NBC is leaving out an important fact: Dave Garroway killed himself because they wouldn’t give him another job




Thank god that horrible TV studio crowd has finally left Burbank. Now we only need to get rid of Disney and Time Warner to completely cleanse ourselves of this corporate evil (the latter might just happen…)

NBC and MSNBC are currently running a celebratory commercial about the Today Show that highlights above all the sweet tones of founding host Dave Garroway. His words are all through it.

We’ll let Wikipedia finish our point:

In 1981, Garroway underwent open-heart surgery, a result of which he contracted a staph infection. On January 14, 1982, Today broadcast its 30th anniversary special, which featured all of the important living former and current staff members. Garroway, who had recently undergone rehab for an amphetamine addiction, appeared to be cheerful and in good spirits during the show. He also gave every indication that he would be present for the show’s 35th anniversary in 1987.

A few months later however, Garroway began suffering complications from the infection he’d picked up during surgery. He spent some weeks in and out of hospitals and had an in-home nurse tending to him. On July 21, he was found dead of a self-inflicted shotgun wound at his Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, home. There was no suicide note and Garroway’s nurse did not recall him being unusually depressed in the final day of his life.[6][8][29] Garroway’s son Michael said that his father had been experiencing complications from his heart operation and he had “unfortunately succumbed to the traumatic effects of his illness.” In addition, he was extremely depressed at his inability to resurrect a TV career, saying to friends and family “I’m old hat, old news. Nobody wants old Dave anymore.”[68] His family held a private graveside service for him in Philadelphia on July 28.[69] Garroway is buried in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.


It’s the first thing we thought when we heard his voice. They’ll kill you for being alive, and then still try to eat you up when you’re dead.




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