What high school guy knows 65 girls?


None in history.

Which — regardless of the specific charge or its accuracy — makes this defense of him here ridiculous.


Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans on Friday released a letter from 65 women who knew Brett Kavanaugh during his high school years calling him “a good person” — escalating their defense of the Supreme Court nominee as a decades-old sexual misconduct allegation surfaced.


Yeah, and they stuck around.


In the letter that the GOP circulated, Kavanaugh’s female contemporaries countered the damning portrayal of the nominee that has surfaced the past 24 hours. “Through the more than 35 years we have known him, Brett has stood out for his friendship, character, and integrity. In particular, he has always treated women with decency and respect,” the women wrote. “That was true when he was in high school, and it has remained true to this day.”


He deserves to be booted just on this nuttiness alone. It’s inane.



Charlie Pierce just said the same thing:



No guy ever has.

The ridiculous overkill alone suggests culpability. Worse, the other guy in the story has apparently been located now, and he says he “doesn’t recall” the incident.

That’s an obvious lie.  He just doesn’t want to say.


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