It looks like old “Burbank attorney Gloria Allred” might have something to worry about now




No Roy Moore fans here, but this one’s interesting.

We’ve thought from the beginning that the idea of Roy Moore signing a “D.A.” after his name in 1977 was more than a little weird. Like, why would he do so? He wasn’t one.

Turns out there might more to the story. But, you’ve got to check the Alabama papers in order to get the actual details of this latest accusation from his defenders:


Roy Moore wants yearbook handwriting analysis; lawyer claims he handled accuser’s divorce

By Howard Koplowitz

An attorney representing former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore attempted to discredit one of the women accusing the Republican Senate candidate of sexual misconduct, alleging that Beverly Young Nelson was not forthcoming during her press conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred.

Phillip L. Jauregui, who represented Moore in cases involving the Ten Commandments monuments and same-sex marriage, spoke to reporters but declined to answer questions.

Jauregui said Nelson was not forthcoming about having no contact with Moore after the alleged abuse in the 1970s.

“As it turns out ,in 1999, Ms. Nelson filed a divorce action against her then-husband, Mr. Harris. Guess who that case was before? It was filed in Etowah County and the judge assigned was Roy S. Moore – circuit judge of Etowah County. There was contact,” Jauregui said.

Jauregui also contended that Moore did not sign Nelson’s high school yearbook — a signature that Nelson and Allred used to bolster their claims. He added that the signature was inconsistent with Moore’s handwriting, and that the postscript on the signature — D.A. — matched the initials of Moore’s assistant at the time.

He called on Allred to release the yearbook so experts hired by Moore can analyze the handwriting.


Now here’s the interesting part:


In an open letter to Sean Hannity, who said yesterday he needed evidence from Moore to continue supporting him, Moore said the handwriting in Nelson’s divorce case is different than the signature in her yearbook, among other inconsistencies.

“My signature on the order of dismissal in the divorce case was annotated with the letters ‘D.A.,’ representing the initials of my court assistant. Curiously the supposed yearbook inscription is also followed by the same initials–‘D.A.’ But at that time I was deputy district attorney, not district attorney,” Moore wrote. “Those initials as well as the date under the signature block and the printed name of the restaurant are written in a style inconsistent with the rest of the yearbook inscription. The ‘7’s’ in ‘Christmas 1977’ are in a noticeably different script than the ‘7’s’ in the date ’12-22-77.’ I believe tampering has occurred. “


It’s actually worse than even his attorney is pointing out.

If it’s true that Judge Moore did handle this woman’s divorce case in 1999, and that his court assistant did indeed also have the initials “D.A.,” then Gloria A. and her friends in the media have a big problem. Huge, in fact.

Which is, that unless Roy Moore had a long history of weirdly putting “D.A.” next to his signature — even when he wasn’t one, as when he was a judge in 1999 — then the evidence is clear and compelling that someone merely cribbed his signature from this same woman’s 1999 divorce papers.

Why? It’s because they obviously didn’t know that the “D.A” was actually the court assistant’s initials instead, and so they just blindly affixed it to an old signature in the 1977 yearbook.

Or, much worse, they forged the signature entirely in that 1977 yearbook instead, leaving intact of course the same “D.A” that they saw in the 1999 court document already in her possession. And not knowing any better.

Where else did that 1977 “D.A.” come from, but the later signature annotated by his assistant? It was obviously copied from a much later document. Or, wackily, the guy always puts “D.A” on his signature. Which makes no sense.


So unless Moore is lying about his old court assistant and her initials — which would be insanely dumb — this all sounds more than likely, because screwing up so royally is how people always get caught when they forge things unaware. And the whole thing’s pretty hinkie anyway in the timing and the corny Gloria Allred tie-in.

Think though that the MSNBC crowd is going to be exploring this possibility anytime soon? In the name of truth and accuracy in storytelling?

So what’s the deal, press?

— Did Roy Moore handle this same woman’s divorce proceedings in 1999?

— Did he really have a court assistant with the initials “D.A.” who routinely signed such documents in 1999?

— Did he have a history instead of always putting “D.A.” next to his signed name, which would explain away any possible excuses from his defenders?

— Or, does Gloria A. have some big ‘splainin’ to do? Like maybe a nutty client, and a deficit of conscientious research skills back in the LA office?




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So what’s Gloria (and everyone else in the media) afraid of?



The absolute best thing that the Moore critics could do right now is to get a handwriting expert in there and immediately prove that the guy is either full of it or out and out lying.

But of course, they won’t.


Former Judge Roy Moore continues to deny allegations of sexual abuse against him, his attorney Phillip L. Jauregui said at a news conference Wednesday, during which he attempted to cast doubt on the story of one of Moore’s accusers.

Jauregui specifically focused on pushing back on the accusation from Beverly Young Nelson, 56, who said on Monday that Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16 years old. Jauregui took issue with the statements of Nelson and her attorney Gloria Allred, saying Nelson falsely claimed that she never spoke to Moore again after the time of her alleged assault.

“As it turns out, in 1999, Ms. Nelson filed a divorce action against her then-husband, Mr. Harris,” Jauregui said. “Guess who that case was before? It was filed in Etowah County, and the judge assigned was Roy S. Moore, circuit judge of Etowah County. There was contact.”

Nelson said on Monday that Moore wrote an inscription in her yearbook one day in December 1977 that said, “To a sweeter more beautiful girl, I could not say, ‘Merry Christmas.'” She said he signed it “Roy Moore, D.A.”

Moore denies writing the yearbook inscription, Jauregui said Wednesday, and added that Moore’s lawyers have tasked a handwriting expert with evaluating the yearbook. He demanded that Allred and Nelson release the yearbook to a neutral party for examination.

“We’ll find out: Is it genuine, or is it a fraud?” Jauregui said.

Allred released a statement after the Moore event on Wednesday, saying they would agree to have the yearbook examined by “an independent expert or experts” after a US Senate committee — either the judiciary or the ethics committee — agrees to conduct a hearing into the accusations about Moore.


Right. Let’s do anything to grandstand in front of the rubes.

She’s also a sanctimonious moron:


Allred said Monday that her client would be willing to testify before the Senate under oath and requested a hearing in the next two weeks.


There hasn’t even been an election yet! Such a premature move on the part of Congress would be legally impossible. They have absolutely no standing at this time to get involved in any way.

Such a move would also be seen as an unlawful intrusion in the election affairs of a state directly prior to an election. But who cares, right, when there’s scandals to traffic.

Btw … why isn’t anyone in the media trying to actually interview any of these women? You think Gloria A. will let her client get questioned too much?

Of course not. But what’s the excuse of the news media not to even want to? They have no curiosity? About either the handwriting or the alleged victims?

The photo above btw refers to an incredible Brian Keith episode last night on Alfred Hitchcock that directly parallels this handwriting demand:


Vernon Wedge is a hot shot lawyer who agrees to defend 17-year old Benjy Marino who is accused of murder. Benjy swears he’s innocent but Wedge isn’t buying it and feels he should plead guilty. He nonetheless decides to defend him and at the trial tries a chemical test to determine if blood is present on the knife, but the DA objects and Wedge uses the refusal to undertake the test to get Benjy off. But what would the test have revealed?





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Time to call Gloria


When tragedy turns to farce turns to insanity turns to boredom.​




Whenever someone turns so easily to tears 40 years after an event, it always means they’re unstable.

And if they’re unstable at that age, they’re unstable for a reason. You have to then take everything they say with a huge grain of salt:


The claimed utterances here — which are pretty wacky/stupid/nuts for someone to make — are also just a little too convenient. The guy sounds like something out of Mickey Spillane.

They also don’t parallel any of the other women as to how this guy supposedly talked and acted around them. He was never threatening, violent, or retributive, and the Post boasted about interviewing 30 people to this effect.

Which means that the next revelations in the press will be even more dramatic. They’ll have to be.

It’s the stupid embellishments that always blow the lid of credibility off of these things. Having Gloria Allred or her daughter around are really the kiss of death when it comes to experiencing any sense of probity or calm introspection. But no one’s in it for that.





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Mixed-Use Follies. Like what’s the deal with all the checkerboard designs?


It’s not just Burbank. These things are gawdawful looking all over:




This is on La Cienega and Sunset. They’re also trying to sell it as an auto-exclusive zone.

Such a terrific lack of invention and imagination here.





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“Burbank attorney”


Get ready for laughs whenever this woman shows up.



Btw, exactly where’s daughter Lisa Bloom been lately?

Lisa of the “Believe the women! Believe the women! How DARE you not believe the women!”

“Ah, unless it’s my client who’s being accused. Then there might be more to the story…”


About last night: double date night with @jasonreid234 and @lisabloomesq in the Hollywood hills. #LALife #WestCoast

A post shared by Joy-Ann Reid (@joyannreid) on

The MSNBC crowd btw is in pretty hot water right now legally for their slanderous performances all day Saturday about “He’s a pedophile!” That’s why they were so comparatively restrained on Sunday.

You don’t publicly call someone a pedophile or a child molester unless there’s clear evidence. And no matter how odious this Judge Moore character is, even the worst of the accusations against him are nothing remotely pedophile.

And so why were they doing this in the first place?

It’d be fun if it were true. We’ve always hated those Christian hypocrites with sordid lives of their own who go on and on about others. But it’s not.

So what’s the excuse of everyone else getting hysterical about this? What need do people have now to believe everything they hear about allegations of sexual misconduct? And without any filtering at all.

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A Veterans Day Reminder…

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(From the Irwin Shaw play)



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Good point



The immediate Dem/liberal response to these current allegations of sexual misconduct is “Believe the women. Believe the women.”

“How DARE you not believe the women!”

“What kind of horrible human being are you?”

But this was not at all the immediate Dem response when Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey et al came out with their sexual misconduct allegations about Bill Clinton 25 years ago.

Quite the opposite. And there’s no good explanation for the double standard here, because we’re only talking about the immediate response when these stories first broke in the papers.

So what is it? Believe the women at first listening, or let’s investigate first instead?


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Words of Wisdom




Which this week come from Bob Somerby, who we’d been thinking the last year or so was overstating his point a bit about the foolhardiness and tribal inanity of liberals. Lately we’ve realized that he hasn’t


Did Roy Moore molest a 14-year-old girl? We will guess that he probably did, but we can’t say we’re totally certain.

What makes us withhold our certainty? Pecksniff, please!

Remember how the professors stampeded in the Duke lacrosse case? Uh-oh! It was the prosecutor who ended up going to prison!

After that, remember how the professors stampeded in the UVa case? Uh-oh! Rolling Stone ended up paying millions of dollars to several of the people they had managed to slander.

Years before that, the milk carton crowd stampeded about the McMartin preschool case (and others). Innocent people spent years in prison. And how weird! We’d all been so instantly certain!

One final note about Moore, in the form of a guess:

Posing pundits are amazed that he would go out with women whose ages ranged from 17 to 19. They mock the fact that he (and they) said this was done with the permission of their mothers.

We’ve seen quite a few pundits who didn’t seem to realize that this point was described in the original report. That said, we’ll offer this:

This practice may have seemed a bit less strange in the Biblical realms of Alabama in 1979. Issues of age may have been calculated differently there. And by the way:

In the Post report, two of the mothers said they were thrilled that Moore was dating their daughters. To them, this dating apparently seemed quite normal. We’ve seen quite a few pundits who didn’t quite seem to have read quite that far in the Post report.

The Pecksniffs have been blowing right past that. In part, it’s because they’ve been adopting a pose. In part, it’s because they didn’t read the Post report.

Is it also because of the northern condescension concerning which a memorable staffer at the Punchline [Comedy Club] once so hotly complained? Meanwhile, imagine:

Imagine! Imagine that we can’t defeat Roy Moore except by chasing this sex story down! As we’ve told you many times, our liberal approach has devolved to this:

We can’t beat them at the polls, so we pray pray pray pray pray that we can get them locked up! Oh please please please please please please please! Please let us helpless liberals get The Others arrested!

The Pecksniffs have been stampeding this week. At the same time, it isn’t entirely clear that they ever got around to reading the Post’s report.





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New York Times leaves George Takei off their list of accused sexual abusers

​If course. It doesn’t follow the media narrative to have to see a publicly beloved figure face this nonsense. It also trashes all the righteous hysteria.

And this omission despite their claimed early morning update!

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O Lost! A paean to mid-20s innocence

And in Hollywood no less:


According to Teich’s account, she was was in her mid-20’s, working as a junior writer on a project that Dreyfuss was producing called “Funny, You Don’t Look 200: A Constitutional Vaudeville” when the harassment started. At one point, Teich says she was summoned to the Oscar-winner’s trailer on a set in 1987 and found him with his penis exposed. “I can’t remember how my face got close to his penis, but I do remember that the idea was that I was going to give him a blow job. I didn’t, and I left.”

“I trusted him. That’s what’s always so weird,” Teich told Vulture. “I liked him. That’s part of why it’s so painful, because of the level of innocence one brings to these things.”


I can’t remember how my face got so close to his dick!

Now it’s getting ridiculous. 

(Don’t you also get the feeling that about 10 or 15 minutes has been left out of this story? Because it always is. 

Also, the phony use of the present tense to describe her supposed feelings from 30 years ago. Like it just happened.)

The same question. Why are so many people so incredibly EAGER to believe all of this creepy stuff as told? And without any skepticism? Everything’s being defined too as either predation or “pedophilia.”


What need is being satisfied here? 

And now George Takei is being gone after! — like what did liberals think was going to happen? That they were immune to the same kind of scurrilousness?



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Happy Veterans Day


(It was obviously a different country back then!)



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Tying thy glass mask tightly

Because that’s often all you can do.


Have a good weekend. And get those seedlings going.



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Classic h-o-m-o-p-h-o-b-i-a


Former TV Anchor Says Kevin Spacey Sexually Assaulted Her 18-Year-Old Son

“Nothing could have prepared my son for how that sexual assault would make him feel as a man,” Heather Unruh said.


It’s still the standard scare-cliche about homosexuals.

Older gay male gets an innocent young male drunk for seduction purposes, grabs him by the package, innocent young male then suffers grand mental confusion about his own manhood. Innocent young male also isn’t being asked to explain why he was in a bar lying about his age…

And nobody sees this? Regardless of Spacey’s alleged culpability here, the imagery being used to describe the event and its aftermath is terrifically bigoted. It’s gay male as sexual corrupter of youth.

And – consequently these days — pretty unbelievable. No one would be distraught about such a thing happening. This isn’t 1962. But this newscaster-mother is still at it.

Btw. Where exactly is Sonny Boy? Can you imagine being 19 and having your mother out there in public blabbing about your sexual problems and bad experiences?

That would be traumatic enough…





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Deeply troubling and disturbing





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Whether you like it or not, the age of consent in Alabama is 16


It was hilarious watching Roy Moore’s old Democratic opponent in an earlier state race tell MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tonight that he had never heard anything about these kind of  sexual accusations in any of his own oppo research. You could immediately see the air going out of Hayes because it obviously wasn’t what he was expecting to hear.

And this opponent was a well-regarded judge who would have been more than privy to such material over the years.




Sanctimonious horseshit.

We hate right-wingers around here, but Border Patriot makes some good points. The timing of it all; the lack of prior gossip or scuttlebutt against an already notorious figure in Alabama politics; and the startling admission tonight from his old opponent that nothing had ever reached his own ears about such behavior makes it clear that this is all as hinky as hell.

And whether you like it or not, it’s legal in Alabama to date 16-year-olds. So that accounts for three out of four of the salacious allegations against Moore. The related outrage about teen alcohol consumption from some quarters tonight is also more than hilarious. It’s pathetic in its hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

It’s also not “pedophilia” or “child molestation” either when the alleged object of attention is post-pubescent. So that’s a lie right there. But who cares about truth or facts when the holier-than-thou is so much more entertaining.

Moore’s such an atrocious character in general that this current onslaught against him is terrifically inane and hysterical. It’s also 40 years ago. Who the hell cares.




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God, there’s just so many fucked up and unhappy women these days


Why is that? It would take a Margaret Mead to explain it all.

And it’s become like sport to want to be.



Apparently the litany of complaints here is endless. We don’t believe half of these stories either, btw.; especially the current “subway” ones.

What a toxic age this is. People now just absolutely revel in culpability. About everything.


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Why are so many people so fucking weird these days about sex?


What’s with this complete obsession with sexual perversion now, and all the attendant hysteria?

Is it actually baffling to see going on, or a natural result instead of having to live in a totally fucked up culture?

Btw … where was mommy when her son was out drinking at age 18? And, admittedly lying about being older:



Of course. It was Kevin Spacey’s fault.

As we said before, in no time at all Dr. Ruth is going to be hauled into the authorities and forced to publicly apologize for her former enthusiasm on the subject.



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