The Burbank library should allow patrons to scan to flash drives for free instead of forcing them to pay for expensive Xerox copies




Since we’re always accused of just complaining about everything and never trying to come up with any solutions, let’s watch what happens when we do have a good idea that will just get completely ignored. And probably immediately. But we’ll try anyway.

This new head librarian they just hired always talks about how she wants to provide Burbank with a grand “21st-century” facility for everyone. Ok, that’s fair enough (even though this usually means getting rid of all the books), so how about this?

Right now if you want to copy something down there for later on you have to buy a copy card to pay for expensive junky copies on their old installed copy machines, the price of which has never gone down since they were first introduced in 1966. Did you know that btw?

But these new type of copy machines they make can do something much different. Besides making copies, library patrons can now alternatively use the machines as simple scanners onto a flash drive that they provide on their own.

The New York Public Library has just introduced this feature into their Rose Room facility on Fifth Avenue, and it’s free (!) No more 20-cents-a-page copy cost when you don’t necessarily need or want a printout. Some universities also allow students to do this.

Great idea, right? And it’s never going to happen here. Right again?

The Bill Blass Catalog Room down there also has brand-new Bang and Olufson computer monitors too; and so yes, maybe we are living in a dream world.

Or, the wrong town.





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7 responses to “The Burbank library should allow patrons to scan to flash drives for free instead of forcing them to pay for expensive Xerox copies

  1. Burbank Person

    Why is Dr. Gordon the only one preparing us for the consequences of Measure B if it passes?

  2. How was the idea submitted? Was it simply posted here – or was it submitted at the Library Trustees meeting – or letter to the editor at BL, etc etc?

    • Al in SoCal

      I’m only asking – because I also think it’s a good idea.

      • semichorus

        No point to it. Unless you want to be condescended to.

        It would cost them income– and in Burbank, when someone else comes up with a good idea, the spoiled, egotistical pushback is immense.

        Been there many times. Waste of time. All you can do is make fun of it.

  3. Carole

    With the money we pay these Department Heads they should keep up to date on the available technology for their specialty.
    Rearranging the plants and shrubbery on Olive doesn’t cut it.
    Check out the vintage of the equipment for the Public.
    Check out the vintage of the equipment for the staff.
    Submit what???

  4. Al in SoCal

    Isn’t Juan G. on the board of trustees for the Burbank Library system? I think a letter to the editor / simultaneous emails to the trustees would knock out that fee …. it’s hard to believe it brings in any $$ and they probably spend more in housekeeping of fee schedules than it brings in.

    • semichorus

      They make lots on the copying–tons of money. They’re not going to get rid of this cash cow, nor are they going to allow flash drives to possibly harm it.

      Several years ago I asked why they were the only library ANYWHERE that charges patrons money to hold a book, or even to bring it over from another library.

      They charge A DOLLAR A BOOK. Every other library is free.

      You know what I got for my concerns?


      Burbank’s run by assholes. That’s why I keep writing this blog.

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