Murphy, right?


There’s such an interesting list of candidates putting in for Will’s job that we kind of wish the Charter could be instantly amended to allow for a sort of temporary “visiting” representative on the council.

That’s not a bad idea, really — have this interim council member position rotate among a large group of these residents. You could end up having a wide range of interests getting involved in the operation of local government. Maybe the new mayor can take it upon herself to just appoint a temporary three- or six-month slot if they can’t agree on one choice? Then they can go back later on and substitute someone else.

For real. We’re serious about this — a rotating council slot might be hell on staff, but it would provide some new voices in town. Many of these applicants should be seriously considered and allowed to show what they’ve got going.

Such things won’t be of course, and so the obvious choice for the council right now is Tim Murphy. We’ll forgive him his longtime association with Rogers, but appointing Murphy would satisfy the idea of an emotional and political continuity. He’s also incredibly well qualified for the job, if only because he once served on the council 25 years ago where he was forced to suffer an immense amount of ill will from a majority membership that we could only dream of having around right now to hate.

Some those guys were truly up to no good back then. They make today’s bad-faith actors look like Dr. Gordon.

The other valuable candidates should wait and run for the continuing slots. Murphy’s not going to try and run again after this is over, but some of the other ones should. They need to wait.

A couple of them also need to have someone look at their application paperwork before they turn it in to make sure everything’s all neat and clean and without errors. No names, please.





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51 responses to “Murphy, right?

  1. Carl

    I got a booklet in the mail today about this Special Municipal Election for June 5th. I am voting NO on all of it. I am not stupid and no argument signed by Will Rogers will do anything but ensure that I vote NO.

  2. Jeff

    Really good point here WAKE UP BURBANK the city you love is under stack from our paid staff and our own council. They all want easy BUT this city is heading toward bankruptcy from mismanagement. It is time to make some changes and here are some really good points. If Luiddy can not even look at people talking then she should just move on.

    • Anonymous

      LOVE IT!
      Please post more of the mike and roy shows!

      • Sue

        I also love the Mike & Roy Show it is real Burbank people showing their love for Burbank and it reminds me of what makes Burbank great. Sorry council it is about the people and the neighborhoods and not you and your staff

    • Anonymous

      The mayor pulled a power move tonight when she blocked a speaker from their 3 minutes.
      Because she felt their time had been used during a video they had already been shown in.That Mike and Roy video was introduced by someone else.
      Its almost like she’d had enough “dissent” for the night.

  3. Anonymous

    Who are these people? I’ll bet over half didn’t even know where City Hall was before they jumped in the race.

  4. Lawrence

    They should all be asked who is Burbank named for and any of them that say Luther Burbank should be quickly shown the door.

  5. Jay

    Get the torches and start sharpening the pitch forks Burbank it is time to take back our City Council.

    • Ernie

      Hey Frutos, Luddy and Telamoron. So much for you wanting us to pay more in taxes you should have thought about it when you gave that Talaria a discount on city land. I am voting no partly because you sold us all out to Talaria and the Cusamanos again.

  6. Tye

    Don’t forget to tune in at 5pm tonight to see this oh so fair and complete interview process held by the city council. It should be good for a lot of laughs.

    • semichorus

      All the buzzwords will be out in force.

      With questions pre-screened by staff. Can’t ask anybody about their specific positions on matters now, can we.

      And those who have any will be disqualified.

  7. Doug

    As a life long Burbank resident this council collectively is the most anti Burbank City Council ever. We all need to realize that if the likes of this curent group who occupy our city hall had been here years ago everything we love about Burbank would not be here, we would look and feel just like Sun Valley. This group at city hall has no love or respect for Burbank at all. It is a crime.

  8. Tim

    I took off work early just to watch the council show tonight to see what they do at the council show casting call. I got Subway and Dorritos to watch this it could be good.

  9. Tim

    So what is really wrong with that Barry guy ? Does he live in Burbank duh he must not drive in Burbank if he thinks Burbank streets are great duh our streets are a wreck now and not good like they were when I was a kid.

  10. Tim

    Ok so this thomas smith dude has never visited city hall until may 1 because he is trying to get on the council ! Ok get to know Burbank first dude.

  11. Bureaucrat Drone

    Look what I found:

  12. Stan

    OMG this Alfred guy is Al of So Cal from this blog. The guy is a loon.

  13. Anonymous

    Is anyone watching this meeting ? So far what I see are self interested and self inflated people. Not one so far actually saying they care about the people of Burbank. I would say no to all of them who say blah blah about Rogers. Rogers is over let’s hear about what is most important to them about Burbank and less about themselves and Rogers. Am I not correct thinking that even ifhe was still alive Rogers would not now be mayor ?

  14. Anonymous

    So Murphy cares so much about Burbank that he was rogers campaign manager. Nope he should not be put on our council.

  15. Carlos A

    I really think listening to everyone that Juan Guilen spoke the best and really showed love for Burbank in what he said. I think it will be a mistake if they don’t appoint him to be a councilman.

    • Anonymous

      You really think that?

    • Incognito

      Totally agree with you Carlos, however, they are NOT interested in what’s best for the residents, they are looking for their 5th YES vote/person. Shame on all of them for trying to fool us into believing they want transparency!

      The 4 of them are a complete disgrace, and Burbank better wake up before this city goes up in flames and they bankrupt us with ALL their infinite stupidity. Carolyn J, getting 3 votes is a complete JOKE at best.

  16. Beyan

    Oh I so agree with this guy speaking right now Juan Guillen was the best of all of the applicants

    • semichorus

      But, if he follows the rules he can’t run for re-election.

      I think the pick will be Murphy. Unless they’ve lost their minds (or don’t know who he is!)

      He’s an ok choice — somewhat anti-establishment. He’s no Gordon of course, but not quite a Rogers.

      I think Murphy’s the best pick for this fill-in slot. If it were long term I’d say Guillen.

      There are quite a few other interesting candidates. Not sure though how much of a “stealth” candidate they each are individually when it comes to pro-development.

      Sure wish there were one or two avowed “slow growth” people. Used to be lots. This “21st-century!” crap annoys me. There’s nothing new under the sun.

    • Anon

      Juan’s application was a good example of adult illiteracy.

  17. Joanne

    Um ok this margo Chowder lady who spoke to thousands of people campaigning for Constantine and she admitted she did not live in Burbank when she was campaigning. Seriously lady so you brought your agenda to burbank ?

  18. Kyle

    Media capitol of the world right ??? Why technical difficuties showing the Mike and Roy Show ? I think it was sabotaged by the mayor.

  19. Tim

    What happened to the Mike & Roy Show ? Finally !!!! I like that show on the reals.

  20. Anonymous

    So who did the Air Heads pick to go to the next level?

    • Reese Place

      No shock here Jackson got three votes and Frutos actually voted for that Barry guy he was the one that just thinks Burbank is perfect and we need to just support staff. Not to sound mean here but staff needs to start being held accountable for all their failures and we need to start cleaning house. In the real world you do not get away with all these failures and get raises.

  21. Mel Goldberg

    Not one council member voted for Juan. I hope people watching realize that this council has an agenda to ignore and run off anyone who doesn’t fit into their program. Luddy is very impatient with anyone who isn’t on her team. Her mouth says that she likes input from everybody but her mannerisms and actions show that she wants it her way and is furious with anyone who has another opinion. It’s embarrassing watching this controlling council not being more inclusive with the needs and wants of all.

    • Anonymous

      With their passing over of juan the council disregarded juan and the VOTERS of burbank. Sad, they encourage us to vote and then shut down the will (sorry) of the people, and smile at us while they do it!
      Beyond gross…

  22. Citizen Can

    Burbank is such a circus politically. Having left Burbank 7 years ago, the politics are like watching a reality show. Carson City is so mild and efficient, and very boring. One thing with a Burbank though, the values of my properties remain high, but the quality of life has really gone down hill with over building, traffic, and a severe lack of planning and common sense. None of these applicants to fill Roger’s seat will make a difference.

  23. Anon

    Citizen Cane as our quality of life declines so will those property taxes so I suggest you sell you Burbank property soon.

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