What’s this about?


Are they to the rescue or something? From tomorrow’s agenda:


Presentation on Magnolia Park UCLA Design Studio Project – Community Development Department


Leave the area alone. Leave it alone. No consultants or urban experimenters.










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10 responses to “What’s this about?

  1. Sheryl

    Leave the area alone! Everything the city does lately is not working! Is it true that Rocket Fizz is being taken over by Porto’s for an office space? One more storefront down! Porto’s, Cannibus, Sound Studio, Porto’s Office and you may soon find a storefront if you keep walking!

  2. Anonymous

    best guess it will be the end of Magnolia Park

  3. Al

    If you ask me this is a plot by council to get craply ideaz to end Magnolia Park as we know it. Urban design study, yea right tbis will be the final solution from people outside burbank to destroy burbank.

  4. Mel Goldberg

    All the banter about rents going crazy and the quirky shops being pushed out Is only part of Magnolia’s problems. If the city had rezoned several of the foot traffic blocks for retail during their failed PBID, so many offices would not have been able to move in and replace stores.
    The Magnolia merchants seem to be more interested in what hot dog truck is coming to town than solving all their problems. Don’t even complain to the city guys. They are blowing you off!!!!! When downtown is brought up, they start panting. They’re all behind developing that area with fab restaurants and shopping. When Magnolia Park is brought up, they wonder how many bicycles will fit in a rack and Talamantes apologizes for all the storefronts being taken over. He went on to say that the city does not have control over that. Bull shit! I take offense to that comment and I know better.

  5. MJ

    What hot dog truck lol. It is true that Magnolia boosters are all focused on the wrong things and while they do that the city is marching right over them and preparing for all new development. They need to wake up to the fact that city hall is not the solution it is the problem. Who else caught that Talamantes said change more than once when talking about Magnolia Park.
    Who knows maybe the city wants a Walmart express to match their Target express.

    • Sheryl

      I believe there are four empty positions on the Magnolia Park Merchant’s Association. They shouldn’t have rolled their eyes at all of the merchants who saw their boat sinking. They ran the Association like a high school sorority and nobody should be surprised at the current chaos and confusion.

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