Now there’s a bright idea


We have a feeling that “Media Center North” will sooner or later be turning into Airport Adjacent South. They don’t seem to be having too much success in finding a prospective pool of “media” tenants clamoring to locate in that glare-y, treeless part of Burbank next to Sun Valley.

This is an odd tradeoff:


In return for an [development] extension, Media Center officials are agreeing to several public benefits that would help the city meet the policies in its Burbank 2035 plan.

For example, if the extension is approved, Media Center North Development would pay a share toward maintenance of the recently opened North Burbank Metrolink station near the airport, as well as operation and maintenance costs and capital costs for the BurbankBus program.

Media Center North Development would also build or pay for construction of a bicycle lane on Hollywood Way between Avon Street and Thornton Avenue.


That’s the perfect place for a bike lane. Will they be liable for it as well? It’ll be quite an instructive outing for the school kids to have to go over there and watch all of the two-wheelers try to merge into traffic as soon as they get past Thornton.

What will eventually go in there? Film labs, special efx houses, editing bays?



Another hotel.






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5 responses to “Now there’s a bright idea

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t think of a worse place to put bike lanes than Hollywood Way.

  2. Norm

    Hollywood way has bike lanes and on the rare occasions I see a bike it is on the sidewalk.

  3. DixieFlyer


    What an informative issue was today’s Burbank Leader?????

    The story Mr. semi refers to will be considered NEXT week.

    What about LAST night’s Council Meeting???

    How about the Planning Board meeting Monday night???

    When will we be told WHO was sued???

    Closed Session before and after the Council Meeting.

    It’s a SECRET!!!!

    Can hardly wait for Saturday’s Edition.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, I’ve noticed lately that the most interesting things are taking place during closed session. Which they never reveal, even though state law requires disclosure of any formal decisions that are made apart from those that pertain to ongoing negotiations or legal strategy.

      The amount of $$ settlements, too.

      The last time they followed the law here was when Barlow announced the closed-session decision to release the LA Time bonus information on city employees. That was years ago.

  4. chad

    As many have, I’ve tried to get the Leader to follow up on things but in the end it just drops the ball out of laziness, apathy, lack of funding, all of the above? Dixie is right. (Yes you heard it here.)

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