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22 responses to “Bye

  1. Pat

    If this group gets it’s way …. everything that is and has made Burbank unique will be gone. They really want us to be no different than the West Los Angeles area including with the traffic and bad condition streets.

  2. Anonymous

    SAD. Knowing our city staff, there is already a rumor this will become a satellite IKEA outlet.

    KInd of like the number of 7-11’s we have in our town.

    Can you REALLY have too many??

    • semichorus

      Oh, I’m sure staff is delighted.

      There were actual cheers from the dais via the old staff members back when that big Book Castle right next door closed down in like 1994 or whenever. The one that took over Woolworth’s/Denco.

      Tears of relief. It was so low class! Nothing like that new Blockbuster we want in.

      (The what?)

  3. Jaimie

    All that time and effort just to stop someone and if she let him speak he would get only 3 minutes ? How do we limit her ability to speak so none of us are forced to listen to her annoying voice again ?

  4. Barbara K.

    Lord our Mayor Luddie is a horrible looking person and after watching that video I would like to say first that 3 minutes is absurd do they realize how hard it is for a person to explain an opinion in 3 minutes ?

    I thought it was 5 minutes and in all honesty I would love to watch Mayor Luddie explain something in just 3 minutes and suspect that she would be unable to do that herself. Why is it now 3 minutes with her rules and who appointed her queen of Burbank.

  5. Zora

    There was applause when Emily shot down Roy! And the other 3 sat there mute amazing.

    • semichorus

      That’s because it was pre-planned. She and Albano were waiting for this.

      Make no mistake. There’s an active contingent in town that’s organized and well funded. They mean business with a capital “B.” And it’s gonna get ugly.

      The fight’s now being seen as woman vs man; young versus creepy oldsters; winners vs losers.

      In over 40 years of Burbank watching I’ve never seen such out and out, untrammeled boosterism and recklessness. And arrogant as all hell. This new crowd also thinks they’ve got an exciting 21st-century ideology going for them to help sell the same old development crap.

      In the past there was always a big force of neighborhood activists and council “gadflies” who would effectively push back against these entrenched interests, many of which now come from the outside.

      You also had a local newspaper that made it a practice to actively publicize dissent whenever it could. So every big project was HUGELY controversial and subject to full-scale criticism.

      Not any more. Their reporters don’t even regularly go to the council meetings. It used to be that when you’d go down there you’d see three or four reporters from competing papers all looking for a story.

      Meaning every Tuesday night. The same with the school board on Thursdays.

      I’ve found that there are only two things that can be done about it now: legal action involving outside agencies, and just making them look bad. The second one is easy.

  6. George Harrison

    Does anyone have a video of Kevin Harrop? I want to play it before his turn to speak.

  7. Tamu

    This video is a little dated but not really because it has Kevin Harrop doing what he and his buddies do best, and what he does best is spread hate and division. Great shots of him getting mad busy sticking his face into camera shots, and this Harrod guy was Rogers great friend. Enjoy watching it if you never saw the real Kevin Harrop before.

    • semichorus

      Those guys are pretty smug and meanspirited, aren’t they?

      That was always I think my biggest problem with Will. He was just plain mean sometimes — Just easily arrogant and ridiculing of other people’s personal weaknesses. And I’m talking about the more awkward or less fortunate among us — like the unslick or untutored.

      You know, I’d always thought this for years about Rogers, and I remember mentioning it several times to McConkey, who of course got what I was talking about:

      Compared to guys like Will who were close to about my age, I’m so, so glad that I grew up with decent and educated parents and in a place like Northern and Southern California, which I did in both. There was always a great sense of expansiveness and wonder just automatically built in to the deal.

      Factor in the huge Jewish influence that was around for me and it’s like, you know, I feel sorry for these guys’ huge limitations.

      But, too bad. They’re still toxic.

  8. Amanda

    If Harrop, who I know from the Burbank Facebook page is any example of Progressives then they should simply be called regressives.

  9. Rob

    Luddy and Springer and their little group are two faced, they say they want the people to get involved but when people do get involved they do everything they can to insult them and drive them away. I saw a video growling at residents. I saw Rogers accusing residents of stealing signs. I watched a video of Luddy refusing to let a person speak. They are as two faced as it gets.

  10. Anonymous

    I do not believe for a second Mz Luddy would have shot down that man, if the man had been a woman.

  11. Don

    These old stuffy people it seems have tried to interfere with the public’s right to speak in the past and those people are now gone and many have moved out of Burbank. Leave videos alone and leave people’s right to speak alone. The truth is here that if the person speaking were Luddy’s friend or speaking about how wonderful Luddy was I am sure he would have been allowed to speak.

    The transparency in all of this is obvious the city council and the council’s best friends are making yet one more attempt to control what and when people speak and that is just wrong headed and really only makes what people say all the more important. The mayor in this tape is Campbell who while a council member was facing charges of abusing a few women yet he took the time to attack free speech. Those who attack free speech only have things to hide and Luddy appears to be one more in a line of bad council members who have much to hide will be exposed.

    • semichorus

      For the record, some girlfriend complained about him and I don’t think anything came of it.

      I’m always super-skeptical about he said/she said allegations. When it comes to sex or personal relationships, people exaggerate when pressed and often out and out lie. Everyone else eats it up.

  12. Don

    The list of applicants for the empty council seat is filled wirh members of this old guard who hates things done in public, and the publics right to speak. You will see several of the current applicants together here from back in 2006 trying to do the same things as we see happening again now.

  13. Incognito

    Springer, campaigned on being different and the voice of Burbank residents, now you know how quickly she turned and what a Bold face LIAR she was/is, and now the stage is set for another IDIOT to take the spot light, most likely Jackson, will be the winner, the others were just a show and the 20 + that never had a fighting chance, just wasted good time & energy, just for them to show the residents that they were doing the right thing!!! Hog wash, just BS every step of the way, they have NO intention of making it transparent or the right way. Burbank is doomed.

  14. chad

    I was there today. Pretty damn sad.

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