So what’s going on with St. Jude’s on Sixth Street?


This is where we need that old religion column they used to print in the Burbank Daily Review. Next we’ll be doing service clubs here!

So the (once huge) St. Jude’s congregation on Sixth Street in Burbank merged a few years ago with a now African/Ugandan breakaway “Anglican” church that meets at an old Seventh Day Adventist Church down on Glenoaks. The Anglican church used to be in North Hollywood, and like St. Jude’s, it also used to be a fairly conventional Episcopalian congregation.

A few years ago, when the U.S. Episcopalian Church agreed to welcome gay parishioners into its ranks, and recognize and celebrate gay marriages — to the point of even allowing a gay bishop to serve in the Midwest — apparently all hell broke loose with the conservatives.  Which apparently means most of Burbank’s Episcopalians.  A number of individual churches bolted from the ranks and aligned themselves with more ideologically conservative bishops in Africa, to whom many now answer. Including Burbank.

The doctrinal and bureaucratic complexity of all of this is beyond us, and we really don’t care all that much about it anyway. But both this St. David’s from North Hollywood and now — since 2016, apparently — the old St. Jude’s on Sixth Street were a part of this reactionary breakaway. So the question on this Sunday night is, what’s going to happen to that old St. Jude’s property in Burbank? And who btw now owns it?

Don’t you wish we still had a local newspaper? And, isn’t it really easier being Catholic?(!)





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  1. Anonymous

    The city plans to buy it and rename it St Will Rogers Shrine, patron of Burbank.

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