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It’s not just Burbank




Can the Republicans get any worse? The stupidity being exhibited here extends to absolutely everything in the world.

Remember when they were the “party of business?” It’s a fucking nightmare.





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Black people aren’t from Burbank. At least according to the Talamantes’ Facebook site


Someone just sent us this wonderful clipped comment from the Talamantes’ **WeLoveBurbank!!** Facebook page about that videotaped purse snatching last week:





Just to make sure he got the point across, he repeated it again:





No one at that horrid little Facebook site has yet contested his racist presumption that because this girl was Black, she wasn’t from Burbank.

They come here to do their dirty work, yes. Everyone knows that. They’re marauding outsiders up to no good.

And here’s the leader of the local synagogue:





Ira, you should know better.





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No, it’s not a new consulting firm employed by the city


Although it does sound like one.

Mostly routine matters this week at the council meeting, unless you’re still concerned about the salaries of management employees, which apparently no one is any more. At one time everyone was.

One thing stood out. Considering all of the many police mess expenses we’ve had over the years, this small item immediately caught our attention:





Doesn’t that sound like a new firm they’ve brought in?  Like who now? Or what now?

Like what the hell’s going on? They’re bringing in another consultant???

Those are the kind of names they have…



Apparently so.





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Twelve-hundred apartments next to Burbank High; ho-hum. A small subdivision of homes at Pickwick? An outrage!



Ok, this is a simple no-brainer that can be boiled down into a couple of bullet points.

— Yeah, it’s sad that Pickwick’s going, but come on. The place is an anachronism; it’s amazing how that family’s even held onto it as long as they have. And how many of these current sentimentalists crying about the proposed development have spent any money there lately? Like, when’s the last time?

— The family’s done a decent job of community outreach, more actually than GM ever did when they first planned to sell off their small acreage next door. And how much of a problem has that been? None at all – it’s been a true asset to the area.

— The crowd at the meeting actually booed the prospect of a small group of single family homes and limited multi-residential? Do they have any idea what it’s actually zoned for? Jungleland could go in there instead and with impunity. What would they prefer?

— The planned homes look nice. They’re not our style, but they look and function much better than the “mixed use” fantasies that this current city council is entertaining for the rest of Burbank.

— In general, screw the Rancho. This is the same group of over-privileged who not only chased Trader Joes out of the area 20 years ago, they then proceeded to levy a racist campaign against Denny’s when it simply wanted to go 24 hours. By the way this same neighborhood acted back then you’d have thought Alameda Ave was Country Club Drive and that carloads of “outsiders” were going to seek out the place just to wreak havoc on the old people. Shall we spell out exactly what kind of customers the Rancho was worried about?

— You want congestion problems? How about what the Hill is now facing? Twelve-hundred apartments directly across from Burbank High; large multi-story buildings on both sides of downtown, packed right next to classic old residential; dubious, undefined “mixed use” combos scattered across the rest of the streets and avenues; and ersatz “tourist hotels” being placed everywhere else.

And the Rancho’s complaining? They don’t know how good they have it.

Sure, it’s sad to lose Pickwick, but where was this crowd when the drive-in closed down? Remember how Pacific Theaters tried to stage a couple of good-bye festivities there the last couple of weeks it was open, and no one showed up? So much for the bitter-phony concerns of the sentimentalists.

The only people who have a legitimate gripe about this are the bowlers and ice skaters, most of whom aren’t even from here. As to everyone else, grow up. You really have nothing to complain about in that neighborhood.





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So let’s talk about television

The single best episode of the best TV series ever made. It will never get any better than this:




Everyone put down that remote and pick up a book. A real one.




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This year there are 72 pages worth of Emmy nominations



A hallmark of the 21st century is that the amount of self-congratulations being expressed is always inversely proportional to the actual merit of the object of attention.






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It was good enough for the Beatles


Sibelius week.


Just posted today. Like the above, written about the same time as Pound.

What a time.


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Clearing the brush


What they had a hundred years ago.





“Properly, we should read for power. Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one’s hand.”

“It is difficult to write a paradiso when all the superficial indications are that you ought to write an apocalypse.” 



Yes, it’s too easy. But always fun.



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But what kind of souls would be satisfied with such slop?


Guess it depends upon where they’re headed.

Isn’t this about the third time or so that the Leader has run a piece on this crowd?


Burbank writer looks to inspire others with ‘Chicken Soup’ stories

Burbank resident Mark Rickerby aims to continue trying to inspire others with his personal stories, this time with his dog Charlie.

The 54-year-old writer has already contributed 17 stories for the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, and he is adding another narrative to that list. “He Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly” is featured in the series’ latest book, “Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Really Did That?”


We’ll spare the details. It’s enough to know that a dog is indeed a man’s best friend.


“We all have room for improvement,” he said. “We can all be kinder and gentler. I think dogs just teach us in general. Charlie’s my teacher, but I think every dog is kind of a teacher to a receptive student.”


Especially the ones that bite you.

Now why don’t people try harder?


The Burbank writer said he continues to submit stories for future “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books because his goal is to try to motivate others through his writing as much as he can.

“I want to keep my inner world clean and wholesome,” Rickerby said. “I want to contribute to the light of the world and inspire people. I’ve had my share of troubles and there have been poets and singers who helped me out of the darkness, and I want to be one of those kinds of people.”


From the reading-as-vitamin school. Which is the best you can say about it.

But that’s not how it works, and if kids had been getting a decent education the last 40 years — something that completely contravened what they’re fed through the media —  they might know.

There’s nothing wrong with dog stories, either. That’s not the problem. Here’s the best dog story ever written, and it’s full of pain and darkness. That’s the whole point of it.





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What the hell is going on here?



Can anyone figure this out?

Did he sleep with his daughter before the wedding, like in Four Friends? Is he going to turn around and drive off that cliff behind him? Why’s he talking to himself?

And what’s he talking about? It’s totally creepy.





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Why is this newsworthy?


This purse snatching is big news in the local papers. But that the suspect is Black, these things though happen all the time…



So why all the attention? There seems to be an interest and urgency here beyond the event itself.

Oh, that’s right. It’s Burbank.




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Someone needs to tell Rizzotti that the Dr. Phil House was not built in “1918”


(Btw, remember this one when it was on? No wonder the city tried to keep what was going on there under wraps.)





We’re not sure if he’s carrying the listing or is just advertising it, but the historical date is wrong:




As we mentioned earlier, the Dr. Phil House is actually two houses put together. There was an original shack-like dwelling on the site that might go back to the teens, but a larger house was trucked in much later. The two were then assembled together.

Physically moving houses around was a pretty common practice in the thrifty 1930s and 40s. Apparently even Battey didn’t know this history when he bought the place in about the early 1960s. We heard he was pissed when he found out because it blew the historical designation he’d been seeking.

Much subsequent remodeling patched it all together, so it’s not really a “craftsman” either.




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The Future is Here


We’re sure a long ways from Walter Becker now, aren’t we?



The caption’s choice:


Kayla Campato, of Bakersfield, considers game options at Guild Hall in Burbank on Thursday, September 14, 2017. Guild Hall is Burbank’s first esports bar, where various live video-game play is streamed instead of conventional sports.


Because everyone knows that booze makes you a better player. It stimulates the mind and quickens the reflexes. You’re always at your best at a bar, too. And bringing them in from Bakersfield is a good business goal for this town.

Jesus. Pick up a book, morons. Or were you raised in a barrel somewhere?

(Btw … isn’t it “e-sports”? Or does that involve too much thinking and conscientiousness?)





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That Burroughs vice principal needs to either put up or shut up. Or is she actually lying?


Somebody brought this up the other day about that high school kids’ protest on the Burbank dress code. We hate to admit that it got past us.

Note what this Burroughs VP claims in the last paragraph. This was in the Advocate, but it was also cited elsewhere:


Burroughs High School principal Deborah Madrigal didn’t speak outright about the alleged sexism in the school dress code but told the Times she’s happy to see students “demonstrating and participating in democracy and learning how to get something done” in terms of their plan to survey students, parents, and teachers about how best to change the policy.”

She also said that boys often violate the dress code by wearing shirts that depict naked women, while the girls typically have trouble finding clothes that are comfortable and fit the code.



How often? How often do “boys” come to school wearing shirts depicting naked women?

Once a year? Twice? Or does it hardly ever happen at all.

The latter is more likely. But nice try there administrator, making that ridiculous dress code look like it’s the protector of female students.




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Say hello to your Burbank neighbors





It’s just so perfect.




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The Dr. Phil House is for sale


And what a disaster that was.



Open house on Sunday!

Some day we’ll tell the story again about how both the Burbank Police Department and city hall staff members completely lied through their teeth to the entire city council membership about how nothing was going on up there.

Several members had asked about it conscientiously — as well as did Bob Kramer — and they all got lied to.

Owned at one time by George Battey, an old mayor, it’s actually two houses put together right around the beginning of the war. Battey back in the 60s tried to get some kind of heritage-home tax deal on the place that was available at the time and couldn’t.

He actually went around to the neighbors to get them to attest to the supposed ancientness of the home and they wouldn’t. They all remembered when it got trucked in!



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Has anyone asked yet if the BUSD is going to keep paying the legal bills for the Tresona defense?


Apparently because no one else in town seems to care (although they did a few months ago), we were the ones who broke the story that not only had the trial judge ruled against the BHS defendants on the matter of attorneys fees, but that Tresona itself was going to pursue their original case by filing an appeals action with the higher court.

The upshot is that Tresona lost on its infringement claims against BHS at the trial level on grounds of standing and the qualified immunity of the main defendant, the BHS music teacher. Tresona of course disputes this ruling and so they’re appealing.

We were surprised to learn that the school board had apparently decided in secret to pay the defendants’ legal fees from the beginning, which means they’re on the hook for them now because of the judge’s later ruling. They must have somehow thought they’d get them back in a winning action, but they’re not.

So the question now is, who’s paying for the appeal? Somebody’s got to, and yet we’ve seen no mention on the board agendas of any kind of discussion or  (especially) a decision in this matter.

We’re willing to stand corrected on this, but as of now, what’s going on?





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