Happy Anniversary! They’re already planning to violate the Measure ‘B’ voter mandate



This is Ted McConkey (cq) former Burbank City Councilman and now a Burbank Airport opponent. (Photo by Boris Yaro/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)


Ted was right. Don’t ever trust this booster crowd. Never ever ever.


An official from BuroHappold Engineering presented a report during an authority meeting on Monday regarding the feasibility of a 14-gate, 355,000-square-foot terminal on an area known as the B-6 site.

Although it was determined that constructing the terminal in the northeast quadrant of the airfield — which was formerly where Lockheed Corp. had its Skunk Works operation — could be done, BuroHappold conservatively estimated the entire project will cost roughly $1.24 billion, said David Herd, the North America managing director of the consulting firm.


“Could” be done there? Sorry, but that was part of the voter deal. Remember? It was exactly two years ago.

And over a billion dollars in cost? From $400 million?

Insert laugh here ___.


BuroHappold estimated construction costs, which include building the new terminal and demolishing the existing facility, at about $844 million alone. Originally, the the terminal was expected to cost about $400 million, though the demolition was not part of that estimate.

Herd added that soft costs — some of which include designing the terminal, inspections and permitting — came in at about $285 million. Being conservative about its estimates, the firm also factored in about $110 million as contingency.

Herd said although the report determined that a terminal can be built on the B-6 site, it was merely an exercise to see if it could be done.


Where’s it gonna be then? Northeast Quadrant was the agreed deal. Why’s it more expensive?

Gonna put it back on the ballot if a different project?





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7 responses to “Happy Anniversary! They’re already planning to violate the Measure ‘B’ voter mandate

  1. Anonymous

    Whoa nellie. When did B6 become a choice?

    • semichorus

      When they realized that lying works.

      I love the matter-of-factness here. Maybe we’ll put it … somewhere else. Or maybe we won’t.

      Love too the sudden shock and surprise about the expense. Uh huh. Who’d a thought?

      Such bad karma going on here. It’ll be a disastrous project for sure.

      • Anonymous

        scare tactics work for city measures in burbank.
        B,T,P…. all passed based on fear.shame on those whom voted yes! for falling for it every time.

  2. Anonymous

    Nothing in Burbank is worth a billion dollars.

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