Tell this to the local library


Which by our estimation contains about 1/2 the number of books it had 25 years ago. The Central Branch in particular has been decimated.

A local reader takes issue with a recent news story in the Burbank Leader:


To pick up on one small point in the aicle, “Local Rotary clubs donate little free libraries to Burbank,” the statement which begins the article, “In a time when most people read books via a tablet or e-reader…” is patently untrue. As reported in the Los Angeles Times in 2017, among major publishers, ebook sales have plateaued or been on the decline since 2015. Since 2016, sales of hardcover books have outpaced ebook sales…

The Burbank Leader has no need to propagate untrue statistics or fearmonger about the decline of print books. Print books began mass production in the 15th century, and as the above numbers reflect, are still doing just fine.

Lauren Bauer



Good point. But it conflicts with this current corporate jargon about how everything is so wonderfully different now. It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow we’ve got going. Doesn’t she know?

Just wait until they put that MakersSpace into the new Central Branch they’ve got planned after they sell off that Glenoaks property for mixed use. We won’t need any books!








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3 responses to “Tell this to the local library

  1. Anonymous

    You’re right semi it’s not the kids fault its the adults

  2. Sharon

    When and where was any discussion about the Central Library site?
    Drove by this noon and found 11 (eleven) people waiting for it to open!
    This new Librarian ain’t named Marian.
    She’s G O O F Y.

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