A needed interlude

All this local insanity has got us in knots. It’s time for a healthy distraction.



This is quite good, btw. It should be required viewing in the schools– it’s the exact opposite of anything now:


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They do know this guy was a total phony, don’t they?

Our local Carnival of Idiocy continues to lumber down that crowded highway…



Interesting story. Way back when, a student assembly committee or another under Ham Lloyd at BHS tried to get this same character to show up for a special assembly. It turns out he charged beaucoup bucks for personal appearances.

He was also a total and complete fraud:

Community: Iron Eyes Cody District recruiting

Officials with the Boy Scouts of America, Iron Eyes Cody District, are recruiting new members and are planning a Cub Scout Round-up from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sept. 14 at the corner of Griffith Park Drive and Clark Avenue in George Izay Park in Burbank.

The district is part of the Verdugo Hills Council.

We can’t stress it enough that no one or his aunt back then thought of Iron Eyes Cody as anything other than an authentic figure, like Chief Dan George, and at about the same time.
Apparently this is the nice, current, white-washing way of describing this phony:

Iron Eyes Cody (born Espera Oscar de Corti April 3, 1904 – January 4, 1999) was an American actor born in Louisiana. Going by the name of Iron Eyes Cody, he portrayed Native Americans in Hollywood films. In 1996, his 100 percent Italian ancestry was confirmed by his half-sister.

Cody was born Espera Oscar de Corti on April 3, 1904, in Kaplan in Vermillion Parish, in southwestern Louisiana, a second son of Antonio de Corti and his wife, Francesca Salpietra, immigrants from Sicily. He had two brothers, Joseph William and Frank Henry, and a sister Victoria. His parents had a local grocery store in Gueydan Louisiana, where he grew up. His father left the family and moved to Texas, where he anglicized his name as Tony Corti. His mother married Alton Abshire and had five more children with him.

So why does this area have a Scout district named after him?

To discover that this guy was really Italian would be like finding out now that that recently married couple from Burbank last year was only posing as gay in order to make the headlines and promote themselves. In other words, there was no such thing as Iron Eyes Cody, and you had to be there back then to know how really offensive this fact is.

The guy should have been arrested — no one anywhere thought of him as just an actor playing an Indian. Naturally then, these two towns want to keep honoring him as being real?

There’s more here. The news of his real “heritage” only came out after he died. People would have been outraged — OUTRAGED — if they’d known the truth back then. The commercial would definitely have been removed from the airwaves.

So now it’s ok? Yeah, right. But the News Press seems to think so.

Hey, he did good work.




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You’ve got to be kidding

It may only be a purely academic question these days, but what the hell ever happened to stoicism?

While it’s understandable that individual members might have been personally affected, for the whole team to be falling apart over this is nothing more than mawkish self-indulgence.

Burroughs High football team trying to refocus after tragedy

Football: Indians coach wants squad to focus on game ahead to help alleviate pain of deaths of three former students.

It was only a few hours before Friday’s kickoff against Rosemead High when most of the Burroughs football players heard somber news.

Three former Burroughs students — Ian Bulbenko, 19, April Townsend, 19, and Jake Gnasso, 19 — were killed early Friday morning in a car crash in the Santa Clarita Valley. Two other passengers were hospitalized with injuries.

All three were known by many of the Indians players or had ties to the team. Gnasso, a 2013 graduate, was a former Burroughs wide receiver and cornerback. Townsend was the cousin of current Burroughs quarterback Andy Amela.

“In terms of playing last Friday, they really got the news so late that I think it really didn’t have time to absorb with most of them,” Burroughs Coach Keith Knoop said. “We were in our prep phase for the game and we really didn’t have time to grieve over it Friday.

These were not even current students! And rather than all the feel-good sentimentality, why is there not instead a soul-searching examination about what the hell these kids were even doing up there in those mountains in the first place?

Somebody should be getting their ass kicked over it. But no. Apparently we have three more angels in heaven instead:

“What happened is tragic and our hearts go out to all the families and people who are affected by this,” Knoop said. “But as of now, we have to focus on what our job is and get ready for our next opponent and get everybody mentally ready to go.

“We are acknowledging what happened and we are working on getting stickers to put on the back of our helmets to represent [Gnasso] for the rest of the season. But we really want to have them try and focus on football so they don’t dwell on it too much.”

Knoop detailed a talk he had with his players Saturday where he advised them to avoid social media as much as possible so they aren’t inundated with details and sentiments about the situation. He also wanted them to avoid talking to the media about the situation.

“I told them that focusing on that stuff too much is really detrimental to your recovery,” he said. “I suggested that they just stay away from that stuff for awhile until they are feeling a little better about it. I think that’s best at this point.”

Oh brother. Grow up, dudes — it’s not 9/11 over there.

You know, in the old days the adults in charge would have exhibited a clear sense of introspection and mature gravitas about this event, rather than indulging in this current mania for wanting to wallow in public emotion and self-pity. Apparently no longer.

It’s all so fucking disgusting. People now are just so fucked up about the wrong things.

BTW– the reason why the school district is trying to get the kids to avoid social media has nothing to do with protecting these same kids. No, it’s to prevent the news media from garnering additional details about the accident.  So those comments from the principal are a complete subterfuge, a bald-faced lie. They’re only protecting the families and the city’s supposed good reputation.

And why are the BUSD administrators even telling the kids what to do with social media in the first place, whatever the reason? It’s none of their FUCKING BUSINESS.


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Just look at their parents

From the same town that absolutely lionizes the kids who kill themselves by rolling down mountain cliffs and running into freeway underpasses at 90 mph drunk and fucked up, is this Leader headline really any surprise?

Fewer Burbank grads college bound

Data show drop in number of students enrolling in higher education since 2009.

Now rather than address the important issue about why so many fewer Burbank kids are even enrolling in college in the first place, the paper allows the district to completely change the subject:

According to a district report, only 15% of Burbank students are graduating from college in four years.

“Research indicates that it is more difficult for students to complete a four-year program in four years, and the majority of students are taking five or more years,” the report states.

In looking at the students who went on to graduate from two- or four-year schools, the class of 2006 saw 37% of 1,010 students earn degrees by 2013 — the highest percentage of graduates the district has seen in eight years.

For the class of 2007, 31% of students had graduated from college by 2013, according to the data, while 26% of the class of 2008 received a post-secondary diploma. But only 12% of the class of 2009 had graduated from college by 2013.

So what– there’s a lot of reasons why kids may not graduate in four years. Who does these days in this economy, or when they can’t get any classes.

But that’s not the same issue at all as the more important one about our kids NOT EVEN ENROLLING. The District though is evading this graver and much more socially culpable crisis here by citing supposedly alarming stats about an unrelated college-level situation that’s not even a real problem.

So the article immediately changes the subject away from the main one that the District might be able to do something about, to another which (surprise surprise) isn’t even within their domain of responsibility. Wonder why.


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Christmas came early last year for some lucky Burbankers

Turns out our BPD got a large number of M-16 assault weapons donated by Homeland Security last year. So what in the world do they need them for?

Here’s our local inventory, direct from a spreadsheet obtained by a Northern California muckracking blog:

(click to enlarge)

They’re valued at $499 each.

Is the police at war against the population now? Or are they just more toys? It’s gotta be one or the other.

Some of the local school districts got assault weapons as well, and even tanks. But we’re not on that list with the BUSD. How come?

The LAUSD got a grenade launcher. Why are we being cheated?


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Sunday Night Serenade







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Let’s make room for the adults

It’s the last day of Proms 2014.

There’ll always be an England. Scotland, maybe not.


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What an ass

Here’s proof in the local newspaper that our city manager is not only clueless about these important matters, he’s offensive.

This excerpt also confirms our belief that both Scott and Amy Albano favor the more well-heeled folks in town. That’s their background, that’s where they come from resume-wise, and that’s the mindset they obviously follow through on when they give the council their advice. We can only imagine what they tell them in closed session.

Here we see it in action: the guy obviously missed the point completely about that aspect of the discussion…

About three dozen community members gathered at the Buena Vista Library on Thursday for the city’s last community meeting on the proposed Talaria at Burbank development before the Burbank City Council considers the project — a 241-unit luxury apartment complex on top of a Whole Foods market — next month…

Others at the meeting questioned the need for the complex and grocery store, while noting that 41 semi-affordable apartment units will be torn down to accommodate the project.

“Any city needs pockets like that, where people of limited needs can live,” said Burbank resident Jim Lane, adding that he found it offensive when people called the property — which currently houses the apartments, two single-family homes, a church, a bar and three office buildings — underutilized. “That’s part of our community and we’re going to lose that.”

Great, great comment. It’s all true. He should run for office.

Now watch our CM blunder into it:

Realtors in attendance, however, as well as city officials, noted a shortage of apartment units citywide. City Manager Mark Scott, who lives near City Hall, noted that he himself was having trouble finding a place to rent in that area of Burbank.

Mr. Sensitivity, right? The speakers were talking about the need for lower-income apartments, and our city manager enters into the discussion about his own non-lower-income rental requirements. He certainly wasn’t looking for a cheap single now, was he?

And we don’t believe for a minute that he had a problem finding an apartment in Burbank. What he had a problem finding was one that he felt complements his $300,000+ income. With that there might be a problem.

It’s like those New York investors we heard the other night on TV complaining about how there just wasn’t any “Class A” housing in Harlem yet. Meaning that, apparently all you can get right now are those multi-million dollar brownstones.

Obviously speaker Jim Lane made a great point. But City Manager Mark Scott did what he could to trample it under.

And then this suck-up affirmation:

“The vacancy rate is very, very low,” Kriske said.

No, it’s not for the expensive deluxe units. For the affordables, yes, of course. Which is just what the CM and his staff are encouraging the destruction of now.

In other words, we need more apartments for whom? Well people like them of course.

What can you say. This is the same town that used to base its comparative rent surveys on only the largest and most expensive apartment complexes — such as those near the studios — and then cited these numbers as a claim that our less expensive units were below market value.

They may do this still– back in the old days they said it was too hard to go around everywhere and ask. That was the excuse.



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Another victory for the Republicans

What a country!

Seniors Forced Into Poverty As Education Department Demands Payment


The Education Department is demanding so much money from seniors with defaulted student loans that it’s forcing tens of thousands of them into poverty, according to a government audit.

At least 22,000 Americans aged 65 and older had a part of their Social Security benefits garnished last year to the point that their monthly benefits were below federal poverty thresholds, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Education Department-initiated collections on defaulted federal student loans left at least another 83,000 Americans aged 64 and younger with poverty-level Social Security payments, GAO data show. Federal auditors cautioned that the number of Americans forced to accept poverty-level benefits because of past defaults on federal student loans are surely higher.

Serves them right, the damned freeloaders. Next thing you know they’ll want their SS checks increased.

Now it used to be possible to discharge student loans through bankruptcy after a termed repayment plan, at least until the Newt Gingrich crowd took over Congress in the mid-1990s. Almost immediately afterwards they changed the law in order to suit the desires of their banker friends, who back then were scooping up most of this quite lucrative student loan business. They made student loans a forever thing unless you’re dying. If you’re terminally ill then maybe you’re off the hook.

They did that and raised the 55 mph speed limit too, so that now you can go 90 mph on the Golden State Freeway. Which never used to happen between 1974 and 1994, btw.

But hey. Remember when college students didn’t need student loans? We knew USC students in the late 70s who only needed a Cal Grant to pay for all of their tuition. A Cal Grant covered it all! Too bad today, kids.

It also used to be impossible for the banks or Dept. of Education to attach your Social Security in a student loan collection action. Thanks to a Rehnquist Court decision made a few years after the discharge-right was eliminated, our seniors are now allowed to be dinged, and mightily.

Tough love, right? Forthright self-reliance is what America’s all about — at least nowadays. But back then it was a different story. The older crowd didn’t have to play by these rules even though they’re the ones who are now imposing them.



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Yeah, fuck ‘em

Here’s something you won’t be hearing in any gated community.



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