The Tuesday Night Appreciation Society

We have no interest in watching this week’s council meeting, to be honest. There’s nothing on the agenda but the budget ratification and review, and with this current lackluster and credulous bunch in charge the 10,000th rerun of Golden Girls would be more interesting.

But do keep count — if you watch it — of how many times the words “thanks” or “thank you” or “wonderful” or “excited” get used.


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Schiff hints that they’re all lying


Braver and smarter than anyone in the mainstream media — and more knowledgeable than most about what’s really going on here — our local congressman quietly implied tonight that they were all in on the Russia connection.


Does anyone honestly believe that Pence didn’t know anything about this previously? He’d had no contact with anyone but Flynn about this hugely notorious topic?

Trump had gone out of his way to bring people in with strong connections to Russia. He even kept Flynn on until it became totally radioactive.





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Sunday night repose


No, there will always be an England.


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Establishment Applebaum gets 600-word tearjerker goodbye piece in the Leader. Gordon gets nothing



Disgusting. It does show you though how agreeable people are when you attach yourself to big money.

It’s funny, too. No mention either at the meeting nor in the article that Applebaum was the No.1 asshole behind the district’s huge multi-million loss in the Baez sexual harassment case.

The one that should never have been fought by anyone fair or rational.


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St. Allred


That show about Diana tonight brought back this sleazy little memory….



People should remember this during the upcoming Cosby trial. Too bad the media won’t.

The woman’s a joke. The same goes for her daughter. They harm even the most credible case, and make those less certain seem silly and exploitative.

Interesting take here not written by a woman-hating conservative.

Remember when she used to be referred to as “Burbank attorney…”?

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Penis envy

Or something like that.



Remember all those backyard workshops we used to have? They went along with the union jobs.

There’s always a right way and a wrong way.

(This is the headlight switch for late 50’s Jaguar sedans and roadsters. Not only is it a multi-function switch, it also acts as junction box of sorts for other low-current applications.)



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“…because we made civilization in order to impress our girlfriends”



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Because they’re evil





They are. And that definition of “poor” is pretty broad.
Here’s another reason reason not to trust management.


Never ever ever. Especially when they boast with pride about how they’re in “law enforcement.”


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Miss Isn’t It a Little Too Late for That


Society notes. Our only question here is, isn’t it the the husband who’s supposed to pay for all of this?

Admittedly, we might be a little behind the times. We still think of Kiko’s whenever we get near Five Corners (or is it four now?) Must have been an achievement though just to get him to the altar.




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Animation? Let’s talk about “animation”


When they start coming up with stuff like this down on San Fernando and Orange Grove, let us know.



Until that day comes you can cram it, Burbank.

Keep your stupid, puerile, monster-fantasy crap to yourselves. Or go read a book instead. A real one.

One of the best bookstores in California is right there. So go into it.




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They have no shame.


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God, family, and the community


Didn’t know God couldn’t spell.

This is on the official Burbank High webpage. Right now:



Jesus Christ. And this is a school we’re talking about.

Perfect though that it has to do with religion. This event is deeply inappropriate anyway, and for quite a few years there the BUSD had stopped having these for that very reason. Now they try to get around the issue by falsely claiming they have nothing to do with it.

Oh yeah?

Burbank High and John Burroughs High Schools cordially invite you to:

You’re Ready!
Baccalaureate 2017

In honor of the 2017 Graduates from Burbank High School and John Burroughs High School.
This is a non-denominational, inspirational event celebrating the blessing of God, family, and the

It’s still religious.

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They left out the part about the serial killer


MyBurbank has an interesting article this week about the old Andrew Jergens plant down off of West Verdugo. But that place actually has a much more interesting history than what we’re being told about these days, by anyone.

So we’ll get you started…


Just like how the BPD kept the press from knowing anything about that big six-figure Portos robbery a few years ago, they also way back then kept a lot of seamy city details away from the regular residents as well.


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Don’t you know that rude questions are no longer allowed?






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The people already voted against it. So why do they keep talking about it?


On the current agenda for the latest Charter Commission meeting is a list of topics for open discussion by the group. Ostensibly “identified by Committee Members” as issues of concern, you know damn well that it’s really staff members instead who are pushing these individual topics.  No one normal in Burbank for instance is running to the meeting table with these kinds of singular interests.

Notably absent from their official list btw is the topic of “rent control,” which shows you just how Democratic these supposed Democrats are now who we have sitting on the council. As Dems they’re useless.

Conspicuously present though is this concern:

6. Direct appointment of Clerk and Treasurer…

Why? Sorry guys, but the Burbank voters turned you down flat the last time you tried to foist this blatant consolidation of private power onto the residents. So why do you keep pushing it?

City council handpicking of these two jobs is a terrifically bad and undemocratic idea. If anything, this rubber-stamp “charter committee” should be talking instead about whether or not the city attorney’s office ought to be put to a public vote, as it is in other towns. Not reducing voter power even more.

Burbank’s Charter is getting too ridiculously big anyway. The reason for this constant (and, in Burbank, unprecedented) move to keep revising the Charter over and over again is because staff wants to use it to permanently memorialize their own particular management issues and political concerns. And those of their Burbank “friends.”

Because once in there, it’s impossible for any future city council to amend or remove them. Most of the matters of concern on this latest agenda — if at all valid, which is dubious — should be revised instead by the ordinance process.




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Is Gabel-Luddy worried that someone might try to fuck the horses?


Must be. What else could explain this silly concern?

Additionally, council members agreed to allow single-story dwelling units, unless they are above a garage or part of the second story of a house; let property owners decide whether they want to have separate utility connections for their dwelling unit; and not allow granny flats in any R1-H-zoned area, which mainly pertains to the houses in the Rancho district that allow horses to be kept in those residential areas.

A few residents from the Rancho community and Councilwoman Emily Gabel-Luddy had concerns about allowing accessory dwelling units to be built in the backyards of those homes, where many of them keep their horses.

Like what concerns? They obviously think too that it’s more important to house a horse than a person.

Btw. Why is Gabel-Luddy being allowed to propose, lobby on behalf of, and then vote for a special exemption for her very own Rancho neighborhood? One that (they all obviously think) could be of benefit to every Burbank neighborhood.

Remember when she recused herself on other Rancho issues that came before the council? All of a sudden those old conflict-of-interest policies fly out the window.




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Guess what, Burbank. You’re gonna be getting lots more granny flats!


And better news we could not hear. Granny flats (or SDUs as they used to call them, and now ADUs) have always provided an affordable, high-quality alternative to the normal rental stock in town. It’s also a great way for homeowners to supplement their incomes.

A change in state law made this all possible, simply because everyone’s knows that we need more housing. Naturally then, the City of Burbank went totally ballistic:

Understanding that some of the laws set forth by the state would not gel with Burbank’s neighborhoods, city staff suggested its own set of rules that would still be compatible with state law.

Says who? Burbank used to have granny flats all over the place circa 1940 to 1985 or so. Years ago we used to live in what is still by far the nicest and most affluent part of town, and we could have gone out onto the balcony next to our bedroom and easily hit at least five or six of them with a rock.

Yes, our bedroom had a balcony, so fuck you. We weren’t complaining, and so why the hell are you? You critics’ places aren’t 1/10th as nice as ours was, and so it’s absurd for you to be up in arms about some new SDU down the street. No one complained about them back then, and Burbank was a much nicer town.

They’re all trying to minimize the damage of course. But it won’t work:

The City Council approved a maximum accessory dwelling unit size of 500 square feet, requiring that the square footage of the unit be applied to the property’s floor-to-area ratio, mandating a 5-foot setback from the back and side for detached units, implementing a covenant that requires the owner of the property to live in either the main house or granny flat and establishing no short-term rentals that are 30 days or less.

The owner-occupied rule would be unenforceable in court, btw. And what difference does it make who lives there? Are the Cusumanos being required to live in their own buildings?

So grow up, Burbank. Granny flat are back again. Hooray!

And thank you, you real liberals up in Sacramento. You made all of this possible again … at last!

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