Some St. Roberts/Bell-Jeff history





No one thinks about these people any more.  How come?








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4 responses to “Some St. Roberts/Bell-Jeff history

  1. chad

    What an amazing story. Man, he had a very understanding mother. He joined the Papists!!!

    • semichorus

      And he got her to convert, too. Which I didn’t know about until I read the article.

      Bob Grainger was a fascinating guy. Not only was he in the Bataan Death March, but one of his brothers found him after the war in a relocation camp. He’d been lost in the East and given-up for. He later died of a heart attack while giving mass in Napa Valley, as he was holding up the chalice. His old Burbank High girlfriend was still around a few years back, I’ve been told. He must have graduated in about ’33 or ’34 or so.

      That whole Grainger/Lovejoy story is interesting. Talk about old Burbank. His step-aunt was the famous “Mrs. Lovejoy” of Burbank piano-teaching fame. She founded the Burbank Philharmonic in the early 20s.

      Bob Grainger’s mother was quite well to do from her first marriage (a widow, from a wholesale grocer in Nebraska, there was also some earlier family connection to what became the huge Grainger industrial supply company). He later owned the house up on Providencia that was almost like the original hippie compound. Avocado groves and lots of land.

      Rumor once went around that one of Beach Boys lived there for a time. I grew up in that house as well in the mid-50s.

  2. Anonymous

    Father Grainger baptized me in the early 60s. He was a wonderful priest.

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