But are any of them funny?


Being that Burbank’s usually Loserville in these kind of things we kind of doubt it. Doesn’t sound like much of a breeding ground for a future Bill Hicks…


On the Town: Big laughs, laugh-makers expected at preturning Burbank Comedy Festival

If you’re out and about in downtown Burbank this week and notice a lot of people smiling and in good moods, the source of that happiness may be traced to the corner of Magnolia Boulevard and First Street, where Flappers Comedy Club is currently staging its sixth annual Burbank Comedy Festival.

Having kicked off this past Sunday with a performance by actor, comedian, and television personality Hal Sparks, the weeklong festival is now in full-swing, showcasing the comedic stylings of more than 200 entertainers from around the world, panels, classes, workshops, after-parties and networking events.

“This year, we have more of a national and international presence than ever before,” said Flappers’ owner Barbara Holliday, who is hosting comedians from as far away as Australia and Malaysia.


What comedy possibilities there. “In America you have Donald Trump. In Malaysia we have Donald Trump too.”


“We also have a very strong female presence, which will be highlighted by a special one-on-one session I will be conducting with comedy legend Jo Anne Worley of ‘Laugh-In’ fame,” Holliday said.


She still alive?

Oh, it’s about business…


According to Holliday, this year’s festival will focus on providing up-and-coming comedians with insight on the work available for voice-over artists in the commercial, audiobook and animation industries.

Along with the opportunity to meet with top voice-over agents and casting directors from Disney, Nickelodeon and Dreamworks, festival-goers will also have the chance to interact with legends of the voice-over world including the original cast of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” Bill Farmer, who was the voice of Disney’s Goofy and Pluto, and Bob Bergen, who provided the voice of Porky Pig.


That’s stand-up now? How pathetic. But it is funny. You can’t make jokes any more anyway so why not.


This festival is also serving as the literal “roll-out” of the Pop-Up Comedy Show. The brainchild of comedian and producer Satarius Piernas, this mobile comedy show is presented inside a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van that has been customized with a performance stage that can accommodate an audience of 10.


That joke wrote itself.



Deeply, deeply offensive. Won’t be seeing anything like that at the Burbank Comedy Festival.





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4 responses to “But are any of them funny?

  1. Avery Greynold

    Jo Anne Worley, age 81. She was in her 30’s at the start of the Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in show’s run (1967-73). After that, game shows and “Love American Style” type appearances, then theater roles. Tough business. Mundane Burbank lives suck in comparison.

  2. Cornfused

    If you ever go to one of their open mikes or auditions, a majority of the comedians rely on material about being gay or coming out of the closet. Lazy and not much in the way of humor.

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