City of Burbank Facebook page on top of local Negro crime


This is hilarious:

FireShot Capture 183 - (1) City of Burbank - https___www.facebook.com_groups_105948515378_


That black Cadillac is what must have tipped them off. Is this the kind of stuff they’re worried about over there?

With pictures and everything!

We’re actually surprised those guys made it to the border. In the old days they wouldn’t have even made it in.

In other breaking news we just got in this tip:

All three IT personnel at the PD just got the axe from Management at the BPD, please start asking questions about this and the emails. Is this all related?

If true then it means they’re taking action, yes … by blaming the little guys! Nothing like a convenient scapegoat to make it look like they’re doing something, when what they’re really doing is trying to keep the blame away from the top.

What do you want to bet those guys are being fired for not erasing the emails back when they could? We’re not just kidding.





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24 responses to “City of Burbank Facebook page on top of local Negro crime

  1. Anonymous 3

    You’re not kidding but I am not taking you seriously.

  2. Anon

    Hilarious that someone got their front door taken off by two people who were going to burglarize a house? I’m sure you’d be fine with it, even though you’re still carrying a grudge (1 of many) about your car getting stolen. And the post is originally from Nextdoor and was shared to the FB group you don’t belong to. More marginalization for you. Is David feeding you the posts from the secret closed group of over 4000 people, or are you two huddled over a computer at the library?

    • semichorus

      I didn’t blame Blacks for that. I blamed Cowboys.

      Interesting that the Negro Alert always gets played up in places like Burbank. And with photos.

      Now where’s that dogwhistle…

      And btw, go fuck yourself with the innuendo. And say “hi” to Will for me. He proud now of being associated with such a fraidy-cat hate site full of paranoid “neighbors” with spyglasses?

      • Anonymous 3

        Gawd yer jealous.

        You have your nose plastered to the window and are completely shut out.

        • semichorus

          You know, if there was a Nobel Prize for Cluelessness you’d be at the top of the selection pool. The laugh of the evening.

          You’re not for real, are you?

          • Connie

            More wasted time.
            Too much time on their hands,etc.
            Real people are afraid all over town.
            Mike Nolan said it Tuesday.
            More sworn personnel, now.
            Thanks Mike for telling it like it is.

          • Anonymous 3


    • Anonymous

      So two black guys come to the door and she immediately thinks they’re trytng to break in.

      • semichorus

        Makes sense. Right?

        I mean, what else do Black people do? We must be on the alert. This is Burbank we’re talking about!

        Blacks and “Syrians.” Or whatever else is in the news.

      • Anonymous 3

        They did try to break in, they smashed down the door.

        • semichorus

          They did nothing of the sort. Let’s see the footage of it from the spy camera.

          You know, when people buy those fancy surveillance things they want to use them. And then in Burbank, when you see those Blackies coming around…

          …It’s time to get on Neighbors! And the City of Burbank fan site!

          • Anonymous 3

            Read the report, it clearly states “then proceeds to push the door off its hinges”.

            The surveillance camera does not point at the door, that would only catch the back of the heads of the intruders. The clear images show the individual’s faces, which is how YOU know that they were black.

  3. chad

    The IT people could not have been fired for the Angel fiasco. For the sake of sanity, please let it be something else. If not, this is turning into a shit storm.

  4. Al in SoCal

    Honestly – IT is a BIG part of the deal. Most people discount IT as some ancillary, “they keep up the internet” department, but it’s THEIR responsibility to implement policies and procedures that mitigate issues like the email issue.

    I agree with the firings. Also – their not “little guys” – IT management – probably bringing in over $150K – and if they couldn’t figure out how to monitor employee emails – the door is the place for them. IMO – of course.

    • Al in SoCal

      Yes .. yes – aware of the typos. I’ll place blame on my my spell-checker.

    • semichorus

      I know nothing about why the firings were done — or if they were- so I can’t weigh in here.

      But why would the IT guys get blamed for the emails? Do the IT guys review all city communications? Or did they all hide all the OTHERS of similar nature?

      Now that could be a reason for termination — if they hid things.

  5. Anonymous

    If IT guys got fired, it’s likely due to accessing law enforcement databases for personal reasons or profit. Just a hunch.

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