And he had what to do with the Burroughs library again?


​He might be a nice guy here, but we can instantly think of at least a dozen Burroughs people who are more suitable to this “christening.”

Like Tom Marshall, a great educator and fine scholar.


The Burbank Unified School District recognized retired English teacher Steve Campbell at a ceremony dedicating the Steve Campbell Library on Saturday, March 31. Former students and numerous school and City officials came out to the John Burroughs High School campus to honor the beloved teacher and celebrate the newly-christened library.

“He is really an amazing man and I owe my love of journalism and language in large part to him and his teaching,” commented former student and current BUSD Public Information Officer Kimberley Clark. “Being able to bring this dedication to fruition is truly a privilege.”

The imprimatur of a cop. There you go. And we can only imagine the kind of “journalism” she loves.

Campbell began his Burbank Unified teaching career in 1965 at what was then known as Jordan Junior High, at which he remained for the next 25 years. He taught English, Spanish and journalism for 21 years. He also taught English as a Second Language for many years in adult school.


Never heard of him, and we knew everybody in that world.


Under Campbell’s guidance, Jordan’s school newspaper, the Star, was one of the top-rated junior high school newspapers in the country, earning many awards from the National Scholastic Press Association, Quill and Scroll, Colombia University and Pepperdine University.

Sounds like a proudly mediocre piece of school journalism. We’re sure it made lots of waves in the community. That Colombia University recognition though is especially impressive.

Jesus Christ these people are horrible. Burbank’s quickly become a really stupid and trashy town.



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3 responses to “And he had what to do with the Burroughs library again?

  1. Anonymous

    Wow looks like the mayor of Burbank, who stole from his employer will be great friends with the mayor of Glendale.

  2. Anonymous

    The library has been re-named, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person, and across the board. And, your drivel fest sounds like a proudly mediocre piece of kindergarten tripe. Sour grapes. Swallow them. Whole. 🙂

    • semichorus

      A teacher who not only had little to do with the library, but also couldn’t hold a candle to Tom Marshall.

      And I’m sure he’d admit it, too. So where is Tom Marshall being remembered?

      Burroughs people are such morons. No news there. A deeply inappropriate act– he had NOTHING to do with the library.

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