Do the morons in this country realize that without “Obamacare” their health insurance premiums would be even higher?

They never did rise before!

Apparently people don’t. CNN right now is doing everything it can to convince its viewers that health insurance costs might go down with Trump. They’re even suggesting that this issue alone could lead to lead to his victory in November.

Which we think is a good thing. Most Americans are such disgustingly stupid and spoiled individuals that they all deserve to lose everything they have under a President Trump. Fuck ’em all.

(CNN btw might have a big problem with its proposed Time Warner ATT parent merger under Hillary and the Dems — which their reporters were excitedly cheerleading the other day when the news of it first broke. No wonder they’re now lobbying for the GOP candidate.)


Ought oh!









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29 responses to “Do the morons in this country realize that without “Obamacare” their health insurance premiums would be even higher?

    • semichorus

      I understand Denise has been getting a lot of flak on that “We Love Burbank!!” Facebook page for her “no” stance.

      Hers is the only sensible position.

      • I’d like to find that group on FB. Not familiar with “We Love Burbank” and it’s not showing up in searches. Anyone have a link? Would like to show some support.

        • Debby

          I think the I love Burbank page is the same face book page that’s like stepping into an adventure with the stepford wives and its called the city of Burbank. It is the cities fb page and it sucks

  1. chad

    I don’t always agree with Gordon but I must give him much credit for doing this. I recognize moral outrage when I see it. Well done, David.

    • Orchard Drive

      Agree with Chad here. Dr Gordon is the only council person with the backbone to stand up for the citizens on our city council. Well done and I am voting NO we can make a better deal for the citizens and the rest of the council should start lustening to Dr Gordon on making deals like this.

  2. S.M.

    The Burbank Face Book page should be called the cult of liars and bullies. I am there and the self serving blabber is unbelievable. Anyone with a question of different opinion gets bullied by a bunch of self centered trolls. Thanks for the video Dr Gordon it answers some of my questions.

    • Rick

      Not saying the rest of the council is bad but the only one of them with real common sense and understanfing of us residents is Dr Gordon. I am always amazed how he listens to residents and really understands and tries yo mske things better for all of us.

  3. chad

    Well said Orchard Drive.

  4. Bryan

    When city hall could care less about answering the people who live here and when they ignore the problems we could always count on Dr Gordon to listen and respond. I got mad admiration for Dr Gordon. Like Chad says sometimes I don’t agree but I always know Dr Gordon in always trying to do what is best for us and really cares about us. It bugs when I watch council and to see the rest of them mostly try to ignore Dr Gordon just like they try to ignore all of us. The video rocks.

    • semichorus

      He asks questions — which often bugs most people.

      • Mary

        He should ask question and what bugs me is the rest of them never ask questions and if we ask they never know anything. I was at a meeting recently with some neighbors and Frutos started talking and people were yelling he was wrong and he had to apologize for being wrong and go quiet. That filled me with confidence about him making decisions that affect me.

  5. Greg

    Gordon is a true and honest representative. Not for sale and always for the best interests of the people. Thanks for listening to the voters and standing up for us.

  6. Michael D

    What really bugs me is just how secret Frutos and the rest of them kept all of this. I saw that video of the city attorney saying just how they plan to rush the whole thing and Dr Gordon was the only one to say wait up this is way to rushed for the public to even get time to comment. Now Frutos and them want to say gee sorry you didn’t get to know anything or say anything ? No way they planned it this way. Here is that city attorney saying they plan to really rush it by the voters and only Gordon objects and fights for us.

    • semichorus

      They were in a BIG rush to get this on the November ballot in a manipulative effort to massage the vote. The thinking is that all these Millennial suckers who never, ever vote will be entranced by the big, shiny object of a new airport terminal and say “yes!” to Measure “B.”

      It would have a much harder time during a regular city election, even though the specific language in the year 2000 ordinance (and attendant public discussion) specifically required a “city” election vote, meaning during a regular city election, not buried within some consolidated one — like November’s.

      • Ralph

        Yes so true Semichorus. The council (all of them except Gordon) plotted how to keep everything secret then spring it on the voters, I bet they got the Burbank Leader to stay quiet by promising some kind of advertising dollars from us tax payers. I think they spent 200,000 dollars to stick it in the November election thinking we would all be to busy thinking about President and not pay attention. Thanks to people who are helping us all figure out what a plot these people have going on against us. Thanks to Councilman Gordon big time.

        • semichorus

          Well, what they did is keep it all secret until about a year ago– the details — and then they sprang it on the Burbank public for “comment” and “input.”

          Which they were NEVER going to incorporate into their already negotiated and almost-finalized “Agreement.” If anything, they used public criticism as fodder for their PR sales mill– such as now dishonestly claiming as a sales pitch that they’re going to be keeping the “beloved” rear-boarding of the current facility. Which btw is an airline and NOT an Authority decision.

          In other words, they were — and are — full of crap.

          • Dart

            Rogers is the king of crap. I remember Rogers telling the public if you see anything wrong with the sales pitch from the airport let me know by email blah blah. I am not stupid, when I heard that I thought sure Rogers so you can use our comments to perfect your PR campaign. Rogers is a schmuck.

            • semichorus

              You beat me to the revelation.

              Rogers — of the “beloved” rear-boarding sales pitch — is the same guy who used to ridicule that stairway thing in the pages of the Leader. That is what he once said we must be happy and stuck with if we don’t choose to get a new terminal built.

              Which apparently he or his friends are now lying about. It’s now beloved!

              • Anonymous 3.1

                IMHO Rogers is a bombastic straw man who never gets any of his facts straight but relies on the old I used to be an investigative reporter line but in truth he was only an opinion piece that was eventually shown the door.

                • semichorus

                  It was actually a layoff. They’d been cutting a lot of people.

                  I do believe though that that Trent Lott/Smothers Brothers column a couple weeks before was what got the ball rolling.

  7. Anonymous

    I watched the council meeting this week and the only one council member willing to interact with the people they are all suppose to represent is Gordon. WTF was Rogers talking about that he was maybe the guy who bullied the lady ? DUH of course he was the guy because he is Mr No substance and no civility and you got to love when the camera cuts to him unexpected and he is chewing like a dam cow sitting there.

    I feel the same way Michael D. The council does so much secret stuff and then you watch them claim the citizens don’t pay attention but how can they when they don’t let them know what is going on.

    If you ask me most of this council has no idea what is going on or what they are talking about. Gordon says things that make sense and they all sit there looking lost. Frutos God only know what he is doing he always has this smile like he just ate all the cookies or something and he never really has any answers for the citizens. We have four chair warmers and one councilman is how it looks to me

    • semichorus

      They all hate Gordon so much that if he advocated building more parks and planting more trees they’d all roll their eyes and do the exact opposite — just to be contrary and show how he has no influence. It’s that typical Burbank spoiled, chickenshit, arrogant, “Nobody’s gonna tell me what I should do” crap.

      Grew up with it all my life. People in Burbank never suffer enough to have to do the right thing.

  8. Jerri

    Here is what really bothers me with this measure B thing. The city council can’t approve it the law requires that we as voters approve it. They should never have even talked about it in private because they are not allowed to approve it.

    So now we find out there have been like 50 secret meetings and we don’t get to know what deals they were busy making and that is not right. There is no reason why there were ever any secret meetings when the ones who need to approve it is us. How can we have the information we need when they did stuff in secret ? Why did they think they could keep information from us in the first place.

    I have no confidence in the Measure B deal and there is no reason why I should have any at all. Imagine if a realtor viewed a property and then just came and said here approve this purchase agreement. I can’t answer questions and you can’t see it but sign here and trust me. That is what this is like and you would need to be stupid to do a deal like that so vote NO

    • semichorus

      You’ve actually nailed it. They had no legal business under ‘B’ (the real B) to approve it ahead of the voters. And that’s what they did. So your intuitive concerns about this whole overly manipulated process are valid.

      What they should have done is let the Authority work up a proposal and then just hand it over to the voters for approval. Maybe only let staff get involved as to the desired details or Burbank wishlist.

      Measure B was clearly written to be a voter INITIATIVE on a new terminal. Albano instead re-wrote it and turned the whole thing into a REFERENDUM on a previous council approval vote. The “final say”as they put it.

      But ‘B’ gives no place to the council for ANY kind of approval or validation action. Quite the opposite. Even Golonski said that — and he helped to write it! Political pressure at the time kept the council wary of interference or the appearance of being in cahoots with the Authority. That’s why ‘B’ was written the way it was.

      So why were they now so eager to be co-sponsors of this proposed project? You’re correct too to maintain your skepticism. After this ‘B” vote (if it’s “yes”) there will be no more Burbank reviews or approvals of this project. The Authority will have been given carte blanche.

  9. Marcos

    I think Dr Gordon is right about this airport stuff and I trust Dr Gordon. I don’t trust the establishment people that are on either side because they sell us out and keep secrets from us all the time. Dr Gordon is like us and not some uber establishment guy out for himself.

    #MAGA #staywithit

  10. Anonymous

    Regarding your headline (healthcare), absolutely not true! Get your facts from other sources aside from CNN (Clinton New Network). It has been proven over and over that free and open markets encourage trade and competition resulting in lower costs.

    • semichorus

      That must be why our free enterprise health care has always been cheaper than Europe. And remember how cheap it was before Obamacare?

      You right-wingers are morons.

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