Burbank. Still the official home of lots of white people


Everybody in this very recent City of Burbank promotional video is white, but for one exception.

A young Black woman is seen shopping during a mention of the big income being provided by “visitor spending.”







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5 responses to “Burbank. Still the official home of lots of white people

  1. Anonymous

    No old people either.

  2. Anonymous

    Pretty unbelievable in this day and age that someone would screw up like that so royally. I hope it wasn’t intentional but I have my doubts.

  3. Anonymous

    Burbank’s obviously playing the white card to get more outside businesses interested in locating . The one African American is shopping here as a visitor, can’t be any more blatant than that. Who made this video?

  4. Anonymous

    25% of Burbank is HIspanic/Latino, but you would not know that watching this video. Racially insensitive and not inclusive … who ever approved it should be immediately fired. Public Records Act request is coming … Council be ready as this is a formal complaint.

    • semichorus

      Some one is obviously trying to play up the idea to outside business people that Burbank is still a clearly white town. The juxtaposition of the one African American figure with “visiting” was especially unfortunate.

      I’ve told this story before but it’s a good one. Back in the 1990s the City used to send out big illustrated “Civic Calendars” to every household in town. The last one they sent in the mail (1998?) had pictures of nothing but happy Anglos. Mostly family scenes.

      It was really unbelievable. And this was when Burbank was fighting a major gang problem.

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