This is why Democrats lose


And, will continue to do so. They’re a disgrace:


New York AG Eric Schneiderman resigns over assault allegations



Btw, what accounts for evidence these days? Whoever has the best story? The most unctuous manner?

Or, Ronan Farrow? A guy who can’t even play straight about his own paternity.

We are living in a truly stupid and destructive age. It’s an essentially meanspirited and ignorant one as well, which would figure.



That’s precisely why these stories make no sense, or — at best — are incredibly incomplete.  They stayed on and on with the guy!







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13 responses to “This is why Democrats lose

  1. Anonymous

    For years the Republicans have destroyed this country with their poison and hate.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh please ! These feminist women are the disease and they continue to spread their poison just look at Springer and Luddy here in Burbank. Feminists no longer exist instead we have dog rescue women who think they are sustainable and their idea of evidence for anything is simply their opinion of spreading hate.

  3. Anonymous

    Got to agree with you here semi. Democrats are their own worst enemies and if they allow these accusations to take them down it will never stop. Mob rule.

    • semichorus

      And, the women all stuck with him. Often for years afterwards. Which means:

      – It wasn’t that bad

      – They’re exaggerating

      – They were into it as well

      These were all grown professionals. Older women with agency of their own. So I call bullshit on this story. (And when did slapping during an obvious sex game become “beating”? Only in the self-righteous fantasies of the holier-than-thou Piety Patrol.)

      This Ronan Farrow is an obvious fraud. He’s consumed by the Woody Allen farce, and his own half brother says that that side of the family is nuts. All quite disturbed.

      And he’s a therapist!

      These are stupid and dishonest times we’re living in. For about a dozen different reasons Democrats deserve to lose.

  4. Roger

    LOL he’s a therapist seriously most therapists are crazy and really need a therapist Semichorus.

  5. Eileen

    remember people it was Hillary who said all women must be believed.

    • semichorus

      She never said that.

      In fact, she’s been largely staying out of this nonsense in the specifics. She’s been screamed at by this same crowd for being old political friends with Harvey Weinstein

  6. Eileen

    Here is where all this “hate” comes from and as for women being believed in this short video I see Hillary attacking everyone including Obama

  7. Dan

    Looks to me like this crap comes from Hillary since it is video of her saying the stuff right ?

  8. Al in SoCal

    One of the few truly unified bipartisan maneuvers Congress acts on.

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