Yeah, you were pretty sweet

(Last Sunday’s is being pinned to the top at the end of this horrible week because, well, we like the songs!)



English major, eh? That’s just too cool.

Not sure if the date’s exactly right, but. Happy Birthday.










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28 responses to “Yeah, you were pretty sweet

  1. Anonymous

    Who is it?

  2. Anonymous

    One of my favorite Beach Boys songs. Heard them do it live many years ago.

  3. Anonymous

    great videos.

  4. Anonymous

    Don’t trust those English majors semi!

    • semichorus

      I know. I was one.

      I actually heard this news quite a while back through the grapevine and was impressed as hell. Don’t want to sound too condescending or anything, because I certainly don’t feel that way, but I’m incredibly proud of her. It’s just so unbelievably perfect. She was always great and always will be.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m still wondering who it is.

  6. Live from New York

    He’ll never tell. Jaime doesn’t realize how msny people from his past miss him so it could be anyone.

  7. Anonymous

    She’s pretty lucky to get this kind of attention from someone with such good taste. Those are really fantastic videos. That’s William Blake isn’t it??

  8. Save Magnolia Park

    That’s my favorite Dusty Springfield song, I wore it out playing so much.

  9. Anonymous

    Cool post for a cool girl. I think I know who it is Jim.

  10. Anonymous

    Dusty Springfield was the best, I could listen to that song a hundred times and not get tired of it. A wonderful memorial to time past. Perfection.

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