Your anything goes pro-development 1989 Burbank City Council at work


We see dead people…



Getting back to reality, don’t forget that there’s still a plan in the works to cram 1100 new apartments into a one-block area right below Glenoaks Blvd.

Tomorrow night the city council is being asked to keep on amending an old PD to incorporate requested changes at the old IKEA site. As always, staff relies upon the notoriously expansive desires of a 30-year-old council majority to justify this ridiculously huge and invasive apartment project…


BACKGROUND Planned Development No. 89-4, which the City approved in 1989 (PD No. 89-4 or PD), regulates most of the Project site. The Project proposes to amend and re-state PD No. 89-4 (Amended PD No. 89-4 or Amended PD) to include the proposed uses and to amend the PD boundary to include a parcel located at the northeast corner of North San Fernando Boulevard and Grinnell Drive that is currently occupied by Corner Bakery. The Project establishes eight (8) Planning Areas (Project Site) for planning purposes. The restatement of the PD will involve the entire 37-acres of the PD, including the mall.

The Project will involve the demolition of approximately 241,000 square feet of existing building footprints over 16.5 acres including the former IKEA building, the Corner Bakery building, and the Office Depot building. The Project would be comprised of an adjusted gross floor area of approximately 70,000 square feet of new commercial square footage, 200 hotel rooms, and up to 1,173 housing units. The Project requires an EIR that will assess potential environmental impacts, and that includes a traffic study; noise study; shade and shadow analysis; air quality analysis; sewer capacity study; health risk assessment; and a water supply assessment analysis.


Can you imagine a Burbank staff member in 1989 saying, “Look, we’ve got to allow this so-and-so project to be built on that land because a plan that was formulated back in 1959 says we have to do it…”?

There would have been a laugh riot in the chambers. Nobody would have allowed such a ridiculous begging of the question.

1959? Really?

That’s a big if not huge project right next to the Hill neighborhoods, and you can thank your 1989 Burbank leadership for it. It and they are not going away.




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