Staff’s supplying the interview questions for the council (!)


This is sleazy– talk about putting a box around the discussion. It’s from the interview instructions in tonight’s agenda:


Per City Council’s direction, a list of potential interview questions will be provided to the Council…


Of course. Can’t have any uncomfortable or maverick-like behavior there with those renegade questions about forbidden topics. Gotta keep it in line.

Why does the council need or want to do this? To make sure that “growth” and “a sustainable future” is on the question list? Or can they not think of any questions on their own? (Imagine giving Ted McConkey or Dr. Gordon a list of “potential” questions. Or them desiring one!)

Staff will probably also tell the council who they want selected for the position, just like they do with the city’s board and commission appointments. And then be thanked for it.

Wonder if there will be any rent control questions on their “list”?




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3 responses to “Staff’s supplying the interview questions for the council (!)

  1. Larry

    Do you honestly think any of these idiot council members could come up with a question ? I would bet all 4 of them together wouldn’t be able to come up with an intelligent question.

  2. Ed

    The problem with Ludu, Frutos and Talamantes is that they believe they work for staff. Springer doesn’t even know what planet she is on.

  3. Anonymous

    I loved how they all jumped on our hands are tied “it’s all in the charter” how we must appoint a replacement. Then spent an hour debating how to exactly go about interviewing the applicants and how exactly they’d come up with a winner? Did they ever figure that out? Can you imagine the circus when these 27 idiots get their 12 minutes of fame.

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