The Buried Life

This is an adult we’re talking about here.


If it looks too good to be true, it’s not.

But artist Keith Lapinig is flattered that some people think his work is a fake.

By day, Lapinig works for ABC News as Interactive Design Manager for ABC in Burbank, California. In his spare time, he designs and cuts out paper card stock into Disney characters or moments and brings them to Disneyland to composite them into the scenery in photographs and posts them to Instagram.


Crap upon crap upon crap.


His love of Disney started at an early age with his mother taking him to see all the newest films and buying the VHS tapes of previous ones.

“I think it blossomed into a bigger love when I started to work for the World of Disney NYC store and realized a lot of the minuscule details of the films remained in my head; I used that retention to go on to win our annual Disney Trivia tournament. The quest to soak up more Disney knowledge just continued from there.”

Lapinig eventually created a YouTube channel and began speaking on panels about Disney myth-busting.

“Did you know the Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ doesn’t have a proper name? Everyone seems to think it’s Adam, but it’s not,” he told “GMA.”


What’s the fucking use. It’s everywhere.




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