How perfect. It’s where Kemp used to make his racist jokes about Black kids


He knows we’re right, too. He remembers.

So do most of his fellow coaches at BHS. They know how he talked and smarted off about things all the time.


Burbank High School is one vote away from naming its main athletic field after former school icons Dave Kemp and Frank Kallem.

The Burbank Unified school board is expected to consider the action at its next board meeting on Dec. 20, after the district’s nine-member facilities-naming committee recommended the move to the board at the last board meeting on Nov. 15.

“After careful consideration, the committee was unanimous in wanting to move forward to a public hearing to name the field Kemp-Kallem Field,” said John Paramo, district director of second education.

The district’s next scheduled meeting on Dec. 6 was cancelled, making Dec. 20 the likely day for a vote.



We’re being charitable too when we refer to them as “jokes.” They weren’t even funny back then. Fortunately, the students knew enough to groan.

Btw … wasn’t this originally going to be for Kemp alone? When did Kallem get added?

Keep it for him, we say. Better yet, name it for Pete Lipera. He actually won championships. The good guys always get forgotten in this town though, don’t they?

Or, more like it, ignored.






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3 responses to “How perfect. It’s where Kemp used to make his racist jokes about Black kids

  1. Irwin Fletcher

    Kemp asked for the dual-naming. Did anyone raise his racist joke issue when he was a board member?

    • semichorus


      Kemp also knows that Kallem has much more to do with that field than he ever did.

      Burbank disgusts me. NOBODY in the old days would ever have considered naming it after him. It would have been laughable. Lockwood Sr. maybe.

      And why this sudden craze about naming the schools anyway? I can think of dozens of past employees who are more worthy than these guys. By far.

      What you’re seeing here is part of a longtime trend of the more trashy element in town insisting on putting its mark on the place. They can have it.

  2. Anon

    why don’t they name the field The Golonski No Bully Field. ?

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