Taking the pulse of the city


Definitely on top of the issues:


FireShot Capture 185 - (1) City of Burbank - https___www.facebook.com_groups_105948515378_


The critical spirit and sense of inquiry being displayed is just overwhelming.

FireShot Capture 186 - (1) City of Burbank - https___www.facebook.com_groups_105948515378_





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21 responses to “Taking the pulse of the city

  1. Beth

    Why Heather, is that taking crap or talking crap?
    You’re dangerously close to offending the sensibilities of the elite.

  2. semichorus

    I think she’s an elephant protectionist.

  3. Anonymous 3

    It just kills you that they have black-balled you, eh?

    • semichorus

      Funny. I don’t do Facebook, so have never “applied.”

      You too worried about seeing Blacks in town?

      • Anonymous 3

        Good, facebook is better off.

        As for your question, the answer is no.

        And the event in question had two black guys kicking a door down. People have a right to be “worried” about miscreants of any hue kicking down doors.

      • Cynthia

        She’s very worried about black-balls or any balls.

  4. Anonymous

    The loony birds in Burbank like Rogers just love this inane drivel on the fb page.

  5. Anonymous 3

    More of the “trivial” posting on City of Burbank:

    “My buddy at Joslyn Adult Center asked me to reach out to you amazing residents and share a volunteer opporunity right here in Burbank.

    BTAC is having a big event this weekend and they are looking for some additional hands.

    Burbank Temporary Aid Center … See More”

    “Is the Relay for Cancer walk this weekend at Gross park again?”

    “Donation drive in Burbank tomorrow!!!
    To all my friends who live in the Burbank area and beyond:
    There are 70 children living in a orphanage just North of Ensenada Mexico. Although they are taken care of with love, schooling, and structure, they are lacking basic necessities. For example, they have 2 bicycles to share between 70 children.

    That’s where you and I come in. … See More”

    What shallow, narcissistic, empty lives these people live…..

    • semichorus

      No one said they were all trivial. But you’ve cheerypicked the most worthy. Most take the form of, “OMG some stranger drove down my street!!!”

  6. Anon

    Brown Act violation! I know the council is secretly discussing city business through this closed City of Burbank page. Tattoo parlor is code for approving the redeployment of IKEA. Farting elephants refers to burying the BPD emails. Alert the Public Integrity Unit. Brown Act violation big time!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Who’s David ?

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