One of them went to Bell-Jeff


Class of 1950?


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So let’s blame the school administrators instead


Wow. Why didn’t they previously identify this troubled teen in Florida?

So says the news media tonight…



The media’s also talking tonight about how maybe we shouldn’t publicize these things so much. You know, preventing “copycats” and all that.

Here’s a better idea. How about keeping all these guns out of people’s hands?



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Oh, the developers would love that now, wouldn’t they


MyBurbank ran an article yesterday about that proposed Burbank Commons which everyone knows would be anything but.

It got this response. The guy argues that Burbank needs to reduce the supposedly excessive parking requirements for these big new projects because they’re apparently too ridiculously 20th century. Like who needs cars, right?

He proposes this instead:

In place of artificial minimum parking requirements, commercial, mixed-use and residential Developers should be allowed to trade-off, or offset their minimum parking requirements – to help fund expanding BurbankBus public transit services, alternate transportation choices, create better more-humanized streetscape, and better support of SB-375 including other considerations, such as more affordable housing near transit – with amenity improvements, such as public bicycle parking and improved bus shelters.

Yeah, that’ll work. Maybe throw in a rescue pet as well.

Developers would love this of course. Fewer parking places means more overpriced units in their buildings.

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Hmm. Maybe Rizzotti was a better choice

A couple of years ago we recommended Rogers over Rizzotti for city council because we thought Will would be less apt to be the big real estate booster.


The Burbank Planning Board voted 4-1 Monday to recommend the City Council approve a proposed set of rules that would define how accessory dwelling units can be constructed in the city. Chairman Christopher Rizzotti voted against the regulations.

Even though we’re fans of granny flats, Rizzotti has shown over the last few months that he’s super-protective of the traditional Burbank neighborhoods. Rogers not so much. He’s not sure for instance if 1100 new apartments right up off of Glenoaks is a bad idea.

Not that Rogers is into larger granny flats, but Rizzotti has been a repeated lone wolf up there when it comes to not wanting to open the floodgates quite so quickly. It’s been interesting to watch, keeping in mind of course that realtor vs landlord interests often collide in Burbank. That can be a good thing.

Rizzotti’s pro-development, sure, but then who in charge isn’t? It’s more now a matter of sensitivity.


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Happy Valentine’s Day!




Believe the women, yes! Just … because.

What a crazy bitch.


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This is about our sentiment as well


Someone just sent us this from that **WeLoveBurbank** Facebook page:






Roller hockey. How dumb. An ice skating rink makes much more sense. But, Mayor Rogers thinks that this Magnolia Blvd bar owner’s vanity project for his daughter is worthy of a big city subsidy on the property.

Yes, it’s a much different Will Rogers than 25 years ago. Been that way for a while.







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Parents, do you know how stupid your kids are?

Again, Democrats are fooling themselves if they think that these Millennials are at all progressive.

What do you want to bet too btw that she’s gay? If so, it means she has an obvious pre-Woody agenda going on here apart from her current bluster and outrage (no pun intended of course).

Once again a free speech controversy has erupted at an American university.This time, it’s UC San Diego. The fight involves Woody Allen. It involves the #MeToo movement as well as speech. And some of the main figures aren’t speaking freely. At least not at the moment.

At the center of it all is Savanah Lyon, a 23-year-old theater major who is demanding that the campus stop teaching a course on Allen’s films because the director has been accused of, but never charged with, sexual abuse of his adopted daughter. She believes he’s morally unworthy of the attention.

Lyon created an online petition to pressure the campus on the matter. So far, it’s drawn about 15,000 signatures and generated a considerable amount of publicity and news coverages.

Lyon says she dislikes Allen because he allegedly sexually assaulted his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was seven. The accusation was made by Farrow. Allen denies it. And a team of child abuse-specialists at Yale-New Haven Hospital — who were asked to investigate — said they did not find evidence to substantiate the claim, although some don’t believe the report.


That’s some wisdom there. Feelings are everything. And the most important thing.

Lyon also says she also is bothered by the romantic interest that Allen, and his males characters, have shown in younger women in some of his films. She singled out the 1979 movie “Manhattan, which was nominated for two Academy Awards. Allen portrays a 42-year-old writer who is romantically involved with a 17-year-old high school student, played by Mariel Hemingway.

“Any film that has a very clear narrative of an underage women — girl — with a middle-age man already is portraying and normalizing this kind of relationship for society,” said Lyon, whose parents are educators.


These people have no idea that the whole point of Manhattan is how screwed up the relationships are. No one with half a brain who sees that movie thinks afterwords about how great it is to hang around with high school girls. She wasn’t “underage,” either.

“Girls are already told that they have to be appealing to men all of their lives. It’s one, hetero-normative, but it’s also dangerous. You can go up to so many women in the world and ask them how many times in their life they have been preyed upon by older men. I personally have about 30 stories.”


Oh, bullshit. Dream on. But we can imagine that there might be at least that number of males who have horror stories of their own about her. The old friends and boyfriends of these women should stop being so reticent about finally calling out these scolds and intolerants for their own bad personal behaviors.

These feelings led her to start the recent online campaign to pressure UC San Diego to drop the class about Allen’s films.

Lyon doesn’t believe that silencing a university professor — Steven Adler — violates the First Amendment, which she describes as a law “written by a bunch of white men …It was written in the 1700s — late 1700s. I mean, those men were experiencing things that are completely different now. (It’s) outdated.”

Is this a joke or a nightmare?

Remember the days when young people used to protest intolerant little fascists like her? Can someone just do the right thing and call her a fool?

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Like how about bringing back primogeniture and entail?



Not much on the council agenda tonight, unfortunately.

The most interesting item we think is their annual legislative issues-of-concern list. That’s not what it’s called officially, but this is where the council makes public their (supposedly) joint opinions about upcoming or proposed state and federal legislation. It’s what they think the city should be lobbying for or against outside of Burbank.

It’s all pretty mundane this year, and that’s the problem. Yes, it’s good that they’re no longer railing against liberalized granny flat laws like they used to, but come on. Burbank’s an all-Democratic town now, and so couldn’t the city council at least come out in favor of some of the renters’ rights bills being discussed around Sacramento?

Maybe even lead the way to modify the state’s current vacancy de-control allowances, or (gasp) allow California cities to impose rent control on units built after 1997? Or in LA’s case, 1978?

How about supporting a statewide living wage law? Banning elephants in zoos? Nothing imaginative or reasonably social-democratic?

How come?

While we’re at it, this is a multi-page document full of dozens of plans, proposals, and strongly worded legislative ideas. But for a couple of these topics being discussed at previously announced workshop sessions right next door to city hall, when and where in public were all of these list-items agreed upon?

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Although, the legal basis was already there

OCR has traditionally refused lots of issues (such as– until recently — employee age discrimination claims), and so there’s really nothing new here but that the Obama administration carved an exception that didn’t really exist categorically.

This could be overturned legislatively, btw.

We agree that the exclusion is wrong, but what’s the deal with complaining parents of 7-year-olds who claim that their kids are “transgendered”? How does that work with a child so young? How do you even know?

How does it even make a difference?

Lord knows what sex the adults back then would have made of us (and our friends). All it would have taken is one nutty parent to force us into a different bathroom. We all hated sports and preferred hanging around girls.

Still do.

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Because it really should be called the #EliteMe movement

​A conservative columnist a little too alarmed about the #MeToo movement leading the way towards increased mediocrity does though make quite a good point about this:


It is curious that the #MeToo movement is concerned only with gender representation in particular occupational categories. For instance, most HVAC and refrigeration kinstallers and mechanics are men, yet there is little outcry about getting more girls into vocational training for these jobs. Similarly, virtually all workers in the carting, moving, trucking, and mining industries are males, but female underrepresentation in these high-injury and high-fatality occupations has not sparked celebrity outrage.


Of course not. Because what’s really behind #MeToo is the deliberate construction of economic advantage for people who think that they’re prestige elites. The movement’s now about getting rid of as much of the competition as you can, if it ever was real to begin with.

Men are awful, and so give me a film director’s job. That’s what it’s devolved into. Or should we say men and men alone are conditioned to be predatory exploitationists. Women are naturally beyond blame or question.

So, give me a director’s job. Or else.

She makes some other valid points as well. It’s obvious by now that the #MeToo movement has become an attempt on the part of ambitious women without much talent to try to get as many men out of the way as they can for their own occupational advantage (who, themselves don’t have much talent. Men are no less mediocre than women btw.) #MeToo has become so publicly ridiculous at this point that there’s no other way to look at it.

The solution? Go to a good library and stay there. Go to the Bergman festival at Film Forum. Stay away from most people.

Listen to Mozart.

Who (yes) was a man. Listen to Jennifer Higdon then.


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Sound familiar?

Someone sent us this from that **WeLoveBurbank** Facebook group, originally from reddit.

It’s all too true– but at least someone over there has a sense of humor:


A couple things peculiar to Burbank did get left out.


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Something we’ll be watching for closely this year: Schiff trying to slip in a copyright extension act on behalf of Disney and others

It’s a complicated issue, but beware. This once proud Blue Dog was a big fan of SOPA and other industry proposals that revolved around questionable claims of expansive corporate property rights.

Which means that he doesn’t always work for everyone else, regardless of his current favorable PR. 

For instance, unlike others, we’re not so optimistic that the issue of an extension to the “Sonny Bono Copyright Act” is going to disappear. Remember that it expires this year, and so who’s going to quietly carry the water either now or later? 

Frightening interview here — regardless of the date, these corporate interests never go away:

Do people honestly think that Disney is going to let its material slip into the public domain? They’re just going to sit there year after year and watch their best stuff going out for free?

Adam Schiff to the rescue!

No? We’ll see. But don’t bet on him staying out.

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No, we haven’t forgotten what month it is



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Smart gal

No no no.

In a lengthy interview, Holdnerness, who married Porter in 2003, told CNN on Wednesday that the physical abuse began almost immediately after their wedding. The couple went to the Canary Islands for their honeymoon in the summer of 2003, when Holderness said Porter kicked her thigh during a fight.

“I didn’t quite know how to take it,” Holderness said. “I had just tied the knot with him.”

She said that Porter’s repeated physically abusive behavior also included throwing her on the bed and forcefully pushing one of his limbs into her body in anger and choking her.

“The thing he would do most frequently is he would throw me down on a bed and he would just put his body weight on me and he’d be yelling at me but as he was yelling he’d me grinding an elbow or knee into my body to emphasize his anger,” she said. The choking, she said, “was just very scary and dehumanizing,” and she said she didn’t realize the severity of the situation until she spoke with a counselor.

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Everyone knows that this is run-away-to-the-moon behavior. Do not pass “Go,” do not collect $200. No guy’s dick is that big.

In the summer of 2005, the couple was in Florence, Italy, when Holderness said he punched her in the face — the only time, Holdnerness says, when she remembers her ex-husband leaving a physical mark on her body.

“I think it shocked him and it shocked me. It never happened again, it was a one-time thing,” she said.

Holderness shared photos Porter took of her with CNN. Porter said in a statement that he had taken the photographs.

“I took the photos given to the media nearly 15 years ago and the reality behind them is nowhere close to what is being described,” he said.

Holderness said though Porter did take them, she stands by her account.

“He’s wrong in that the circumstances are exactly what I described. In contrition I made them take the photos. In his contrition, I had him take photos of what he did,” she told CNN.

Honey, you just beat me up. Can you grab a quick photo of it? I know you must feel guilty.**


Where now do you want to go for dinner? It’s such a beautiful country.

** Unless she’s Catholic btw, “contrition” is an after-the-fact lawyer’s word.


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No, it’s called a “push poll”


The council wants to impose a special .75 percent sales tax in Burbank because of these budget foul-ups, and so they hire a polling firm to juice the electorate into giving in to the idea.

Bernard said the research firm then gave the residents they polled information about several key areas, which included Burbank’s infrastructure, the quality of life in the city, the measure’s accountability, property values, police officer reductions and the city’s structural budget deficit.

After receiving that information, 64% of the sample group said they would either definitely or probably support a sales tax, which was up about 9 percentage points compared to when residents were initially polled.

City Council members have been thinking about proposing a sales tax as a way to address the large budget deficit the city faces.


Here’s what happens. The hired “research firm” takes an initial reading of residents. Then they immediately engage in using favorable language with them in order to get a better and more favorable response when they come back to the issue. Which of course — after the PR fluff — they always do.

Which means that these aren’t real polls. Rather, they’re an attempt by the “firm” to promote whatever the issue is at hand.

You know a better idea than a general sales tax on Burbank consumers and residents? How about an assortment of business taxes on — yes, we said it — the local businesses?

Especially the big ones. That’s what LA does. Sales taxes are regressive and always hurt the little guy.



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Spending next week constructively

At the Bergman Festival.

(If you don’t get a hard-on after this one you’re hopeless. But don’t tell the sex scolds.)

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What about aesthetics?


And we don’t mean nail polishing.

This sounds about as exciting as watching the goings on down at Enoch’s Muffler (a place we loved, btw).  No, but not half as fun or important:


The Editors’ Lounge will be hosting a special evening with an open house and mixer featuring the Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp.  The event will be hosted by AlphaDogs Post Production located at 1612 W. Olive Ave., Ste 200, Burbank, CA beginning at 6:30 pm on Friday, February 23, 2018. RSVP is required to attend.

Sponsored by the Editors’ Lounge, the Assistant Editor’s Bootcamp was founded by Noah Chamow (NBC’s The Voice) and Conor Burke (NBC’s America’s Got Talent). The Bootcamp is a place for assistant editors and aspiring assistants to learn and collaborate with one another in a low-stakes environment. Past bootcamps have included topics such as: ‘The Fundamentals of Video,’ ‘Media Management,’ ‘Understanding I/O and Drive Speed,’ ‘Performance Bottlenecks’ and more.

Attendees of February’s Lounge will have a chance to meet the founders in an informal environment and learn more about what’s planned for the next bootcamp, as well as socialize and network with their post-production peers.

What about craft and technique? Like, issues of artistry and substance?

Narrative? Any reading lists?

No? Just tools we guess. No loss, really — there’s no real editing going on nowadays anyway. Just assemblages of close-ups and actor-centric confessionals and gyrations. Everybody’s an ingenue now.

Go here instead.


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And “liberals” are just as bad


The fact that much of this story makes absolutely no sense hasn’t stopped the “liberal” scolds and pious little virtue-signalers from completely going out of their minds with outrage:

Just 14 months ago, both of the women who’d once been married to Rob Porter got horrifying Facebook messages and texts from a third woman who said she was now dating Porter — a top GOP Capitol Hill aide on a path toward the Trump White House — and wanted to talk to them about “repeated abuse” in their relationship.

“I work in politics, and despite Rob’s repeated abuse,some of which I think many know about, he continues to rise and I’m afraid to go against him,” the woman wrote in a December 2016 message to Porter’s first wife, Colbie Holderness, viewed and reported on Wednesday by CNN (emphasis mine). “I’m sorry to bother you. I wanted to reach out and hear your story if you are willing to share — as well as how you broke out of it with him and mostly, how you recovered.”

Of course there was no political motivation behind her concerns.

 That explains why she waited until after Trump was elected and Porter was on his way into the White House before she made any contact.


The message was hardly a surprise to either woman. Porter’s second ex-wife, Jennifer Willoughby, has since told reporters that he began calling her a “(bleep)ing bitch” on their honeymoon, mainly because she didn’t have sex with him often enough, and when they were separated in 2010 she went to court and obtained a protective order after Porter put his hand through a glass door pane looking for her. Holderness told a similar story, punctuated by an incident in 2005 on a vacation in Florence, Italy, when Porter allegedly struck her in the face and gave her a black eye — which she then made him photograph.

What? So your husband gives you a black eye one night, and then instead of running a thousand miles away from him you force him to take a picture of you?

No one else knew how to use the camera? 

And people believe this crap? Porter says that the story behind his taking that photo is completely different. His version makes more sense. Black eyes are usually immediate deal-breakers for sane women.

It’s also obvious that Porter’s suddenly leaving the White House has to do with his now-public romantic involvement with Hope Hicks. Putting your pecker in payroll would be a complete policy breaker anywhere. But whatever the scolds want to believe.

See, they’re all bad. That’s why these days we keep to the library. Fuck everyone.

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A desperately stupid and thuggish bunch those Republicans are


Apparently too the **WeLoveBurbank** Facebook page is alive with comment over this. Some intelligent; quite a bit moronic-reactionary.


Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz demanded the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee be recused from future involvement in the Trump-Russia probe.

Gaetz said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) invalidated his ability to properly investigate allegations against President Trump, which include those in an unverified dossier compiled by former MI6 officer Christopher Steele.

Schiff has said that Trump has worked with a foreign power (Russia) to affect an American presidential election.

Gaetz said recent revelations about Schiff show his “hypocrisy” on the matter, declaring the Burbank representative did effectively the same thing.

Gaetz pointed to audiotape of a phone call Schiff held with Russian pranksters purporting to be Ukrainian dignitaries with access to compromising photos of Trump with a Ukrainian model

A pathetically old story. Supposedly some Ukrainian radio station DJ’s tried to prank Schiff over the phone into responding to their phony claim about how they had compromising pictures of Trump. Schiff listens to them and has his staff look into it. His people also properly report the conversation to the FBI.

End of story. They weren’t “Russians,” either. Nor a “foreign power.” They were Ukrainian DJs.

Naturally, the morons and knee-jerk fascists are trying to parley this into a full-fledged espionage attempt. But they’re too stupid to see that there’s no parallel at all to what Trump and the Republicans are alleged to have done over the years, and on multiple occasions. And may still be doing.

So what’s this crowd going to do when the Pee Tapes finally surface? Or the news that Trump and his family have been laundering Russian money for years?

Blame Obama?

You can’t make this stuff up. God obviously hates America.



Oh boo-hoo.

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