Hold on. Why isn’t the council interviewing ALL of the applicants?

The names came out for the Will Rogers replacement and there are some interesting possibilities on the list. An ALJ and a consumer rights attorney immediately stuck out from the crowd. There are 28 applicants in total.

The big problem though is that we’re only going to be hearing details on a select few. That’s because the chosen application process sets a maximum of eight individuals to “proceed” to the actual interview.

That’s the top number, and it may be a lot fewer than eight. The eight figure is derived from the how the council members are only allowed to each pick two finalists immediately after those mass three-minute introductions. If they all choose the same two people — or anything close to that– there may only be as few as three or four interviewees. Even two!

That’s not a fair introduction to anyone but the most popular or well-known applicants, and it’s not informative to the public. What if there are some jewels there among the lesser lights? (Is that a mixed metaphor?)

It’s mickey mouse to not allow each applicant the opportunity for an exploratory interview, if not suspiciously expedient. Sure it’s a hassle to talk to everyone, but that’s how this winnowing down comes off.

Let’s hear from all of the applicants in depth. With the election realignment coming up, this “temporary” position could last for years.



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28 responses to “Hold on. Why isn’t the council interviewing ALL of the applicants?

  1. Lori

    You seriously got to love how somehow the laziness of the council became “fairness” watching them talk about wanting to be fair so many times. Somehow their idea of fair is you get an interview and you over there, well we don’t like you so you get to just say hi for 3 minutes and then get lost. Oh but wait, we will let you come in the room and watch just how stupid we all are LMAO, and we will let you come in and watch just because we are fair. They should all be forced to watch themselves just to see how bad they all look all the time.

  2. Lori

    The answer is simple and it is obvious. They plan to pass out cookies and questions to their friends but to the people they do not like forget it they do not plan to waste their time on them.

  3. Anonymous

    Here is more on the council transparency process show

    • semichorus

      Good points.

      I think Murphy might be the best bet for a short-term choice. For those who aren’t familiar with him, he was kind of like an early Dr. Gordon the first time, but without the “New York.”

      He’s somewhat anti-growth, and no friend of big business. The local power structure didn’t like him at all.

  4. Incognito

    So three (3) minutes to interview candidates and if you are lucky enough to go to the next round……. NO employer interviews you in 3 minutes. We are doomed again and the fact that they are so much in the RED financially is a scary story all of its own and one day the bubble is going to burst and the residents have an uprise over the situation. The runoff folks will be Rizotti, Murphy, Jackson, Constantine, they are NOT interested in the people that call them out on their BS and make them think about how upside down the finances truly are. Stay tune and heaven help us ALL.

    • semichorus

      I think it’s three minutes for their first introductions.

      Then, if they pass that, it’s a 12 or 13 minute personal interview.

  5. Jeff

    The vision is different due to the fact that most staff does not actually live in Burbank. They say it is too expensive to live here but when you start looking at how much Burbank pays them I call bull shit. I believe they do not live here because they do not like Burbank.

  6. Lidia

    Well if I understand the circus correctly it is 3 minutes to start and then if the self inflated pooh bahs move you to step 2 you get 12 minutes but not really. It works this way, all 4 ask you a question (prepared by staff) anmd each council pooh bah gets 3 minutes to ask the question and for you to answer so say Luddy rakes 2 minutes to ask her question, now you get one minute to answer it. It is a circus interview so why not just ask them to dance and play a 10 minute song lol.

  7. Al

    I am pissed at the council. Everything in Burbank is a mess now and they are just plain unwatchable on the council tv channel all they do is hug and talk about themselves. They just disgust me all 4 of them.

  8. Nancy

    U think U heard them say that a person being appointed must have lived in Burbank 25 days or something like that and that is nuts. They better not appoint someone who could not even name the streets in Burbank in fact I think they should ask questions about Burbank to test if the person even knows Burbank and its history.

    • semichorus

      That would be fun to see.

      Like who was Melvin Perlitsh.

      • Jan

        Who was Esther Espinosa and who was Chappy C.

        I bet most of them wouldn’t even know.

        • semichorus

          Did Chappy live in Burbank? I always thought it was North Hollywood. Like Dr. Karam.

          I miss that crowd. They made the meetings fun to watch on TV. The place was always packed.

          EVERYBODY in Burbank watched Channel 6 back then. It was amazing. Especially during commercial breaks on the networks.

  9. Thomas

    You are right Semichorus back in the day Burbank was glued to channel 6 on Tuesday night now not so much. The council now tries to keep it boring as hell so nobody knows what is going on at all. SAD

    • semichorus

      One night I spoke at a school board meeting, and the next day at least 5 or 6 total strangers approached me around town to say that they’d seen me on Channel 6. Of all ages!

      People who you’d think would care less about local politics. I couldn’t believe it. Everybody loved to watch oral communications. I think it had to do with Channel 6’s placement on the dial.

      The cable boxes worked differently back then — you could still scan the dial the old fashioned way.

      Doesn’t seem that long ago…

  10. Reese Place

    Melvin Perlitsh ! Remember the Thornton Speedway ? How about good old Jules Kimmett !

  11. Kara

    How about asking who this woman was ?

    • semichorus

      The great Irma Luce. Who used to refer to me as “Mr. Semichorus.”

      She had a fantastic collection of videos. One of her favorite things to do was torment Golonski and Company with before-and-after snippets to expose their giant inconsistencies.

      I would love — and I mean LOVE — to get ahold of her tapes.

      Especially the classic Rogers – McConkey debate on his old “Fighting Words” show. Amazing stuff.

  12. Cathy

    I think the current vision at City Hall is to make Burbank just like Los Angeles. YUCK I am waiting for them to put 1/2 hour parking meters around City Hall to further discourage public participation. Why not charge admission to enter their meetings and people who want to speak could be charged a speakers fee. That is the sort of thinking of these people and they all need to go.

    • Bryan

      Irma was an amazing person and a great Burbankian.

      • semichorus

        One of my favorites. Along with Eden Rosen, who arrived a little later on.

        • Anthony B.

          I remember Eden Rosen. People who are dedicated to attending council meetings and speaking out week after week are the best. All they get is crap from crappy council people yet they are really dedicated to making Burbank great you could really feel their love for and dedication to this city. Council members collect their check and leave,sometimes even leave Burbank but all the people who are still there are the real blessing to this city.

        • Al in SoCal

          I liked making Eden angry … I do miss her. That said, I don’t believe she lived in Burbank proper.

          • semichorus

            Oh yeah– she lived down on Olive in those senior apartments.

            Tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of her death.

  13. Anonymous

    It’s Burbankers.

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