Don’t get this at all


What world is this?



Apparently these local classes are a lot of work, and you probably do learn something, but the imagery and adolescent, phantasmagorical mindscape here is completely alien to anything that we know or care about.



It all seems terrifically derivative; like everything they want to know is based upon a thin, one-joke idea about what fantasy is, and that might have been kind of cool 40 years ago but has now gotten completely out of hand.

And are there jobs out there for this? Perhaps so.

In our ideal world a film school curriculum would last for at least seven years minimum, and with no student being allowed to even get near a camera but for the last two years and on pain of instant expulsion. The first three years would consist of mandatory readings of the complete works of Balzac and Dickens, among many other literary and critical volumes, with the next two dictating intensive studies of sensitometry and the history of photo technique.

Interspersed of course would be repeated critical examination of several hundred different film and video works, with a couple of elective choices being offered during the last two years of the program, such as historical geography, but only upon special petition. No grades or foreign language requirements, naturally. Student projects would be optional but frowned upon.

Any signers?




Here’s a little piece of advice:

If these kids’ portfolios contained lots of authentic historical re-imaginings instead of the dumb, routine fantasy and science fiction subjects, like something Albert Whitlock would have done with his matte paintings, they’d be way ahead of the pack.




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3 responses to “Don’t get this at all

  1. Live from New York

    Believe it or not this is what the marketplace wants.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m intrigued. How much does your little film school cost?

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