While the stars were out last night


The Metropolitan Museum of Art held their annual fashion gala last night. Everyone who is anyone attended.

The chosen exhibit this year is a display of historic Catholic ecclesiastical garments. Kind of neat. But we’re sure we’re not the only ones who were reminded of this..









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3 responses to “While the stars were out last night

  1. chad

    What a scene. I love the scene where the air causes the murals in the catacombs to disappear.

    • semichorus

      Oh yeah. What a great movie.

      Apparently everyone was reminded of this Fellini scene at the MET, because I was just told that it was cited in the exhibition catalog, and there’s also a video display on one of the floors running it all day.

      Oops. I thought that movie was totally forgotten.

  2. Anonymous

    Rich people are strange money to burn.

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