Put rent control on the ballot



You wouldn’t dare now, would you, Burbank City Council? Even an advisory vote is beyond all of you.

So the next time any of you look at yourselves in the mirror — or start privately mocking “Donald Trump” to each other, or your friends — stop calling yourselves Democrats. Because you’re not.

With your lack of effort, Burbank will never have more “affordable housing.” Instead, you’re all being used as obvious tools to validate the long and continued effort to make Burbank a haven for a cheesy, expedient and unimaginative developer class.

Besides everything else, they can’t even make their projects look good. That’s the worst thing of all!


Even Glendale has a form of just-cause eviction. They set it up about 15 years ago. They also have a true anti-retaliation ordinance against landlords.

Your Burbank council is useless.



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9 responses to “Put rent control on the ballot

  1. Anonymous

    Rogers asked for an analysis of Rent Control from staff just last night. The pros and cons.

    But as Ron Davis says, it solves none of the problems you have and creates problems you don’t want.

    • semichorus

      Bullshit. Tell that to people who aren’t paying $2500 a month to live in 50+-year-old buildings. The only “cons” might be what happens to greedy landlords. Rent control can only apply to pre-1997 buildings anyway.

      I can only imagine what their “analysis” will turn up in the end. It’ll be full of lies. Rogers is gonna buy it?

      He’s not that stupid. He also once HAD rent control himself. He gonna pay back his old LA landlords?

      Will he deny young people in Burbank what he once benefitted from?

      (LA neighborhoods BTW are in much better shape now since rent control was first instituted there in 1978. So much for the phony claim that rent control leads to deterioration. West Hollywood is a paradise compared to its County pre-rent control days.)

  2. Ron

    Oh they can look in the mirror but it will just confirm that they are indeed Democrats. Just why is it that California has a housing crisis and jobs that don’t pay enough to live when its a Democrat cobtrolled state in Sacramento ? Burbank has those great jobs and opporrunities because we have a Democrat controled council. Oh they are Democrats for sure.

  3. chad

    Is Ron Davis an expert in this area?

    • semichorus

      Only as a spokesman for property interests.

      He’s already prejudiced the upcoming “analysis” of the “pros and cons” of rent control. It’s bound to be hilarious — especially when they can’t come up with any specific or concrete examples anywhere of the “cons.”

      No neighborhood has ever “deteriorated” because of rent control (quite the opposite); it doesn’t stifle new construction; it doesn’t saddle landlords with repair costs that can’t be recouped (especially with vacancy decontrol allowances). Etc.

      None of the “con” arguments hold — they’re all lies. Rogers knows this, and he once personally benefited from rent control. His reaction will be fun to watch.

      When the time arises, we’re going to be asking him to point out specific examples of where rent control has been bad. On any of those points, as mayor over his staff.

      Or, deleterious to the neighborhood.

    • Burbankian

      My guess is that Davis listens to the self proclaimed experts and that is the real problem. The voters need to start gathering signatures and force rent control on the ballot.

  4. Marco

    Unfortunately Democrats are more concerned with non issues than the suffering of people. Maxine Waters represents California and while she may not represent Burbank I am afraid that Adam Schiff is just as out of touch. Pre 1997 buildings ? Gee I guess that is why they are in a massive rush to tear those down and rebuild everything mixed use high density style.

    • semichorus

      You could be on to something about the desire to demolish old buildings. It would remove units from any future possibility of rent control.

      That is, unless the Democrats in Sacramento re-write the vacancy decontrol laws that Wilson and the Republicans foisted on the public back in the late 90s. Nothing built after then can be placed under rent control, and in the case of LA, nothing after 1978. Existing rent control laws cannot be amended.

      But they won’t. There are no real Democratic liberals in office.

      • Chad

        Hey Marco. Democrats in name only. These are the type of democrats that gave their allegiance to big money and corporate America by the late 70s. Dino’s better wake up or we’re completely screwed.

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