It was Gabel-Luddy who initiated council approval of this blatant giveaway of city property





Like it was a fire sale.

Incidentally, Rogers agreed with Gordon on this. He said that the whole characterization of “remnant properties” at the site was phony.



He’s right.





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11 responses to “It was Gabel-Luddy who initiated council approval of this blatant giveaway of city property

  1. Ernie

    Yes Semichorus he is right, it really is time to clean out the council and the staff/ They are simply out of control

  2. Jeff

    Kevin Harrop “harps” again on the Burbank Facebook page. Kevin Harrop is and promotes totally FAKE NEWS.

    Michael B. Moynahan Wrong again, Kevin! But I guess you never were one for facts. 1.we are not trying to hog comment time.2.we did not have at least three videos, we had two. 3. I do make my point in the time allotted. I had three minutes of public comment time and I used it to show a video. If somebody else wants to show a Mike and Roy show as their public comment time, they are allowed to do that. That counts as their public comment time, not mine or Roy’s or yours. If somebody chooses to play a Frank Sinatra song as their public comment, that doesn’t mean Frank Sinatra can’t get up and speak for three minutes. Has everybody gone crazy? Do you think it would be fair if I played a video of you for my public comment time and then you weren’t allowed to speak because of it? Our city attorney and city manager said that I am allowed to do that. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have before you start putting fake news out there again.


    Like · Reply · 18h

    Kevin Harrop Michael B. Moynahan Yawn. And your videos are a bore as well. You will attempt to run ten videos one of these days

    I think Kevin Harrop is beyond YAWN !

  3. Anon

    Harrop speaking for his puppet council is he ?

    Kevin Harrop :
    Oh, and there is no requirement that the council allow videos, They could simply ban them. Another putsch like the last one and they will.

    • semichorus

      I believe outside decisions have already established the right for speakers at public forums to use audio visual aids such as videos. That’s why the council first started allowing them more than 25 years ago.

      It wasn’t because they thought it was a great idea.

      Btw, any speaker at the city council is allowed 3 minutes per agenda item. Not 3 minutes total.

      That’s because they can’t force any resident or speaker to only pick and choose one topic per night. If so, then a great way of limiting public comment would be to pack an agenda with loads of issues.

      • Anonymous

        Nope. Ron Davis told me that several cities in SoCal have banned videos for exactly the kind of abuse that Mike and Roy are practicing.

        He also told me that Emily runs the meeting. Mike and Roy can go take a hike if they think they are going to get more speaking time using this tactic.

        • semichorus

          Nope. Like he’s some kind of authority?

          The courts have long ruled that speakers can use video aids like videos. What if residents want to talk about and display problems in their neighborhoods? They’re even allowed to drag in their own TV.

          The proper solution to this so-called abuse would be to just pull the individual speaker. Not ban videos.

          Is this what Burbank’s up to now? Eliminating 25-year-old policies?

          Albano’s already clamped down on council discussions, responses, and debates in public. All council member concerns are now to be addressed privately to the CM. Public comment is the next target?

          What’s after that? Arresting speakers for “bullying”?

          My recommendation to these guys is for them to bring their own cameras down there and photographic every unflattering moment they can find. Close-ups of everyone and everything. Then put it on YouTube.

          Just LET the city try to stop them on that one.

  4. Kyle

    Luddy gave away millions to her friends and now expects the rest of us to pay higher power bills to replace what she lost. NO and Hell NO. vote NO on the upcoming Burbank Measures in June

  5. Tim

    I got home and turned on the council show. Who was that out of touch with reality Miss Jackson that kept talking and talking ? Nothing she said made any sense she should have just kept quiet and tried to impress with her looks. Not.

  6. chad

    Ah yes I remember it well…..

  7. Anonymous

    Problem A: Nobody worth a shit runs for council so you need to pick the best moron of the group of morons.
    Problem B: they don’t know how to run a business. For example, Instead of educating people on the measures to save programs and services let’s just do a hiring freeze. Oh I guess not having the people to get stuff done will get citizens ready for all the cuts going to happen if the measures don’t pass.

  8. Anonymous

    Scare tactics folks … they want to force new taxes on Burbank residents again. They learned this from Jerry Brown. If they cut services VOTE THEM OUT – starting with the City Mgr. They have reserves for these purposes.

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