They’re making terrorist threats against the individual council members

And, City Attorney Albano is still falsely claiming to these same council members that Burbank’s 30-year-old anti-targeted picketing ordinance in residential neighborhoods is “unconstitutional and unenforceable.”



Just like not wanting to zone these dozen or so sleazy gun stores away from Burbank’s residential R-1 neighborhoods, she won’t do a thing about the THF-related residential harassment.

Albano’s really got to go, folks. All of this Tinhorn Flats crap can be laid at her lazy, do-nothing feet. Every single delayed problem. The only reason why anything is happening now two-months late is because activist attorney Schultz came on board in January and challenged her.

Burbank could have easily pulled these clowns’ CUP back in late December. There was already plenty of county HD evidence against the place by then. Burbank didn’t have to wait until the end of February to initiate action.


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3 responses to “They’re making terrorist threats against the individual council members

  1. Anonymous

    Is that why there was 43 callers along with the CBG nut jobs.

  2. chad

    They’re making threats all over town. The police know it and they are doing nothing.

  3. Anonymous

    They encourage out of town/state-rs to call in. Almost all the pro THF calls are from non residents. They freely request this constantly on telegram.

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