Tonight’s Landlord-Tenant Commission applicants are all landlord/real estate people


Surprise, surprise.

We’ve been saying for years that the City of Burbank should go back to an LTC membership composed of just two tenants, two landlord/property interests, and one neutral party. That’s the way it used to be until the early 2000s.

Fair is fair, right? It used to be called “balance.” Otherwise, what you end up with is a Landlord-Tenant Commission ridiculously dominated by the local landlord and real estate interests, if not entirely composed of the same. That’s because this is Burbank we’re talking about.

Tonight there are six applications in for the Landlord-Tenant Commission. Staff has obviously done a horrible job of recruitment. Here are their occupational backgrounds:










The job title for this one above is a little innocuous, but when you drill down into the actual application what you find is this:




This guy too has some interesting details beyond his mere job listing:


Yeah, another landlord interest. Just like all the rest.

The only applicant who might be an exception to this problem of exclusivity is the title officer. They’re not a blatant property interest, but they’re still part of the business.

What a frigging’ joke this all is. Tenants, you’re not just being outnumbered around here. You simply don’t exist. No one has your best interests at heart because they’re not working for you.

Who cares if one or two of these folks was a tenant 20 years ago. Now they’re your boss.

All this shows is that if Costa-Hawkins gets tossed by the voters in November like we hope it will be, any prospective tenant would have to be a total idiot to want to live in non-rent controlled Burbank when they can pick the newly liberated North Hollywood or Studio City instead.

Or Atwater, Silver Lake, Eagle Rock, and Highland Park. Just think of all those new rent-controlled units on the market. They’re all much cooler places to live, too. And, for the younger, more starting-out crowd, those locales now also pay better!







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3 responses to “Tonight’s Landlord-Tenant Commission applicants are all landlord/real estate people

  1. Anonymous

    What a joke.

    • Anonymous

      okay, your wrong again, a couple are long time renters

      • semichorus

        And work for management companies. That’s the point.

        I looked up their nomination papers. Almost all of them work in the landlording business. Who cares where they live?

        If anything, appointing property manager tenants is a deeply cynical move. They’re not real tenant representatives.

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