The best yearbook in Burbank High School history that is (now) riviled by everyone


Just in time for Saturday’s reunion.

With its whimsical photos and vegetable drawings and funny little deliberately amateur-styled cartoons, and confusing reverse-order alphabetized senior portraits in black and white on brown textured paper — along with a Joe Lanzisero cover to boot — this 1973 artifact of a better age is now considered to be a total and complete joke.

An institutional embarrassment never to be repeated.



It never was, either.

You can only imagine what it was like on the inside. One wife of a faculty member (named Kosteva) actually wrote an angry letter to the school board complaining that the 1973 Yearbook was an insidious communist plot designed to deliberately confuse and disrupt the student body and their parents. (She was also a well-known John Bircher in the community, as had been a number of BUSD administrators in the early 60s.)

That was the peak. Ever since then it’s been a downhill run. The last decent high school class from Burbank or Burroughs graduated in 1987 (or so we were told by a number of the members of that group, who were in fact correct). There must have been something in the water in 1969 to make some of them so great.

Kids now? They’re a bunch of fucking stiffs. But who’s to blame? The mentors or the mentees?






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