So how come these stories are always a big deal in Burbank?


News Press education columnist Brian Crosby spotlights something very odd about Glendale. How come nobody over there cared about this recent debacle regarding their school superintendent?


Ask any student to name the most influential person in their educational experience and, most likely, the student would name a teacher. Rarely a principal. Never a superintendent.

Which is why when Glendale Unified announced that Winfred Roberson Jr. would no longer be in charge of the district, the news generated more of a ripple than a tsunami.

Roberson now joins the ranks of recent Glendale Unified superintendents who seem intent on not staying very long.

Since I began my career in Glendale Unified, there have been nine superintendents including four interim appointees. That averages out to a new one every three years.

Looking at the past three decades, each successive superintendent leaves Glendale earlier than his predecessor.


In Burbank, even the simple hiring of a super can be a headline event. The termination of one just a few years ago was a major news story here, as was his subsequent suicide two months later.

In terms of a politically engaged citizenry the two towns couldn’t be more different. A sudden termination like this in Burbank would have been preceded by months of rumor and gossip and a hundred or more residents and teachers showing up at the next board meeting. It and the speculation would have been huge.




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2 responses to “So how come these stories are always a big deal in Burbank?

  1. Anonymous

    Does anyone know why he got dismissed?

  2. Anonymous

    Armenians are more worried about Armenia than Glendale.

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