If the City can cover their costs for the women’s event at Burroughs then they can certainly comp the BHS graduation


Burbankers actually buy this nonsense?


Burbank’s 2018 graduation cost $60,416, which was 130% more expensive than Burroughs’ total of $26,237. It’s estimated an on-campus graduation at Burbank High this year will cost around $68,000.

The difference is due to extra costs for Burbank, such as police and the construction of a tall platform.

On top of Burbank High’s unique needs, the school site also seats fewer people than does Memorial Field.


What a bogus excuse. No one needs that many seats for a BHS graduation. How many seats does the Starlight Bowl have, BHS’ ancestral home?

And why are there “police” costs at BHS, but none at Burroughs? The City of Burbank can comp them then, and use their new sales tax money to help pay for it. And dump this “tall platform” if it’s so expensive. The discrepancy in expenses is ridiculous.

This is all so awful. The district is going out of its way to punish these Burbank High kids because of their displeasure at losing Measure QS last spring. Anyone with half a brain can see that, and it’s outrageous that people in Burbank are willing to put up with such pettiness and bad faith. Imagine making the kids beg for a decent graduation.

And what about having it at the Starlight Bowl? Remember that take-away? They’re getting shafted twice.









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10 responses to “If the City can cover their costs for the women’s event at Burroughs then they can certainly comp the BHS graduation

  1. ClydeDale

    The request for city help with the women’s march was withdrawn this past Tuesday at the City Council meeting.
    On a side note, i found it very telling that the woman who was attempting to get help for the march at 2 CC meetings was all alone.
    If you talk of such a “huge”event , wouldn’t you some fellow cheerleaders with you??

    • semichorus

      They must have decided they didn’t want it there.

      But, the point remains that the council was willing to help out these sorts of community activities, and I think that was what was on the agenda — a general pronouncement that they would do so now by policy.

      They should really help cover the city’s BHS grad expenses if there are any. How much could it be? Now apparently they don’t have to pay for the womens’ event!

      • Randy

        Burbank Authorities often behave like abusive parents. They pretend to be doing what’s best for everyone and in actuality, they have an agenda that is often selfish, retaliatory and downright sick. It’s very surprising that more people aren’t catching on.

      • ClydeDale

        Gee, how cool it would have been to have some help from the city back in ‘16 when the No on Measure B Community march took place. There were men, women, kids, pets, Republicans,Democrats,all coming together about an issue that has a direct impact on our quality of life here in Burbank. A completely local issue not hijacked by someone with an outside agenda. How rare is that in Burbank?

        • semichorus

          Ha! They wanted Measure B!

          What a rook that was. The bright side though is that the big plan is going to turn into a disaster. It’s already started.

          • ClydeDale

            Just like we told our city council.
            They assured us we were worry warts and an expanding airport was a sign of a healthy economy.
            Only Dr Gordon didn’t drink the Kool Aid.
            Someone should post the Mike and Roy show about Measure B. They totally debunked the Yes crowd party line point by point months before the vote.
            The noise against B started to get some traction, hence the $50,000 of tax payer money to help get the Measure passed.
            City hall sold the flats down the river.

            • semichorus

              And they’re continuing to do so. No attempt to protect Magnolia Park from big mixed-use development — which is bound to occur. There’s also been an almost complete ignoring of the consequences of the B6 mixed-use mega-project. It’s like a complete cypher. That one alone is going to swamp Hollywood Way.

              I’m constantly amazed at how much traffic there is now in the Flatlands. It’s all local, too. People coming home or hanging around– not leaving. It’s not like there’s huge lines at the onramps leading out of town.

              • ClydeDale

                The Avion project up at the airport had an “open to the public” tour a few weeks back,
                No info on it till the last minute.
                Only 2 members of the local community were there.
                It was almost all city staff and other flag wavers.
                The barn door is now way open,

  2. Dan

    The women’s march went from a march to God knows what in a week when it became a plus. Who knows what that thing really was and it ended with a big disappear, On the other hand the BHS graduation should just be at the Starlight bowl, and the city should cut all the bogus charges. Let’s face it the school and the graduation belong to the same tax paying citizens of Burbank but the women’s plus not so much. The airport, magnolia park, the BHS graduation over development, traffic, parking what is not a disaster under this city council’s direction ? Wake up people !!!

    • semichorus

      Yeah, and you know, Burroughs always had the right and ability to have the show at Starlight too, but they chose their field instead.

      This really sucks for BHS. And now they have to go around begging just for their own mickey mouse field?

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