There’s no good reason to be doing this

Sorry, but this confirms people’s fears about what happens when Armenians take over. It’s just so amazingly, hamfistedly hegemonical:

GLENDALE On Tuesday, March 13, the Glendale City Council unanimously voted to initiate the process of renaming a public right of way in honor of the Republic of Artsakh. Among the several alternatives provided by the city staff, was the option to rename the stretch of Maryland Avenue between Harvard and Wilson Street. The Armenian National Committee of America Glendale (ANCA Glendale) expressed strong support for the option to rename Maryland Avenue to Artsakh Street.

Referring to the option of renaming Maryland Avenue, ANCA Glendale, Community Outreach Director Margarita Baghdasaryan stated that, the area, which is situated in the Glendale Arts and Entertainment district sees significant foot traffic, attracts thousands of shoppers every day, and is home to several local Armenian American business who would welcome the name change.

Glendale City Mayor Vartan Gharpetian stated proudly that tonight we are making history, 50 years later they are going to talk about this night. I am so proud to go towards this route and to name the first street in our City Artsakh.


You mean there’s going to be more?

How ridiculous. What’s the reference point here, besides that of taking an inappropriate political stand against Azerbaijan? (You just knew something like that was going to be behind this stunt.)

Like this name has to do with exactly what locally? If anything, change it to a historic Hispanic name.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t they rename Glenoaks “Yerevan Blvd” while they’re at it? Might as well. It makes about as much sense.

Btw … how come you never see any non-Armenian employees working at the Glendale library any more?

But for a few old souls behind a reference desk here and there they don’t get hired.

Anyone want to dispute this? Don’t even try. Just look around.



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3 responses to “There’s no good reason to be doing this

  1. chad

    We need to transport that dumb-ass attorney from “Midtown Manhattan” and drop him in Glendale. That would be an interesting anthropological experiment.

  2. Citizen Cane

    Change Brand Blvd. to Hagopian Way!

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