It was never “Lockheed Martin”


Not here.



All this does is prove beyond doubt that the City of Burbank just copies this stuff off of outside press releases.

Burbank history? They throw local history in as a PR come-on whenever they can and can’t even get it right.




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9 responses to “It was never “Lockheed Martin”

  1. Clydedale

    Community celebration? What community?

  2. Anonymous

    That was mostly Airmotive on that sight. Lockheed was south where the food court is and the Empire center.

  3. Clydedale

    What happened to the green candidate, Sharon Springer with this massive project been given the greenlight? I still have the flyers that she passed around town when she was running for city Council. It stated that she would fight for a clean environment and clean air. This mess will bring 6000 daily car trips to Burbank. Why isn’t she held accountable for lying in her election beard? Oh that’s right, we have no unbiased media coverage in Burbank anymore.
    Ask some of the old-timers. They will tell you this is the worst city Council Burbank has ever had .

    • semichorus

      There’s also the issue of serious soil contamination on that site. Something completely ignored now.

      Yes, they are really bad. Rubber-stampers all. No dissent, no pushback. At least with Golonski around there was some sort of critical/corrective eye. Maybe we can do this, maybe we can do that…

      • Clydedale

        But what about Springer, in particular? She was the one who on seated Dr. Gordon. Burbank really lost out having him removed from the council. Where are all the environmentalist who supported Springer and can see now that she’s not doing what she said she would.

        • semichorus

          She was an obvious nitwit from the start, and merely a placeholder to unseat Dr. Gordon. She’s the female equivalent of David “name dropper” Laurell being put up against Ted McConkey.

      • Clydedale

        Yes, there are many toxic sites in Burbank. Did you ever see the video somebody did a few years ago right before the expansion vote call the toxic tour of Burbank. It’s just a homemade video but very enlightening for those who have no clue about that history. It’s on You Tube.
        It would be great if you could post it on this site. Would you consider that?

        • semichorus

          Sure. I wrote a couple of times about the various Superfund sites in town. IKEA’s sitting on part of one via Menasco.

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