Meanwhile, right next door


So Burbank has a guy who got caught stealing and fencing merchandise from an old employer, and Glendale gets this.


Zareh Sinanyan selected to be Glendale’s new mayor

Thanks to the old Tropico Station blog for saving the following:

(click to enlarge)





No decline over the years. There’s a wonderful future in store for these communities with this many personal issues rattling around.



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5 responses to “Meanwhile, right next door

  1. Anonymous

    Sinanyan’s online diatribes were made public well before his election to Glendale council. He initially denied involvement. The voters didn’t care, anyways. His tirades were extremely offensive to a number of groups, including LGBTQ. But Glendale voters were unconcerned.

  2. Anonymous

    Just like Burbank voters were unconcerned with Rogers shady history.

  3. CornFused

    Glendale voters? What a solid group I’m sure, On Burbanks worst day, it’s miles better than Glendale. Rogers is a clown/dickhead, but this guy appears to be a cultural psychopath. A business litigator? Could only imagine what it would be like dealing with him.

    Everyday Glendale gets closer, I want further away.

  4. Donald

    April showers will wash away wee willie rogers from the Mayor’s chair.
    He’ll still be on the City Council and we will endure his poor decorum
    and stupid insults.
    Did he really ask that lady if she were a “dancer”?

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