Where are all the Black people?


There seems to be something missing from this vision of the future…

That one guy looked kind of Syrian, so maybe they know more about this right now than we do. There was one sneaky looking character rushing around a corner at the end haphazardly so maybe that was the Black guy.

We first spotted him at :10. Look closely. He seems a bit too determined there for our tastes, and then he starts to amble suspiciously. See him?

Nobody looked older than about 30 either. And they’re almost all alone. No families anywhere. That’s quite a new “urban” downtown we’ll be having.

Btw, anyone else noticed from their C/V that this is not a quality developer? Fans keep citing the Americana comparison, but this isn’t Caruso. He won’t have anything to do with Burbank.







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9 responses to “Where are all the Black people?

  1. Glendale Resident


    Just wanted to make you all aware that one of our worst council members named Laura Friedman is trying to get Burbank votes for her bid to become the state assembly member representing the district. The woman is a horrible council member who pays no attention to the community. Here is a video of her from a Glendale City Council Meeting. Please do not make the mistake of voting for her.

    • semichorus

      I’ve seen that she is a bit high-handed up there at times. But for Glendale, there have been much worse in that regard.

      For a while there they even refused to have night meetings, so no one could show up.

    • Dan

      A great example of why texting during a Public Brown Act meeting is surely poor form–if not illegal.
      This woman does the same at MWD meetings and at the Airport meets.
      Laura has NO interest in what the Public has to say.
      Staff barely fares any better.

  2. Anonymous

    I am not voting for Friedman because of all the mailing that I am getting supporting her, they are all from the Charter Schools coalition and I am not in favor of Charter Schools but Friedman must because the charter group is spending lots to support her

    • semichorus

      Yes, good reason to support someone else. Charter schools can go awfully weird, and in quite a short time.

  3. Tron

    I wouldn’t want an Americana in Burbank. The Americana is so closed off instead of an open flowing design.

    • oscarhgake

      Yeah I agree. The Americana also has that tacky style to it that doesn’t work and feels creepy. In glad the project proposed in Burbank is in the Los Angeles vernacular style of today.

    • semichorus

      How is it closed off? It’s open air. U-shaped maybe, but a good use of the lot. Nice stores.

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