Here’s an idea: why don’t we all get outraged and offended about everything?


Jesus H. Christ.




Ikea removed a photo of a boy from a store in Wales after a customer noticed that the child’s pose looked a bit like Adolf Hitler.

The photo, which is printed in black and white and used in a showroom, shows a boy holding his finger in front of his top lip as if he has a mustache.

Shopper Stevie Davies-Evans was the first to notice the resemblance.

He furiously tweeted to Ikea about it.



1. He’s not a little boy.

2. He doesn’t look like “Hitler”

3. He’s not doing anything Nazi-like

4. No one who’s offended by this photo was ever subject to Hitler’s behavior. People back then had much more to worry about, and so the sense of outraged concern is insincere.

5. Young people are insane. Does generating such phony umbrage make them feel like better human beings? What next, repression?

This was a funny response:




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62 responses to “Here’s an idea: why don’t we all get outraged and offended about everything?

  1. Anonymous

    I’m waiting for anonymous 3 to comment about how semi hates women and defends Hitler.

    • Anonymous 3

      And you will continue to wait. At least on the Hitler thing. When Jimmy brings in his misogynist side, I’ll call him out on it.

      Why do you tolerate it?

  2. chad

    Don’t get on a Welshman’s bad side. My Celtic cousins have a temper. And in not unrelated news, Andrzej Wajda passed.

  3. Anonymous 3

    That gesture is a clear reference to Hitler.

    I’m at a loss to see how you can deny it.

  4. Reese Place

    Anytime anyone has a different opinion then these liberals they resort to name calling and empty accusations. Semichorus disagrees so of course that makes him a racist, bigot, and a misogynist and even worse. They make real racism, bigotry and misogyny meaningless by what they do

  5. Tina

    These liberals just look to be victims where there is no victimization at all there is nada wrong with that picture.

    • Anonymous 3

      Nothing except for the reference to Hitler.

      • semichorus

        (I guess because the kid is Aryan, that makes it Hitler-like. Now I get it. Next time I see a picture of a Black kid I’ll think “offensive gangbanger reference” if he holds his finger up. That won’t be bigoted now, will it?)

  6. Tony

    I’m outraged at how Bob Frutos has sold out the residents and our neighborhoods to get into the pocket of big developers. Frutos could give a F!@#K about any of us and that outrages me

  7. Paul

    I am outraged by Paul Ryan because he is such a self righteous jack ass and thinks he is some big moral authority. Remove Ryan from Washington

    • S.M.

      Paul Ryan is a traitor to the country.

      • Al in SoCal

        How is he a traitor to his country? Talk about overly dramatic … all that’s missing is the alt-right battle cry of revolution if (when) Hillary wins.

        What gives you the right to call anyone a traitor – the self-righteousness of the extreme right is … extreme. Only “we” are patriots because we don’t want to pay taxes – whine about the government constantly – dislike laws that you don’t agree with – but if anyone ELSE breaks them – then JAIL THEM FOREVER. The hypocrisy is DEEP.

        • semichorus

          This last week has proven that the Left is as much (or more) self-righteous than the Right.

          • Self-righteousness, perhaps on racism and sexism. Though nationalism and self-identity (ie white identity) – I give to the right. Tugging at the Christian Identity movement is ALL Trump has at the moment.

      • Anonymous 3

        That is plain fascism. To accuse a person of treason due to their political stance is fascism.

  8. Barrett

    Frutos is a total sellout !
    He doesn’t care about the small business owners
    in Magnolia Park business district.
    Except for a select few which are his personal friends.
    All he wants to do is make Burbank a “Metropolis !”
    With his name on plaques all over the city.
    Bob Frutos needs to be voted out of office this next
    upcoming election. To send a clear message to the others
    on the city council to do their jobS , look out for the city’s best
    interests for “SLOW GROWTH” and maintain the city’s current status quo.
    Or, they’re gone TOO !!!!

    • Angela

      Frutos will sell put anybody for a free donut. He has become a fat cat during his time as a councilman selling us all out. Boo on Frutoes.

  9. chad

    If the kid was holding two fingers to feign a mustache and then holding his other arm in the Nazi salute position, maybe. Then again, I don’t know what the visual cultural codes are for Hitler in Wales.

  10. Anonymous 3

    You said Trump’s boasts of groping were just talk.

    Now we know it was real:

    And the fact that it happened years ago means nothing. It happened.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, that’s real proof.

      Why are you guys always so emotionally invested in every allegation of sexual misconduct that comes along, to the point of absolute fury if someone else comes along and questions the evidence or the claim?

      This need to believe is quite telling. It’s really pretty nutty. Morbid, too.

      Do these kind of accusations and celebrations of the same make you feel better about yourself? Righteous and pure? Or morally better than the other guy? With all the slander going on here I think the answer is “yes.”

      It’s really appalling. I guess too that if accusations are all it takes, we MUST believe all of those about Bill Clinton.

      (Oh, I forgot — the rules are different for the other side.)

      • Anonymous

        They are not sexually repressed they get a hard on or an orgasm from showing their phony indignation oh and try to deflect attention from the things they do. The more prudish about sex the more kinky the person is in her/ his behind closed doors sex life.

        • semichorus

          I get a kick out of these middle-aged men just so OUTRAGED at Trump’s joking around about getting pussy and benefiting from his status as a celebrity.

          And can you imagine? He even evaluates — no — CRITICIZES — some women on their looks!

          What hypocrites these people are. Most women as well. I see more groping in those lesbian “Dinah” videos than Trump ever “boasts” about himself.

          Ever heard about those DINAH beauty contests? I had a friend who was in one once. The crowd that’s around those contestants is far more lecherous than Donald Trump.

          The phony umbrage fest continues…

          • Anonymous

            And can we imagine he criticizes beauty pageant contestants on their looks. Imagine the nerve and how misogynist that is and how unfair to judge beauty pageant ladies on their looks. Just outrageous.

            • semichorus

              Trump was actually criticizing her on breaching her contract — something that the righteous scolds and holier-than-thous left out.

              To sympathize with this woman with such outrage is like sympathizing with some guy who’s enlisted in the army and then complains later on that he’s being shot at. How DARE this happen to him!

              And how DARE you defend the enemy!

      • Al in SoCal

        Bill is sleazy … yes. Can we agree – but SO is Trump! Bill is not running for President – his WIFE is. I don’t want either one of them running the country.

        It’s kind of like a packed station wagon with Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Billy Bush and Bill Clinton. I would say they should all stay hidden away at the Megan’s List Motel. They can go spend time in the locker room together where anything can be said without repercussion.

      • Anonymous 3

        “But, like many women, I was ashamed and blamed myself for his transgression. I minimized it (“It’s not like he raped me…”); I doubted my recollection and my reaction. I was afraid that a famous, powerful, wealthy man could and would discredit and destroy me, especially if I got his coveted PEOPLE feature killed.
        “I just want to forget it ever happened,” I insisted.”

      • Anonymous 3

        Believe what you want to about Bill. He’s not on the ballot.

        • CornFused

          True. But would it have an impact if Bill was on the National Sexual Offenders list? Would Hillary still be where she is now if her husband was branded with that? He’s not running for office, but I can’t see her in the same position if that was the case. So it kind of does matter…no?

          • semichorus

            I think it’s relevant. He’ll be living in the White House. Dems had no problem last month making Melania an issue over plagiarism.

            I love the liberal double standard: how DARE you question these women against Donald Trump. Rape and abuse accusations should be believed, and you’re nothing but a RAPE APOLOGIST to be questioning them!

            Bill Clinton? Why, how DARE these women be making these outrageous claims against him!

            People can’t have it both ways. If we’re required to take sexual abuse accusations at face value (which I never do, nor anything else I see in the news), you have to take them at face value. You can’t pick and choose your male culprits.

      • R226

        Hey Anonymous 3, Bye Felicia. #SNAP

      • Anonymous 3

        Why are you so committed to excusing The Donald, despite ample evidence of his guilt?

  11. HA

    Hitler: The worst in the world. Trump: The worst in America. McConkey and Gordon: The worst in Burbank. And Nolan smells pretty bad too, but he was always too stupid to have ever even tried to get elected to anything.

    • semichorus

      Love, good cheer, and tolerance. What a well-developed personality you are.

      (Mike also ran for office several times.)

      • Anonymous

        These liberals, just so kind, tolerant and offer so little except their inflated egos.

        • semichorus

          Well that’s the thing. I’ve known a lot of naturally kind and friendly and personally tolerant right-wingers. But some of the biggest and most intolerant assholes I’ve run into have been so-called “liberals.”

          Really nasty to other people, But full of what they think is sensitivity and the milk of human kindness.

      • Anonymous 3

        You have a nerve talking about love, good cheer and tolerance.

        Just what you write about Rogers for instance. How many times have you expressly called him an asshole?

        You hypocrite.

        • semichorus

          I’m full of love, good cheer, and tolerance. That’s why I know that Rogers is an asshole.

          I’ll go further than that. He’s a chickenshit, too.

          As well as a (I won’t say habitual) regular liar. He proves it all the time in his written statements- often through lying by omission. Like last week about the ROAR appeal.

  12. Anonymous 3

    Unless I am mistaken, there is no video of Bill Clinton boasting of molesting women or trying to move on a married woman “like a bitch”

    Trump is condemned by his own words. He is too rich and too powerful to challenge.

    The man is an entitled pig.

    • semichorus

      What molesting? You mean women going for a rich celebrity?

      Trump was also obviously joking. Proof? He ate those Tic-Tacs, but then did NOT kiss the reporter outside the bus as he joked he wanted to (re: the Tic-Tacs). Why not, if he’s such a molesting asshole?

      Lighten up people. Does this outrage party make you all feel better about yourselves? And I’m hardly a Republican.

      • Anonymous 3

        What a pile of sophistry. A steaming pile.

        Why did he not stick his longue down that woman’s throat? There was a camera right on him.

        Geeze, Could it be more obvious?

        It is anything but obvious to me that he was kidding. It is obvious that this was just a sample of what he is all about.

        Thank god he won’t be president.

        • semichorus

          What a nightmarish view of the world you have. You already lost all credibility when you claimed that the photo of the kid in IKEA was obviously Hitlerian.

          You must think Howard Stern is serious too. Moms Mabley as well.

  13. Anonymous 3

    Chanel 7 eye witness news is using “grope gate”.

    Three different publications have charges of sexual molestation against Trump.

    This is not going away any time soon.

    Meanwhile 538 has HRC at 83% chance of winning.

    Thank god. Thank god somebody leaked the tape to the WaPo.

  14. Frank

    and now a break from non issues to the real issues

  15. Anonymous 3

    Trump is flailing in his denials.

    Just like you are flailing in your rationalizations.

  16. Anonymous 3

    Trump’s cult of personality is sinking like a rock.

    And I could not be happier.

  17. Anonymous 3

    Trump thinks all publicity is good publicity. We can clearly see that is not the case.

    He is threatening to sue the NYT. Good luck with that.

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