Yeah, it’s called passing the buck so that you don’t have to take responsibility


And we know how well it’s been working out.


A week after the Glendale Unified school board voted to release Supt. Winfred Roberson Jr. from his contract without cause, the same five-member governing board voted to begin the process to find his replacement.

At their first regular meeting since last Tuesday’s action, board members decided to hire an outside party to conduct a job search rather than assign the task to district personnel.

District staff and legal counsel Howard Friedman both favored hiring an outside firm.

“For a district this large, with three comprehensive high schools and that type of thing, the usual practice … is to use a search firm that gives you full extension to as many potential candidates that you can,” Friedman said.


Uh-huh. First of all, it makes no difference what other people do in expedience. And second, why the hell are outside ATTORNEYS making policy in these local school districts?

Farming out your hiring decisions to an outside firm and then rubberstamping their selection is an EXCELLENT way of getting a terrifically unsuitable candidate. It’s the reason why for the last 30 years+ we in Burbank have ended up with guys from outlier places like Visalia, Eureka, and Bar Harbor, Maine.

These outside search services never know anything about the communities they’re working for, and they always operate under some hackneyed conception of what it is they’re all about (watch this one for instance end up picking an Armenian educator for Glendale. Smart choice!)

Burbank is provincial, Glendale is multicultural, bla bla bla, jargon jargon jargon. You always end up with what management consultants think you need.

Whatever happened to hiring from within? Burbank’s best school superintendents have come from local soil. But no one wants to take responsibility and no one wants to do the legwork. Contract out and then act surprised when it all falls apart.





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One response to “Yeah, it’s called passing the buck so that you don’t have to take responsibility

  1. Anonymous

    When did they start doing this?

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