Maybe because … we were here first?


An overwhelming sense of charity and neighborliness hit the supporters of that politically motivated name change over in Glendale.

The one that kicked in this month.


Jack Vahram Kalpakian says:

APRIL 13, 2018 AT 6:46 AM

There is no need to apologize for power in the United States. If we want to change Glendale’s name into Nor Mosh, and the political process allows us, we should. There is absolutely no need to worry about what Anglos think or want. Did they ever worry about our preferences like on January 6th or April 24th? As for non-Armenians living in Glendale and other Armenian-plurality areas, I think that they are wise for doing so and we should have the best relations with them. At the same time, there is absolutely no reason for us to tolerate this sort of narrative that mostly comes from Anglo-Californians. There is a simple answer to it — “if you do not like it, move to Oregon.”


Nice of him.

This is from the same crowd that can’t even play straight about the choice of a territorial place name in Azerbaijan being newly attached to a block or so of Maryland Avenue. As a recognition of “Armenian Americans.”








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