Btw, we suspect there’s more Spanish being spoken in New York City than in Los Angeles.

It always surprises California visitors how much there is. It’s heard everywhere.



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3 responses to “¡híjole!

  1. chad

    Check out Miami sometime… I love how he distinguishes where he is to somehow justify his objection. He’s in “midtown Manhattan” which of course makes all the difference. The people speaking Spanish might easily be Puerto Ricans who are as American as apple pie BTW. View that original clip to the and you’ll hear a woman call him a “racist asshole” and say “I hope you get hit by a car.” I love New York.

    • semichorus

      I’ve never seen such behavior there — mostly because everybody speaks Spanish! I’m glad the reaction to him was so bad. There’s something about New York that makes you want to yell back at people.

      That guy better stay out of the Bronx….

  2. chad

    That guy should be given a Big Apple something. Just goes to show that law schools will graduate anyone.

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