How much is the city paying Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher to help fix this problem?

Both the city and BPD have a long history of hiring right-wing law firms to help pull political strings to get them out of trouble. Among other things, these law firm are also highly paid fixers with big political connections:


The Los Angeles County coroner’s office deferred ruling on the cause of death of a man struck by a Taser during a fight with Burbank police officers earlier this week, officials said Friday.

Coroner’s officials performed an autopsy on the body of Thomas Binkley — who police said went about 14 minutes without medical aid while authorities were in a standoff with his brother — but ordered additional tests, which could delay a ruling by up to nine months, said Lt. David Smith of the Los Angeles County coroner’s office. He did not know which tests were ordered.


A few years ago GDC (and a lucrative multi-million dollar fee) got Burbank out of a very serious criminal/discrimination problem with the Department of Justice involving the same police department. They’re natural go-to fixers for the City of Burbank.

A conscientious council member should ask to see this month’s outside billings at the city attorneys office. Think we have any?

Great old story here.



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One response to “How much is the city paying Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher to help fix this problem?

  1. Citizen Cane

    It is very fortunate for all of us in Burbank the dead guy was not black. Black Lives Matter would be ruining the Village and all the other great places in town.

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