local people aren’t going to be fighting the good fight. They’re useless.

From an article today in Truthout:


“We believe [our strike] signals that there needs to be a change in this country about pay and validating public educators and public education. The privatization movement has been affecting public schools, and even though it’s relatively small, it’s growing, and it’s bleeding the resources from the public schools,” UTLA’s Inouye says. “This is a fight really for the foundation of our democracy.”

Special educator Flowers Lee agrees. “We don’t want to do this, but we feel like we have no other choice,” she says. “We are watching the death of public education, and public education is the ‘great equalizer,’ and no matter their rebranding, charter schools are not public schools; they have public funds but they are not public.”





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Local crassness





They still like to call themselves artists.


Unsurprisingly, Mary Poppins Returns has proved to be a big hit at the box office, and a sequel is already in the early stages at Disney.

Speaking to The Sun, director Rob Marshall said: “It is early stages but I will say right now that there were eight books, so there’s a lot of great material still to mine. That’s what we worked from, those incredible eight books of P.L. Travers. So, you know…”


We think we do. The exploitation imagery is pretty obvious. Like it’s uranium or something.

Remember when Pauline Kael used to ridicule post-Strangelove Stanley Kubrick for using the term “project” to describe his films? She thought it was telling. This is much worse, and about a thousand times as unashamed and unaware. At least he didn’t talk about mining Thackeray, even though he had.

So which is it? They don’t know or they don’t care?




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Restore it


The Central branch library.





Gorgeous midcentury. Only a moron would get rid of it.

You proud of living around dumb and destructive people? Restore it.



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No, it’s not


And no, it won’t be.

Corporate pornography.




Bla bla bla. Bla bla bla. (And you forgot about Lincoln Center.)

Yuck. Another Temple of Art and Creation. If only it was a shed…

Everything about this concept is bloated and profane. Exactly how is it going to work, too — you walk up and rent it for your show?

And how do you “present popular culture”? On a tray? A gilded one? We suspect that this will be more about “collaboration” than anything else. For a price.

Big Tech already bailed out on the real estate over there, and so now we’ll spend lots of money to corporatize creation. And hope it brings back Big Tech.

Burbank, don’t try to emulate the big boys now. You can start by dropping your ridiculous “mixed use” building fantasies for the Flatlands. They won’t work, because it’s all b.s.



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This is why “liberals” lose



And will continue to do so. It’s because they’re all phonies now.

The Pious Ones speaketh..


After announcing screenings for “Woody Allen month,” a Stillwater [Minnesota] film group has found itself at the center of a debate about how and if art can be separated from its artist.

The St. Croix Film Society, which was founded about a year ago, typically screens two films a month, often by the same director or screenwriter. When last week’s showing of Allen’s “Manhattan” was first announced on social media, the comments stacked up, with many commenters calling the society’s decision “tone-deaf” in light of sexual assault accusations against Allen. He’s denied the allegations that he molested his adopted daughter when she was a child, and he’s never been charged.

Last month, a former model said she had an affair with Allen when she was in high school and he in his 40s. Allen’s “Manhattan” centers on a romantic relationship between a 42-year-old divorcee and a 17-year-old girl.

“Showing ‘Manhattan’ was a misstep,” said Jerry Clark, a founding member of the St. Croix Film Society. “It’s definitely been a learning experience for me and all of us at the society. We didn’t mean to hurt anyone and we will definitely be more considerate moving forward for sure.”


Exactly who would you “hurt”?

So much for artistic challenge. If they get this offended at a comedy, imagine their reaction to anything else.


Before the screening, Clark invited the audience of about 30 to briefly discuss the idea of separating a work of art from its artist.

Mollie Wetherall, 24, said facilitating that conversation was a step in the right direction for the society.

“I’m grateful to [Clark] and the society for being willing to engage on this,” said Wetherall, who studied film at Carleton College.


Sounds like not much of a “discussion.”

Remember when 24-year-olds used to be open to things? These kids now are a bunch of stiffs.


Clark said the society will not screen “Hannah and Her Sisters” — the second Allen film he’d planned to show — and is considering Wetherall’s suggestion to instead show “Outrage,” a 1950 film that was one of the first screenplays to address the topic of rape.


Sounds like loads of fun. And are there rapes in Hannah? That must have been in the director’s cut.


“There are many filmmakers we could be celebrating instead [of Woody Allen],” Wetherall said. “What are we losing by continuing to give [Allen] a platform?”


How about your brains. Asking that question though means that you don’t have any.


In the era of #MeToo, such debates are likely to continue, said Andrew Peterson, executive director of FilmNorth, a St. Paul-based nonprofit aimed at advancing independent filmmakers.

“We are in the early stages of figuring out how we are going to respond to these questions,” Peterson said. “I think there are ways you can present these even in the most prickly of times, but it requires care and sensitivity.”


Debate? Respond? You’ve already made up your minds to ban his work. So that alone is phony and false.


For Clark, the blowback on social media initially came as a surprise. However, he said he’s appreciative of the feedback and open to more discussion.

“We’ve learned to be more considerate,” Clark said. “It was a poor decision and one we won’t be making again.”


Fuck these new liberals. They deserve to lose.

You won’t be missing anything though. The loss will be minimal. They’re horrible — as bad as the other group, if not worse.

Worried about trigger alerts with the poor dears? Here’s some real ones:






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Accept a key to the city? You have to really work to get your Black population that low in the South



A ceremony! On Tuesday night’s agenda!


Presentation of a Key to the City to the City of Burbank from the City of Algood, Tennessee – City Council


Algood Tennesssee eh?

From Wikipedia:


The racial makeup of the town was 93.13% White, 4.93% African American, 0.07% Native American, 0.41% Asian, 0.24% from other races, and 1.22% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.09% of the population.


Must be a new Sister City. Just off the bat the two already have much in common.




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The old, great Burbank



McCambridge Park, 1961.




They can call it whatever they want now, but there’ll only be one Bell-Jeff.

That’s Bob Grainger on the right.




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Typical sloppy Burbank



The Grammar Police are more right than they know:



Naturally, Burbank got pissy about it.



No, it has nothing to do with perfection. It’s like making sure you take a shower every day.

And the stupid “their” is the least of the problems.  The whole tweet is mangled and incoherent. Exactly who is “where they should not be”?

The police?

Btw, the Grammar Police is a bot that goes through Twitter and finds general formulaic inconsistencies. It’s not a real person. A real person would have noted the much bigger problem. The tweet makes no sense.





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Dem candidates, be fruitful and multiply!


How many are there now? It’s getting absurd.

There’s something for everyone.






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Yes, but did they ever figure out what it was?











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Proof that Democrats are at least more fun now




Imagine Joe Lieberman doing that?








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