Too bad they’re not in Burbank


At least it’s for art’s sake.




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Los Angeles Burbank/Downtown


Has a nice ring to it.


But where’s the spring, where’s the hill, and where’s Los Angeles/Burbank?

There’s more of those 25- to 35-year-olds we keep seeing. Think any of them got laid?

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Unless it involves going after horses owned by our local friends and cronies


Again. Let us pray…



The specific purpose of this corporation shall be to facilitate the direct protection of animals in every possible way; provide sponsorship for, and financial support to programs and organizations involving animal welfare; provide outreach and education to promote an increased awareness of animal cruelty; encourage every citizen to become active, involved and responsible animal guardians; promote the legal re-classification of animals to a category other than property; and, to carry on other charitable activities associated with these goals as allowed by law.

Our mission statement is summarized with 4-prongs and is why the use the acronym TAPS.



That currently our laws classify animals as property
Animal cruelty awareness
Humane choices and alternatives
Responsibility for spaying and neutering

ADVOCATE (The Animal Law Guild is the advocacy arm of The Animal Protectorates)

Legal reclassification of animals as other than property
Legislation reform
Unity among animal welfare organizations


In every possible way


Support other organizations aligned with TAPS mission through donations and volunteer resources.





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When is Burbank going to ban the barbaric practice of penning horses inside residential backyards?

Home on the Range, yes…



Wouldn’t it be fun to see the city council do something imaginatively great these days?

Here’s a start. They can think about banning the keeping of horses in their hallowed “Rancho” neighborhood unless these same homeowners and horse fans can provide a substantial amount of corral and exercise space for their animals.

No? LA County has such rules. We knew people in Malibu Canyon who were more than happy to oblige by them with their old Chuck Connors-inspired lifestyles. They knew how to do it right. But Burbank allows this barbarism towards animals to continue.

Isn’t it funny too how the local Pet Parents never have anything to say about their horse neighbors in kind? Some of them are even one and the same. You’d think they’d be concerned about such things as general animal protectorate-ism. But apparently not.

These are the only rules that Burbank has btw about non-commercial horsekeeping. All they require is a stable. No corrals or exercise enclosures:



1. It is unlawful to keep a horse in an R-1-H Zone without a permit issued by the Animal Shelter Superintendent. A permit may not be issued unless first approved by the Community Development Director upon a finding that the property is in conformance with the requirements of this Section. The Director must notify the Animal Shelter Superintendent in writing of the decision to approve or deny a permit application.

2. Each lot on which one (1) or more horses is kept must have a stable to shelter the horse(s).

3. The number of horses kept in an R-1-H Zone in a non-commercial stable may not exceed one (1) for each 3,000 square feet of lot area.

4. The number of horses kept in an R-1-H Zone in a commercial stable may not exceed one (1) horse for each 500 square feet of lot area.


What year is this? They really shouldn’t be allowing horsekeeping at all.





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July 17, 1967.



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What awful communities



In preparation for Burbank’s soon-to-be-prepared staff analysis of the “pros and cons” of rent control, here’s a list of all the cities in California that now have it.

Can you imagine having to live in any of these places?


Rent Control [Other than Mobilehome Parks]

Beverly Hills
East Palo Alto
Los Angeles
Los Gatos
Palm Springs
San Francisco
San Jose [note:separate one for mobilehomes]
Santa Monica
West Hollywood
Thousand Oaks (only pre-1988 tenancies)

How do people do it?

Remember, “Los Angeles” also means being forced to live in decrepit sub-communities like Studio City, Brentwood, Woodland Hills, and Pacific Palisades.

We certainly hope that the Burbank City Council keeps this in mind when they reject rent control out of hand as soon as it comes up. Save our city!
Before rent control:

After rent control:


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Oh no! We missed the deadline



Now how are we going to learn to help run Burbank the correct way?


Local leaders helping on-the-make future leaders become the kind of future local leaders they know we all need:


Leadership Burbank’s nine-month leadership training program helps aspiring leaders like you enhance their personal and professional skills and gain a deeper understanding of community dynamics – while introducing them to the network of key individuals and organizations through Burbank who effect change on a daily basis. Our program helps you navigate the inner workings of City Hall, essential non-profits, the business and faith communities, and important civic organizations. Meanwhile, our hands-on curriculum, led by experienced educators in association with a major university, addresses issues of leadership, social justice, public safety, economic viability and the environment through real-world tutorials designed to set you on your path as a future leader in your community.


No renegades, please.

The idea of “social justice” in Burbank probably also doesn’t involve exploring impolite concepts like the institution of citywide rent control to help assure a more stable and affordable community. Or, increased civilian oversight of the police department.

With these sponsors?


So what happens when their interests conflict with those of your own?

Never happen, we know.  How could such things be?  The curriculum will see to it.



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White People got it tough






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This is news?

Hardly. But it is an illegal police stop.

It’s also the kind of thing that makes us laugh whenever anyone tries to claim that “liberals” somehow run California.


Metal knuckles, tear gas and a loaded revolver were just some of the items recovered by the Glendale Police Department Sunday morning during a routine traffic stop.

A Glendale officer stopped a Chevrolet Suburban at the intersection of Central Avenue and Randolph Street sometime around 11 a.m. The officer had initially suspected the SUV had been in a collision with a parked vehicle, according to department spokeswoman Tahnee Lightfoot.


Bullshit. The cop was lying. He had no probable cause to pull over this vehicle. Instead, it was your typical Glendale/Burbank “DWM” situation (Driving While Mexican.) Happens all the time.

How do we know this? It’s because we grew up here.


Although no collision occurred, the officer reportedly noticed an open container of beer next to the driver, 20-year-old Luis Casillas of Sun Valley.

He also noticed six people hidden in the back of the vehicle.

Lightfoot said a search of the SUV was conducted, and police recovered a revolver loaded with eight rounds hidden under a blanket where 19-year-old Jose Gonzalez of North Hollywood had been lying.


PC for the search? Oh that’s right — no doubt the driver obviously “consented” to one. Or, hidden Mexicans are grounds for anything.


Besides the gun, police also recovered metal knuckles, mace, tear gas, a BB gun, open beer bottles and a canister of marijuana.

Lightfoot said the gun was stolen, but officers were unable to find its registered owner.

Gonzalez was booked on suspicion of possessing a stolen firearm.


Proof it was stolen?


Meanwhile, Casillas was arrested on suspicion of possessing metal knuckles, having more than 2.5 ounces of tear gas, possessing an open container of alcohol while driving and allowing a passenger to possess a loaded firearm.

A third person, 20-year-old Angel Guzman of North Hollywood, was arrested on suspicion of possessing alcohol as a minor and having vandalism tools. Lightfoot said Guzman admitted to police that he belonged to a tagging crew.


Right. And exactly what are “vandalism tools” anyway? No one at the Times bothered to ask.

Only Mexican kids get hit up on charges like this. When they’re White it must be for their schoolwork.


The other passengers in the car were not connected to any crimes, according to Lightfoot.

Casillas and Gonzalez were booked into the city’s jail, while Guzman was only cited.


Naturally, the reader comments are a delight:

(click to enlarge)


What a country. What a pack of assholes.

You’re doomed, folks. And you deserve everything you’re going to get.


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From the pictures it seems more like Ladies and Gents between the ages of 25 and 35

We know we’re a little late on this, but can someone please explain the concept here?

It’s all a bit obtuse, isn’t it? If not off-putting.



Welcome to Ladies & Gents Night Out!

You never know what to expect when you come to our monthly Ladies & Gents Night Out. Every event is different, but always an enormous amount of fun.

Ladies Night Out started in January 2010 when Encore Nouveau came up with the idea to create a monthly night of fun for their faithful customers. In April of that year, Mindfulnest and other neighboring stores joined up to create a community event that would get people onto the streets for years to come.

Today, Ladies Night Out has grown, with up to 50 stores participating at a time, and numerous food trucks lining the streets. We hope you will be able to come join us as we celebrate small businesses and the customers that keep Magnolia Park thriving.


We remember how it started off as “Ladies,” and then it went to Gents. But didn’t it actually come out of the old MP Open House nights that were usually held around the holidays?

And what happened to the family emphasis?





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For the Class of ’67


This is their big year.



People have no idea how much crap those kids had to put up with back then. They fought all the battles.

One of our favorite websites btw.

Of course. That’s how it was.


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Hey assholes, he complimented her


This is where “liberals” lose it for us:



Get over yourself.

These media personalities aren’t even liberal, either. That’s the worst of it.

They’re all company boys. Tools of management. There’s such deep hypocrisy to all of this as well. Like they’ve never thought someone looked good?

Or mentioned it?




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Put rent control on the ballot



You wouldn’t dare now, would you, Burbank City Council? Even an advisory vote is beyond all of you.

So the next time any of you look at yourselves in the mirror — or start privately mocking “Donald Trump” to each other, or your friends — stop calling yourselves Democrats. Because you’re not.

With your lack of effort, Burbank will never have more “affordable housing.” Instead, you’re all being used as obvious tools to validate the long and continued effort to make Burbank a haven for a cheesy, expedient and unimaginative developer class.

Besides everything else, they can’t even make their projects look good. That’s the worst thing of all!


Even Glendale has a form of just-cause eviction. They set it up about 15 years ago. They also have a true anti-retaliation ordinance against landlords.

Your Burbank council is useless.


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It Came from Burbank


A nightmarish vision of the corporatized future.

With, Burbank as handmaiden…


While standing in line for Spider-Man: Homecoming this weekend, you’ll probably be most concerned with getting a good seat or digging into some popcorn. But if you’re in one of the nearly 30,000 theaters serviced by the Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC), take a moment to glance up at the roof because your movie will be beamed in via satellite.

You likely don’t give much thought to how your movie gets to the big screen, but in the case of DCDC, digital files from movie studios are delivered to a processing center in Burbank, California, and sent via high-speed fiber connection to DCDC’s uplink in Arizona. Encrypted files are then transmitted to a satellite that’s in geo-synchronous orbit above the US, which beams movies to satellite dishes on theater roofs. Movies are uploaded to DCDC’s servers and assigned a theater so you can watch Spider-Man in its full digital glory.


The personalized touch.


DCDC now serves 75 percent of US theater screens. While the digital delivery of movies is its main driving force, DCDC’s ambitions for the industry are a lot bigger. In the future, [DCDC CEO Randy] Blotky explained, exhibitors will be “programming the cube,” with the “cube” being the entire cinema complex, not just what’s on the screens.

“For example, here at Cinemark Playa Vista and XD, in the future, DCDC might be able to [help] manage digital signage, ticketing, and loyalty programs with self-identifying apps/beacons as well as delivering live events,” he said. “Eventually you’ll have theaters that are outfitted for specific types of esports as well as movies designed around certain tech-heavy catchment areas, like here in Playa Vista. This means it won’t just be about watching events, but competing, too.”


What does that mean?

Nothing at all. Meanwhile, Fotokem’s the only 70mm lab left in the world. So there’s something still worth talking about and saving.




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You’ll soon have the lowest minimum wage in the San Fernando Valley, and no renters’ protections to speak of. Congratulations, Burbank!


Tomorrow night’s council meeting is a big one. Lots on the agenda, including the selection of 33 board and commission slots.

Here’s a short list of what staff is trying to get them all to do:

— They want the council to enlarge the big decision-making boards and commissions from five to seven members, and then pack them (soon) with the two new applicants each.

— They want the council to set up a new ‘pre-approved’ set of qualification criteria for all future board and commission positions, one that clearly favors the local establishment and business interests.

— They want the council to relax citywide zoning requirements and possible lot-size limitations on residential properties in order to “encourage” developers to construct more “affordable housing.”

— They want the council to establish a minimum $24,000 income requirement for housing affordability considerations, bypassing anyone under this floor amount who might truly be needy.

— They want the council to call conventional single apartments of 400 and 500 square feet “micro units,” instead of mandating or encouraging the construction of true micro units (with their subsequent lower cost) as a solution to the current housing crisis.

— They want the council to “consider” stacking the Landlord-Tenant Commission with a 3-2 membership preference in favor of the local landlord interests, and with no apparent shame.

A big night.



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