City wants to dramatically enlarge the size of their useless (and involuntary) Downtown P-BID



The merchants of course pay the bill, but have no vote.

Tonight the council will most likely decide to continue that Downtown P-BID organization, a next-to-useless taxing and PR authority whose big boast to fame is that they’ve apparently increased the number of “power washes” in the area. That and a few “festivals” here and there is how it’s being promoted in the agenda item.

But just like Magnolia Park’s old Business Interest District, the downtown merchants almost all hate it to a person and know how completely useless it is. Much of it is being used to subsidize things that the City should be doing on its own.

But, the merchants have no say in the matter.


The draft MDP and petition were mailed out to all property owners within the PBID. In order to move forward with the renewal process, property owners representing greater than 50 percent of properties in the PBID must sign a petition of approval. At the time of this staff report, a total of 50.86 percent of the assessed properties have signed a petition (Exhibit E) in in favor of initiating the renewal and expansion of the PBID and moving forward to the ballot process. This percentage does not include the City’s petitions which represents a total of 7.51 percent (Exhibit A). Should the City Council authorize the City Manager to sign the City’s petition, the 7.51 percent representing the total City’s assessment will be added to the current total of assessed properties in favor of renewing and expanding the PBID. Thereafter, if the Resolution of Intention is approved by the City Council, property owners within the PBID will be sent a ballot to formally vote on the renewal.


The votes are weighted by property size, which means that the mall owner and a few other biggies like the City of Burbank have the primary say. If this decision to continue was left up to a single one-man, one-vote choice, the Downtown P-BID — like that of Magnolia Park’s a few years ago — would have been shut down long ago.

And now the powers-that-be want to dramatically enlarge the size of the P-BID all the way to the Glendale border and up to Glenoaks. That’s a huge increase in coverage area.

How btw does some sponsored “art” festival near the Mall in any way benefit a business over at Alameda?

Or Valencia and Glenoaks?






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6 responses to “City wants to dramatically enlarge the size of their useless (and involuntary) Downtown P-BID

  1. Anonymous

    If it went towards kicking the street artists out I’d be all for it. Wait till the bacon hotdog carts show up. Between the bums and nothing worth going there for it’s a waste of money. I guess they expanded it to include Dunkin’ Donuts.

  2. Anonymous

    Speaking of useless I just heard that this woman Carolyn Jackson applied to be appointed to the city council. Here is a little reminder of just who this nasty woman is. She is a total troll.

  3. chad

    Interesting that the youtube links have been deleted.

    • semichorus

      Yes, but not surprising.

      The city’s outside attorneys back then were sending take-down notices all over the place to get rid of embarrassing material from the dais.

      I suspect they were asserting a City of Burbank copyright claim on the recordings, which Barlow lied about when challenged one night. He said they were “not copyrighted” despite a posted notice on each broadcast.

      The classic example was Talamantes’, “People, nepotism is what Burbank is all about!” line.

      Somebody posted it on YouTube, and it was down in less than a week.

  4. Anonymous

    City manager wants to increase your taxes too. Don’t approve a tax hike.

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